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I was eighteen and in senior high when one day I came home and found that Shonadi was not there. Instead my cousin sister Runadi was ther...

My cousin

I was eighteen and in senior high when one day I came home and found that Shonadi was not there. Instead my cousin sister Runadi was there. She said that she would be staying with us for the night as my mom was away and as Shonadi could not come due to sickness. Runadi was my dad’s niece, just twenty years old and had got married a few months ago. She was big breasted like mom and had a nice tight ass. The blouse she was wearing was a revealing one that barely held her big tits. She was wearing her saree below her navel that showed her stomach. I wondered if I was going to witness some action that night.

Dad came home in the evening. I was in my room studying. Runadi was in the kitchen. I heard dad speaking to her in the kitchen downstairs and then I heard Runadi giggling. Curious, I went to investigate. I peeked inside the kitchen and saw what I wanted to see. Dad and Runadi were deeply engaged in a lip to lip kiss . Dad was massaging her tits through her blouse and she had her hand inside dad’s pants. His fly was open and Runadi was massaging his cock inside his underpants. The next moment Runadi was sitting on the chair with her legs wide open. Her head was thrown back and eyes closed and she was making little sounds like mmmmm oohhhh, aahhhhh. Then I saw dad on his knees. Runadi’s saree was lying on the floor and her petticoat was bunched up at her knees. Dad had his head buried between her fair sexy thighs sucking her pussy. Runadi was in ecstasy and was holding dad’s head in her hands and pushing it more on her pussy. Dad then brought out his head from under her petticoat and looked towards her. She opened her eyes and smilingly said, “Kaku ektu angul diye chude dao nago gudta jolche.” (Uncle please finger fuck me for sometime it’s burning).

Immediately dad put his fingers inside her very wet cunt and started to finger fuck her. I could not see Runadi’s cunt but I could very well see dad’s hand working deftly. Runadi was very excited as dad continued his nice play. She was moving her fingers through dad’s hair and was moaning. She now reached up to her blouse and with both hands started to juggle her biggies. She pulled at the blouse and two of the hooks just gave way and the top of her boobs spilled out of the blouse. Now I could see Runadi’s boobs in her sexy lacy bra barely managing to stay within their confines. She was massaging them fiercely and then suddenly she let out a loud moan- she had just cum. Dad quickly moved his face into her pussy and licked her juices off. After dad had lapped up all her juice they kissed and parted. Dad said:

“Runa tor gud ta khoob mishti re. Tui onek boro hoe gechis. Ja daroon maal hoechis. Toke langto kore chude bhog korbo aaj sara raat. Aaj raat ta daroon katbe. Dekh raate tui kakimar chotto nighty aache ekta seta pore nibi ar bra porbi na” (Runa your cunt is very sweet. You have grown up into a horny bitch. You are very sexy and I am going to screw you the whole night. We will have lots of fun tonight. At night wear your aunty’s flimsy nighty and don’t wear any bra).

I quickly went to my room and waited in anticipation for the events of the night. Before dinner Runadi was wearing mom’s lacy nighty that was semi transparent and came only upto her knees. My jaw dropped when I saw her sexy figure. Her boobs were standing under the nighty and I could faintly make out the large aureoles and her nipples. Her tits swayed as she moved and then suddenly I felt something stir inside my pants. I lowered my hand and felt through my pants. I was having a massive erection.

Dad had been drinking that evening and during dinner he was already in high spirits. Runadi too had downed a few pegs and she was in a good mood. I stealthily came out of my room and saw that they were watching TV. Dad had his left hand inside Runadi’s nighty which was open at the top and massaging her tits nicely. I saw her big firm tits hanging out of her nighty. They were like two white globes with their brown peaks and big pointed nipples standing proudly. Dad was pumping her tits and at times pinching her nipples. Runadi had her hand inside dad’s pajamas and she was rubbing his tool inside the pajamas. Suddenly Runadi bent towards dad and pressed her lips on dad’s lips and they started kissing passionately. I saw dad’s hand start pressing her boobs wildly and she was thrashing around on the sofa. They ended their kiss and looked at each other with lust and Runadi said,

“ Chalo na kaku ekbar amake chude debe amar gud ta khoob sursur korche. Tomar shakto lauda tar jonne amar gud chotphot korche.” (Come uncle let us fuck once. My cunt is feeling like bursting out. I need your stiffness inside me immediately.)

In reply dad did not say anything but just inserted his hand inside her nighty and started rubbing her cunt which must have been burning. She let out a loud moan and threw back her head and closed her eyes. I could not see what my dad was doing with his hands but I could pretty guess that he was rubbing her tight cunt pleasuring her. Suddenly I felt that she had stiffened. She must have come. Dad brought his hand out and licked his fingers. He then did something that surprised me. He bent forward and pulled Runadi’s panty out of her and held it near his nose and smelled for some time and then he started licking it. Runadi smiled and grabbed his cock and asked dad to wear her wet panties. Dad got out of his pajamas and put on her panties. Runadi looked very pleased and bending forward she put a kiss on dad’s jewels inside the panties.

A little later I was called to dinner. I noticed Runadi as she walked. Her massive tits were standing erect and I could make out the little peaks standing under the thin fabric of the nighty which was straining. The top two buttons were still open and she did not care to button up either. My eyes went to the point between her thighs and I saw the distinct shape of a dark dense forest of curly hair as she had not cared to put on any panty. I also saw her long legs were covered with some slippery substance, her cum. I felt the thing under my pants stir up again.

We finished the dinner somehow. They were eager to get started while I wanted to see them get started. After dinner dad suggested that we watch TV for sometime. Actually dad knew that watching TV always made me fall asleep quickly and that was what he too wanted. We sat down to watch TV. As they were in high spirits Runadi said to dad,

“Kaku amar thigh batha korche. Ektu tipe debe?” (Uncle my thigh is aching. Can you press it a bit for relief?)

Dad was very eager to help. But since I was there they needed to have a ploy so he said to me, “Runadi’s thigh is aching so I have to help her.”

Saying this he smiled at me and then turned to her and asked her to put his hand where it was paining. Runadi took his hand and straight put it on her thigh and spread her legs wide. Dad smiled and put his finger inside her pussy and pretended as if he was massaging her thighs. From the corner of my eye I could see that he was moving his finger fast and Runadi was moaning slowly. Suddenly a plan struck me and I pretended to fall asleep and lied down on the sofa. They thought that I was sleeping and they started kissing openly. Runadi had her hand inside dad’s pajamas again and she was massaging his heavy tool. Dad said,

“Ei Runa amar lauda ta choose de to. Tor borer lauda khas to naki? Ne amar pajamata khule lauda take kha.” (Hey Runa open my pajama and take my cock in your mouth and suck it. I hope you give head to your husband too and know how to do it.)

Runadi said, “ Amar bor ta abar amake diye or lauda chosaye na tobe amar sasurer lauda ta aami choose di.” (my hubby does not allow me to suck him but I always give head to my father-in-law).

Saying this she got down on her knees and pulled dad’s pajamas down. I saw dad’s erect tool which was standing like a hot iron rod ready to cut through Runadi’s smooth cunt. Runadi laughed and said,

“Baapre kaku tomar bara ta ki bishal. Aami aaj etar shob raush ber kore nebo jate kakimar guder jonno kichu na thake.” (oh uncle your dick is so big and stiff. I would love to squeeze every drop of cum from your balls so that you have none left for aunty when she comes).

Dad said, “Ar tor kakima! Se nije hoeto kono jowan chele ke diye nijer gud maracche. Or gude shob samay bara na marle or shanti nei. Amar office er boss er sathe shali raat katiye eseche. Aro du jon colleague er shamneo gud keliyeche nijer. Ek din barite eshe dekhi je o bichanae langto hoe gud keliye shue ache ar gud ta dekhi phule boro hoe ache ar sheta theke maal topkacche. Jigesh korte bollo je amar boss ar she dui office colleague eto chudeche panch ghonta dhore je ar parche na tai gud khule shue ache. (Your aunty! Don’t say anything about her, she must be busy right now getting fucked liked a hot bitch by some young stud. Her cunt always needs a cock inside her. She has slept with my boss and two of my colleagues. One day when I returned home I saw her lying with her cunt wide open. It was so swollen that I thought that she must be fucking someone. Cum was dripping out of her cunny and she said that my boss and the two colleagues have been fucking her for the last five hours non stop and so she had a sore pussy.)

I could not believe what was just said about my mom but something made me think that it might just be possible keeping in mind her behavoiur with grandpa in bed.

By now Runadi had lowered her head on dad’s tool slowly and put her warm lips on his tool. Dad moaned and started to push her head down on his rod. It was such a hot scene. I saw runadi hold dad’s cock in her soft hands and play with the head. She looked at it intently and smiled. Dad said, “Kire runa ki dekhchis. Kono din lauda dekhisni mone hoe. Chol chuste start kor.” (Hey runa what are you looking at? Have you not seen a cock before. Quickly start eating me dear.)

Runadi brought out her tongue and started to run it on the cock head near its rim. Dad burned with pleasure. Runadi slowly licked the tip and then the whole cockhead was in her mouth. She was sucking it like a vacuum cleaner. With her one hand she peeled the foreskin down and with the other hand she reached below and massaged his balls. Slowly she took more of his cock in her mouth and I saw in amazement that soon she was eating his whole length. The cock shone with her saliva and was standing fiercely. She stopped sucking after a couple of minutes and held the rod in her hand and looked at it. She looked at dad and slowly put one finger on his pee hole at the tip and rubbed her nails on the slit. Dad almost jumped up in his chair and said, “runa orkhom kore supuri take khuntish na aami pagol hoe jabo. Tui eta kar kach theke shikhli? (runa don’t tickle that slit I will go mad. Where did you learn this naughty thing?)

Runadi laughed and continued to tickle the peehole and said, “Amar sasur shikhiyeche je dhoner phuto te nokh dile lokera khoob mauja pae. Kaku tomar bichi gulo khabo ebar ami pa duto phank koro to. Dekhi tomar holbichi gulo male bhorti kina amake chodar jonno. Tomar ghodar moto ei mota lauda ta amar gude dukhle ja aram pabo na ami, ami to ar lobh samlate parchi na. Chalo bedroome giye chuda mari.” (I learnt it from my father in law who told me that doing this will run any man crazy. But now uncle I want to eat your balls and see how much cream they are holding for screwing me. Spread your legs and let your big nice sack hang down comfortably so that I can test them and taste them. I want to see the kind of cream I am going to get tonight. I am imagining when your horse cock will tear my pussy. Lets go the bedroom my dear fuck pole owner.)

Dad quickly picked up runadi in her arms and carried her to their bedroom. I was still lying on the sofa. I quickly got up and went to see what was going on. Their door was closed but there was a key hole for me to peek in. I put my eye on the hole and saw dad lying on the bed with thighs spread wide and runadi kneeling in between his legs. She was again busy sucking dad’s black hose holding it in her sexy hand and going up and down in a very rapid action. Her head was like a blur bobbing up and down on his shaft. She finally let it go and took a small bite of his balls. Dad cried in pleasure. He was moaning loudly and urging her to go on hold in her head and pushing it more on himself. She was probably a better cocksucker than even my mom.