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Hello readers, this is a fictional story between a student and his sexy teacher. Akshay was a normal 16yo teen. He was an intelligent s...

The Teacher Tales

Hello readers, this is a fictional story between a student and his sexy teacher.

Akshay was a normal 16yo teen. He was an intelligent student and did well in sports and extracurricular activities as well. Akshay lived with his mother and elder sister, his father worked in Kuwait in an oil company. He’d visit his family in Mumbai once or twice a year and occasionally took them with him during summer vacations. Akshay’s mother Neha 41 was a beautiful housewife and a typical Indian lady by nature. His elder sister Akshita was a B.Com student and was simultaneously preparing for CA exams, she was 4 years older than Akshay and a bright student like him. Akshita was her mother’s younger self. She also tutored school students at their home.

Akshay was awaiting his SSC results. Unlike many other students he was not tensed about them, he was confident that he’d score decent marks. He spent his holidays playing with his friends, watching t.v., on social networking sites, and watching porn and masturbating. Akshay had a crush on a girl named Varsha from his class, but he never dared to approach her nor did he tell anyone about her, not even his best friend Sarvesh. It was with Sarvesh that Akshay entered the world of sex and pornography. Sarvesh like Akshay was good at studies and even better at sports. His girlfriend Nandini was also a good friend of Akshay’s and she knew that Akshay had a crush on her best friend Varsha. It wasn’t Akshay who told her but she figured it out. She offered to help Akshay to meet with Varsha, but it was just a month before their exams begin, and though reluctantly Akshay declined her offer. Now that he had nothing else on his mind and could use Nandini’s help with Varsha, Nandini was out of reach visiting her grandparents in the village. Other than Varsha, Akshay also had hots for mature women, though normal for a teenage boy, Akshay found it extremely annoying. Anytime he was around a beautiful woman, his heart beat fast and his dick would be full of blood, this made him uncomfortable around them, but he did enjoy masturbating to one of these ladies every night before he slept. Nowadays the next door aunty had been his fascination, though he was afraid to make any bold move.

By the end of May, the SSC results were out and Akshay had scored 86% in them. Happy about his achievement he called Sarvesh and was equally happy to know that he had also scored 86%. They filled the online college forms together. While Akshay applied for commerce Sarvesh went for Arts. Nandini told them that she and Varsha had also applied for the same colleges as them. The four of them landed in the same college. Nandini like Sarvesh went for Arts and Varsha for commerce. The pairs also landed in same classes.

On the very first day of the college, Akshay spoke to Nandini about Varsha. Nandini said she’ll talk to Varsha. On their first day, the teachers introduced themselves. Miss Shobhna, the accounts teacher particularly attracted the students especially the male ones. The teacher was a beautiful lady in her late twenties, a sweet-spoken woman with good dressing sense. The boys talked about her once she was gone. Akshay told Sarvesh about Miss Shobhna and how he wants to fuck her. Sarvesh told him he about a couple of teachers he’d come across. At the college gate they met Nandini and Varsha, Varsha was blushing and seeing her like that Akshay had butterflies dancing in his stomach. He had guessed that Nandini had spoken with Varsha about Akshay’s crush on her.

As the boys went to them Nandini dragged Sarvesh and herself away. Akshay stood there looking at Varsha, he thought to let her speak first but when she didn’t he broke the ice “Hii. Nice first day, wasn’t it”? Varsha said “Yes”. Blushing redder Varsha said “Uhh. Nandini told me about you,” Akshay went pale his heart pounding in his chest “I do like you but I need some time before I say anything. Hope you understand”. ‘Well it’s not a no, not yet’ thought Akshay and said “Of course, I do understand”. Then gathering more courage he said “Take my cell number, you may answer me anytime” Varsha gave him a piercing look Akshay’s heart skipped a beat and then she said “Okay”. To Akshay’s delight, Varsha also gave him her cell number.

Two days later Varsha accepted Akshay’s proposal to be in a relationship with him, Akshay was excited on hearing this. The four friends used to go and come from college together they also spent lecture-free time together in college, their friends circle increased and Akshay’s college life was as normal as any. Aside from Miss Shobhna, Akshay came across a few other hot teachers at college his favorite was Mrs. Sarita who taught them economics. Mrs. Parul who was the English teacher was much friendlier than any other teacher Akshay had in college. He used to jerk off thinking of them.

Almost a month after they got in relation, Akshay and Varsha kissed for the first time. It wasn’t a very sensual kiss but there was a lot of passion in it, later it became habitual to them to kiss each other whenever they met in private, though Akshay twice kissed Varsha in Nandini’s presence who just liked the couple doing it. Nandini was open to it she and Sarvesh kissed each other in Akshay’s and Varsha’s presence, which provoked Akshay to follow their lead. The kids gave their first test in college and Akshay who had by then become one of the favorites for many teachers scored highest in his year. Though it wasn’t a very important test the teachers were now proud of him. Akshay celebrated his results with Sarvesh, Nandini, and Varsha. They went for dinner and when the boys went to drop the girls at their home, Akshay saw Sarvesh kissed Nandini goodbye but what intrigued him even more than the couple’s daring kiss was that Sarvesh grabbed Nandini’s ass as they kissed. Akshay looked at Varsha who was too looking bemused by her friend’s act. She gave Akshay a look that said he is not even allowed to kiss her outside her house lest the groping. But when he dropped Varsha at her place, scared Varsha looked if anyone’s seeing and pecked Akshay on his lips.

A few days later, the Varsha and Akshay had an hour free as their lecturer was absent and no other teacher was free at that time. They went near Sarvesh and Nandini’s class but turned away as soon as they saw a teacher teaching inside. Roaming around they came across an empty classroom and went in to pass time as it was raining outside. Akshay said, “Remember how Sarvesh kissed Nandini after our double date dinner”? Varsha with a piercing look said, “Double date dinner, I thought we were celebrating our first college results”. “Yeah but answer my question” Akshay stretched. Thinking, Varsha said, “You want to touch me”? Akshay got excited trembling he said, “Can I”? “You’d know that,” said Varsha “wouldn’t you”? It was clear that Varsha was teasing him but she also seemed to be wanting to be touched right now, maybe it was the climate outside or the privacy of this empty classroom or maybe both but Varsha now seemed to be turned on and Akshay was also on the edge. His hands trembled as he placed them on Varsha’s lap and caressed it. Varsha moved her lips on Akshay’s and they kissed each other. Akshay’s hand moved on Varsha’s breast and he pressed them one at a time. Next moment he was necking her madly his hands wandered everywhere on Varsha’s body they could reach. He began unbuttoning her shirt and then the classroom door opened and Mrs. Parul entered the room. Both Akshay and Varsha were stunned.

“What are you doing”? Screamed Mrs. Parul her eyes wide with shock. Akshay and Varsha stood staring not uttering a word nor making any movements. “Button your shirt, Miss”. Mrs. Parul spoke in a lower voice. As soon as the words escaped her mouth Varsha put her hands to work as if she was waiting for the order all the while. “We are sorry Mrs. Parul,” Akshay said before he could even think of it. “Please do not complain to the Principal” Varsha joined the plea. But Mrs. Parul was all red with anger, she said, “You kids, are you fools. What if some nutcrack had seen you? What if the jerk decided to make a video and viral it? Have you given a thought to that? Maybe not the principal but I have to notify your parents about your actions”. Akshay was on the verge to cry whereas tears have already started rolling down Varsha’s eyes. They were terrified and together in one voice said, “No mam please, not our parents,” Varsha continued further “my parents would kill me”.

Maybe it was this killing thing or something else that Mrs. Parul looked taken back. She calmed Varsha and said, “Okay, I won’t tell your parents, but you two will face detention and if I ever again catch you or hear of you two being seen in an intimate position on inside the college, I’d be forced to”? Akshay couldn’t believe his luck. Whatever the detention will be it couldn’t be worse than his parents finding out about what happened. He was trying hard not to express his happiness in front of Mrs. Parul and Varsha, who wouldn’t stop crying even though Mrs. Parul was consoling her. Mrs. Parul told Akshay to leave and took Varsha to the washroom to freshen up.

The next lecture Varsha seated herself far from Akshay. Akshay wanted to apologize to her, he considered what happened to be a mutual mistake and that he owed Varsha an apology. But Varsha wouldn’t even look at him and left the classroom as soon as the last lecture ended. Akshay caught up with her right outside the school gate, Varsha was looking terrible. The usual brightness of her eyes was gone also was the happy smile she wore on her face when with Akshay. Akshay said, “I am sorry, I- I should have thought better of it but I wen..” “It’s not all your fault,” Varsha cut him “I too should have, anyways I need some time”. Akshay expected Varsha to blow up on him but she was sensible, but the time thing put him in a doubt “Time you say. You mean” Akshay asked her “I mean that we are in a relation, but I need time to get over this, don’t worry” Varsha answered “And yes, I almost forgot. Mrs. Parul told me about our detention on my way down here she asked you to meet her first thing tomorrow”. “I just can’t believe it, we are in college not school, what’s up with detention”? Blabbered Akshay. With a cold look, Varsha said: “It’s better than our parents knowing about our act or you prefer otherwise”. Akshay didn’t say anything.

Sarvesh and Nandini were shocked on hearing the story. Next day Mrs. Parul told him to meet Miss Shobhna after college ends. You’ll be helping her, as your detention” she said. Varsha, Sarvesh, and Nandini saw him to the staff room after college. When Akshay went in he saw that Miss Shobhna was talking to Mrs. Sarita, on seeing him she called him forward and said: “Akshay, I heard you’ve been a naughty boy lately”. Akshay thought Mrs. Parul told her about him and Varsha Mrs. Sarita asked: “What did he do”? Akshay’s heart skipped a beat. “I don’t know much, Mrs. Parul told me that she had to give him detention, so I asked her to let him help me. The accounts notes from last year need to be rearranged and the ones from two years earlier need to be removed”. Akshay knew he had to do a lot of work on hearing Miss Shobhna but he was glad that Mrs. Parul didn’t tell her anything.

Minutes later Akshay found himself in the college storeroom alone with his hot teacher. They begin their work, it was a lot and Akshay was bored beyond anything. Halfway through the work, Miss Shobhna said: “So what were you doing in the classroom the other day” Akshay stood gazing at her “Mrs. Parul told me” Akshay’s heart began pounding hard. “You should try getting a girlfriend”. “What”! Akshay said surprised. “I mean watching porn is normal at your age but it’s not very good as well”. Now it came to Akshay, Mrs. Parul must’ve told Miss Shobhna that Akshay was watching porn to answer why was he getting a detention. So Akshay started playing in “I do” he said “I mean I do have a girlfriend, she’s from my class. But” he stopped as he heaved a stack of books onto other. “But what” Miss Shobhna asked, “You are afraid to make a move”. “No”. Akshay said and it seemed that Miss Shobhna thinking he was scared offended him. “No. She won’t let me anything more than kiss her” the last part slipped out of his mouth before he could know. Miss Shobhna let the notes in her hand go and kissed Akshay. Akshay reciprocated once the shock of being kissed by his teacher lost in his mind. By the time Akshay had recovered Miss Shobhna had opened her shirt buttons. Her breasts cupped in a white bra were in sight. Akshay put his hands on them and began fondling them.

Akshay got out of his clothes and Miss Shobhna removed her shirt and skirt and was now standing in a pair of white bra and panty. As she unhooked her bra she said “The moment Mrs. Parul told me about you and Varsha, I knew what I had to do. You are a very handsome boy Akshay and I am in a dire need of a young cock”. It seemed to fuel Akshay’s lust he moved forward and slid off her panty and began playing with her wet pussy. Miss Shobhna got on her knees and took Akshay’s cock into her mouth stroking his ball with her hand. Her tongue played around his dick.

“Why did you lie to me”? Akshay asked “What lie”? Miss Shobhna asked taking Akshay’s cock out of her mouth and gulping it again. “About the porn thing,” said Akshay, “I don’t know, I was going, to tell the truth, but suddenly, but let’s just enjoy now”. Miss Shobhna got up and leaned against the storeroom wall, her ass and pussy jutting out. Akshay rubbed his cock against her pussy and pushed against it, he, however, couldn’t get his dick inside the pussy. Miss Shobhna laughed and said, “Is it your first time”? Shy Akshay let out a low yes. Miss Shobhna put her hand behind and holding Akshay’s penis guided it to her vagina saying “So, I’ll be taking your virginity. I like virgin cocks”, Akshay let out a moan as his dick moved into her pussy. The foreskin of his penis slid back causing him pain, but once inside his pain subsided. Slowly he began to move he could still feel the pain in his cock but this time the pain was sweet. Miss Shobhna moved in rhythm with Akshay’s strokes. Akshay increased his pace.

A few minutes later Miss Shobhna stopped Akshay and pulled out his dick. She made him lie down on the floor and sat on his face. Akshay knew what was he supposed to do, he stuck out his tongue and put it against Miss Shobhna’s pussy and licked it. Akshay parted the pussy lips and slid it into her pussy. Miss Shobhna was now playing with her clit. Akshay stretched his hands and grabbed her breasts. He pinched and pulled her nipples and Miss Shobhna moaned. She then bent down on Akshay taking his cock in her mouth savoring the taste of her pussy juice on his dick. They were now in 69 position enjoying themselves. Akshay put his thumb around her anal hole and rubbed it. Miss Shobhna was now nearing her orgasm and so was Akshay. Miss Shobhna came first and let go Akshay’s dick from her mouth. Her juices were now all on Akshay’s face. Miss Shobhna then slid down at his side breathing heavily. Akshay was mad, he was on the verge of an orgasm, so without waiting another second he got between Miss Shobhna’s leg. Once again he failed to get his cock into her pussy, but on another try, he was inside and started ramming the wet sopping cunt in the missionary position. Miss Shobhna’s breasts jiggled back and forth on her chest and were moaning frantically. With each stroke, she moaned louder. After vigorously fucking for five minutes, Akshay came inside Miss Shobhna. Spurts after spurts erupted from his cock and hit the pussy walls. Once he was all out Akshay collapsed on her, his face lied sideways between her boobs, his cock slowly got limp and came out of pussy. Cum was dripping out of Miss Shobhna’s pussy.

After a few minutes, Akshay got up and pushed his limp cock into Miss Shobhna’s mouth. She sucked it clean as her breasts were fondled. His dick began growing in her mouth. “Shall we have another go?” asked Akshay. Miss Shobhna smiled and said, “As long as you make me cum first”. Akshay shoved his cock into her pussy and played with her clit. Miss Shobhna was moaning, she then grabbed Akshay pulled him on her body and dug her nails into his back. The pain pleasured and excited Akshay, he bit Miss Shobhna’s neck leaving a couple of love bites. They began kissing each other, Akshay was firmly holding on her breasts. Their tongues dueled and Miss Shobhna bit his lower lip, it bled. Then they got into the pole position. Miss Shobhna moved up and down on Akshay’s cock, her milk jugs jiggling. With every stroke, her G-spot was stimulated and she gave out an ecstatic moan. Akshay was thrusting her fast from below her, watching his dick enter Miss Shobhna’s cum filled pussy. Minutes later Miss Shobhna came. Akshay then held her waist and began pumping hard. He felt a sudden jolt and once again came inside Miss Shobhna.

Akshay pulled Miss Shobhna onto him. He felt her boobs pressed against his chest and stroked her back. He now felt a pain in his cock which was still inside Miss Shobhna’s pussy and when he pulled out he could see it covered in blood. He looked at it scared, Miss Shobhna saw the look on his face and said “No need to be scared. It’s the sign, you’ve lost your virginity at last”. “Yes,” Akshay said. Miss Shobhna put on her clothes and said: “I’ll take a look outside, you can go clean yourself in the bathroom outside”. She peeked out to see nobody, Akshay got into the washroom and cleaned his dick, he saw Miss Shobhna entering the bathroom. She pulled up her skirt (she wasn’t wearing her panty), and cleaned her pussy. The two of them got out. Miss Shobhna said “We got plenty of work pending, want to help me tomorrow”, she winked at him. Akshay grinned and said “Yes”.

That’s all for now. Hope you like it.