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Hi this is pragal am 20, from a metropolitan city in South India, I am basically from a village but now in this city for my studies, I am pu...

Roommate And Me Part – 1

Hi this is pragal am 20, from a metropolitan city in South India, I am basically from a village but now in this city for my studies, I am pursuing my in computer technology, I stay in a rented room, I was fat initially but did lot of jogging and gym sessions to loose extra fat but there is still hint of fat in my hips and ass giving me a feminine shape when I wear tight t-shirts and I also have chest which jiggles as I walk. I discovered I really loved cocks when I saw porn and really wished to take one in my mouth and ass,

Now about my room mate his name is Adarsh age 27, he is cute from North India well built and we don’t talk much, we live in a four-person shared room but mostly due to his busy work schedule he will come to room either too late or doesn’t come at all, I never had any intentions on him until one day an unfortunate event happened.

I returned from college early and was surprised to see the door without a lock. I opened the door without knocking the sight I saw there just shocked me, he was snagging his monster 8inch cock watching porn he had his ear phones on thus he didn’t hear the door opening yet he saw me, we saw each other and we’re too shocked to react for a few seconds, I swiftly closed the door and came back.

He came out after 10 minutes fully dressed and went out, he gave me a smile. When he saw me. The way he smiled made him look like a child caught for stealing a candy.

I was too excited and horny as hell seeing his cock I undressed myself wrapped a towel around me and hit the shower to cool my burning body, while soaping myself I wished it was his hands soaping me instead and his hard cock poking my bubble ass, I pinched my nipple imagining it was his fingers and sucked the shower handle as if it was his monster squeezed and slapped my ass and came so hard for the first time in my life. We both Share a same bed but I never felt excited to sleep with him until then, that night I wore a tight track pant without panty and a sleeveless t-shirt which makes my chest look even bigger. And waited for him anxiously. But he didn’t come that night. I didn’t sleep the whole night waiting for him. The next day I got up started getting ready for college I showered and came out wearing just a towel that barely covered my thighs, he was there sitting in the bed working on his laptop.

I wished I could take that laptop away and instead sit in his lap nude and kiss him and make out with him but his voice asking whether the water is hot, made me return to the mortal world, I just shook my head, and I started dressing him, just then an evil idea crept up in my mind, I took of the towel turned to show him my ass and started drying my hair, my heart rate was rising dangerously high, I saw him sneaking a peek at my ass in the context of looking at the laptop through the mirror in front of me, I dried my body and rubbed my ass too, shaking it well for him to see, my mind again went into the dream state wishing it was him drying me with the towel all the while kissing my neck and tweaking my nipple in this dreamy state I didn’t realize he got up and came towards me, he grabbed me by my hips and pushed me slightly aside and went into the bathroom, during which I am damn sure he squeezed my hips and for a split second I felt his breath on my neck.

I was both in fear and excitation I turned around not to see him again, he went into the bathroom. I got ready in a matter of minutes and left for college, I felt horny as well as frightened of the exhibitionism I did in the morning. The whole day seemed longer and I couldn’t concentrate on any other thing, only the monster I saw the day before and the squeeze of hips kept reverberating through my head. I returned to my room sooner than normal got changed and went to the rooftop to relax and thought about the two days that have changed the way I thought about Adarsh. Earlier he seemed shy and interest less but now he seems hot and inviting .

The more I thought about Adarsh the more excited I got, we were roommates for nearly 3 months but still we did not have each others mobile numbers or know anything about each other, I regretted not having his mobile number and was curious to see him and also wanted to know whether he too had the same feelings for me. I came down luckily he has not come soon today, the climate outside was cool and it seemed like it may rain and in sometime it started raining I went again to the rooftop and started enjoying the rain in sometime I was drenched in rain water and there was a room on the open roof top which was used as a washing room it had a washing machine a western type toilet and a shower, I ran into that room to shelter me I was shivering and my nipples were hard due to all chill climate, but my body was hot I again fantasized how it would be if Adarsh was here making love with me and I took off my t-shirt and stood there gazing at the rain, after it stopped I wore my still wet t-shirt and came to my room, he has come and he was drenched as well he saw me and my clothes clinging to my body,my hard nipples and my busty ass, I felt as if I was nude in front him again yet enjoyed showing off to him……. To be continued