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Hi desibaba fans, this is pawan from berhampur, orissa. I had read almost all the stories of this site and so excited to have fun w...

देसी चुदाई कहानी-Fuck in dream

Hi desibaba fans, this is pawan from berhampur, orissa. I had read almost all the stories of this site and so excited to have fun with any girls and aunties of my locality and also want to chat sex related topics with the sexy ladies of the world.

I am 28 year old, still a virgin, my cock is about long and wide I have got good healthy & athletic body but I don’t have such an attractive heroic figure. I need desperately to have sex with any girl’s or aunties of this locality, I will promise this will kept secret & confidence.

As this is good site describe once sex desire & experience I will tell you my first sex encounter which I dream one night some days before. That evening after seeing an xxx movie in payal cinema I returned back to my home. At that time rain comes with cyclone. So I rushed in to a half constructed house to get relief from the rain. Suddenly a lady comes in to the same house to keep herself safe from the rain. She was beautiful in a sky blue saree & blouse from which her white color bra is clearly visible. She has got big boobs and perfect figure I think it is 32 26 32. Due to heavy rain and storm she comes closer to me. In the opposite side of the road ek kutti (bitch) aur uske pichhe-pichhe ek kutta (dog) daudta hua aya. Kutta uske pichhe aakar kutti ke bur (cunt/choot) chatne laga aur phir dono pair kutti ke kamar par rakhkar apna kamar dana dan chalane laga. Jise main aur that lady dono dekhen. Kutta bahoot raftar se 8-10 dhakka ghapa-ghap lagakar kerbat le liya. Dono ek doosre mein phans gaya. Ye scene hum dono dekhen. When I see her face she downs her head with shy. But I understand she enjoys it great, because she saw the whole sight very interestingly. Suddenly a thunder comes on and she comes towards me and caught her shoulder carefully and she rests her head on my shoulder with shy. At that time I am totally in hot mood, then I slowly taking my hand towards her hips and caressing softly, she was expressing her ectancy in silent mode. When I found such a response I advance my activity further, I started rubbing my hand on her thighs; I found she also started responding i.e. she also rubbing her hand on my body. Then I tried my elbow to insert behind her arm towards her boobs, she relaxed her arm and gave more space to ease my elbow to enter in. Then I started pressing her boobs. This procedure was carried on for about 3-4 minutes. Then I kept my hand on her saree cover it up and started pressing her thigh which was very smooth, soft & flashy.

This moment she moaned very much and bends her body towards me. My cock was so tight that it was about to tear up my pant & come out. I was getting enjoyed too much and my body became hot like a flame. Then my hand started slipping towards her cunt, I was rubbing my palm on her thy who was slowly moving towards her pussy, when it reached just almost one inch behind, she stopped me and told “koi aa jaega…” I also respected her will and said lets go inside the house from the window frame which was not covered by grill yet. Then first I held her behind to go inside from the window and then I enter into the house. I slowly started pressing her thigh she also started becoming hot then she put her hand on my lund which was already in the 90 degree angle, she started rubbing my penis, that time I was not on the earth but somewhere in the sky. Then slowly I moved my hand towards her choot, she was making very sexy voices like, which I can only hear. Aahhh, ssssss, ooohhhh, I felt that she is also enjoying too much and under exited state. Finally the moment came when my palm was rubbing the lips of her choot. Her choot was fully wet I found good amount of sticky fluid occurring there, my whole palm was caught with vaginal fluid, her choot was an elongated slot with bushy long hairs grown on it, I made my two fingers in inverted ‘v’ shape and tried to spread her choot’s two lips, then I inserted my middle finger into her choot and started giving to and fro motion to my finger that was moving in and out in the choot, her choot was excreting too much of fluid, then I started rubbing her clitoris that time she gone out of her control and making very sexy sounds ssssss aaohhhh aaahhhhhhh & she started jumping and moaning. In the mean time I removed her sari & petticoat, now she was in her panty. Then I sited her in the window and make a position to get closer to her. Now both of her hands cover me from back of my neck and I started kissing all of her body from bottom to top. She was going honey and making sounds ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. She holds me and said I cannot wait any longer please do fast. Then I slowly removed her panty with my mouth. She smelled nice & there was some odor. That I can’t describe, and then I removed my dresses and hold my lund in her hand. First she cared it then she moved it front & back caring the tip. She was trying to masturbate me. I was very high at that time, so I started to push my lund in her mouth. This exited her. She tried to take the whole of it her mouth. But then suddenly she lay down and took me over she command me to put it in her choot. And with her hands she guided my lund to the opening of her choot. First I put my first finger in her choot and finger her, By this time her choot was completely wet with the pre cum which came out. So I licked it out with my mouth. Her pre cum was very sweet & hot. She was going horny when I was licking, she was moaning ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……oooommm. Then I raise her left leg to my shoulder and make a position to insert my lund up to full length and then inserted my lund in her hot wet choot. Slowly it went inside completely after that I started giving her jerks by jerks slow, fast, medium, slow, fast, medium, she was moaning ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jaldi – jaldi, the more she was moaning, the more I increased my speed to give her jerks faster n faster, she was moaning louder & louder ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jaldi – jaldi, oh come on you are so nice, fuck me faster n faster. Ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jaldi – jaldi. Finally she cummed. But I was not satisfied with that, because I have not yet got ready to cum. Then I decrease my speed, so to make her ready again but my lund is still in her choot. In a short while she was ready for the second fast fuck. Then I told her I want to do this time in a different way so I asked her to came down on the floor (as the house is incomplete and not flooring done yet and some sands are put together in the floor, I lay down her on her back and raise her both legs up on to my shoulders and I hold her by the boobs and slowly pushed my lund in. After my lund went inside her choot I started her giving her good jerks, slow – fast, fast – slow, she started moaning ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jor se, ooorrrr jaldi – jaldi. She cummed in again. But still now I did not cum, but I was ready for a cum. She told me to stop. But I did not because I wanted to cum in her choot. And I was ready so I kept on the speed. I told her I am about to cum. She told to cum in her choot only as she wanted to feel the hot liquid in her choot. In few seconds I cummed whole thing inside her choot.

Then I told her to stand in front of the window and bend down. Bending over exposed her luscious pussy. It was huge bush around it. Soon with out wasting my time, I came up behind her and plunged my cock up to her pussy. My cock is eventually too big for her hole, as she screamed and yelled out loud with every push. She said she never gets fuck from behind before, so got a lot of experience with me. As I was pumping in and out of her soaked pussy, she moaned so loud. Her tits were bouncing up and down with every pump, sometimes I let go of her big ass and hold on to those huge tits has I continued to fuck her. Ahhhhh, yessssss! She yells out as she gets laid. Near the end of our fuck, I pull it out of her wet Indian puss and poured cum all over her tits. She calmed herself a little after cumming on her. Later I put the remaining cum in her mouth. She drank my cum like as if she was drinking Pepsi. Now the rain come down and I think we should go now, we dress up quickly go with a deep large kiss.

So I use desibaba as a medium to find new friends who are interested in sex or descent friendship or both. I hope you enjoyed the pleasure of reading. I would request you to tell me weather I could explain things nicely. If you like to communicate and share your ideas with me most welcome. I would welcome you for any of my services.