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Hey Guys, I am Rajeev and I am 21 years old guy from Kochi. Currently pursuing my postgraduate in a reputed college in Pune. I have an av...

My Dream Lady

Hey Guys, I am Rajeev and I am 21 years old guy from Kochi. Currently pursuing my postgraduate in a reputed college in Pune. I have an average body type and 6 feet in height. This is a fantasy story I had based on my neighbours back in my hometown, Kochi. I was residing with my parents in an apartment.

The advantage of this building is that everyone minds their own business and even neighbours don’t bother about the neighbourhood. We have six flats on each floor but unfortunately, we were the only family whose flat was occupied on my floor.

Other five flats were vacant. One morning, when I came back from jogging. I had seen the flat just next to our door was opened. I was little curious and went inside. I had seen a beautiful lady. Suddenly, an older guy came and I introduced myself to them. They were a couple from south India and person came as a transfer. His company had provided them with this flat.

He was Annamalai and his wife was Vedika. She was a Tamilian. She was so beautiful and her facial expressions were very attractive. I was in love with her instantly. They had a very cute little daughter. They settled there and we also helped them. Annamalai was in field jobs and spend a good time on tours. Vedika used to stay alone in the house.

Whenever Annamalai was on tour, she normally not come out and spend time inside her flat only. One evening, she knocked our door. Her daughter was not well. She wanted my help to take her daughter to doctor. I instantly helped her and that day, it was the start of our friendship. I have never been with her whenever her husband in town but whenever he was on tour.

I started spending a good time with her and her daughter. One day, I had taken her to the common garden. Suddenly, it started raining and we had got wet. She was wearing crop top and jeans. Her top was stack with her body and I could see the shape of her boobs. She was looking so hot and sexy. We came back to home.

I had seen that my door was locked as my parents went out. She asked me to come with her. She had changed her clothes and wore a nighty. She also gave me a towel and asked to change my clothes. She was in the kitchen and I was sitting in the hall. Her daughter was sleeping. I could see her ass. Let me that you man, she was so sexy to watch.

Her nightdress was netted and I could see her sexy figure. I saw her pink colour bar and panty. Her panty was just hiding the lines and her smooth round ass was visible to me. My dick started to rise and make a tent in my towel. She came with tea and saw me. She noticed that I am horny and my dick was hard. She smiled.

I saw her face, she was smiling. I understood that she was ready too. I didn’t delay and she came close to me. I held her face. We both were breathing fast. Her chest was going up and down with her fast breath. I was feeling her warm breath on my face. Her lips were dry. I kissed her. She closed her eyes. and kissed me.

She had been so horny and impatient. She took my face in her hands and started kissing me all over. She was kissing me on the forehead, my eyes and strongly smooching my lips. I had taken her boobs in my hands and was pressing very hard. She held my dick with one hand and started stroking it really fast.

I didn’t know that she was so thirsty, so hot and so horny. She was like a hungry lioness who is on the hunt right now. She had taken me to her bedroom and pushed me on the bed. She opened her nighty and removed her bra. She was awesome. I couldn’t believe that any woman could take the lead to have sex with a man other her husband.

She came over me and started pushing her boobs into my mouth. I was so horny and my dick was out of control. I pushed her back and removed my all clothes. I had been completely naked. My dick was looking huge. She saw it and started playing with it. I pulled her and made her nude removing her panty.
She had a clean shaved pussy. Beautiful, pink, little open. As I touched my tongue with her pussy. She moaning like there was no tomorrow. I started licking it. She pushed my head towards her pussy. I was licking it like ice cream. So beautiful. So tasty.
I went completely mad. She was throwing her legs and started pulling my hairs. She said – please fuck me now. I can’t control anymore. I came above and started rubbing my dick on her pussy and pushed it. My entire dick was inside within my first stroke. She was not so tight and wet too. I was fucking hard.

She was also responding to me by pushing her ass. I kept my hands on her boobs and fucked her by moving my ass more.We both were enjoying this act. She was moaning in pleasure and the entire room was filled with the sound of me hitting her ass. “Please, fuck me faster” her voice was motivating me to stroke faster.

She started moving her ass fast. I got to know that she was cumming. I was also about the cum. And in next 5 minutes, we both came.

I had released my entire cum into her pussy. She pushed me back and ran to cupboard and ate a contraceptive pill. She cleaned her pussy and slept with me. We spent 4 hours together. She gave me condoms from Annamalai’s cupboard. I fucked her two more times. She really enjoyed.