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This is the story of my first sexual experience. Although I had a girl friend, I never had sex with her. I am 29-year-old male and this i...

Friends With Benefits

This is the story of my first sexual experience. Although I had a girl friend, I never had sex with her. I am 29-year-old male and this incident happened last year. I am not disclosing locations and other details to maintain the privacy of individuals.

My girl friend dumped me sometime back and I got along with my life, was not interested in girls, busy with work and other interests.I had met a girl longtime back on facebook, I was good friends with her. After my breakup I used to talk to her frequently, just as a friend. Over the period of time, she became close. Her name was mishti(name changed), she is around 27, works in another city, very beautiful. For a long time I never knew how she looked since she had never shared a pic before. When I did see her, I was surprised to see how beautiful she was, but again the past experience was too bitter. I used to talk to her daily and we were great friends. She had a new boy friend who was very insecure and always doubted on me thinking I was trying her. Finally we all met in my city, I met her for the first time, I was happy that mishti found a boy friend. I did not meet much when they visited since I did not want to be a kabab mein haddi, I knew they were new lovers, and wanted space.

Time passed, Mishti’s Boyfriend left her for some rich girl and moved to a different city. All along this time, we still used to talk regularly. Last year I was very upset due to some major issue in the office, I got mad and took a week’s off, I thought of visiting her, told my family that I was visiting my friends in another city (I had worked here for sometime, had lot of friends).She booked a hotel for me and was excited to meet me. I never had any bad intentions towards her since I considered her my close friend. The trip was for three days, I slept the first day since i reached late. The second day we both hired a cab and went to see nearby visiting places.She was wearing churidar and was looking very beautiful, she smelled too good. On the way, we had an argument and she was pulling my cheeks after that and it annoyed me. I tried to pull her cheeks but she somehow avoided me, no matter how I tried. Since I had to maintain some decency (we were in a cab) and the opposite person being a girl, I took defeat. We had lunch and came back to hotel after roaming around.

She was about to leave me when I said that I will take revenge, and started chasing her. After a couple of minutes, I caught hold of her, and started pulling her cheeks by pushing her on the bed. She protested first and she could not help it, I took my revenge. Then suddenly something happened to me. May be because I was so close to some girl’s body, I was aroused. Out of the blue I started kissing her, she was surprised and started protesting. I stood up and closed the door(It was partially open), my heart was beating so fast. She was in a state of shock, could not say anything and froze for a moment. I thrust myself on her and started kissing her on lips, which was one-sided. I was already mad about her, I started crushing her boobs hard, she was not fighting back as it was unexpected and she was shocked. Suddenly I put a hand inside her churidar, pushed in down, moved the bra and was playing with the right boob and pinching her nipple. After a minute or so, she pushed me out and stood up, looked very angry. She started screaming at me that she never expected this from me and she thought I was a decent person.

Reality struck me, and I was ashamed of what I had done. I never had any intention but somehow it was a rush of blood. I was so embarrassed and did not know what to do. I apologised to her saying that I never intended to do something like this. I walked to the other side of the bed and lay there. I didn’t speak a word for 5 minutes, she was sitting on the other side of the bed. Since she knew me well, she too felt bad and was consoling me for the big lecture but I was angry at myself. I said that she was too beautiful and anyone would get tempted looking at her, she blushed when she heard this.

Now again I got aroused, rush of blood and heart started pumping again. I pulled her towards the bed and got on top of her and started kissing. She was not responding but it seemed she was not protesting. I continued and started french kissing her aggressively, she started giving in. I had the best ever kiss of my life, both our tongues exploring each other. At one time, she had to push me out since she was breathless. This continued for 5 minutes, the french kissing was passionate and aggressive from both sides. I took a break, and started staring at her face being very close to her face. She was feeling shy but looking at her was driving me mad. I started the kissing and along with that started exploring her body, crushing her boobs.

Suddenly she stopped me and started saying that this is wrong, that we were not in love, just friends, and this act is immoral. I had to calm her down and explain her about friends with benefits. I said that I don’t love her but she is my close friend, both don’t have any feelings and that is what makes this relationship click, no one has any baggage, its just two individuals having fun and later forget about it, no one needs to know, the friendship will not get affected. After a while of convincing, she seemed ok but now she started acting smart.

She was avoiding me, even though I was on top of her and stopped her hands from pushing away, she was moving her face avoiding kissing. I realised that she was in a playful mood. I came more close and locked the lips and then moved them out after couple of seconds, making her reach from my lips. I was teasing her and driving her lips forward. after a minute of it I had a very wild kiss from her, she was biting my lips. I was aroused to the max, my penis was fully erected, now I wanted to play with the boobs and then go for the kill. She was not allowing me to play with boobs, was trying to kiss me to stop me from concentration on boob play.

Then I got an idea, I put my hand inside her pyjama, and inside her panty. She was surprised by this move and tried her best to take my hand out, but I overpowered her and started fingering her pussy. She was uncontrollable and started making noises, the faster and deeper the fingering, the more and louder the moans. I took my hand out, got up from the bed and switched on the tv and put some songs channel on high volume, I was scared that the moaning will be audible outside.

Now Mishti got up from the bed, adjusted her panty and bra and was trying to run away. I started and chasing her and finally caught hold of her and lifted her and put her on the middle of the bed. Next I took out my Tshirt and Jeans and jumped on her. I was just on my underwear (string bikini jockey), with protruding penis, the underwear being moist from the precum due to the events. I was upon her and started kissing her and got up and started removing her kurta from bottom to top.When the kurta was near her face, she was removing it herself and seized the initiative and loosened the pyjama and started pulling it out.

The AC was on and it was very cold in the room. We were not feeling any of it, out skins rubbing against each other and producing friction, both were just in undergarments, with no one to stop, it was the best moment of my life. The first time is what you remember all your life. It did not take me much to remove the bra, now I could put my sights on raw boobs. Mishti had a great pair of boobs, they were neither big, nor small, just the size to cup them and play with it. I got mad at the sight of boobs, started playing with it by forgetting everything else, then started biting the nipples. At one time she had to stop me since I was being very rough, and literally put marks on the boobs and nipples, the whole area was red. We both were hot now and passion was oozing, then the room bell buzzed. Nothing struck me at the moment, I just instructed her to hide in the bathroom, pushed in her clothes and bra under the quilt, wore my clothes. I was concerned about her, a guy never has any issues but if a girl is seen inside a hotel room, it would be a forever mark on her. I opened the door, it was the hotel porter, came to give mineral water which I had asked before coming in. There was a sigh of relief for me.

To be continued…