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Hi there Indian Sex Stories readers, I want to share my experience with you all, hope you all enjoy it and please don’t forget to give your ...

Simple Massage To Hardcore Fun !!

Hi there Indian Sex Stories readers, I want to share my experience with you all, hope you all enjoy it and please don’t forget to give your reviews, suggestions on my email id, further feel free to contact me for spicy chats as well. You can do all this by mailing me @

Now coming to the story, this is my first real incident that happened to me in last month. I was so exhausted out due to my job and side by side training going on for continuous 20 days, as it was all coming to end I sighed a relief of finally having a weekend off but the main issue is my loneliness, after getting the holidays as well I was not quite happy as in office u can always have some fun with your female colleagues but I can’t do anything to change it. So finally my holidays started, all my friends were busy with their life’s and hence I just decided to enjoy it myself. So I was going through some sites where I got to see this advertisement of a massage to get relaxed, my mind to which instantly said why not, just go for it. So I took the no. & called up to enquire their centre but to my surprise they told me that they only provide home/hotel massages and the session is for 1:45 mins, it was a cherry on the cake, I instantly enquired their charges (which is 3k) and booked a female masseuse for me for 5 in evening.

I was excited to have my first massage from an unknown female and set the aura of my apartment accordingly. I was eagerly waiting & the clock ticked 5 and I heard the door bell, I went to open the door and saw a lady in her 40’s there kind of chubby n unattractive. I simply greeted her with my moods getting off, she told me she came for the inspection to which I replied what did she meant, to which she explained that her agency ensures the masseuse security and just want to inspect how many people are present at the location. I said ok and after her 10 min of inspection, she showed me 4 pictures of gorgeous beauties 2 in there 20’s and 2 in there 30’s. I selected the one from 30’s group and she told me to wait for 5 mins and she left.

After 5 mins the beauty I selected ranged up my door bell, and I opened up and got stunned to see her in an orange saree just looking perfect and got her inside. After getting in she greeted me with a nice hug. I was on cloud9 and enquired her details, to which she replied that her name is aaruhi and she is 32. I said nice to meet you and asked her what she would like to have before we go in for the massage. She simply turned down my offering and said let’s do the massage first and told me to just get rid of my cloths and jump on the bed. I followed her instructions. She too went to the washroom to change and came out in a white camisole n black mini skirt, this outfit just blew away my mind totally. She just enquired if I am ready to which I nodded a yes and she started my dripping oil on my back and started massaging it. A ticklish feeling went to all my nerves and my cock started to get a hard-on. After 2-3 mins of massaging she started the conversation.
A: what is your name sir?

Me: I am manan and don’t call me sir, I don’t like formal salutations dear.
A: ok manan, you live here alone ??
Me: yes all by my self

(in between she got to my butt)
A: do you have any girlfriend ??
Me: well if I have, I won’t be enjoying this massage by you beautiful.
A: you are really very flirty manan
Me: glad you like it dear.

(n she spanked my butt)
Me: what was that dear ??
A: it’s a part of massage manan
Me: ok then, so are you married, dear.

A: yes
Me: wooooo, why are you doing this job then
A: I live alone, my husband work in Qatar and comes back only twice in a year, rest I’m free whole of the year, so I joined this to have some fun and have company as well.

Me: that’s great.
(in between she is done with my back)
A: so manan, I think you are having this for the first time.
Me: yes, but how did you come to know about it ??
A: (laughs) because you are simply talking and enjoying my hand massage.

Me: ohhh, (in a naughty tone) what else is on the menu then
A: b2b
Me: okay then let’s have that also.
A: but dear you have to pay 2k more for it.
Me: hardly matters my dear, I am on for it.

A: okay then and asked me to turn
(I turned upwards)
A: you want to do this or shall I do it myself ??
Me: (puzzled), what ?? I don’t understand you ?
A: laughs, ohhh I forget it’s your first time, do you even know what b2b is ??
Me: no.

A: then what for you agreed upon ??
Me: for your company for a little more time.
A: awww you are so sweet, noone has talked like this to me ever. Let me tell you what a b2b is.

Me: please go on
A: b2b is the body to body massage in which we provide massage with/by our body parts to our clients. To be more precise it’s an exotic massage.
Me: okay, let’s do it then
A: ok undress me then

Me: (shying) undressed her, omg what a sight it was, her huge melons pooped out and her hairless pussy is all wet with her juices.
A: let’s start now from your hands.
Me: okay

(she started massaging n I was getting a boner, which is now being visible, she noticed it)
A: (laughs)someone under the towel is getting excited I guess.
Me: yes to much after seeing you like this, can I know your vital stats dear ??
A: it’s 36c-30-32 n you can feel it too.
Me: can I?

A: now you are acting too innocent but I like it.
(take my hand and put it on her melon)

A: generally I don’t like to offer b2b to anyone, but since you are being so sweet and I liked your innocence, let’s have some fun together.
Me: (pinching her nipple)that’s so sweet of you dear.
A: ahhh that hurts be a little gentle.
Me: sorry.

(then she provide me massage by rubbing her body parts against mine n I enjoyed it)
A: now let’s unveil what you are hiding down there ??
Me: go ahead, it’s all yours
(she took the towel off)
A: omg that’s a nice cock you got

Me: thanks, you liked it ??
A: yes, let’s make it relax then
Me: ok, but can you do a favor ??
A: like what ??

Me: just turn your ass my side so that I can enjoy you while you are making me relax.
A: yeah sure, and turned to me

(while she was giving me a handjob, I was playing with her ass and intentionally inserted my fingers in her pussy)
A: heyyyy, what is that ??
Me: nothing, just checking out the wetness level.
A: very funny, don’t do it, please

Me: why soo dear ?? You only told me it’s b2b, so let me give u a massage as well
A: no please I m fine.
Me: why so ??
A: because if you finger me, I’ll get a sexual urges, which can only be satisfied by having sex.

Me: so what’s the problem in that dear. Would you mind a sex ??
A: no I can’t do it, if my agency came to know about it they’ll fire me.
Me: and who will tell then u or me ??

A: (a little worried), no but it’s not a part of my job n the agency is very particular about it, and they will come to know if you calls in again and ask repeatedly for me only.
Me: nothing will happen like this trust me.
(after a few minutes of more consoling, she agreed)

A: you know how to convince a girl
Me: thanks
A: okay, my handjob is done
Me: come on now ride me
A: are you sure you wanna do this
Me: hell yes, I would love to do it with you.
A: okay

(she comes upon me and guided my dick to her pussy entering )
Me: wow, you are nice and wet
A: (while humping) yeah dear, you as well are going deep than my husband’s tool.

(had a few strokes and after 10 mins she had her orgasm, 5 mins later I m too going to have it)
Me: I m going to cum
A: please don’t cum inside
Me: okay on one condition. (still humping)
A: what, I do it just take it out, don’t cum inside.
(I took my tool out and made her sit and cummed on her body and face)
A: ewwww, you made it spill all over my body

Me: yes, n now time to honor my condition
A: yes and what is it
Me: another round in shower
A: okay let’s do it

(we both went to shower, had another session of fucking & bathed each other afterwards)

I came out and dressed myself and then she did

When we saw the clock it ticked 8:15 pm. I asked for her no. Which she gave smilingly.

I paid her the 5k as agreed for the massage service and she left.
After 2 weeks I called her and asked her to come again.
She did but this time we had a chat session and a nice candle night dinner together.

We both are now good friends and sexy and trade pics and have a fuck session as we like.

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