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Sex is all about fantasies. And fantasies are all about an ever-rising urge to do what the rationale of the society would otherwise term as ...

A Evening With Pooja Aunty-Desi Sex Stories

Sex is all about fantasies. And fantasies are all about an ever-rising urge to do what the rationale of the society would otherwise term as objectionable. In India, people have one such fantasy. A fantasy that the society condemns! A fantasy that has long been hemmed into the four walls of our room, thanks to our hand and a couple of tissues to clean the mess. We are talking about the fantasy of ‘making love with the married bhabhi’s’.

God knows, why we are so attracted to a hot married housewife more than we are attracted to an equally hot young teen. Maybe, because of the exoticness of the housewife.

I have one such hot neighbor. Pooja aunty. She is 38 years old and a mother of two. She has two daughters, one is 9 years old and the other is 11. She is my mother’s friend. I am 23 years old and working as an executive at PwC, Gurgaon. Though she treats me like a child, the child within me still had a kinky fantasy to make love to her. She is slim, fair and soft-spoken. She has small round breasts and small hips which is enough to give her a modest look. She wears a nightie at home and looks like an exotic goddess most of the time. A lot of times, I have masturbated imagining about her.

But one day my fantasies got a tinge of reality. I finally made love with my Pooja aunty.

It happened 2 years back when I was studying college final year. I was home for the summer vacation. One fine day, my mom was gone to a relative’s place for a gathering and I was left alone at home. My dad was at the office and would only be back by evening. All this meant, I had a complete day to savor. I downloaded a couple of porn videos and settled down for a long masturbation session as usual. It might seem strange to you, but I generally masturbate for at least 2-3 hours before finally ejaculating. Today was one such day.

I was 1 hour into it and was completely naked. I was watching porn on my laptop and while stroking my hard penis to another orgasm.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. A loud thud, followed by a couple of repeated knocks. I hurriedly turned off the laptop and gathered my trousers. I frantically searched for my t-shirt and kept the tissue papers aside and hid my erection under the elastic of my trouser. There were knocks again. My heartbeat paced up. How could mom be back suddenly?

I went and opened the door. It was Pooja aunty. She held a bowl in her left hand a plastic pouch in her right. She smiled at me.

“Beta, hamara gas stove kharaab ho gaya hai. Ye ek sabzi thoda garam kar doge?” Aunty spoke.

“Ji aunty, zarur! Andar baith jaiye” She was looking like a goddess. She was wearing her common saffron colored, sleeveless ‘nighty’.

Pooja aunty walked in and sat on the sofa, kept right next to the door. I closed the door and walked into the kitchen to put the bowl on the gas stove.

“Beta, mummy ghar par nahi hai kya?” Pooja aunty spoke again.

“Nahi aunty, woh thoda relative k ghar gayi hai,” I replied.

I came out of the kitchen after 5 minutes and gave her the bowl. And there, I had my second boner of the day. She didn’t wear a bra, so her nipples were staring at me from the underneath the ‘nighty’. Her sweaty appearance turned me on. Her hairy armpits seemed to be teasing from around the sides of the ‘nighty’. I didn’t wear an underwear, hence my boner was quite revealing. Pooja aunty noticed a hint of my erection through my trouser but didn’t react.

“So, aur beta, college kaisa chal raha hai?” She tried to ease the situation.

“Theek chal raha hai aunty, abhi 2 saal aur bache hai bas.” I replied, finding it difficult to speak.

Deep down within me, there was a wildness that was beginning to gather fire. I wanted to have sex with Pooja aunty. But how do I approach her? I wanted to fuck her for once. And all of a sudden, the fire within me turned wilder. It became uncontrollable. I got up from my chair and walked up to her. I bent down, grabbed her softly by her neck and kissed her on the lips. And I let it sink in.

After just, 30 seconds of kissing, I pulled back. I realized I have made a mistake, and it was only too late. But the things turned otherwise. Pooja aunty looked at me with disbelief. She was shocked. She got up from the sofa as she adjusted her ‘nighty’. And smiled. And what happened for the next one hour, will always remain the best moments of my life.

She looked down and put her tender hands into my trousers and grabbed my penis which was already hard and ready to explode. She pulled me towards her and began kissing me again. Her hands were still in my trousers as she was stroking it softly. I could feel the moisture of her lips on mine as our tongues met for the first time. So, it was finally happening. We kissed wildly for a couple of minutes. I wanted to do nasty things today. I wanted to forget all the boundaries that my ethics had hemmed me into. I licked her neck and I licked her ear-lobes. I bit into it softly as she moaned like a goddess.

Suddenly, she pushed me back. She pulled the thread that kept her gown tied together. And let it loose. There she was, completely nude and looking completely amazing. She looked like a skinny slut that was ready to be feasted on. She came forward and pulled my t-shirt up and removed it. I bent down and removed my trousers too. We both were naked now. She had a hairy vagina and blackish-pink labia hanging around. I grounded her on the sofa and went down on her pussy. I fingered it with my middle finger, as she moaned loudly. The insides of her vagina were pink and moist with cum. I bent down and licked. It was salty in taste. And as a topping to that saltiness, there was a scent of sweat coming from there.

That is the beauty of making love with a bhabhi. She is just raw. She is as raw as a lemon. She doesn’t have a neatly manicured pussy, and neither does she have a shaved underarm like these new-age teenagers. Yet, she never fails to seduce the young guns.

She was constantly stroking my penis with her left hand, as I feasted on her sweaty vagina. Suddenly she pulled me up and kissed me again and whispered, “fuck me hard”! I almost lost my senses due to the sensuality of her whispers and all of a sudden, I realized that I was still a virgin. Never in my life, had I had sex with anyone. And here I was about to fuck a woman who was nearly double my age and was a mother of two kids.

Pooja spits a bit of saliva into her hands and rubbed the thick paste of saliva on my penis and asked me to enter her. I went above her and slowly inserted my wet dick into her hairy vagina as she held me close to her breast like a mother. I pounded into her slowly and when finally my penis was completely in her vagina, I let myself loose. I raised my head and kissed on her breasts and sucked a nipple. Again, there was a scent of sweat dropping out. It turned me on again. I licked her breast and Pooja aunty turned above and now I was under her. There is something really hot about a woman dominating over a man. Pooja aunty ground me and humped on my penis like a horse rider. I was enjoying as my woman was serving me. It was a day, I had dreamt of for ages. It has been my wildest dream. And I didn’t even realize, and all of a sudden I came. I ejaculated a huge load of sperms in Pooja aunty’s vagina. She smiled again and kissed me.

“That was really awesome, aunty!” I spoke in a shying manner. I got up from the sofa.

Pooja aunty suddenly pulled my hands and looked into my eyes. And in an instant, she grabbed my neck and forced it towards her vagina, which was now dirty with my semen. I was confused. And to add my confusion, she did something that I had never expected from her. She pissed on my face. She let out a warm stream of urine as it gently sprayed all over my face. I tried to gather my breath as Pooja aunty stopped pissing finally. Holy fuck. She had a pissing fetish. A really nasty fetish to satisfy. I licked my lips which had a taste of her urine drops. She wiped my face with her hands and we kissed again.

For the next one hour, we watched porn together and masturbated each other. She gave me an amazing handjob and I shot my sperms on her face and mouth. She swallowed my love juices. All in all, we had finally spent a day filled with nasty kinks.

Pooja aunty finally got up and gathered her ‘nighty’ which was lying on the floor. She walked towards the door with the bowl in her hand.

Before walking out, she turned back and smiled at me.

We never discussed it ever. Next year her husband got transferred to some town in Ahmedabad and we never saw each other. It will always stay as the best moment of my life and whatever happened in that room shall always stay in that room.

Thanks for reading my sex story.


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