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Hey, India is a beautiful place of course and Indians are too but we are not just in the spread of our geography but are all over the glo...

Great Trouble – Mom’s Edition Part 1

Hey, India is a beautiful place of course and Indians are too but we are not just in the spread of our geography but are all over the globe. Place where there are different cultures and different values. So, with that background did you ever imagine how it is living abroad? How it is having different values in the family changes the whole equation?

This is going to be a series that I am going to write and express finally after being suggested by my best friend to write it. I am not a very outgoing person towards these incidents but there are the ones that changed my life and you will surely notice why.

Let me start with a good introduction about myself. I am Shruti, a happy go lucky person who stays in NYC, USA but belongs to Punjab, India nationally. So basically I am an NRI staying with my family in the USA. My friends here call me Cherry. I am 24 years old and currently doing my MS in management from the New York University. In nutshell, who is a Punjabi kuddi and who has encountered the things in life which are really surprising but at the same time satisfying.

Now, why I am writing these stories is because of various reasons but the most important of them being my physical assets. On a serious note, I am not an angel who has come from heaven but I am the bubbly Punjabi girl with some Middle Eastern jungle queen specs. I am somehow gifted with pretty good assets without working out much. I am of 36-30-38 figure to be precise.

So let me start with the story of my childhood. This happened when I was 16 years old. We were living in NYC and it was a great time with my family. My family consists of 4 people, my dad who is a very well known architect in town, mom who is a nurse and brother who is a year young to me. We are typical Indian family but with the foreign values. My dad was a very had working man and so he used to devote most of his time on his work and my mom usually used to come late from the hospital. My brother and I were together all the time mostly giving each other company but my mom always used to spend more time with my brother than me. I always presumed that it would be the younger child love that she has towards him and one fine day I just lost belief in everything after what I saw.

Let me introduce my mom in this situation, her name is Lakshmi and she, as I mentioned, was a doctor. She was 30 years old when this happened and not to exaggerate but she was a damn pretty women. She had a busty figure as well. She was of 36-34-40 figure. I guess I got my assets from her. She is one of the hottest women I ever saw till date. With her busty figure, she always had a problem people staring at her big ass. It was a curvy big ass which was always tight insider her leggings and jeans. She used to wear skin tight cloths and it made the whole figure very evident for a lot of people. On the other hand, my brother was someone who really looked grown up by his teen. He was tall and well built. He had a thing going on with basketball and so the physique was really maintained.

It all started when one of the evenings I was coming back from my music classes. It was during the winter I remember and we had snowfalls happening here. Dad had gone out with some official work as he was one of the most important people of that company and mom was home early. I parked my bicycle outside the house and started walking towards the main door. As I was walking I just realized that there are more than few peoples shoes outside the house and guessed that it would be some relatives that visited. I opened the door and entered and to my surprise, there were few faces which I didn’t know of. They were all sitting on the couch with my brother and mom there. I slowly walked towards them and my mom said,”Oh! Shruti comes here. Meet your brother’s friend, his name is Steve”. I looked towards that guy and smiled. He was a tall man and was having a really good build as well. He looked like he was in his 20s and looked quite older to me for being my brother’s friend. My mom then looked at me and said, “ Now go to your room and do your homework” and when she said that I saw her. She was in a panic about something. It really didn’t give me a positive vibe about the whole situation. She was teary-eyed and was in trouble which is all I could sense but I quietly went into my room and shut myself up.

I could hear some noises barely from that room. My brother’s room was just next to me and I heard someone walking towards that room. It was my mom and my brother walking towards his room and talking something at the same time. I decided to listen to what they are talking and peeped myself into their conversation through the walls. It wasn’t too clear but the conversation was like this.

Mom,” Is there no way out of this?”
Brother,” Either we listen to what he says or I will end up going to jail mom”.
Mom,” but what is he asking for?”
Brother,” He is asking for something which only you can give and not anyone else”
Mom,” If he needs money tell him we will give it to him”
Brother,” No he is not asking for money, he wants you mom”
Mom,” What!!!! But I really can’t do anything about it, this is going to be really a wrong thing to do”
Brother,” Mom then I will have to go to jail and we won’t have any other option”

Mom,” No, I won’t let that happen. Okay! Tell him I am okay with it”
Brother,” Mom thank you so much, I really love you!”
Mom,” but tell him that his is also going to be the last time we are ever going to do anything like that”
Brother,” Okay mom! I will convince him about that.”

Mom,” Okay then ask him to come to your room, I will be there and by then I want you to go out and fix the things that is needed to be fixed so that he doesn’t create a problem again”,
Brother,” But mom, I will be here. I will stay with you”.
Mom,” No just do as I say before he makes a mess out of it”.

After this all I could here was my brother’s room door opening and my mom entering it and my brother running towards the hall. I figured out from the whole conversation that Steve was not my brothers friend but a problem in this situation. I kept quiet and waited for things to move on as I was ordered to.

Next I hear is a loud noise of door shutting and I presumed it was Steve getting inside my brothers room where my mom was waiting for him and I saw through my room windows that my brother was taking his bike out and going somewhere. I was just a kid trying to figure out what was happening without having any background about it. I went out of my room and sneaked myself to my brothers room door to hear what is happening inside out of curiosity.

Steve was talking to mom in a loud voice and mom was trying to calm him down and convience him for something. The conversation was like this:
Steve,” You cant ask me to leave this place without what I want or else I am going to the cops”.
Mom,” Steve okay please calm down my daughter is there in the house and she doesn’t know anything.”
Steve,” Do you think I care about it. Actually we should call her as well!”
Mom,” please leave my daughter out of this I will do whatever you say”.

And when this conversation was happening I happened to notice that the door wasn’t locked and so I just slowly opened the door without anyone noticing it that I could put my one eye through to see what was happening. I saw Steve standing right in front of my mom and my mom pleading him. What I saw next was something I never imagined would happen. In anger Steve just took off his pant belt and unhooked his pant then suddenly he dragged his pant down and his underwear too and the same time standing naked in front of my mom. Omg! For the first time in my life I saw something that huge. His dick was I am sure at least 8 inches long and damn thick as well. It started off sharp from the tip but as it went it grew thicker and thicker. Steve continued…

Steve,” If you don’t get down on your knees right now I am going to make a call to police”
Mom,” But I really cant do that” and my mom fell on her knees begging.
Steve took out his phone and started dialing the police. In the next fraction of second what I saw I can never forget for my life.
My mom had held his big dick in her hand and she actually took half of his dick her mouth in just a moment. She was afraid and she did it. Steve just stopped dailing and looked down and told Mom.
Steve,” Damn! So you are afraid of cops”.

And after he said that he held my mom by her hair and head and he actually forced that big dick in my mom’s mouth a little deeper and I could see my mom hitting her hands on his things as she was checking out. She then took that dick out of her mouth and said,” Please don’t punish me like this. This is too big to fit in my mouth, I cant do it”. And before she could finish her dialogue he held her by her head again and pushed his dick deep into her mouth. My mom had tears in her eyes as she was chocking but this time she didn’t stop. She started moving her head in and out in a slow motion after taking half of that big dick. Steve said,” So bitch, you know how to do it right. Do it and save your son from going to jail”. And so he started slapping my mom while she had his dick in her mouth. He stated shaking his dick in and out fast in my mom’s mouth and she kept gagging in between but didn’t stop. My mom was in her top and leggings and as obvious it could be the shape of her boobs was amazingly showing up. And it was very obvious that Steve had his eyes on her big boobs as he was enjoying my mom going deep on his big dick. After sometime Steve stopped and said, “ If you are not going to do this with proper interest then I am not going to cum and which would be bad for your son”. My mom replied,” Tell me what you want me to do, I will do that but please don’t let my son go to jail”.

Steve said,” I want you to fucking to deepthroat me and I wanna cum inside your throat and give you’re a throatpie.” Mom looked a little confused and looked back at him. He replied” Are you going to do it or…” and he took out his phone again. As soon as that happened my mom didn’t think of anything but held him by his butt and took that huge cock in her mouth pushing in deeper continuously. And in no time she almost had his big dick disappear from their into her mouth. She actually was deepthroating his big cock and she didn’t stop. Steve was really enjoying it and he started fucking her in her throat and he said,” Hold on like that, I am about to cum”. He started fucking my mom’s mouth faster and he kept on going even if my mom was out of breath and was tapping her hand on his butt. He didn’t stop and as he was too aggressively fast,” I am cumming” and my mom just took his hands off her head and all she did was held him by his butt and pushed that whole dick deep in her mouth. Steve couldn’t move for a moment because she was fucking cumming a whole waterfall in my mom’s throat and she was doing it the best way possible for him.

Damn, after few seconds he slowly ejected his big dick which was still tight enough and looked at my mom. My mom had teary eyes because of the throatpie but she was okay after that. She opened her mouth and showed him that there was no cum on her tongue but was ejaculated deep in her throat. He sat on the bed for a while and my mom sat on the same floor and was clearing her face and then Steve said,” I am not done yet”. What happened next is something that I couldn’t believe my eyes in.

To be continued…..