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This series is a figment of my imaginations. All characters mentioned in this story are fictional. I suggest you read the previous parts ...

A Family Of Incest Part 5

This series is a figment of my imaginations. All characters mentioned in this story are fictional. I suggest you read the previous parts of this series in order to keep up with the plot. Any suggestions and comments are appreciated (

This is a completely new series and none of the characters has any kind of association with the old stories submitted by me. I am currently working on my SON MOM AND AUNTS series and appreciate all the love sent to me via email.


After the incidents of last night, Amy had noticed a submissive spark inside of Sammy. She had been doing everything that was commanded to her, and Amy decided to take advantage of that. As far as Amy knew, her daughter was a virgin, and she decided to take her virginity by force.

Both Alex and Sammy were at school, but none of them was able to concentrate. All Alex could think of was his mother, and not in a motherly way, but in a really lustful way. Samantha was not left out. She had discovered her slutty side and her bisexual side. Suddenly she was getting attracted to girls around her along with some of the boys. She was getting horny just by thinking about it.

Amy was at home, still on the bed and completely satisfied. She was making plans for taking her daughter’s cherry and was waiting for Alex to come home so that he could first fill her pussy and then ram his cock inside of Sammy’s virgin cunt.

It was almost 2 pm, and Amy had ordered a takeout for lunch. Alex was about to reach home and Amy was waiting for him naked along with some Chinese Takeout. As soon as Alex opened the front door, he started looking for his mum. His manhood was throbbing in his pants and was eagerly waiting for his mum’s warm pussy.

As he entered the living room, he saw his mum, lying on the couch completely naked with her legs spread open and wetness coming down till her thighs. He could notice that she has been fingering herself since she was licking her own fingers.

“Someone’s been busy,” Alex said with a sly smile

“Yeah, busy waiting for that dick,” Amy replied almost instantly

Alex threw his bag away and jumped on his mom. Their lips met and they kissed each other like true lovers. Amy removed his shirt and continued kissing his neck also, biting him on his chest. Her hand went towards his pants and Alex quickly got rid of them. His boxers had formed a tent due to his dick.

Alex was too horny now and he simply removed his boxers. He shoved his dick inside of Amy’s dripping wet cunt. This is what Amy was waiting for. She did not want any kind of foreplay, she just wanted her son’s thick long tool inside of her wet and hot pussy.

Amy cried out in delight and Alex pushed his dick further inside of her cunt. Alex grabbed Amy’s neck and started to tighten his grip as he fucked her back and forth. He was turning into an animal, a strong hungry animal, a side that Amy had never seen. Alex himself has never seen that side. His other hand went to her clit and he started rubbing it pretty roughly. He fucked her pussy faster.

He thrust deep, and deep, and deep, every time pulling out till his head and then BAM! Thrusting one more time. Amy’s moans got louder and louder every passing minute. This was the roughest anyone had ever been with her.

“Fuck me, son. Fuck me harder. Fuck me like a fucking whore,” Amy cried out in absolute ecstasy

Alex did not need any more encouragement. He took his dick out and turned his mother so that she was on her fours, and got hold of her hair. He pulled her back so that her back was arched and pushed his dick into her ass. Amy was shocked and she cried out loud. Her eyes rolled back and she started to push him away instinctively. Alex got a tight hold of her and pushed his dick further into her shit-hole.

“Let me make use of all your holes, mum,” Alex whispered in her ears and started giving deep strokes in his mum’s asshole.

Amy’s butthole had not been stretched for 15 years now and she felt the same pain while she lost her ass cherry for the first time. Her moans died in her mouth and she was just screaming, completely soundless. Her voice was not coming out of her voice-box.

Alex smacked her ass and finally, she let out a long and loud scream. Tears started to well in her eyes but Alex showed no mercy. He pulled her hair back and started to hump her from behind.

“Rub yourself bitch,” Alex said in a commanding voice, and Amy, like a submissive slut, put her hand between her legs and started rubbing her wet cunt.

She could not believe herself. All her life she had been the dominant bitch on the bed and now she was becoming submissive to her son. She inserted a finger into her pussy and the thought of submission made her cum as soon as her finger touched the flesh of her fuck hole.

As she came all over the couch, Alex grabbed her fingers and pushed it into her pussy along with his own hand and started to rub her. Amy could not take any more of it, and almost within a minute she came for the second time and fell back in her son’s arms.

Alex continued fucking her ass and his dick was moving in and out of it like a piston. His pole was destroying the dignity of her shit-hole. Finally, he was getting close. He gave few more strokes and pushed Amy on the floor. He rubbed his cock and instead of ejaculating all over her face, he shot his load on the couch over the spot where she came twice.

He then grabbed her head and made her lick all of it. Amy, like a true cum slut, sucked it all and swallowed it. Alex let go of her and sat on the couch, completely exhausted.

“Holy moly,” Amy said, “honey, that was the roughest and the best I ever had,”

“Sorry I called you a bitch,” Alex said panting like a dog, “I didn’t mean it,”

“I don’t mind to be a bitch for my dog,” Amy said and they both laughed, “you can call me anything while we are naked honey,” she further added and climbed onto his lap and gave him a deep and passionate kiss.

“Oh mom, I love you so much,” Alex expressed while kissing her

“I love you too, baby,”

After kissing and hugging, they both went to the kitchen to have lunch. As they were eating, naked, Amy decided to tell Alex her plan.

“Son, would you do me a favour?”

“Anything mom,”

“I want you to fuck your sister just like you fucked me some time ago, like an animal. Would you?” Amy said with a fierce but sexy voice

“But I don’t think she is ready,”

“Still, I want you to fuck her against her will and destroy her holes. I want you to drill her and pop her cherry until she begs for more,” Amy added

“Do you want me to rape her?” Alex asked

“Yes, for the first time. I bet you she will be begging for more of it once we are done with her. Trust me, she is my daughter,” Amy said and smiled

Alex thought about for a while. Sooner or later, he knew that he was going to be the one to pop his sister’s cherry. Why not sooner? After all, he was turning into an animal which was totally surprising to him but he liked the way his mom reacted to his animal side.

“Ok mom, I’ll do it, when do you want me to do it?” he asked

“Today, after she arrives from her college. We both will dominate her and turn her into a submissive bitch that she is. I saw her yesterday and believe me she is just as submissive as your Aunt Trudy,” Amy said with a devilish smile

“Aunt Trudy? What are you talking about?” Alex asked with a puzzled

“Let’s save that for later,” Amy said, “I want you to know, Sammy will be begging you to stop and cry the entire time. I don’t want you to stop at anything and screw her like a whore, do you understand?”

“Don’t worry mom, I will fuck her brains out today and humiliate her like a whore,” Alex replied


“And your turn will also come,” Alex said and winked

“I’ll be waiting,” Amy said seductively and they continued having their food.

Sammy was going to be back home within 2 hours so they decided to take a nice long bath and a small nap. By the time they woke up, it was already 6 pm and Sammy was about to come home.

Alex and Amy did a quick before Sammy’s arrival and were roaming around the house, naked. Sammy came home and was very excited to see Alex and Amy without their clothes. As Sammy ran towards Alex to hug him, Amy cut her in between and grabbed her in her arms. She wrapped her hands around her daughter’s waist and started to kiss her.

“Oh, mom! This is what I was waiting for since morning,” Sammy expressed

“There are many things waiting for you, you slut,” Amy said and tightened her gripped around her waist.

Sammy was taken by shock after hearing her own mother call her a slut. She looked at her with wide open eyes. Amy looked back with fierce eyes and pushed her on the couch.

“Alex, son, its time to pop that cherry,” Amy announced

“What? What the fuck mom,” Sammy cried

“Yeah, we are popping your cherry tonight, do you have any problem with that?” Amy asked, now with a commanding voice

“Please don’t, I am not ready for that,” Sammy begged and tears started to drip down her eyes

“I don’t care, if I say you are losing your virginity tonight that means you are losing it, do you get it?” Amy said, and this time she choked Sammy with her hand

Sammy was scared and worried. She had never seen this side of her mother. But, all that has happened in last 24 hours meant that she had never known her mother very well. With teary eyes, Sammy nodded a reluctant yes.

Alex approached Sammy with a pair of scissors. Sammy was not understanding the purpose of it and her mind started racing. Her heartbeat was increasing with every step that Alex took.

“Help me, brother,” Sammy begged

“I will help you, sis, to lose your virginity,” Alex said and kissed her roughly and even bit her lips.

With the help of the scissors, he cut open her t-shirt. Sammy felt so humiliated in her own house and by her own blood. She was weeping profusely and begging to stop.

“What the fuck, have guys been smoking the whole day? Why the fuck are you doing this?” Sammy asked weeping

“Simple, no virgins are allowed in this house,” Amy replied, “if you don’t want us to do this, we will throw you out of the house naked, you can find yourself a new house. Do want that?” Amy asked, loudly screaming in her face

Sammy simply looked at her in horror and said nothing. Amy took her silence as a no.

“I thought so,” Amy said

All this stuff was making Sammy wet and she was getting pretty confused by all of this. The screaming and the humiliation was making her horny and her nipples were also getting harder every second.
Alex opened the buckle of her jeans and removed it completely. Sammy was wearing a designer lingerie and was looking like a scared bitch with her face completely red and covered in tears. Her panties were having a wet patch which was clearly visible.

“Look at this slut, her cunt is getting wetter by all this humiliation, do you like that slut?” Amy asked, “do you like being humiliated and dominated by your own mom and brother?” she continued and slapped her on the cheeks

“Please stop, it hurts,” Sammy cried

Smack! Amy slapped her again and started to massage her boobs very roughly. She pressed them harder and pinched her nipples. Sammy was screaming every time her nipples were getting pinched.

Alex took his scissors and cut open her bra. He rubbed the tip of the scissors on her screen from her cleavage, all the way down to her abdomen and cut her panties. He was careful not to cut her. He pulled the torn panties and licked all the wetness from it.

“The whore is leaking,” he expressed to his mom

“I know. She will need that lubrication tonight,” Amy said and they both laughed

Amy took those panties and stuffed them completely inside her mouth, and then kissed her lips. Meanwhile, Alex stuffed 2 of his fingers inside Sammy’s pussy and started to dig them deep into her. Sammy moaned through those stuffed panties.

After rubbing her for a few minutes, Alex inserted his third finger into her wet cunt. Sammy grits her teeth and growled as she felt her brother’s third finger pushing into the depths of her wet hole. Alex pushed his fingers as deep as his knuckles and then pulled them right out. Then he pushed in again, this time with four fingers. Sammy squirmed in protest and struggled to let free. This was the most she had ever taken in her pussy and she was in pain.

Amy looked at her red face and grabbed her by her chin. She handled her roughly and then, SMACK, slapped her right across her cheeks. Sammy stopped struggling as Alex inserted his entire fist into his sister’s pussy. He rubbed her clit with his thumb while he felt her insides. The pain resided, and Sammy slowly started to feel good. The tingling sensation inside her pussy was giving her butterflies in her belly.

She let out a loud moan and spread her legs wide.

“I told you, this slut will like it. I think she is ready for a cock,” Amy said and Sammy’s eyes opened widely.

She nodded in denial and tried closing her legs. Alex pushed his entire hand into her pussy up to his wrist. He pushed his hand deeper and deeper into her newfound erogenous zone. He rolled his fist inside her pussy and Sammy pumped up in delight. She was very close to orgasm and she knew that it was going to be a big one.

He removed his hand out of her pussy, slowly, finger by finger and Sammy jerked every time his fingers came out of her cunt. Meanwhile, Amy managed to tie Sammy’s hands behind her back with her own bra.

Alex spread Sammy’s legs as wide as he could and then positioned himself between them. He held his dick and rubbed it up and down her cunt slit. Sammy was weeping now and was constantly nodding to stop. Alex removed her panties out of her mouth and rubbed them on her face.

“Let your face smell like your mouth and your cunt,” Alex said

“Please don’t, it will hurt, please stop,” Sammy cried but to no avail.

As Alex’s dick-head went inside her opening, Sammy screamed, and she oozed out her pussy juices from her cunt all over Alex’s dick and his body. Her hands searched something to grip on tightly and her screams got louder and louder.

“Wow, that is a big one. Now I know, you truly are my daughter,” Amy said and inserted her tongue into her mouth.

As soon as Sammy stopped cumming, Alex shoved his dick right into his sister’s pussy. Sammy’s eyes popped out of her sockets and her mouth opened wide letting her scream come out of her voice box, so loud that Amy had to put her lips on Sammy’s to control her volume. Tears came down her eyes. Alex felt her hymen on the tip of his dick. He pulled back his dick and in one pushed crushed her sister’s hymen.

“Please stop, it hurts,” Sammy cried with tears coming down her cheeks.

“Not until you beg for more,” Amy said and moved her hand between her daughter’s legs.

She rubbed her tight pussy while Alex pushed his dick into it. As Alex pulled out to give one more push, he could see traces of blood on his dick. For a second he got worried but then he looked at how vulnerable his sister was and gave one more push to his dick.

“Why are you doing this to me? I had already told you that I was not ready,“

“At your age, I was already pregnant with you and had fucked more than 3 guys while you are here at 18 without your cherry being popped. You should be ashamed,” Amy said and caressed Sammy’s breast

“You were a slut mom, I am not one like you,” Sammy said looking dead into her mother’s eyes

“Well, you are half way there now. Getting fucked by your own brother at the age of 18, and making out with him since the age of 14, you are a bigger slut than I was,” Amy replied, tightening her grip on Sammy’s boobs, “also, don’t forget making out with your own mother,” Amy mocked her even more.

Amy was right, her words hit Sammy and she felt guilty for calling her mom a slut. She looked at Amy with teary eyes and Amy understood her guilt.

“Don’t worry honey, we still love you. But we will be treating you like a true slut and help you become even a bigger one,” Amy said and kissed her

Sammy jerked while Alex pushed his 8’’ completely inside Sammy’s womb. It was too much for Sammy for being the first time. But the way Amy was rubbing her clit was making her crave for more. Finally, the pain subsided and was replaced with pleasure. Sammy could feel her brother’s dick on the walls of her pussy, rubbing it from flesh to flesh.

Alex increased his pace and stroked his dick in and out of her sister’s cunt. Sammy was nearing an orgasm by all the fucking and the talks. The feeling of getting raped was making her hornier. Slowly, her screams started to get converted into moans. Amy was paying a closer look at her and was rubbing her pussy.

Alex pulled his dick out and leaving Sammy in the middle of her orgasm. Sammy looked at him in a hungry and a lustful way. His dick was covered in Sammy’s blood and her juices while some of the blood was oozing out of her pussy. He grabbed her and made turned her so that her knees were on the couch while her body was leaned on the backrest. Amy sat down on the floor between Alex’s legs and her head was just below Sammy’s ass. She had a clear view of her daughter’s blood covered holes.

Alex grabbed his mother by her chin and positioned her head between Sammy’s legs. She immediately stuck out her tongue and started licking her baby’s blood-covered pussy. Sammy let out a soft moan as she felt her mother’s slimy tongue on her swollen pussy. While Amy licked her, Alex slid his dick into Sammy’s pussy, again. As his dick slid inside, Amy could feel it rub on her face.

Sammy’s grip tightened on the fabric of the couch, while she felt her brother’s length slide in her depths. Alex grabbed Sammy’s hair in his fist and pulled her, arching her back. With one hand he held her hair, while with other her choked her neck.

“I always wanted to be the first sis,” he said, “and here I am, raping your slutty cunt,” he continued

“You are a monster that I created,” Sammy managed to speak, “I don’t even recognise you now,”

“A slut never recognises her fucker, she just gets fucked by strangers,” Alex mocked her and slapped her cheek

Sammy felt so humiliated. Her brother was fucking her forcefully, while her own mother was licking her pussy. Alex started to thrust his dick in and out of her pussy. Every time his dick went into her depths, his balls smacked on Amy’s chin. Amy was rubbing her pussy with her hand while licking Sammy’s sloppy pussy.

Sammy tried, but her body submitted to Alex. Every time his dick went inside her, she felt a new level of pleasure. She rubbed her naked back on Alex’s chest, while Alex pulled her hair even more back.

“Oh God!” Sammy moaned

“Oh, I see you like it,” Alex whispered in her ears

“I love it,” she whispered back, completely submitting herself to her little brother now.

“I can’t hear you,” Alex said and rubbed her nipple, increasing his pace.

“I fucking love it,” Sammy screamed on top of her voice, synchronising with her moans

“That’s like a good slut,” Alex said

“Yes,” she moaned, “I am a slut,” she looked back, “Your Slut,” she smiled with wet eyes

“And yours too, mom,” Sammy said and pressed her pussy to Amy’s face

Amy responded with biting her clit. Alex was now close to cumming. He pulled her hair and started fucking her like a bitch. Sammy looked at Alex with lust etched across her face. She saw his lustful eyes begging more of her.

“Kiss me,” she begged as he was destroying her cunt

“Kiss me, kiss me hard, brother,” she begged again

Alex grabbed her chin and his lips landed on hers. She opened her mouth and slid her tongue into his mouth exchanging all the saliva. Alex rolled his tongue onto hers and devoured her mouth, biting her lips. Sammy’s body surrendered to him and her body relaxed. Her pussy loosened even more. She was his whore.

Alex let go her lips, and while fucking her, grabbed Sammy by her waist and leaned back, landing on the floor. Sammy to fell back onto his lap and his cock went deeper upon impact. Amy turned back and leaned on Sammy to kiss her, while Alex held her ass and started destroying her little hole. Amy’s mouth was completely covered in Sammy’s juices and some of the blood. She pulled Sammy and made her lick all of it from her face. Sammy did not hesitate and cleaned her face, swallowing her own juices and moaning into her mother’s mouth.

Amy stood up and pulled Sammy’s head between her legs. Like a good slut, Sammy immediately started licking her mom’s wet cunt. Her nose rubbed against Amy’s pelvis while her tongue explored the wetness of her cunt.

Alex lifted Sammy upwards and began pounding his dick into her pussy like a jackhammer. Sammy’s screams began reaching a new level of tones, fluctuating with every thrust.

“Oh my god!” Sammy screeched and leaned back on Alex’s back

“Make me cum,” she moaned, “make me cum like I have never been cummed before,”

“Give your whore what she wants son,” Amy says in delight and bends down to lick her pussy

Alex grabs Sammy’s face by her chin and forces her to face towards him

“Are you a whore?” He asks in a fierce voice

“Yes, I am,” she moans submitting to the humiliation, “I am a whore, the biggest whore”

“Then get ready,” Alex says and his hands started rubbing her clit in a circular motion while Amy began licking it

Alex buried his dick deep in her pussy while her orgasm got built up inside her. Sammy’s muscles flexed and her stomach tightened. She raised her abdomen in the air and her legs started shaking. She could feel her orgasm growing inside her while her brother’s dick head touched her tenders. Alex gave one last deep stroke and as soon as his dick popped out of her cunt, Sammy squirted. She squirted a big stream of cum which came out of her pussy like a jet of a stream and landed on Amy’s face. Amy opened her mouth and took all of it inside. Sammy gave a big scream while her orgasm lasted for more than 2 minutes.

Alex also couldn’t hold it anymore and he too came. His dick released huge streams of white goo all over Amy’s face and her hair. Some of it landed on her breasts too. Finally, he let go of her sister and Sammy fell on her brother’s back, completely exhausted, and sighed a tone of complete satisfaction.

She looked at her mother, who was drenched in her juices and Alex’s cum. Sammy bent over and started licking all of it from her face, and they both kissed each other, swallowing everything that came out of her and Alex’s body. Amy spat into Sammy’s mouth and she swallowed that too.

“Wow, sis, that was amazing,” Alex said with heavy breathes coming out of her mouth

“I am a whore,” Sammy announces, this time in complete senses, “and I just got raped by my brother,” she continued

“And you loved it too,” Amy says and slaps her again, this time not so hard

Sammy could still feel her brothers cock between her legs. She looked at it and saw that it was completely covered in her blood. Her pussy is also completely red and swollen. She inserted her finger into her and scoops out some of her blood covered juices, licking it lustfully.

“Mom, when did you became such a dominating bitch?” Sammy asked her, still trying to catch her breath.

“I was always a dominating bitch. I dominated your Aunt Trudy and made her do things you can only imagine in your nightmares. But it looks like incest runs in our family. You are just as submissive as her, honey, and now you are into my dominating hands,” Amy looked at Sammy. Sammy nodded in agreement.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, I will always be submissive to you when you need me to,” Amy kissed her son.

Both Sammy and Alex were stunned to hear about their Aunt Trudy.

“Mom, do you think we could include Aunt Trudy in our adventures?” Alex asked

Amy was one step ahead of him, and as he was busy raping his sister, his Aunt Trudy was in the corner of the room on her fours like a bitch, wearing crotchless panties, a pantyhose and a tight bra with a hole for her nipples to poke out of it, along with a butt-plug in her ass which had a furry tail at its end to make her look like a bitch with a tail, a ball gag wrapped around her mouth, but instead of a ball, there was a dildo on her mouth, and a collar around her neck, with ‘CUNT’ written all over it. Amy spotted her and winked at her.