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The day was tiring in many ways and I reached my apartment at around 10 PM. I wanted to take a shower but my body was too unwilling to move....

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The day was tiring in many ways and I reached my apartment at around 10 PM. I wanted to take a shower but my body was too unwilling to move. Anyhow, I went and took a shower. I was feeling a lot better now. I already had my food from the restaurant near to my apartment.
I took my laptop and started my usual night hobby of browsing hot stuff. I was actually feeling lonely and so went to Omegle and had some random stranger chats but got bored soon. Maybe because my fingers were too tired to type continuously.
Then I remembered the site I saw on the search page a few days back for online sex chat. It was Soon I entered the site. I could see many Indian girls listed on the site with blurry faces. There were voice samples and other details about each and every girl. The pictures were very tempting! And to my surprise, they were even offering LIVE cam of Indian girls! I have never seen any other site offering LIVE cam of Indian girls and so I was skeptical.
But not matter what, I was in the mood to explore and find out. So trying to get it to work, I found out that I need credits in the form of minutes to talk and video chat with these hot girls. So I went ahead, created an account, added and paid for the $19.95 pack which gave me 22 credits. I didn’t want to spend a bigger amount as I didn’t know the quality of the service.
Now it was the time to find a girl. Well, there were plenty of girls online and I chose a girl named ‘Neha’ who had a cam as well. I visited the girl’s page and there was a general chat window which displayed the video of the girl with chat. It also had the option to make private voice chat or video chat. As I wanted a video chat, I went ahead and chose it. Voila! I was connected to ‘Neha’ whom I haven’t known at least a minute ago! I wasn’t sure how to start because I never experienced such a situation in my life before. I typed “Hi” and she replied with a “Hi”.
But I guess Neha sensed my awkwardness quickly and she started chatting to me more and more. She was very friendly in her approach and at the same time, kind of seducing me with her body movements. Well, I could figure out that she definitely had a great body even from the loose t-shirt which was wearing. She asked me what I wanted to see. I was reluctant but I gather the courage and said, “your boobs?”.
I think she laughed slightly and slowly started taking off her t-shirt. I was like watching a perfect sculpture being unveiled without even blinking. For a minute, my eyes were affixed on her round milky white boobs with big brown nipples. And I sensed my dick starting to emit some serious heat and jerks. All this was slowly starting to get into me and I was feeling so real and lively. I realised that our sex chat session was becoming hotter.
Neha swayed her boobs slowly and inviting me to touch them. I realized I was overcoming my shyness and I typed, “hold and massage your boobs for me dear”. Neha then grabbed her both boobs and started squeezing and massaging them.
The scene was simply amazing that my hands automatically went down over my pants to grab my dick. Neha was enjoying the squeezes she was giving to her divine boobs which I was able to make out from her the of her own lips.
To my surprise, Neha understood what I was up to and stopped playing with her boobs and asked, “hey how are you feeling”.
“Amazingly hot”, I replied.
“Great! Take out your dick and come play with my boobs, honey..”
Well, I was already at the point of taking my dick out seeing her milk jugs and so, I lowered my pants, underwear and took my dick out which was already throbbing in accordance with the movements of Neha’s boobs.I started to massage my dick slowly and gently as I didn’t want to get this show over any soon.
“Come on dear, come and fuck my boobs”, Neha said.
“Wow, am I that lucky?!”, I asked Neha.
She just smiled and laid down with for me giving me the exact point of view that I would be getting when I am over her tempting body. I was holding my hard dick and imagining rubbing it gently over her soft looking big boobs.
Well, to be honest, the need for imagining was very less as I was feeling so realistic and making love with this beauty.Neha was rubbing and massaging her boobs to lessen my need for imagination. I grabbed and held her boobs together and pushed my dick between her boobs.
I started moving my dick to and fro and her sexy cleavage was acting like a rail-line for my rushing dick. Hearing the things I was doing on her, Neha started moaning in rhythm along with my dick movements. I was jerking my dick faster and in more vigor trying to cope up with the level of pleasure I was getting from tit-fucking Neha.
I was feeling the urge to cum on her awesome tits and soon I came in loads without taking off my eyes from Neha even for a second. I could feel that I have cum on Neha’s boobs and cleavage. Neha once again proved smart in understanding that I have reached climax and stopped the play with her boobs which now seemed to be tired.
Despite wanting to fuck her pussy, I couldn’t control myself from cumming on her boobs and I decided to postpone that special desire for another time.
She asked me how much did I enjoy and I replied, “A lot more than I expected!” She said that she also had an amazing time which she hasn’t had any recently.
I thanked her again for such a wonderful experience and then bid goodbye and left Delhi Sex chat realizing my credits were almost empty as well.