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Hi, this is sid, age 26, working in an mnc basically from Vizag but working in Hyderabad and this story happened in Hyderabad between me and...

Unexpected Fuck With Chubby Best Friend-Desi Porn Stories

Hi, this is sid, age 26, working in an mnc basically from Vizag but working in Hyderabad and this story happened in Hyderabad between me and my best friend on July 20, 2017 due to some strange situations.! Okay without any further delay lets get straight into the story..!
Her name is “Mona”, age 23, a very open-minded girl who loves clubbing and drinks occasionally that too with people who are very close to her.! We are friends since 4 years and we love each others company a lot, coming to the story, this happened between us on our 5 day trip to Hyderabad..!
We landed in Hyderabad on 19th July 2017 and headed straight to my brother’s flat at kphb, its a 3bhk fully furnished villa and as she is an open minded girl and as we are friends since long, she said she don’t have any problem sharing room with me..! So we checked in and had some food and I went to meeting and at 6 in the evening, she texted that
She : “Rey I want to drink” and I texted her back , okay enjoy , I will come and pick you up at 9 pm so that we can go to some pub and party..! I don’t drink or smoke so whenever she wants to drink she calls me for company just in case if she passed out and I can drop her safely so we went to brewing040 pub at Hyderabad and she started having shots, she drank 4 vodka shots and 3 tequila and she is out of control so at 1 am , I took her out and strapped seat belt and drove back home.!

I cleaned her and made her sleep on bed..! And I was about to leave and she calls my name and asks me to be with her so that she can talk with me..! With no bad intentions, I stayed there inn the room and laid just beside her and we both are speaking about some random stuff..! She is wearing a low neck top and micro shorts., which hardly cover her half thighs.!! I casually passed a comment saying you are hot and she smiled and said I know I am..! And I don’t know what happened I just lean and kissed her lips in a go and she was in shock and pushed me away but I again made a move and started kissing her lips and this time she started responding to it, we kissed like mad , and even she bit my lips , I swiftly slid my hands on her back and caressing her back and slid my hands into her top and on a go , removed it and she is in a padded bra and shorts in front of me, as the lights are on and her fair complexion is making me mad and I took her bra in a go and started undressing her shorts and she stopped me and said
“Kiss me hard” ” bang me all day long”
And those words made me even hornier, took her on top of me and asked her to undress me with her mouth and she is doing it, she is pinching my nipples and kissing my chest, licking me all wet..! And she unzipped my boxers and took my tool in her hands and started stroking it hard and I cummed, she cleaned all the cum and I asked her to suck the dick and she first resisted and told me that she never did that and she don’t wanna do it, but I asked again and again and later on she agreed..! She opened her mouth and took the tip of my dick into her mouth and started sucking it and circling her tongue all over it and I immediately held her face and pushed the dick deep down her throat and sharted strokng her mouth and she is gasping for air..! She hit me hard and I removed my dick from her mouth and wahh..That sight of her cleaning her juicy pink lips covered with my precum is sexy as fuck and smled and pulled her over me..,n
I asked her to lay on bed and I came on top of her and asked her to close her eyes and she did it and I tied her hands to bed post with blanket and started teasing her..
First I rolled my tongue on all over her face and just when I go to kiss her and just when she is getting her lips closer to mine, I intentionally stopped her and thats making her even mad..! And she is moving like hell..!! I put some cream on her boobs and lips and we kissed each other and exchanged the cream by kissing..! I sucked her boobs and her nipples became rock erect and hard by then and I pinched her nipples and started biting them hard..! She is screaming in pain and pleasure like ahhh…Siddd come on..!!! Please raa fuck me…Fuck me hard..!
I move to her fluffy navel and inserted my tongue into her belly button and kissed and pressed her navel until it became red..Now the actual sexy thing started..! I went close to her pussy and dug my face between her thighs and they are huge..! I started kissing on her pussy over panty and biting it , I removed her panty in a go and its already dipped in her juices and it’s all wet..! I started kissing her pussy and tried inserting my little finger and guess what, to my surprise she is a virgin and she is too hard.!
I started sucking her pussy and licking and biting her pussy lips and she squirted her juices all over my face..!
I got a huge 7″ dick and I asked her to get ready for an awesome night and I laid on top of her and tried pushing my dick into her pussy and it hadn’t gone..!! I pulled again and applied some vaseline on dick and started pushing again and this time just the head went in and she screamed in pain and she panicked by seeing blood on all my dick and on her pussy, I calmed her down and she told me to stop, I said okay and started kissing her lips and this time I pushed with my full force and my dick went all in and her pussy walls are pressing my dick like hell and she is in intense pain , tears rolled down her cheek and I stopped for a bit and started stroking her , first started slowly and I increased my pace and she is screaming like hell, pulling my hair and digging her nails into my back and biting my lips..,! I pushed my dick even deeper and she is screaming like
Ahhh..Ohhhh come on siiddd don’t leave me.Make me ur bitch.Fuck me like there is no tomorrow and I banged her hard and rough and room is filled with the sounds of our screams and I banged her 6 times that night and we even had a session the next day morning n kitchen and shower..!! We are now friends with benefits ????????