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Actually, this is not a story, it’s real happenings. I Ravi and moved to Chennai to do my be and moved to my elder brothers house. He is 5 y...

Unforgettable Sex With Sister In Law And With My Gay Friend

Actually, this is not a story, it’s real happenings. I Ravi and moved to Chennai to do my be and moved to my elder brothers house. He is 5 years older to me and married to a beautiful girl from the north. They have no kids yet. First few months I was busy with my new surroundings and my studies. As I was from small town, it was real tough for me with the city life as well as at the college. During that time one of my classmates Raghu became very helpful to me and slowly our friendship grew day by day. As he used to stay in a hostel, some evenings I used to spend in his room.

One day in his room I was surfing his laptop, while he went to take his shower. One of the files has nude boys pictures. As I had never observed nude pictures, I was looking at them with so much interest, I did not see raghu entering the room and standing behind me. He was wrapped up in a towel and his rod making a big tent, and he started rubbing me on my back. I don’t know what to say as he is my close friend and after watching the pictures on the net, I was feeling aroused. He bent over me and opened another file which has videos of boys fucking each other. That was my first porn video and got engrossed in watching. Meanwhile, raghu threw his towel and started kissing me. I did not care about that but intensely watching the movie.

Slowly he put his hand on my dick over my pant and started rubbing it, which made me so hot. He took it out from the zip and started licking it which gave me shivers. He turned the chair, sat on the knees and took my whole prick in his mouth and started sucking with so much pressure. I could not control anymore and ejaculate in his mouth which he swallowed with pleasure. Then he stood up and brought his prick close to my lips and started rubbing on my lips. I don’t know what to do. Slowly I opened my mouth and started licking his knob, he started moaning and pushing his prick inch by inch into me. Finally, it’s fully in my mouth he started pushing in and out till he ejaculated. I was hesitant to swallow but he closed my mouth with his lips and started to suck his own juice without leaving a drop.

That was my first initiation towards sex and we never miss a free hour to go to his room and enjoy. Once when he was sucking mine, my bladder was full, I asked him to let me go but he pleaded to piss in his mouth and as I was not able to control I peed in his mouth, which he drank effortlessly. He used to beg me to stay with him for weekends and we fuck and indulge in all sorts of sex.

Now coming to the real story, as I was having regular sex with raghu, I come home, have my dinner and go to sleep early. I did not have any clue about what is happening at home. I thought everything is fine and Reena and my brother seenu are having a nice time. During their 5th anniversary which was on Sunday, Reena asked me to stay at home and not to go to my friend’s hostel. An evening we three went to a movie, came home and seenu brought some beer on the way. I was curious because he never had drinks at home and he asked me to have a beer also. While we were drinking reena changed into a nightie, brought some chips and she too started sipping beer from seenus glass.

He got up brought another glass, filled it and gave it to her saying enjoy the anniversary. You don’t have to make any food today, we will order it from outside and he ordered chicken 65, biriyani, fish tikka, and desert. I had one beer, seenu had 4 beers and Reena 2 beers. While she was having a beer, she started flirting with seenu by sitting in his lap, kissing on his cheeks, all the time her boobs visible to me. I too started having hard on with the things going on in front of me. Reena received the food and started to serve, but seenu stopped her saying that get the bottle of vodka from bedroom let’s have one peg each before dinner.

It was a news for me that he keeps liquor at home. Reena said not today darling, it’s a special day, please stop it for now. But he insisted and brought the bottle and poured each one peg. Reena was not happy, I guessed the reason, maybe she wants to enjoy the full night having sex. He gulped one more peg and during dinner started playing with reena in front of me. She was hesitant and avoiding his advances.

He started blabbering, look how beautiful your bhabi, if I take her out, all the eyes are on her boobs and buttocks, I am the luckiest person to get this perfect figure. As soon as he finished dinner she dragged him to the bedroom, winking at me and closed the door.

I missed raghu for the past two days and I was horny after the scenes in front of me and little high with vodka and beer. And I know what is happening inside. Well, I brought my laptop to the hall switched off the lights and started watching porn. After exactly 30 minutes Reena came out and went to the kitchen opened the fridge and took a bottle of water. While going back she saw me in the dark and asked me why are you not sleeping. No bhabi, I am not getting sleep that’s why I am watching the movie. She came and sat next to me and started crying. I was taken back and asked her what is happening. Then she narrated everything

It seems every day he drinks in the bedroom and goes to sleep without having sex, that’s why she is not able to get pregnant, even if he fucks her it’s only for a minute or two, which leave her hot and unsatisfied. Today even though its special day he did the same thing. I felt pity for her and put my hand on her shoulder to console her. Her fingers touched the keyboard of my laptop and porno movie which I was watching came up. She looked up at me and at the screen, I did not say anything, she just moved closer to me and watching the movie where one girl was getting fucked by two males. She was sucking one dick and the other fellow was fucking her.

Slowly Reena’s hand moved to my lund and she started fondling it. As I was already hot, I started pressing her boobs, then I realized that under her nightie, there is no bra and panty. She took out my lund and started licking it and sucking. As this was my first opportunity with a woman, I was so much happy, pulled her nightie and laid her on the carpet naked and started fucking her. The way she was moaning and yelling with pleasure, I was afraid seenu may get up. She said don’t worry he won’t get up until morning, fuck me my darling, this is my first real fuck in 5 years, I was not able to control anymore and ejaculated in her cunt, and she too fully satisfied.

Then she followed naked to my bedroom and started chewing my dick with my and her cum. She forced me to lick her cunt which I did and started playing with her clit. That made her hot, she came up on me and started riding on me with my dick in her cunt. I was enjoying the scene without doing anything but looking at her swinging boobs, after few strokes, she released her sweet juices on my prick, and turned around, started sucking my prick as it was still hard. I opened her cunt and started chewing it, at the same time pushing my two fingers in her ass, as that is my favorite

Thing. She too pushed her fingers in my ass while chewing my balls and my lund. In no time I ejaculated a full load in her mouth which she swallowed. We lay there hugging each other for some time and I forced her to go back to seenu. Then she told me that seenu is going tomorrow for official work for 7 days to Calcutta.And in those 7 days, you have to give back what I lost in 5 years with your brother. I kissed her cunt, put my tongue inside and licked her juice and told her you don’t worry about that, I will definitely do the justice.

Next day, as usual, I left for college and around 11 I received SMS from her, your brother left at 10, please come back for lunch. I told raghu, I am not doing well and left the college after the morning session. When I rang the bell of our flat, reena opened the door and I was flabbergasted looking at her. She was wearing transparent midi with red colored bra and panty, boobs coming out from the bra and deep red color lipstick. As soon as I entered she locked the door and hugged me tight and kissing me wildly. I picked her up in my hands, laid her on the dining table, started licking her from her feet. When I reached to her thighs I licked her cunt over the pantie, and moved it a little and pushed my tongue into her juicy cunt, slurping all the wetness. She was getting wild and shouting at me, come on Ravi, licks all the juice, push your tongue into my cunt, I never had this pleasure, come up and put your lund in my chooth.

I stood, removed my clothes and pushed my dick into her cunt in one go. I put her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her with full strokes. She removed her midi and bra, squeezing her boobs as my strokes increased, finally, both of us ejaculated at the same time. Both went to washroom naked, she cleaned my lund and I did the same thing for her cunt. She wanted to piss, I told her to wait, she was confused, I sat on the commode and told her to piss. She hesitated a little then she opened up, I adjusted the position and took the stream straight into my mouth. She was looking in a strange way at me, but I was enjoying the warm piss, as I used to do with raghu. She asked me can I also try, I was so happy of course it’s my pleasure. She took my place and put my lund in her mouth, she sucked for a few minutes then I told her to get ready for the piss, she opened her mouth but I sprayed her hair, boobs, and belly with my piss and finally into her mouth, which she swallowed fully.

We took shower and back to the dining table for sumptuous lunch, while she sitting in my lap naked and feeding me the food and I was fondling her boobs and cunt. Then we watched tv for few minutes, she took me to their bedroom. I said I want to try her ass as I am used with Raghu, she was hesitant but tried to cooperate. I licked her ass nicely at the same time pushing my fingers into her cunt, she could not control anymore and kept saying fuck me fuck me, I asked her cunt or ass, she said whichever you want, I don’t care, do it fast. That’s what I wanted and I opened her ass cheeks wide and I inserted my lund as I did with Raghu, here I have an advantage of boobs, cunt, and beautiful figure when compared to Raghu.Initially, it was tight and painful to her but somehow she adjusted and starting using the bad mouth. Come on Ravi, fuck my ass, fuck my gaand, your brother never used any of my holes, you are god given,

Fuck me, I am so happy, do it fast, rip my ass, squeeze my boobs, you bastard you are giving me so much pleasure, I am your bitch, I am ready to do anything for you, with that I could not control anymore and released my sperm in her ass. When I was ejaculating she put her 3 fingers in her cunt and started rubbing her clit with her thumb and she too got a climax. We slept for few hours as we are so tired.

Around 7 pm when I woke up, if was funny to see, my bhabi sucking my lund , I picked her up and kissed her and inserted my lund in her chooth. She said ” fuck my gaand, Ravi, I enjoyed better than when you fuck my chooth, I was happy as that was my weak point I am used to fucking and get fucked by Raghu, I turned her upside down and inserted my prick into her ass and this time it went smoothly. She started shouting saying that you fucking bastard, how is your bhabhis gaand, are you satisfied and you want something more. That time I thought of Raghu, I can use this bitch for anything and I want to satisfy my real friend with this bitch and I am worried how to convince this bitch as she is my bhabi. We fucked till 8 pm and then she brought vodka from the bedroom and made a drink with lime juice, we used the same glass one after another for almost 4 drinks.

She asked me to dip my dick in the vodka glass and she sucked my cock with vodka, I poured little vodka on her boobs and sucked her boobs. I made her sit on my cock while watching blue movies, as I squeezed her boobs she raids on my cock. Whenever we want to pee, it goes straight into our mouths. When I fuck her I ask her to finger my ass and she also enjoys when I finger her ass during fucking. She licks my ass and I do the same thing for her. This went on for three days without any break.

As time is moving fast for my brother’s return, I tried to bring raghu into the picture. I told her that I have a friend who is helpful financially as well as morally. He is everything for me more than my parents and my brother. She did not understand in the beginning what was my plan, but when I kept bringing his name during our sexual episodes, she started realizing my intention. Finally, she asked me to do you want me to get fucked by your friend, you want me to make a prostitute or you not ashamed, because of your brother I suffered a lot and now you want me to make a prostitute, I hate you bastard and she started crying whole night. I left her for a day without touching.

The next day she moved close to me saying that we have only 2 days before seenu’s arrival, please enjoy me, give me pleasure, whatever you need for you I will do it, but only for you, not for others. But I was adamant and I did not succumb to her, finally, she could not control herself, okay I will do it for you but it’s going to be final, please come and fuck me.Then I grabbed her, kissed her and said come on darling today I will show you the real paradise. I carried her to the bedroom, made her naked and told her I am going to use all the bad words and can you cooperate, she said no problem I want only enjoyment you bastard, call me any name but satisfy me. Fucking bitch, do you want Raghu’s lund in your cunt, yes I want it, do you want Raghu to fuck in your ass, yeah let him fuck, how about two dicks in your cunt, well I don’t mind. That night I fucked her till she said it’s enough bastard bring Raghu, then I will show you, I asked her to dress the same one as the other day.

Next day I explained to Raghu about Reena and brought him home. While driving the two-wheeler from college his dick was so hard it was pinning my gaand. When we reached home, she opened the door, I asked her are you ready, she said yes. Raghu smiled at her and said nameste bhabi. I told him fucking bastard catch those boobs and press them, squeeze her bottom, instead of greeting her. She wants lund not greetings. I asked her to start teasing him with bad words. She raised her mini skirt and showed her panty, and said who wants to suck my pussy. Raghu immediately bent down and started licking her pussy and I took out my dick and pushed it in her mouth. I brought her to the sofa, as she was licking my cock I asked Raghu to fuck her doggy. After some time we took her to the bedroom , I pushed her on top of him and I started fucking her in the ass. She started shouting having two dicks at the same time, keep fucking me bastards , it’s so good having two lunds in my chooth and gaand, I was starving for one lund all these years and now you both bastards giving me heavenly pleasure, fuck fuck fuck, we both ejaculated at the same time, my semen in her gaand and his in her chooth. I started licking her chooth with Raghu’s cum he started sucking my cum from her gaand.

We took her to washroom, we both pissed in her mouth, which she gladly took, then she pissed on us.After cleaning ourselves, we had lunch, then brought her to the bedroom once again and started fucking in her ass one by one. Then when Raghu was fucking her I started to fuck his ass, then she realised that we are fucking mates and understood why I brought raghu. But she is least bothered as she was getting utmost pleasure from our cocks. She wanted both of our lunds in her chooth at the same time, one in chooth and one in gaand, one in chooth , one in mouth. When she is tired, she asked her to show how we enjoy. And we both showed her the way we used to enjoy in the hostel. In the middle of our enjoyment, she joins us and encourages us to fuck her.

This is going on even today, as soon as brother goes to the office, we drop in and fuck her till evening, naked throughout the fucking sessions. She happily drinks our cum, piss, licks our asses, makes us fuck each other watching us with her finger in her cunt and pissing on us, when we are ready to come, we put it on her boobs, face and cunt, then we lick her clean