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This is raghu, I am from hyderabad, this story is about my sexual encounter when I was in my 12th standard. I am a doctor now in hyderabad a...

Desi Sex Stories-Blackmailing Preeti Teacher Went Wrong

This is raghu, I am from hyderabad, this story is about my sexual encounter when I was in my 12th standard. I am a doctor now in hyderabad and my age is 23, this story happened 5 years ago during my examinations.
I was generally interested in becoming a doctor since my childhood so I was obviously not interested in maths. In my +2, maths was mandatory for us. I tried tuition with various teachers but nothing worked out. There was a woman in my neighborhood named preeti, she is 42 years of age and she is short in height but super chubby, with extra large boobs. She stays 2 min away from my home. She did her msc mathematics and had an experience in teaching for 10 years but she recently has delivered her second baby and is taking a break from teaching to concentrate on her newly born child. Her elder kid is 10 years old and in boarding school.
Her husband works in a software firm in pune and attends family in hyderabad every weekend. My mother came to know about her through her friend. My mom took me to preeti teacher. Initially, she rejected the proposal to teach me as she wanted to take care of her 2-month-old kid. My mom requested a lot and she finally agreed as I was the only student and she would not have much work or stress.
The first day of the tuition, I went and knocked her door at 11 am, she came out and opened her door, she was breast feeding her kid, one of her monstrous boobs was out and I could see her pink nipple, I had an immediate erection after looking at that, I looked down to avoid contact with her eye, she asked me to sit on the study table. My dick was completely erect, struggling to come out. She almost ignored me and continued to breast feed her kid. That was actually my first time looking at boobs for real. I was super excited.
Days passed I always looked for a chance to look at her completely naked, but I never had any chance, I always used to stare at her boobs and cleavage when she used to teach me, I made sure she didn’t notice any of it. One day after lots of struggle to see her completely naked, I had a wicked idea. There is a naphthol ad coming on my tv showing a secret keychain camera for very less amount. I used all my kiddy bank money to buy one, I ordered to my friend’s place to avoid any doubt on that matter.
As soon as the delivery guy came, I was super excited to go to my tuition. Next day I went to my tuition as usual on my time at 11 am, preeti teacher completed her household work and was ready to go to bath, she asked me to take care of her kid when she goes to bath, I was super excited, I asked her if I could pee in the washroom before she goes, I went in and put my small key chain cameras in her brush stand and started the recording and rushed back to the living room, preeti teacher went to take a bath and I had all my hormones pumping in me. I was imagining her naked and dick was responding perfectly. I masturbated 100 times at least thinking of her and it feels like dream to see her naked finally.
She has finally come out of her bath, I rushed into the bathroom and pulled the camera out of the brush stand. I said preeti teacher that my stomach is upset and want to go home. She was fine with it. I ran back to my apartment, locked my door and plugged my camera into my pc. I got myself naked and my dick was erect and I was ready to masturbate. She slowly started removing her saree and next scene gave me a heart attack, she found my camera, she looked at it angrily, she shouted looking at the camera, “koushik how dare you to do this, I am gonna take this to your parents” and the camera was off. I had a heart attack, this would ruin my life. My dad is definitely gonna kill me, I ran to my preeti teachers hours to fall on her feet and apologize her. I knocked the door and she opened it with extreme anger on her face. She was shouting at me for keeping a camera and stalking at her. I begged her crying to not to say my parents about it. She was showing no signs of mercy. After an hour or so, she said she would give me a chance if I do what ever she wants me to do from now.
I agreed instantly and I thought the maximum she would do was give me more maths problems to solve. She then asked me to go her bedroom and bet a red color cover in the shelf, I got it and she asked me to open it. I found her huge black bra in it, I had an erection looking at it and she noticed it, she demanded to remove my pants, I was shocked and hesitated but I did it finally. My dick was huge and erect, she asked me to masturbate in front of her on her black bra. I slowly started stroking my cock, I masturbated for 40 seconds or so and I finally came on her bra, she smiled and took her bra and started licking my cum that’s present on her bra, she started making naughty sounds, my dick was instantly erect responding to the sounds, she asked me to remove her nighty, I rushed and pulled of the night ,she was only in her bra and panty sitting on the sofa. She demanded me to sleep on the floor, she slowly put her pussy on my face and shouted at me to lick it. I was shocked and was licking it, that was my first time but she was making me feel like a pro with her sounds, she demanded to take her pee on my face, I was excited at peaks, she started peeing on my face, it felt a little awkward but was very sexy. She went down to suck my cock and balls. She spit heavily on my cock making it wet and gulped my balls, I never even imagined my first time would be this memorable . I was in heaven, she slowly licked my pre cum, I was out of this world. Her boobs were my dream, I sucked them like her little kid for almost 10 min and then moved on to lick her tummy, she loved it and was demanding me to do more. She was spitting on my body and massaging with her spit, I loved it. We had a saliva flow through our mouths.
My dick was super excited and I was ready to go into her vagina, I inserted my super erected dick into her, she gave an amazing expression that made me more intense and I started stroking her very hard in doggy style and she was talking all kinds of bad words to make sure I was more pumped. We then moved onto the dining table, I placed her on the edge of the table and continued to stroke super hard, we both continued kissing with our tounges while stroking. I was about to cum and she demanded me to cum inside her pussy and she was ready for a huge creampie. I finally loaded all my cum into her.
I licked all my cum from her pussy and spit into her mouth, she loved and swallowed it.
We both were very tired after the super intense sex. We both did it more couple of times. She was dominant and made sure she did all her fetish fantasies.
We both continued our relationship for 6 months before she moved to pune to live with her husband.