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Hi friends this is my first desi chudai kahani blog which is about the feelings I went through in my early days.Hope you like it!! My n...

A Craving Kid

Hi friends this is my first desi chudai kahani blog which is about the feelings I went through in my early days.Hope you like it!!

My name is Sushant from Kolkata and I am currently 27 years of age as a college student.

Now some of you might be thinking why I am so much frank in a way to share my exact details which usually not happens.The reason being I have seen so much which tends me to just try to fuck myself and in a way to fuck the entire world that now I don’t feel ashamed of myself.!!

So it all started at the age of 18.By that time I had known that I had a great sense of affection and pull towards women and I always wanted them in my life as a means of sex.!!

But what happened there in 2008 was above my imagination!!
My cousin sister had arrived in and was to stay in our home for 1 year because of some law practices she had to do.

Time started passing by and we started becoming good friends and though she was 8 years elder to me my cravings started to overcome the feeling of a sister to some kind of a vicious mind apathy which was to be felt dreadfully in my future.

I remember it was a warm night and she was feeling too hot that in the middle of the night she took off her dress and was all in her panties.That made me too uncomfortable yet at the same time, my mind was thinking otherwise.

After three days from that incident, my parents went to the village as someone had died in our family.And we were left with our grandparents.As we had two different apartments my sister agreed to my grandparents to allow me to sleep with her in the other apartment.!
The first day went smooth yet she was sleeping without anything on her body! Come the next day I was watching some pornographic pics and then my sister went and saw me looking that yet she was acting as if nothing had happened. She took her a glass of water and went by!. It was again the same repetition of the previous day when suddenly something happened.!

I heard some voices of moaning and what I saw was startling as well as it was amazing on my part as I always had a craving for it.But before I could say something or show my shocking attire, my horny sister pulled me towards herself and started kissing me passionately which started growing into a wild one as I started taking interest in it!.But suddenly my pant started puffing and I had not seen anything like that before but my sister was startled to see that and I could see a different person in herself altogether looking at that .!!

Without giving much heed to that I kept on kissing her taking her boobs in my hand passionately, pushing it, squeezing it sucking her nipples, pressing her nipples like which made her in pain and doing all that I had wished was in a sex but then she pulled my dick from inside my pants and started rubbing her up and down taking her saliva like a lubricant and stroking it like a man strokes her slave.It was nothing ordinary to me yet I kept my concentration on her boobs, I was on cloud nine and I could sense all my dreams were getting real.!!! After a while, she laid me down and started sucking my dick and I could feel that it was hard and big as it is at present larger but nothing more than that.It was all very much new to me.After a which I started getting bored and all of a sudden a very harsh feeling generated in my body, it was inexpressible to me.And so I started shivering feeling with the feeling of self-satisfaction and in that position, I pulled my sister of her hair as she was sucking my cock and started kissing her in a more wilder attitude.Biting her lips overlaying my hand round her body and holding her as tight as anything can be while she was giving me a handjob.I started feeling much warmed and getting sweat.

It made me even more wilder and my shivers grew to the top.And then all of a sudden she took my hand and put it inside her vagina forming my hand up and down while she screamed like hell in wine.I didn’t know what was happening to me.And then she pulled me down and again started sucking my dick in a more harsh way which was even more difficult for me to handle.I never wanted this feeling to die soon and so I kept my cool but at the same time, the feeling was such that it was driving me crazy.After some time my sister started moaning loudly and all of a sudden she came in.Looking that I got terrified and more excited making my sister stroke me even faster.!

I pressed my sister from her head to swallow my dick as deep as she could make it go up and down even faster.I wanted this to happen till eternity and then came the point after which there was no stopping of me which changed myself completely from inside and at last I came into her mouth leaving me incomplete.I was feeling terrible shivering in the warmth of my body !!

After that, we went to sleep. That night I shivered like hell thinking about that every single second that hour or 2. Reliving the memory in !!

I thought its over between sister and me and nothing like that would ever occur but it was my first worst mistake to take that lightly which cost me my virginity at such a younger age.