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So before I start with the story let me tell you about myself. I am from Delhi and working in a MNC in Delhi. I am 5’8″, athletic build a...

A More Than Fun Marriage – Part 1

So before I start with the story let me tell you about myself. I am from Delhi and working in a MNC in Delhi. I am 5’8″, athletic build and I love to play football. About other things about myself I would let you get to know me and explore for yourself.

So now coming to the story, it was my friends marriage and was in Jodhpur as he is a Rajasthani. The marriage was in a luxurious hotel and he had booked rooms for his family and friends. Since the girl’s family was out of town they had been booked in the same hotel so it was great fun with the bride and the groom in the same hotel and all the family and friends enjoying together. In between those friends of the bride there was this one girl whom I found really hot and sexy. When I saw her she was wearing a saree.

Let me tell you about the girl. Her name is Shaily, she is 5’4″, fair, with long black hairs and she had curled them at the bottom which made her really sexy. She had a nice figure as well of 34c 30 34. She has really nice round boobs and round and firm ass. Her navel was deep and was clearly visible in the saree she was wearing. It was a yellow color saree with a golden blouse. The blouse had a thread at the back which was holding it from the back and was showing her nice clean soft back which was so milky I just wanted to touch it and rub my hands all over it. In the front the blouse was deep cut and showed a bit of her cleavage, and when she bent she had every guy looking at her boobs which were a heaven sight. I just wanted to hold them in my hand and press them, suck them, lick them. At that moment I just started thinking of things I would love to do to her if only…

Her saree was a see-through so could see her deep navel and it was so deep I could put my tongue in it and lick it. She looked like some angel from heaven who has come here just to be with me.

Later on in the evening I went to my friend’s room, he was sitting there with all her sister in laws and the bride’s friends around him. Shaily was there too teasing my friend and I thought this is the perfect opportunity. My friend was alone and really needed someone to help him out. So I went and sat beside my friend and started having fun with my friend making jokes on the girls and the bride just to tease them. I noticed Shaily smiling from the corner of my eye. She looked really beautiful when she smiled. Her lips looked so soft, I just wanted to kiss her. After sometime my friends mother wanted to talk to him in private so we all head out. I took the chance and called out Shaily.
Me: Hey!! hi
Shaily: Hi
Me: I am not sure if you know my name
Shaily: Pankaj
Me: wow!! you do know my name
Shaily: Yeah, Shruti told me about you
Me: ohh really??
Shaily: Yeah, she did
Me: So what did she said?

Shaily: I mean she said that you are Pratik’s best friend and that we all should beware of you

Me: Oh, but why? I mean. I need to talk to Shruti now
Shaily: (Laughing) Not that way. She told me that you are the one person who might not let us have fun with Pratik and that you are too outspoken and would start making fun of us instead
Me: Hahaha. Poor Shruti. She has been at the end of many of my jokes :P
Shaily: hahahahaha. She told me a few and I too had big laugh on hearing them

Me: You seem a close friend of Shruti, but I have never really seen you with her

Shaily: Yeah, we are good friends. Actually I was in the US for the last 5 years so probably that’s why you haven’t heard about me.
Me: Yeah may be. So have you been in Jodhpur before?
Shaily: No, not really. This is the first time I have been here
Me: Me too. May be we can both go and explore the city What say?
Shaily: Yeah sure.

Me: So, what are you doing tomorrow?
Shaily: Tomorrow would be good, actually I wanted to go out. I came for the marriage in so much hurry, I forgot to bring many clothes. So I was thinking if I could go out for some shopping
Me: Oh yeah, we can totally go. And I can help you out with shopping ;)
Shaily: Done then.
Me: Ok, be ready by 5 in the morning.
Shaily: What?? 5 (Her eyes were always out)
Me: Yeah, be ready

I said this and went away to my room. I knew I had left her baffled and that is exactly what I wanted her to feel. I slept that night peacefully knowing that tomorrow will be my day.

In the morning at 5 I rang her room bell, she had just woken up, half asleep she opened the door. She was still in her night dress. She was wearing a white gown and her fair complexion round boobs looked so nice in it. I came in and lied down on her bed switched on the music channel on her TV with full volume. She started screaming hearing music on high volume but I just showed her a finger towards the washroom. She went in cursing me and I was just laughing and enjoyed the songs. She came out after around 20min. She had forgotten to take her dress in with her so she was out with a towel around her. Her hairs were wet and were dripping a bit. She looked so sexy in the towel I just saw her and couldn’t take my eyes away from her. She knew I was looking and I thinking she was smiling. She was teasing me, but I just wasn’t ready for this. She had taken me with a surprise. She took a jeans and a top and went back to the washroom. I was left with my eyes and mouth both wide open. She came out wearing the jeans and top and stood in front of me said, “Lets go”.

I was still in shock for the sight that I have seen and just couldn’t react. I just stood up and started walking. She came in from behind and held my arm. Her touch made me come back to my senses some what and I realized we were walking towards the car waiting for us outside the hotel. I just realized I had a plan and then called out to the driver to take us to the sunrise point.

We reached there and since it was a weekday there weren’t many people around. So we went and took the best place to see the sunrise. Soon the sun came up and it looked beautiful. We were sitting, our arms were touching and soon she kept her head on my shoulder, I too touched her face and it was so soft and cold due to the cool breeze that was blowing. I rubbed her face a bit and didn’t know what happened, she looked at me and before we could do anything we were kissing. I had her lips in between mine. She had such soft lips, and it tasted so good. There was a sound of the car starting which made us open our eyes and realize we are in a public place. We stood up and came to our car silently without speaking.
We sat down in the car and I asked the driver to just keep driving to wherever he wants to. And then I looked towards Shaily,
Me: Shaily!!

Shaily: Yeah
Me: You are really beautiful
Shaily: Thank you
Me: So, you still wanna go shopping?
Shaily: (coming to her senses) Yes.
Me: Ok then

I asked the driver to take us to the market.
We reached there and she started looking for different dresses. She bought around 4-5 dresses, and I helped her select a few of them. After shopping we came back to the hotel. Shaily asked me to come with her to her room and I went with her.

She said she wanted to check the dresses and that wanted a suggestion so if I could help her with it. I agreed with her and I lied down on her bed as she went to the washroom to change.
She came back wearing the first dress. It was a Rajasthani dress, with a choli and a ghagra. It was a short choli and was a bit tight so it brought her boobs out really well and could see her deep navel. I saw and I said its ok, although she looked really sexy in it.
So she went in and came out wearing the next dress. It was salwar kameez and the kameez had a deep cut in the front and deep back cut back. The kameez made me go back in time when I saw her the first time and all the thoughts of things I wanted to do to her. She took a round to show me the dress from front and back and she had me all excited. It was getting hard for me to hide my excitement. So I thought of taking it to the next level. I asked her,
Me: Hey Shaily
Shaily: Yeah
Me: Didn’t you buy some other stuff from the market?
Shaily: No, not really just these dresses

Me: Oh cmon, I was with you when you bought them.
Shaily: Oh you mean that. But I am not gonna ramp walk here in them
Me: Oh cmon. Why not? I am sure you would look like a diva in it.
Shaily: (feeling bit shy) Cmon Pankaj.
She started thinking. And then very softly agreed.

She went into the washroom and came out wearing the sexy bra like the blouse and short ghaghra. She was looking so hot and sexy and I was getting so out of control. I am sure she saw me getting uncomfortable and like she is she came close to me and took my hand and said,
Shaily: What happened to Pankaj?
Me: mmm!! nothing, just….
Shaily: What?

Me: You look hot and I am not sure how long I can control myself
Shaily: Who told you to be in control?
I didnt need any more hints. I just took her in my arms and started kissing her madly. We kissed hard, I sucked on her lips and had my tongue in her mouth. I was playing with her tongue. I held her tight and lay her down on the bed with myself on top of her still kissing.
I slowly moved my hands down on to her waist and rubbed my hand all over her belly and waist. I moved my finger close to her navel and started circling around it. Her breathing started to get heavy and warm. I moved my finger inside her navel and moved it inside. She moaned a bit and closed her eyes and started getting hot.
I moved my hands to her back and started rubbing it. While rubbing I untied her blouse knot at the back and unhooked the blouse. I was rubbing her back and she was kissing me madly. I moved a bit and removed the blouse. Oh my god, her boobs were in front of me. She wasn’t wearing any bra and her boobs were round and firm with erect nipples.

Her nipples were pinkish and I touched them with my finger. I pressed it a bit and she started making noise. I took her left nipple in my mouth and started circling around it with my tongue while my finger played with the other. She was starting to get hot and she unbutton my shirt and just threw it away. Her nipples were getting more and more erect and that made me really suck them even more. I sucked her one boob while pressing the other one. I was enjoying doing that. Soon my hands moved down and untied her ghaghra. I helped her come out of it. She was wearing a pink silk panty which showcased her body beautifully. I just came on top of her and started rubbing her pussy over her panty. It started to get a bit wet. I slowly removed it and there she was. Lying all naked with the most sexy body I have ever seen. She had no hairs at all on her full body and I just wanted to lick her all over.

I moved closer to her pussy and just kissed her there softly. She lifted her waist up and moved her pussy closer to my lips. I started licking it and moved my tongue inside it. She was moaning loudly and I was afraid someone might listen. I somehow managed to get the remote and increase the volume of the TV. Then I started licking and tongue fucking her. She was moaning loudly and rubbing her hands in my hairs. I came up and she said softly in my ears, “I want you”.

I removed my pants and my underwear. I placed my cock on her pussy, and rubbed it a bit. I pushed my cock slowly inside her and she just went aaaaaaaaahhhhh. I started stroking my cock inside her and she was asking me to go faster and faster. I fucked her hard, held her boobs in my hands and fucked her. She was hot and I was hard. I fucked her all evening and then went to the washroom to take a bath together. We had a session in there as well.
I will explain and tell you more about the fun at the marriage in part 2 of the story. Look out this space for the next part.