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HI to all readers this is Shiv. I am a tall, cool n handsome guy. I am 5″11 in height have an athletic body n main thing which female r f...

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HI to all readers this is Shiv. I am a tall, cool n handsome guy. I am 5″11 in height have an athletic body n main thing which female r fond off my manhood is also like me sexy n horny of 9 inch n 3 inc thick n I am in my most joyful age of 19. I am narrating my first n real sex experience with my chachi she is a real horny n dam sexy but a little chubby having fig. o f 38-32-34.

This happened before 3 years when I was in my 11th class. I was my chachi’s favorite form the day of her marriage b coz I was the 1st child of my house. We have a good n happy joint family n we r from richer side having a big business. I use to do massage of her(CHACHI’S )legs before sleep coz she felt very tired sometimes n while doing that sometimes I suppose to make her nighty up till her buttocks borderline n she do not says anything she just keep her eyes close thinking its the part of her massage n sometimes she use to moans slightly. I use to understand coz at that time I was crazy about porn movies I love to watch them n masturbate once or twice a day thinking of my chachi’s sexy legs n I want her badly n I thought she also want me that I came to know by her sexy smile n her moans while massaging but she was having normal n good clean relation.

Now back to story it was the days when I was have to face my finals. At that time we me, my chachi, her 2 kids n my sis’s were alone at home coz my parents were on foreign tour, my dadi was on her pear for attending a marriage n my chachu was on her business tour, he was out for 20 days n about 10 days were past like that only.

But on one night I just got what I want. On that night all (six members who were left at home) slept early in my dadi’s room she has a big room a king size bed. on the bed I chachi n her 2 kids slept n my sis’s slept on the mattress, on that night I massaged her legs jus I was use to n on that night moans were little bit louder n that day she was looking more sexy than before n she was in her transparent nighty which she bought that same day she told me after words.

after 15 mins of massaging she went to bathroom n I went to sleep she took a lil bit more time n I cam to know after words that she has took off her bra n panty. till now everything was ok n the things gone out of control when my I found that my hand was in my chachi’s nighty n her 2 buttons were opened I jus woke up with fear but I was enjoying so I just let it keep on her boobs n after sometimes I start pressing it slightly n making circles around her nipples this happened till 15 mins n my dick was at it’s climax n I removed my hand from that place n went to bathroom for a nice masturbation then I came after 10 mins I was shocked that my chachi was standing in front of bathroom I almost fainted n I thought that tonight will be my last night.

Then she asked me “kya kar rahe the tum, mai sab janti hu” I just kept quite for sometime n I said sorry for that. then in anger she asked ” ye sab kaha se shikha” I said sorry this n she asked”aur kya kya dkha hai tumne” I said “maine aur kuch nahi dekha”n my tears busted out then within a sec she kissed me passionately on my lips which I also responded we broke after 5 mins n I started pressing her boobs she said “yaha nahi doosre room mai” then we went in that room n I on the AC n I pushed her to bed n again we started kissing her this time more passionately n after 10 mins I started pressing her boobs from nighty n then kissing her pussy from nighty there I came to know that she was not wearing her undy n bra. Then I took off her nighty h kissed all over her body like a hungry beast n she was playing with my rod from above my shorts then after 15 mins and she stood up n she took off my shorts n she was amazed by seeing my 9 inch rod she sucked it for 3-4 mins n she want to kitchen n I also went behind her from fridge she took ice cream n then she took little ice cream n put it on my dick n start licking like an ice lollypop she told me” ki tujhe aaj sare ma ze dila donngi kab se mai aise right time ka intazaar kar rahi thi” then she sucked it for 15 mins n I told her that I was about to cum she told cum inside her mouth so I shooted my all cum in her mouth that was my first time when I cummed that much n in my chachi’s mouth she drunken it I was little exhausted then we laid there on bed for 5 mins n I told that I also want to do the same ice cream session with u so I put some ice cream on her wet n shaved pussy(I LIKE SHAVED PUSSIES) n started licking it I was enjoying the sweet taste of ice cream n salty taste of her piss n cum I licked n sucked it for 15 mins she was moaning very badly ooohhhhhoooohhh ahhaaaaaaaaaah chosoooooooo ssssuuuck itt betu ooh ahaaaaaaah….

Then she had an orgasm with a more pressures moans aaahaaaaa mmmmaaaaa ooooh aaahhaaaaaaaa bbeeeeetuu… n she covered my full face with her lovely juices n I dranked first I felt little dirty then I enjoyed it. I also put some ice cream on her big jugs n I also sucked them for 10 mins.

Then we laid there for 20 mins while we were kissing each other then we went to get fresh n clean our self there I on the shower n I cleaned her n she cleaned her there I sucked her boobs n her pussy for 5 mins n there also she had an orgasm and after 20 mins we came from there n she laid on bed n I was admiring her wet body n she asked me “ki tumne bus itna hi dekha tha aur kuch nahi dekha tha kya” that me mad n I again started kissing her pussy n I parted her legs n started rubbing my dick on her pink wet pussy lips then said me with a little anger “ki aag kyon laag raho ho maro ge kya dalo na mai tadap rahi hu kabse ek javan laund ke liye ab aur mat tadpao”

Then I just put some saliva on her pussy lips n with a push I inserted my more then half dick in her she jue moaned loudly n shouted ki” phado ge kya thoda dhire se” n I just decreased my speed n then I just increased my speed by giving deep strokes she was moaning heavily ohhhhhhhhhoohhhhhh aaaaahhhhh ppphaaddddd ddalooooo aajj isssseeeeee bbetuuuuu fuck, fuck, fuck me hard ohhh aaahhhh. I fucked her for 20 mins n I told her I am about to cum she just closed her legs tightly n told her to cum inside n I filled her pussy with my hot cum then I was exhausted coz it was my first experience. after that she went in kitchen n she brought some dry fruits n juice for me I ate every thing n she was drinking juice n a little fell on her boobs so I just licked it n my rod again big hard as rock then we was on to our 2 session in enjoyed that session much from previous one.

On that night I fucked her on various things on dinning table in hall n I even fucked her on out POOL TABLE and my TT table. then we slept naked at 6 in morning I was in a deep sleep n I didn’t know when she gone coz my parents were suppose to come on that day. she just n kissed me on chicks n told common on your lunch I opened my eyes she was looking more sexier n she was looking fresh as if nothing have happened she told me to put on my clothes I was little shocked that I was sleeping nude n I asked to her that is anyone has seen me in this condition she told that she locked that room. Then I took bath n had my lunch n I again slept n woke up in night when my mom woke me up. Now I am studying outside n when I come to my place we use to have sex sessions where we r free at home or we use to go our farmhouse there we swim n have sex. I’ll keep on telling u my exp with my mami n my sister frnd’s.