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Hi Friends. This is story my experience with my neighbor Manasi (33 years old) It’s story almost 4 years back when we used to live in sa...

Rahul’s seduction

Hi Friends. This is story my experience with my neighbor Manasi (33 years old) It’s story almost 4 years back when we used to live in same apartment..……She was very close to my heart in fact…we were best friends and used to discuss about everything…

One day as usual when I went to her flat, She entertained me with tea. While talking she told me that she bought some new panties… and showed me … and asked me which one u like most… and I told her”” Manasi, unless I see u wearing that … How can I tell U????. She smiled and told me to wait a minute and has gone inside the room. She came out with wearing loose t-shirt and panties replacing the saree.

Then she came near me looking and glaring me… And slowly pulled her t-shirt up… Showed the new panty which she bought. Hmmmmmm… she was looking so sexy and arousing….she was wearing pink panty with small flowers on it…..I asked her to turn back so that I can have complete look around her. she turned back…she was so perfect in shape. and panty was fitting her so perfectly…she was actually an athlete in her college days…so she has very firm thighs and perfect round firm ass… She was looking back at me and was shying a bit…..”Rahul, how do I look?”

Then I asked her can I check the tightness of the elastic. She allowed me… hey frnds… If u ask such things while romancing… it is more fun… I stretched the elastic a bit…. mmm……. now I can see her crack…..I asked her to bend on her back…… I was on my knees then……. I started licking her panty… Her firm ass was so attractive that the sight of it made my cock more and more stiff… a smell of her urine and cum was just terrific…now I removed her panty in the same position……..and I started licking her ass hole very slowly… she started moaning……..her juices started to come heavily….I was licking her ass hole and surrounding…It was such pleasure….Manasi was moaning loudly… I slept on floor and asked her to come on my mouth….she sat on my mouth….I was licking her wildly…..she was enjoying every bit of it ..fucked by my lips and tongues…….It’s very nice position to calm down fired and hot females….

She was holding my head and pulling my hairs hard and was crying loudly….”Speed up….speed up” My tongue was exploring the inner folds of her pussy. This I continued for a while because I loved that process and enjoyed her juice soaking my moustache.

Its such exotic position….It just works wonders for females…..It satisfies her so much…..

After a while, she was bit normal…I stood up and released my cock from my pant… And slid my thick cock inside her pussy and started pumping her. She put her arms around me and kept her legs wide open mounting. After few minutes Manasi asked me to stop for a while….She said “Rahul, U ate a lot of mine… what abt me? It’s my turn now”….

She said “Rahul, spread ur legs now…” She came slowly to me looking through my eyes once and once towards my flag…She touched and exclaimed at size and thickness of it. She started feeling and masturbating it with her hand. I asked her to get down in front of me and suck it. She got down in front of me & she started licking the tip. And engulfed the whole cock in her mouth. She was moving her tongue around my cock for some time.

And she started her blow job. It was real thrill to watch my cock go in and out of her mouth. While she was taking my cock in her mouth, I had one hand playing thru her hair and pressing her head towards my cock to take in more and more of it while with the other hand I was playing with her left boob pressing and twitching the nipple. After some time she asked me to turn back and to sit in doggy style… I was wondering what she is going to do then…..

She started moving hands on my ass….she then started licking it….. hmmmmm….. hey girls…try it always… it’s such unique pleasure for guys……. I had never experienced such pleasure until that day…. as girls love being licked on asshole, boys love it too….. especially in doggy style….. hmmmmmm……. I was experiencing heaven……. such was the pleasure that I exploded ….. She licked all the cum on floor…..