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Hi, everyone. This is my first story, I never expected there will be real stories in ISS but my taught was wrong I got know later some origi...

Unexpected Enjoyment With Aunty

Hi, everyone. This is my first story, I never expected there will be real stories in ISS but my taught was wrong I got know later some original stories are submitted here so I taught of sharing my experience with you. Let me say about myself because I am new over here. I am Pawan completed my graduation 3 years back and doing as tech support engineering. I don’t have a well built body but I am fit and fair.

This is my first story so I need to know views about my story so you can ping me at or else kik me pawan_k4318

Sorry if you found any mistakes in grammar. Let me start the story those were the days I was doing my in Hyderabad. Actually, I am from Hyderabad I use to stay with my parents, we had our own house at Hyderabad which consists of one floor.

We used to stay at down floor and we rented our upper floor. Our tenants were staying since six years in our house and they are very loyal to us. Forgot to say about our tenants, my story actress vani with her husband and they have a kid of 8 years. We were like family she calls my mom as akka (sister) and used to share vegetable cooking of my mother’s and vani etc,

I never had any intention towards vani she was a nice friend to my mom. Let me tell you about vani she not fair, dusky color but have a very attractive face and her stats are also not so good except her navel. He had very small shape boobs and her age is around 33. Her husband had a fruit shop so he used to go by 9 am and returned at around 7.30pm and her kid goes to school who is studying 3rd class.

I completed my 3-1 semester and we have a holiday of about 6 days. Our college is an autonomous institution so we finished exams by the first week of November. Now the story started I have holidays all of my friends went to their homes(outstation). So I don’t have a chance to spend time with my friends, I used to me at home by watching tv and browsing net.

Those were the days we used to get water for every two days sometimes even for three days too. We have a municipality tap connection at the open place of our house we use to connect the pump and fill our syntax tank and store for drinking. We are at down so first, we used to fill our pots and the give it to our tenants. As usually, that day water came we filled as per our required and my mom said me to hand over the pipe to our tenants.

I took the connected pipe and moved upstairs to hand over the pipe to vani and I gave her the pipe and returning down my mom said me wait and fill up the syntax and come down. So I waited there meanwhile vani was in her nighty filling her pots as she bent down to clean I can clearly able see her boobs hanging first I thought its not correct but evil in me started watching her boobs. I couldn’t control myself and went directly put my hand in her nighty and started pressing her boobs vigorously. She shouted loudly saying Pawan what are you doing then again I came back to my sense and realized what I did and ran fastly from there to my room and locked the door.

Now thoughts are running in my mind if she says this to mom definitely mom gonna kill me, my body completely drained in sweat. After half an hour my mom called me, I thought my chapter finished. I opened the door and went to my mom she scolded me for not being there at syntax and said me remove the pump, water has been stopped I felt relief, but the mystery was why vani didn’t tell my mom about that.
From then I didn’t go upstairs and my holidays has ended up and again college started again I am busy with my friends.

But I am very eager, want to know why vani has not told to mom which was happened with her. I don’t have dare to face her but took up the courage to talk with vani. So waiting for the day to talk with her but she is not coming to our house from that day incident took place. From that day I am not able to sleep properly due to urge of fucking her, to control feeling masturbated twice thinking about her.

Again after 10 days, I saw her with my mom they were talking by sitting on the sofa in our living room. She saw me and with smiling face asked about my day and asked me to sit with them. I was shocked seeing her very cool and Next day morning I decided to meet her and want to ask why she didn’t tell anything to mom. So I said, mom, their are no classes for us so I am not going to college. I waited until 9 am so that her hubby leaves for stall and then went upstairs to check what vani is doing, I went directly into her house she is busy doing something again in the same nighty, I couldn’t control seeing her back so I went and hugged her very tightly she started shouting loudly I closed her mouth with my hand very tightly and said I will definitely fuck you today.

She pushed me and said vadhu ra Pawan edi correct kadhu naku pelli aindi pillalu unnaru ( she said its wrong to do with her and said she is married and having a kid). Then evil in me didn’t listen to her, I went near her and started kissing her on cheeks, forehead, biting around the neck. She pushed me back and said I will shout loudly and call your mother here. Again I didn’t listen to her started licking her boobs on nighty itself. Pushed her toward the wall and lifted her nighty and to place my hand on her pussy but it was a jungle.

It was difficult for me to rub her pussy as she was resisting but I didn’t listened her started rubbing her pussy fastly. She slowly started enjoying and then I nailed down and put my mouth over her pussy she held my head very tightly and started pushing my deeper into her pussy. She is pushing my head in such a way that I am not able to take the breath properly and slowly I moved slightly and then I said vadile oopiri adadam ledhu( said her leave my head i can’t able to take breath). She pulled me towards her arrogantly made me stand and said anduke ra cheppa nannu vadile nee valla kadhu ani, nannu dengali ante kasi saripodhu nenu chesedi thattukovadam kuda ravali ( she said to her I should be enable to bear anything).

The story will be continued later based on views of readers. I love to know your opinions. Waiting for it.

Lengthy story so please apologize me. Waiting for your emails. Mail me at See you bye in next part.