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Hi, my name is Lucky (pseudonym) 27, from Bangalore working in a corporate world. I’m just a normal human being, just how a normal Indian wi...

Sister-in-law, Showed Heaven And Felt Guilty – Part 1

Hi, my name is Lucky (pseudonym) 27, from Bangalore working in a corporate world. I’m just a normal human being, just how a normal Indian will be (Neither ugly nor Handsome).

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This is a true life event, which occurred in my life from my teenage and ended up in 2013, please forgive me if there are any mistake and if it is lengthy as it is my first time. The story revolves around my sister-in-law and me. Let her name be Pooja (privacy purpose). Pooja is married and settled with her husband now and doesn’t want me to disturb her anymore and I respect her feelings.

Coming to the story, When I Was doing my 10th I fell ill and was bedridden for few months in this course of time my sister-in-law (SIL) who used to stay in a village came to look after me as my mom used to take care of her since she’s an orphan. After coming from the village, she stayed with us till she got married. She is 4 years elder to me and she was an open minded girl. She is bit dark and beautiful to look, a little chubby with 36 – 30 – 38 measurements (came to know in 2013). I had no bad intentions on her as I had no knowledge of sex or being intimate at the time, she used to take care of me from bathing me to feeding me. I had respected her a lot. One night, I felt very weak and thirsty and went to take water and fell in the dark, my SIL ran to me and scolded me for not calling her, from that day onwards she used to sleep beside me so that she will be there for me if I needed anything. This way she used to sleep close to me by hugging me and we became very close this way. She used to sleep in her nighty and used to keep her boobs on my face and hug me tightly and sleep. Though I felt a tingling sensation in my dick, I never knew what was happening to me (maybe she didn’t bother being close to me).

Fast forward two years, I quit my second PU and used to roam around with boys and got good knowledge of sex. Once I was reading a sex story book in my room and suddenly my SIL entered, I hid the book and she was giving me strange look as I was acting weird when she came in. I left the place and ran away to play games with my friends. That night, when I went to sleep, my SIL came to bed and asked if she can sleep with me (after I was cured of my illness she used to sleep separately), I said yes please, she was lying next to me and asked what was I doing at noon and why did I panic? I told her it was nothing, she pulled out the book from under the bed and asked if that was nothing, I was embarrassed. She put her hand on my head and told not to panic as it is common for boys my age to have sexual feelings and even she went through that phase. She also said to ask her if I needed to learn more, she asked me to get a porn cd morning as even she had heard about it in the village but had never seen what it is.

Next day as she said, I got a porn cd from one of my friend and when my parents had left for work we both started playing the disk on the player and as it started I got super excited and my dick had formed a tent in my shorts, to which my SIL was laughing and asked me to control the tent and hit me lightly on my penis. From that day I felt like I had fallen in love with her but physically and I started noticing her body very closely and used to watch her deep cleavage when sweeping the floor or while mopping or while washing clothes. She too became very close to me and shared everything with me, but I never had the guts to go ahead and do anything. Watching porn, sharing feelings went on till she got married and I joined college back again. Though she stayed nearby, our personal talks became less and were limited to greetings.

By the time I joined PG in 2013 she had given birth to girl child and stayed in our home for almost a year. In this period she used to breast feed the baby in front of me by covering her boobs. One day while breastfeeding, the baby pulled her towel down revealing her massive boobs to me, she didn’t bother to cover her boobs and I got super excited looking at that and went to the toilet and masturbated thinking of her big boobs. When I came out she had done feeding her baby and was giving me a naughty look, I did not think about it much and walked away from there.

After a week my SIL left to her home and used to come home every now and then and I used to go talk to her frequently. One day she called me on my phone and asked me to come to her home soon if I was free. I reached in 5 minutes and asked what was the reason she called me for. She said that she had severe pain in her leg (thigh portion) and said she needed pain relieving cream from medical store. I ran to a medical store and got her pain relieving cream, She immediately asked me to apply it and massage her for a while as she knew that I knew little acupressure technique and also her mother-in-law was out of station for a marriage and will be back only after two days hence nobody was there to help her.

I told her to lie down, she laid down on her stomach as the pain was on behind of the thigh. I raised her nightie almost near to her ass with her permission and started applying the cream on her thighs. As I touched her my dick rose to its glory uncontrollably and I was raising her nightie little by little until her purple underwear was visible. As soon as I reached near her underwear she stopped me and said that is fine, I was disappointed and told her I’ll be leaving to which she said she has one more problem, I asked her what it is, since she was still lying down with her nightie up to her ass, she turned facing me and lifted her nightie further and pointed towards her thigh endings saying she has pain there too since she gave birth to child and couldn’t tell anyone as her husband didn’t bother and she felt shy to say to it to others and asked me to massage there to giving me another bottle of massage oil (which she already had with her) I thought this is my lucky day and started massaging near her underwear lines with the oil, while massaging I noticed that her underwear had a wet patch in the mid she started moaning, she had been turned on by my massaging and increased her moans and I saw this as a chance and I pulled her underwear down was shocked to see a vagina for the first time, though she was dark complexioned her vagina was pink in colour and clean shaved.
I started massaging her vagina from up to down and inserted my finger inside her vagina, it was very wet as she was enjoying my massage since the beginning.

I fingered her for some time at the same time massaging her vagina, she suddenly pulled me and started smooching me, we played with each other’s tongue for 15 minutes and went down again and started licking her pussy, as soon as I touched her pussy with my tongue, she shrieked and let out a load moan, and started saying,” please lick it lucky, lick it more, this is the first time I have been sucked and licked, my husband doesn’t even know any of this and I am deprived of all the sexual pleasures, please suck it”. With her talks I got hornier and started biting her clit and finger fucked her fast. She pressed my head more towards her pussy and she had a big orgasm, as she was taking a deep breath, somebody knocked on the door and she suddenly woke up and started dressing.

I walked out to see who it was, a neighbour was standing at the door asking for Pooja’s mother-in-law, I informed them that she was out and will be back only after two days.

They left and even I didn’t have the courage to go back in after what had happened without me and my SIL talking to each other and felt embarrassed and I too walked from the place to my home.

What happened next (how we had sex romantically) will be revealed in the next part.

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