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Hi, I am shiva aged 26 years from Hyderabad with decent built and a good job. This is my first post and believes me its a real thing which h...

Sex With My Colleague Madhu In Her Room

Hi, I am shiva aged 26 years from Hyderabad with decent built and a good job. This is my first post and believes me its a real thing which happened in my life. I have a lot of sexual feelings and most of the times when I am free I watch porn and think of fucking someone I know. Let me get into the story directly. There is a girl by name madhu in my company, she is 4 yrs elder than me with sexy physic and seductive eyes. She works in a different team and used to interact with me when she has some work.

J used to always think of fucking her ass whenever I see her. She is 30 yrs old with 5.4″ height and with perfect size breasts and a sexy ass. She is unmarried she came from hometown to work here and stays in a room along with her friend. On a random day we exchanged phone numbers and started talking to each other and the time we spent on phone increased as days passed. Once we decided to meet for lunch and had some good time. My intention and thoughts of fucking her ass have gone up as I was spending mote time with her and was thinking a lot about her. I slowly took the lead and made her understood that I am interested in sex. Once when we were on phone she told that her roommate has gone to her village and she is alone in her room. Then I told her that I wanna see her for which she accepted after a lot of requests.

She told that her house owner stays on the ground floor and asked me to come without making any sound. I was so excited as I know that if we were alone in a room at 10 in the ni8 if she has asked me to sneak into her room then there will be a definite session of sex. As planned I went to her room and she was also tensed I spoke to her for some time and started teasing her. I told her that she looks beautiful and most of the colleagues think of u. She asked what I will think of her and I told her that I always think of fucking your hot ass. I was waiting for her reaction and to my surprise she was silent”. Thinking that this is the right time I did not even say a single word I pulled her close to me and started kissing her on her lips. I was very hard and even she was kissing me. I kissed her and sucked her lips like a lollipop for around 15 mins. While kissing I pulled her towards me and pressed her ass. She is very hot and I could not control myself. I kissed her neck and started pressing her boobs over her dress. She closed her eyes and was breathing heavily. That expression of her has made me even more desperate.

I started undressing her and slowly tried to lift for a t-shirt she tried to block me but I kept my hand on it and started squeezing her boobs inside the t-shirt. Then I removed her t-shirt and was amazed looking at her big soft breasts. I pressed the right boob and started sucking the left one. I slept on her and sucked her breasts and twisted her nipples. I kissed her belly and removed my shirt and pant. I was with my innerwear and she was with her track. I made her hold my cock and I was sucking her boobs. I asked to press my cock on the underwear. I removed her pant and underwear. Noticed tiny hair and a sexy vagina. I started kissing her vagina and slowly licked. It was soft and producing some smell which I enjoyed. After 5 mins of kissing and licking, I took that completely into my mouth and sucked with high pressure. She was making a lot of sounds and was pulling my hair. I have inserted my tongue and it was totally wet due to her liquids.

I removed my underwear and sat on her belly looking into her eyes and said that she is very hot. I slowly moved up and sat on her breasts and asked her to take my cock into her mouth. She sucked it for almost 30 mins and I was watching her face for some time and then turned into 69 positions. Then I got up asked her to sleep in reverse direction and was so excited to sit on her ass. I told that I want to go in. Then she told that without a condom it is very risky and I have convinced that I will take the penis out when I am about to finish. After a lot of seduction and request she accepted for that. I asked her to spread her legs wide and tried inserting but could not do as it was the first time. I asked her to help me and then she has taken my penis in her hand and kept it at the vagina. She asked me to push it slowly and with her help, I entered into her. I tried to hit her and she was moaning with pleasure and pain. She has pulled me towards her and asked me to hit her.

After few strokes I have stopped hitting with a fear that my penis is coming out of vagina then she asked me not to stop hitting and I pushed my 6-inch broad cock deep in. I was looking at her face while hitting and her boobs were swinging. I got a sense that I am losing control and removed it out and asked her to show her ass. Then I started hitting on her ass and pressing her boobs. After some time I reached climax and it spells all over her back. I was with her on her bed till 4 am. After this, I fucked her almost 30 times and now she is married and I am not getting a chance to fuck her. Please share your reviews I will keep them in mind when narrating the next incident. I have fucked 8 peoples till now.