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This has happened because of one of my childhood friend who was like helping hand for me. He was very intelligent and truly scores distin...

Teen Deviyaan Part 1

This has happened because of one of my childhood friend who was like helping hand for me. He was very intelligent and truly scores distinction throughout his career. I am very much inspired from him. And also I’m very thankful to him that because of him I have really got real and true love and now I can say yes I love my life.

Introduction: I’m Raj, my childhood friend Mukesh. My eldest brother Rajesh, eldest sister Sandhya, then sister Simmi, then me and then Puja. My father is a businessman Paras. My mother Kamla is a housewife. My father is a very fortunate man that he got such a beautiful wife. But he has never got a time to spend much time with my mother, as he is very busy in earning his livelihood and take care of all our basic necessity.

Story starts:
I woke up when the sun rays hit my eyes from the window and a cool breeze was making my day beautiful. It felt like heaven when some wet warm liquid has surrounded my hard tool. A soft hand has gripped my tool and a warm wet mouth of my niece was giving me a heavenly feeling. My niece Sumona was making my day. Oh my gosh!! I pushed my hip up in ecstasy. Her soft mouth continuously going up and down over my rock hard dick. I couldn’t believe my niece who just yesterday night got her hymen tore with my huge dick she was sucking my cock better than her Mom (my eldest sister Sandhya didi). Sandhya didi was calmly sleeping nude keeping one leg on the leg and touching her vagina on my knee. I thought I should write her up to see how Sumona is nicely blowing me. Sandhya didi was looking so beautifully like a Sleeping Beauty.

I lovingly pulled her and kissed her. She woke up with my kiss. Wished me good morning and started kissing me back. We were kissing with my tongue inside fight with each other mouth. While Sumona was on her job to continuously please me. So awesome it was which cannot be explained by words. I was so much excited that I hold my niece’s​ head and started pushing my cock rapidly into her mouth and at the same time I was kissing Sandhya didi. After minute I broke up my kiss with my slut sister and started pushing my cock into Sumona’s mouth. My cock has stiffened so hard that just after a minute a large amount of sperm has come out spurt by spurt and filled Sumona’s mouth. I had really a great pleasure releasing my sperm in my niece’s mouth. She drank all the sperm to her stomach. Sandhya didi was just looking at me and Sumona. She was amazed to see how she has blown me. I was lying on the bed and trying to control my breath my eyes were closed. After few seconds I could again felt wet mouth all around my dick. But this was little different. I opened my eyes to see who can be that. Sandhya didi now was sucking my cock. My cock after writing so much liquid was still rock hard. I saw my didi has held my dick pointed just on the opening of her pussy and slides it all inside her pussy and started jumping on my cock. My niece Sumona told “Mom, this is not fair. I woke up first and I have first right to enjoy Mama cock. Leave it let me first enjoy this.”. Sandhya didi told, “my dear I am so much excited to see your love can’t control let me finish you can then join”.

Me- come sumona bring your pussy near my mouth. I will give you enjoy.
Sumona- that’s great Mama.

Sumona came and set in my mouth opening her pussy. I got my tongue out and started licking sumona pussy. It was all wet as she was already so much excited for long. I put my tongue in her little pussy and doing in out fucking it with my tongue. Sumona also closing her eyes was enjoying tongue fucking. Sandhya didi on the other side continuously jumping on my sick and literally squeezing my dick and pushes full dick into her pussy. Ohhhhh, my god, this was amazing.I lived my life fully. At over point I was ducking and licking my niece’s pussy and on the other didi was fucking me furiously. After few minutes of thumping of pussy, didi has pushed all my dick inside squeezed it hard and then started cumming. When she was done. She felt the other side of the bed. Sumona on the other hand when saw my cock is free now for her. She told me – Mama please fuck me now I am waiting for your cock to be inside my pussy. She pleased me nice this morning, this is now my turn to please her. I held her mouth and brought to near my face and started kissing her. And then rolled her down and kisses all over her face both side neck and earlobes.

She was moaning a lot and enjoying my kisses closing her eyes. I moved kissing her down reached to tiny nipples. Both nipples one after another kept kissing for sometimes. She was telling me”please Eat my nipples, Mama.” And she was pushing her tiny breast to my mouth. I gulped all her tiny breast into my mouth and sucking it vigorously. It was amazing. She was now pushing her pelvic abdomen up and down. I was on top of her so she was actually massaging her pelvic abdomen on my body. I then started moving down towards her belly. Then to her pussy. When my warm breath touched her pussy she pushed all her post into my mouth. I took out my tongue and touched her clit, she jumped and put all pressure in my mouth. I started licking her pussy. After few minutes I got up and put my dick in sumona’s pussy opening and started pushing inside slowly. She started feeling pain as my dick was going in her pussy. She burst out of pain and all red liquid dead on all bedsheet. Slowly slowly I adjusted all my dick inside. Sumona was trying to bear the pain and dared to take all the dick inside.

I saw my whole dick was inside her pussy. I kept still my cock right inside there and waited till the pain she could subdue. After sometimes when I realized she is no more crying in pain I started kissing and little back n forth rhythm started. She was enjoying it. This was another chance I got a newly sealed pussy in my house. I was on cloud nine to get new sealed packed pussy of my beautiful daughter.

Yes, daughter, she is my daughter. No one knows except me and Sandhya didi. I will tell you the real story.
I felt of intense love for her. Started fucking her slowly. She has closed her eyes and enjoying every thrust of mine. Heavenly feeling. More than that feeling of sharing happiness and pleasures. Sumona also was thrusting up her pussy to match up with my rhythm. I held her tight and speed automatically increased. I was fucking my daughter hard. Within a minute me and Sumona both came together. I filled all my juices in her pussy. It was huge. I came this much after years. So pleasant. I fell down on the bed.

After 15-20 minutes we all got up went to freshen up. My horny and hot sister went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I and sumona took more time to wash each other. We dried each other. I took sumona in my arms up and nice visited to the breakfasts table kissing her. Sandhya didi served breakfast on the table. Sumona was sitting on my lap. We altogether had breakfast. While sumona insisted to tell sorry how I fucked Sandhya didi and sumona came to the world. Who else I have fucked in my family. She was very keen to know. I told “ok sumona, I will tell you the story but promise me you will not tell anybody else. You will keep it only with you”.she promised. Then I started telling my story from the beginning.