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Hi. This is sameer. I am going to write a real story of my cousin sister. Her name is Nisha (name changed). She is about 36 years old and...

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Hi. This is sameer. I am going to write a real story of my cousin sister. Her name is Nisha (name changed). She is about 36 years old and is married. Actually the story which I am going to narrate u is the incident which happened to my cousin sister and she told me after doing sex with me. As I have asked her. I will tell all u readers to read this properly as this is very interesting and I tell u to enjoy.

I was during the time of her marriage. At the age of 20 my cousin sister’s marriage was arranged with a man. He was 25 at that time. My cousin sister was very fair and was very beautiful and the guy with whom she was getting married was not a hand some guy and was not fair. But my cousin sister agreed for marriage as the man with whom her marriage was fixed was her dad’s friend son and her dad forced her for marriage. So marriage was over and the first night came.

At that night my cousin was in the bedroom waiting for her hubby (to get her pussy tear a part). Her hubby came and sat on bed. He chatted for some time then kissed her on lips. It was my cousin first kiss. Then he slowly started to remove her clothes. Now she was on bra and panty. He removed both bra and panty. Then he took out his clothes and my cousin sister was laying on bed. She saw his cock but it was small. She did not said any thing as she had never done sex nor she had seen any cock. He started to enter her pussy. After entering her pussy he started to fuck her. With in four shot he came and slept over my cousin. But my cousin was not satisfied at all. She wanted sex badly but she was help less. At that night thinking of that she slept.

The same process continued. But after some days her married friend met her and started to talk about their sex. She was shocked by hearing their words, as their hubby would fuck them for long time but her hubby can fuck her only for 2 mins. At that night she said to her hubby u has ruined my life. U r not a complete man. U cannot satisfy me, u r a use less person, I want a divorce from u. Then her hubby pleaded not to do so. As he has know the truth but he doesn’t want to know the world. He said I will do any thing u want but u doesn’t give divorce to me. If u wants to do sex with any other man u can do. But don’t spoil my name. U can get satisfied by any one, I don’t matter who he would be. But I also fuck u and u could get fucked by any one. My cousin thought for a second then said ok. She so I can get fucked by any body is in it. He said yes. She also said u should be my slave, should do what I tell u. He agreed. From that day my cousin got wicked. She wanted to take revenge as well as pleasure. So she was thinking how to get fucked and by whom.

One day her eyes felt on her hubbys sister’s hubby (sis in laws hubby) his name was s (let us call him) and wanted to get fucked by him. As it would be pleasure and would be able to take revenge. As she was living alone with her hubby she started to become free with S and started to wear sexy clothes. Slowly he started to come to nishas house regularly and started to touch her boobs. It went and one day he kissed her on her lips as she was alone and started to squeeze her. This was the day which nisha was waiting for. She also started to answer him by sucking his tongue. Then S took her to her bedroom and said this is the bed where ur hubby fuck u and now I will fuck u on the same bed. Saying this he started to remove her clothes. As she was nude he started to suck her breast then her navel then her cleanly shaved pussy. Then after sucking her pussy nisha took her lund in her hand and said ur is big. On that s said is ur hubbys small. Nisha said yes. Saying this he started to suck it. As she was sucking the door bell rang and S started to think who could be this. Nisha said u sit here I will go and open the door and don’t u dare to put ur clothes on ur body. By saying this she went nude to the door as she was known who it could be. She went to the door and asked who this is. The man who was at the door answered and it was her hubby. She opened the door. Her hubby asked y u r naked. Nisha said a guy has came to fuck me and he is in the bedroom they have started the play and in between u came. Saying this she said take ur food by ur own and have ur dinner and wait for me. When it is over I will call u. Saying this she went to the bedroom. S asked who was that she did not said any thinned took his cock in her mouth and started to suck it. As she started to suck it he also not interested to ask who it was as he was getting pleasure.

Then after some time he said he was about to cum. She stopped and said now this is the time to u to tear my pussy. By saying this she lied on bed. He came to her and kept his cock on entrance and started to give slow strokes and it was like a virgin pussy to him. Nisha started to say stop it as she was getting pain but S was in no mood to stop. After fucking for some time nishas pain got transfer in to pleasure and she also started to enjoy. After fucking for some time S said I am going to sum. Nuisha said cum in my pussy. And he came in her pussy. Her pussy was full of his cum and was over dripping. S got up and dressed him self and said thanks to this wonderful night and went. As nisha hubby was in other room he had not seen neither her hubby nor her hubby seen him. Nisha was still on bed and her pussy was over flowing with S cum. Nisha called her hubby her hubby came in. He was naked. Nisha said suck ur wife’s freshly fucked cunt. He started to suck it. He was getting the taste of nisha pussy juice and S cum. But he was not knowing it was S cum. While he was sucking nisha said does u know who have fucked ur wife just now and who’s cum u r getting taste? He says no. Niusha said it was s cock who has fucked ur wife pussy. He got shock of his life as S was his sis hubby. But he was help less. After sucking he bucked nisha and slept.

After 5 months of marriage nisha hubby left for foreign for work and now he was able to come once in 2 years. Before going to foreign he had seen his wife encounter with S.

S also got transfer and she was alone. A man who leaves near her house made friendship with her. He was un married let us call him z. He also started to talk with her and one night he came in her house and he also fucked her. This incident also She has told to her hubby. As she wanted to make him jealous. Like this many years went and she got a male child also which was of S.

Then I became the age of 18 and she was 35. I started to think of her and masturbate. Then slowly started to touch her boobs then one day I dared and kissed her and removed her clothes and sucked her boobs her pussy and navel and fucked her in pussy. I also fucked her in her ass hole. Let me tell u I was the first who have fucked her ass hole. This incident also she told to her hubby on phone as he was still leaving in foreign. We were leaving like hubby and wife in her house. She promised me that she never needs any man except me. And from now she will get fucked only by me. Once in 2 years her hubby.

So her hubby came. She asked me to come to leave with her for 1 week, as she wants me to fuck her in front of her hubby. I said ok and her hubby arrived on morning and I went in morning and said to nisha my parents have not allowed me as ur hubby has came. She said ok. Tomorrow u come in morning at 8.00am before her hubby wakes. I said ok and went at 8.00am. The door was opened and she was waiting for me. I went in she closed the door and gave me a French kiss. And we went to her bedroom were her hubby was sleeping. Then I removed her clothes and her min and she lied on bed and I started to suck her breast and pussy by our sucking sound her hubby got awake and started to watch us. I fucked nisha in front of her hubby and her hubby was seeing and making her cock up and down. I came in her pussy and slept in her side with out a word her hubby came and sucked his wife pussy which was fucked by me and started to taste my sum. Then he also fucked her. Then I got aroused and went to her and started to fuck her ass hole and came in that.

Nisha hubby in foreign now and I fuck her now also and she is like my wife.

This is a true story. I have made it little sort as it is big story. This all things were told by nisha to me (fucked by s and z)