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My name is Rajan, a typical Hyderabadi who stays near kukatpally. My family consists of my father Krishna(age 48) he works in a governmen...

Incest Runs In My Family – 2

My name is Rajan, a typical Hyderabadi who stays near kukatpally. My family consists of my father Krishna(age 48) he works in a government bank. My mother Priya(42) housewife with a smoking body of (38-36-40) she is, in fact, chubby but in kind of sexy milf way. My sister Sneha, 2 years younger than me, she has perfect figure but I like her cute smile even more.

I enjoyed my sexual relationship with my mother we used to have sex daily during my summer break, my sister was having summer coaching and my dad was on the job. So I enjoyed my freedom, my mother taught me all about sex and different sex positions. I fucked her in every part of the house some time we used to stay naked until my sister arrives from coaching.

But when my college started I got busy with my own world and stopped focusing on my mom. I made a new girlfriend she is kind of shy but I managed to have sex with her life got interesting. One day I was masturbating during my shower and I got a phone call I forgot my phone outside so I needed to go out. I covered myself with a towel and I left the bathroom in the middle of masturbation. On my way, I got bumped over to my sister and I fell over her. In that incident, my towel dropped and my dick was clearly visible to her it was really hard. She froze all of a sudden I tried to cover myself but her eyes were fixated on my dick. Probably she never saw a dick. I ran into my bedroom. Woah! my sister seeing my dick that was unexpected. That day we had eye contact but never talked to each other.

Next day was Sunday, my mom and dad went to a marriage function, I and my sister were alone and watching tv and I thought it was the right time to talk. I asked her about her studies, she replied and our conversation went on. Sneha are you in any relationship. She told me about a guy and their story. I asked wheater she kissed him or not. She got surprised by the question but she said yes. She told the story how they kissed each other and kissed a couple of time but not more than that. She asked the same question and I said yes. After a minute silence, she asked me anna “are you a virgin?”. She was shocked by my answer and I asked same to her. She said no and told me that she thinks she is still not ready yet. I told “Sneha don’t worry if you need any advice you can ask me. I asked her have u touched a dick or seen one she simply said no. There was a moment of silence in the room. I nervously said, “you have seen my dick” she just nodded her head with shy. Sneha curiously asked about my penis size and I asked why.” Anna it looks very big just like I have seen them on porn but I never expected to see in real life. “yes Sneha its 7 inches”. she got shocked and asked if I was serious. “If you want to see for yourself I can show you”. She didn’t say a word.

I removed my shorts and was sitting there half naked in front of my sister. My 16-year-old sister was sitting beside me and looking my penis interestingly. I took her hand and placed on my dick, her hands were shaking. I said Sneha don’t worry I will guide you”, I told her to move up and down she did as I told. My dick was erect and my precum was flowing continuously and she started stroking my dick very fast. So, I told her to lick my penis she got on to her knees and started licking the tip. I told her to take whole dick in the mouth and she slowly started taking in her mouth. I was teaching my sister how to give a blowjob. I was in heaven my sister’s mouth was so small, soft and warm. Finally, I cummed in her mouth she did not understand what was happening. I told to swallow but she couldn’t make it. All of my cum was flowing on her dress. I heard some gate noise I think they are our parents so I told my sister to go to the bedroom. She went her room and changed her clothes. We acted as if nothing happened.

After that incident, we started to fool around like kissing without anyone noticing touching each other private parts etc. One day I, mom and sister were alone at home. Mom and sister were deciding what to wear for the cousin’s marriage and I told them to wear all dress and I will select them. They agreed with what I told, I was sitting in the living room. Mom and Sneha started to wear each and every dress it literally became a fashion show. Both became competitive and started wearing a sexy dress. At one point mom started wearing a transparent dress with low neck blouse and sis was wearing mini skirts and tight T-shirts. It was no longer about the function it was more about who is sexier than whom. Both wear fucking good I couldn’t pick anyone they were like twins. At last, they ran out of every dress. They started asking me the results. I said, ” I couldn’t tell which one was sexier unless you guys come in lingerie like beauty competition.”

Both came in just bra and panties. I never expected them to go that far. They were trying each and every bra and panty they had. Those round boobs and juicy ass gave me hard on. Mom noticed my hard on and said someone is really enjoying the show. I told I gave up I can’t decide both look awesome but both were not satisfied. I said I cant handle this thing. My mom suggested let’s have a blowjob competition my sister was shocked by mom words. Don’t get too shocked I know you guys are messing around lately. I have idea whats going on the house. I asked my mom how do you know about us. She said mister lately you have been fucking me less and concentrating more on your sister. My sister has no clue whats going on I never told me and mom. My mom “nenu mi anna eppudu nundo dengichkutunam”

My mom told me to remove my shorts. I removed my shorts and my mom got to her knees and started sucking my dick later my sister joined me. My mom was literally teaching Sneha that how to suck a dick. My mom was licking my balls and my sis was taking my whole dick in her mouth. I cummed on both of their faces. My mom started licking my sister and kissing my sister’s lips.

Mom asked sister if she is still virgin or not. Sis told that we did not have any chance. Mom told to save your virginity I have other plans for you. By that time you can watch me and Anna having sex. She took me and Sneha to the bedroom. I and mom fucked like monsters and my sister was masturbating watching us. I dreamt of fucking my sister but mom would not allow it. At least she was allowed to give blowjobs.