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Thank you all for your warm and hot compliments for my first part story that how I seduced my married sister while sleeping. So I m gonna co...

Seducing Married Sister Part – 2

Thank you all for your warm and hot compliments for my first part story that how I seduced my married sister while sleeping. So I m gonna continue the story here.

After fully rubbing her pussy and boobs she got extreme and her panty is fully wet with her juices. I made her hold my dick in her hand but she refused to do it. My mama had the day shift work for next week. So for the next one week, she was sleeping in her home. In the night time, I missed her so much.

While in class I started to WhatsApp her. I used to send the romantic and jokes to her. She likes it and responded me well. The relationship between us grows stronger. I started to call her as darling. In the week middle day, I put leave in college by saying that I’m not well but the real reason is that I planned to fuck her and already informed her. I told her to make her baby sleep. So that we couldn’t get any disturbance.
We know that my mama will return only at night 8 pm. So I went to her home at 2\\\’o clock.I was in full mood that for the first time I m gonna fuck my own sister. I knocked the door and she opened. Wattaaaa romantic sight it was !!! She was wearing yellow transparent saree well below her navel and kept full of jasmine in her head. After I get in I closed the door and straightaway went to hugggggggg her tightly sssssshhhhh aaaaahhhhh made her to stamp on the wall and swallowed her lips fully and chewed it like chewing gum. She enjoyed the kiss completely , mesmerized and reciprocate me. I wore t.Shirt and night pant. Due to high voltage mood my dick was erected fully I placed my dick in her crotch area and started to shake madly.

I placed my hands on her ass and groped it violently. I pinched her ass, rubbed it fully wooooooowwww wattaaaa kundiiiiii (ass). As I started to place my hands everywhere she was out of control. She closed her eyes I removed her saree pallu and dropped it down. Now I started to lick her face fully I tasted her lips and swallowed her tongue we exchanged our saliva as it makes us more violent. I kissed her face fully and licked it. I kissed her neck and licked it then I kneel down and started to bite her boobs over blouse. I groped her right boobs while licking the left boobs. She asked me to suck her nipple. But I would like to tempt her more. So I placed my face in her belly ooooooooooo aaaaaahhhhhh her belly is so hot I felt warm in her. I placed my tongue inside her navel and tasted it fully. She holds my head tightly.

I stood up and opened her blouse. Now she was in her petticoat and bra. I took her in my hand and thrown her in bed. I removed my pant and t.Shirt and laid above her. I hugged her tightly that collides her boobs with my bare chest.

I kissed her face fully and licked her lips tongue and drunk her saliva. Now she was lying on my top and kissing me. I placed my hands on her ass and groped it hardly she was rubbing her pussy in my penis over the panties. I inserted my hands inside her panty and groped her ass she was so sexy and shake her ass. Then slowly I placed my hands in her ass crack and rubbed it ssssshhhhh my penis is fully erected I would like to fuck her in ass. She was shaking her boobs and asked me to swallow it fully. I bite her nipples over the bra and chew it completely. Bcoz of my saliva, her nipple was erected and pointed out sexily in bra. Then she removed the bra and asked me to drink her milk. Ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh wattaaa soft boobs and nipples were tasted like honey. I removed my panties and placed my penis in her pussy area but as she wearing panty it disturbs me a lot. She spread her legs to fuck her. As I was sucking her boobs violently I started to insert my hand slowly inside her panty.

Wwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh for the first time ever I touched my own sis pussy. Her pussy is full of juices aaahhhh I slowly started to rub her pussy she was moaning in pleasure. I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy. She wasn’t able to bear the pleasure. Then I went down and removed her panty and placed my tongue in her pussy. I licked her pussy and spit on the pussy to lick it fully. I searched the clit with my tongue and rotate it wit my tongue.

She was in full mood so she asked me to fuck directly. I asked her to suck my dick but she refused first. After I forced lot she sucks my dick fully. I hold her head in my hand and inserted my dick in her mouth fully ooooooooohhhhh yaaaaaaaaaa. My sperm starts to flow. Then I spread her legs and insert my penis in her pussy slowly. Ooooohhhh aaahhhhh she adjusted her pussy to have my penis inside tat. While I am fucking her I spit on her boobs and lips and suck back my saliva it makes her sexier and horny. Since my dick is bigger than my mama’s dick her pussy was little tight to fuck. After I inserted fully I made her as a sexy bitch and fucked violently. I started to scold her in bad words she enjoys it a lot. After a 10 min hard fucking, we both came to ejaculation and I laid over in the nude for 10 more min. We love each other a lot.

Now we both are fucking whenever we are having time.

In the next part, I will tell you how I fucked my elder neighbor Revathi as that was my first sex experience.

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