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My 18-year-old chemistry student, Ria was the girl everyone wanted to fuck. I was tired from my busy work week and college classes and wa...

I Was 33 And My Student 18

My 18-year-old chemistry student, Ria was the girl everyone wanted to fuck. I was tired from my busy work week and college classes and was spending a rare weekend night home alone as my wife was at her mother’s place.

My mind shifted toward one of my students. She was beautiful and I wondered if her boyfriend must be enjoying her day in and out. She had long black coloured hair, brown eyes, and big pairs of boobs which would drive any guy wild. I still remember when we were in the resort for a picnic she walked around the place with the wet top sticking her skin and her tits bouncing whenever she used to get happy. I caught quite a few glimpses of her nipples pressing against the stretched fabric and could tell her they were huge. I would have given anything to push her top up and run my tongue over them. I spent a lot of time after picnic shaking the liquid out of my penis by just thinking of her topless.

I was just thinking of doing it again today my hand down my shorts to stroke my hard cock when I heard my phone message tone. And it was blessing in disguise Ria message me “I am upset”. We chatted for about 2hours that night and she was no more than free and next day was Sunday she told she has some bout in chemistry and I try my luck and told her to visit my place. I was waiting like an Owl whole night of morning and at 9 am the doorbell rang. She was wearing a cute top that just showed of the tops of her mounds a little bit and her legging was hugging her ass. It didn’t help my hard on one bit. I welcomed her into my house, offered her water than we sat but my penis was growing seeing her and I took a pillow on my lap.
Before we start to study I asked why she was upset last night.

“What’s the matter Ria? Did you and your boyfriend break up?” Ria looked up, surprised to see me there. She blushed a deep red and I was shocked to see her bite her lip. “No, he’s mad at me because I wouldn’t do something he wanted. So he isn’t talking to me. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t want to lose him”
This was interesting I thought. “What did he want you to do?” I was picturing her bending over the couch while I, err, I mean Boyfriend fucked her from behind.

“Oh, I can’t tell you. I’m so embarrassed.” Ria said as she dropped her head in shame and blushed even deeper. “I feel so stupid because I want to do it but I don’t know how.”

“Do what?” I asked as I squirmed to move my cock that was pushing against my shorts. “Do what? You can tell me. Maybe I can help. Come here, sit next to me and tell me what happened. I won’t laugh or judge you, I just want to help.”

Ria slowly shuffled across the room and dropped down about a foot away from me. I could feel the heat coming from her body and wondered if she was worked up. “Humm, she said, this is hard to tell you but I really need help and I don’t know who else to ask.”
I put my arm around her and gave her a half hug. “You’re safe with me Ria. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

She took a big breath and with her head still down I heard her say “Boyfriend wants me to touch him. You know, like there.” Her eyes were on my lap. “When we’re kissing and stuff he keeps taking my hand and trying to put it on his, hum.” “Cock?” I asked.

She gave a slight nod and a tear fell. “So what’s the problem? You don’t want to?” “No, no it’s not that. Not that at all. I do want to do it but I don’t know how.” She stuttered and softly said “I’ve uh, never touched a guy before. I’m afraid I’ll do it wrong and he’ll laugh or I’ll hurt him.”

My mind was blank. Had she never touched a guy before? NEVER?? Holy shit, was she a virgin? I thought of a way I could help her but I wasn’t sure she’d go for it.

“Have you, maybe, looked on the internet to see how it’s done?” “Yes, she answered. But looking on the internet and actually touching his thing is way different. Besides, on the internet, everyone looks like they’ve been doing it forever. I’ve never ever seen a guy’s stuff.” What? I thought, never seen one? Crap I had to do it.
I shifted on the couch and faced her. “Ria, maybe I could show you myself. Just as a lesson from biology practical human body. No sex just you can view it.” I wasn’t the biggest cock around but I was a pretty decent size. And just the thought of her touching me made me grow painfully big.

“Oh Sir, I don’t know. That sounds ok but isn’t it weird for me to be touching you?” “Ria, just think of it like I’m helping you with your homework. It’ll help you get a passing grade with Boyfriend.” I laughed

I could see she was deep in thought and then she nodded her head. “O.K., but if it’s weird or I don’t like it, promise me you’ll stop.”
“O.K., I will,” I said as I took her hand. She was trembling and blushing again. “Why don’t you close your eyes? That way it might be easier for you.” She shut her eyes and I guided her hand to just above my cock. “Are you ready?” I asked and she was breathing heavy as she nodded her consent.

I couldn’t believe my student was about to touch and stroke my cock. Dreams come true. I hoped I didn’t shoot off in her hand and scare her away. I slowly lowered her hand, with her palm open and facing down until it was lightly touching my hard-on. She jumped and pulled her hand back. “Oh my god, was that what I think it was?” ‘Sort off, but you didn’t really touch it. Let’s try it again.” I guided her hand back into position and this time I curled my hand around her fingers and put it on my cock. She gasped and I pushed her hand down a little harder. “See, that’s not so bad, is it?” I asked
“No, she whispered. It’s ok. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be and harder too.” I took her hand in mine and showed her how to stroke it up and down. Girl, it felt wonderful. I was ready to shoot, I was so close. I had to maintain control.

“Now you do it.” I let go of her hand and she continued to stroke me through my shorts. “A little harder. You won’t hurt it. You could also squeeze it a little bit while you’re moving your hand.” My girl was pulling at my cock. I couldn’t believe it. Then I noticed I could see down her top and the very tops of her nipples were peeking out over her bra. Oh, girl, they were brown and big. Really big. My breathing got heavy and Ria asked if I was alright.

“Yea, I’m great but you better stop before I cum in your hand. You’re turning me on and I can’t help it. Boyfriend will like that too.” I was trying to show her the benefits of stroking a guy’s cock so she wouldn’t stop.

There was pre-cum leaking everywhere. Suddenly Ria opened her eyes and asked. “What’s that? Is that what I think it is? Why is it sticking out like that?” She continued to gape at my cock struggling for release.

“I’m so sorry. The movement of your hand on my cock made my shorts slip down. I’ll put up. Unless you want to see it more?” My heart was pounding. Oh please, please say yes.

Ria was staring at my cock head and she slowly reached out and touched it with the tip of her finger. “It looks good but kind of hard. Maybe you could show me a little more? I’ve never seen any guys cock in real life.”

Shit, you didn’t have to ask me twice. I slowly slid my shorts down, showing her an inch at a time. Before long, my entire cock was standing up at full attention and my shorts were pushed all the way down to the base. I proudly held the bottom, to give her a good look at her first cock. It was standing up proudly, all inches of it. I stroked it up and down and invited her to do the same.
“Go ahead, touch it. Wrap your hand around it and just move your hand up and down while squeezing gently. Boyfriend will love you for it,” I wasn’t lying but it was me who would love her for it.
She grabbed my cock like a pro and giggled. “I can’t believe it. This is so cool. I love doing this, RIA said. Boyfriend will be so surprised.”
I reached over to the end table. The precum has made it slippery and you can feel everything.

RIA kept stroking up and down. I had to wrap my hand around hers a couple of times to get the right pressure. My head was back and I knew I was about to cum. I wanted her to see me shoot cum. My cock started to pulse and my balls drew up. I was cumming! On her hand. She squeezed me tight and speed up her movements. My cum shot out, dripping all over her hand and arm. She was delighted and didn’t stop until I removed her hand from my sensitive member.
“That was so cool. Can we do it again? I think I need more practice.” RIA couldn’t get enough. My little girl was turning into a slut. Her eyes were blazing and her breathing heavy. I knew I could have fucked her right then but I wanted to play innocent so she’d want more.

I told her enough for today I will get freshen up. I told her to study some laws and I went upstairs to shower and after I threw a towel around my waist I found Ria waiting in my room. She pulled the towel off and my half hard cock was bouncing right in front of her face.

“Can I do that again? Is there more that you can show me? I want to learn everything.”

Everything? I thought. I looked at her lips and brushed the tip of my cock across her mouth.

“Sure, I can teach you more. Are you sure you want to learn?” I asked as I reached behind her head and pulled her face forward. “There are lots I can teach you. Open your mouth.”

She gave me to mouth fuck like a pro. Her video seeing on the internet has helped her lots. I knew I can fuck her that day but I was playing innocent.