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Hi, guys, this is Raja again with next part of my sex life with cousin sister. Hope you read my previous part and I also got some good comme...

Sex With My Cousin Sister Part – 2

Hi, guys, this is Raja again with next part of my sex life with cousin sister. Hope you read my previous part and I also got some good comments. If you want to read this story please come again by reading my previous story. So that you will feel hornier..

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After that incident often I visit her place. But I haven’t got any chance to fuck her. I did foreplay all the times.

Whenever we get the chance she use to give me a quick blowjob.. since I’m very happy to get the blowjob, I’m always ready to get it. I used to finger her.

We have been doing this whenever we get a chance.. even in her hubby presence we have done this..while watching a movie in her room, we closed the doors and window for darkness.. that time we both were together in same bedsheets.. her hubby was holding her daughter and sat in front of us. we sat back side and exchanged our hands inside the bedsheets .. I fingered her pussy and she jerked my cock…but I haven’t fucked her and get a chance to do it…

One fine evening I visited her place. To my luck, her husband is not in the home. But maid was there and she is busy in the kitchen.

I went to Riya room and saw that she was combing her hair. I went and hugged her from behind. But she shouted since maid is present in the house. I didn’t care about that and started kissing her neck and told today I’ll fuck you, my queen. She said yeah sure my lovely bro but after maid leaves the home.

But I didn’t care about her and Lifted my cousin and placed on the bed. I was on her top and caring her hair. Kissed her forehead… then eyes.. and cheek… slowly I licked her lip… and started sucking it slowly. I can feel her breath.. she responded well..we did a lip lock for 10mins.

And now I’m going down by sucking her chin… then reached her neck… I love her neck which has some chubby cuttings.. I sucked her neck for 5mins.. slowly I unzipped her nighty… I lowered her nighty till her boobs… she didn’t wear bra… so I slowly went near her cleavage by licking with the tip of my tongue. I circled her nipple by licking it.. and grabbed her full nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. she gave deep moan… hmmmmmm uhhhhhh…. I kept my right-hand mid finger into her mouth…and guided my left hand to her pussy.. slowly I rubbed her pussy… when I suck her nipple that time I finger her hole.. when I lick her nipple that time I rub her pussy. I repeated this for 10mins… all the time she took my cock out of my shorts and jerked.. she keep on moaning hard…I sucked both her boobs. I was enjoying the play..I bit her nipple and pulled … she sounds like hmmmmmm….

slowly…..uhhhhhhhhhhh…. this sound made me mad…I kept on sucking her nipple like lollipop….. her nipple was reacting very well…. it was very hard…. and I can see her nipple grown for 2cm than before… that much hard her nipple is… which is pink in color…. after my suck it turns red with full blood line occupied that region… I didn’t leave her nipple… hmmmmmmmm very nice nipple.. by moaning I sucked her boobs hard.. while going from right to left boobs, I was sucking her body and travelled the valley…both the both are full of my saliva… she simply gave very hot moan uhhhhhhhhh….. yesssssssss….. make me better raja pls dooooo it harddddddd… I was very mad and I stood up and placed my cock inbtw her boobs..before my start I went to lip lock and got some saliva from her mouth. I split that saliva on cock and started jerking slowly…I was enjoying this titty fuck.. and again I came to her nipple for suck.. bitted her nipple and sucked hard.

Meanwhile, I slowly rubbed my cock on her pussy.. but sis suggested me for goto 69 position.. guys I’m very much fond of 69 positions. So I was very happy and accepted her call.. usually, girls will be on top but we did differently. I was on top of my sis.

She grabbed my cock and kept her mouth..and started giving me a heavenly blowjob… wow….. ahhhhhhh…. what a feel…. I was in heaven… she bit my cock but that was a great move… my cock is full of her saliva… I was on cloud nine…

And her act made me go mad. I bit her pussy flesh.. she moaned uhhhhhhh…. then I slowly took inside my mouth and sucked …. first I sucked her left side flesh…. and went to right side.. I repeated this…. and while crossing from left to right, I stopped in between and licked madly… reached till her hole… her pinkish pussy filled with my saliva….

I was closing my eyes and enjoying this…meanwhile she grabbed my balls and sucked….and took my cock deep throat…when she was about to cum I sucked pussy hard…. her juice was flowing..this 69 went for 15mins…and I was about to cum.. told my sis.. she dint leave me and sucked my cock hard… I was on the tip to cum and I came inside her mouth….I released all the cum inside her mouth..and she drank it. I was on rock hard.

Later I shouted her for not leaving me to fuck.. she said maid is here so I can’t take it longer and we were almost 50mins here so I have to tell her something to match like we watched a movie like that… but I was very sad.. but I know well that she has planned for something big. that I’ll share in my next story guys.

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