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Bhabi Ho Magar Aisi Ho By: A. W. Chohan Hello, I hope all are well out there. I am sorry but I am NOT going to tell you who is Ejaz (...

Bhabhi Ho Magar Aisi Ho

Bhabi Ho Magar Aisi Ho

By: A. W. Chohan

Hello, I hope all are well out there. I am sorry but I am NOT going to tell you who is Ejaz (the main character in this story) or how he came in contact with me and what made him come clean to me telling me of this incident with his brother’s wife and you should also concentrate on reading the story and not on the small details.
I am sure you would like reading this story if you like reading erotica specially the real life sex stories instead of fictions. As usual my request stands asking you to send me comments on this guiding me how can I entertain you better…… Chohan

Hum 3 bhai hein, mein Ejaz eldest houn, then Ayaz and youngest Aezaz. Story mein es detail ki zaroorat nahi keh yeh kayoun huwa keh Ayaz ki shadi nah sirf mujh se pehlay ho gaie balkeh ousi girl se ho gaie jisko meray khayaal se hamaray parents meri wife banaana chahtay thay lekin yeh baad mein pata chala keh girl’s parents were always interested in Ayaz as their son in law aur Ayaz ki shadi wahan ho gaie, aur mujh se pehlay ho gaie. Ayaz ki Jameela Bhabi se shadi ki wajah se puri family buht joyous thi. Ayaz ki higher management rank mein aik level ki romotion bhi ho gaie thi aur nice salary raise ke ilawa ousko buht nominal rent par company ki terf se residence aur dousray perks bhi offer huwe thay jin mein shayad best yeh tha keh ousko 24 weeks ki training ke liye immediately Europe bhi jana tha.

Honeymoon ki moj masti ke baad aik shocking news yeh mili keh agarcheh Ayaz ne kaha keh voh apnay expense par apni wife ko apnay saath Europe le jaaye ga magar ousko ijazat nahi mili aur wajah yeh batayee gaie keh voh kisi vacation par nahi balkeh professional training ke liye jaa raha tha aur company rules ke mutaabiq kisi ko bhi ijazat nahi di jaati thi keh saath koi jaaye and then Ayaz had to go alone and so he did. Shayad it was 2nd or 3rd day after Ayaz had left when mom ne mujh se kaha keh tomorrow morning early Ayaz ke ghar chlay jana because ouskay office se kuch loag kisi kaam se aa rahe hein aur ho sakta hai Jameela ko kisi help ki zaroorat ho. Next day Saturday tha, mujhay 10 AM apni tennis club mein jana tha; so yeh perfect tha because mother said she spoke with Jameela Bhabi and I could be there around 8:30 AM because the office people were showing up at 9:00 AM sharp.

Next morning I was done with shave, shower and breakfast by about 7:30 AM after changing into my tennis shorts and shirt, sneakers, I was on my way out before 8:00 AM and was ringing their door bell at about 8:25. I was surprised when the door was answered by Bhabhi herself and asked me to come in straight to the living room. Her hair was dripping all wet on her naked shoulders. She was positively coming out of the bathroom with a very arousing silky see thru gown. Although she had a bath towel wrapped around her assets I could positively tell, she had no panty on and even the outline of her well developed enormously inviting boobs was on display without any hindrance. Mein kafi uneasy feel ker raha tha.

Although by now I was seated on the sofa; the angles, curves, appearance of bhabi’s almost naked body was more than enough to stir things in my body and specially in my groin and I was not at all feeling easey. I surely do not have a huge cock but a decent 7 inches with an unbelievable perimeter of touching 8 + inches on the thickest front portion just below the helmet which gradually reduced in its thickness after say about 5 inches with the relatively thinner, specially an inch near the base but the whole shaft was no less than 7 inches wide with stud like blood filled veins bumping all around. Mera lorha aik perfect butt plug ki shape ka hai which is thinner near the base and much thicker up front. Bhabi mujhay explain ker rahi thi keh Ayaz ke office se loag kal sham ko aa gaye thay aur house ki leasing se related zaroori papers drop ker gaye thay and she was sorry keh ousne phone kerke ittlah nahi di aur mujhay subah subah koft huie.
Mein ouski baatoun per concentrate nahi ker pa raha tha. Vague sa jo mujhay suna gaya, house papers ki Ayaz ke wapis aanay tak koi jaldi nahi thi. Bhabi almost nangi mere samnay thi aur tennis shorts mein erection ki wajah se meri halat buht zayada uncomfortable ho rahi thi aur mein isko adjust bhi nahi ker sakta tha. Aur phir suddenly Jameela bhabi mujhay apnay sath kitchen mein aanay ka ishara kernay lagi jahan tea / coffee ready rakhi thi. Mujhay lagta tha keh jaisay mein koi khawab dekh raha tha. Bhabi samnay mera sofay se outhnay ka intizar ker rahi thi aur mera hard horrendously rigid Lorha shorts ko rip kerta bahar aanay ko tayyar tha aur koi surat aisi nahi thi keh ouski nazrein meray swollen tremendous package ko note nah kertein. What could be more embarrassing, I had no clue and midst all this I had no choice but to stand up and walk with her to the kitchen. Mein ne jaisay taisay apnay haathoun se Lorhay ko kisi hud tak hide kernay ka socha aur jounhi meri movement shuru hui, thankfully Jameela Bhabi turned and now her back was towards me, meaning she could not see my erection while I would adjust it but shit, shit, shit……

Her luscious butt globes separated such royally and showing, dancing in front of my eyes, as she walked ahead of me with a spring like swing in her buttocks. My hard on was further intensified seeing the scenery and it was almost painful to retain it in the prison of the fabric of my shorts but lucky for me, she signaled me to go take a seat on the dinette chair while she stepped up to the kitchen counter where fresh coffee pot was waiting. I quickly grabbed the corner seat near the wall but taking away the eyes and attempting not to watch her back, so beautifully curving and then bulging round forming a bubble of perfect enormity; was not possible. Let me confess, larger bubble butts of women is my weakness. It is such a craze or fetish for me to imagine a woman with big sized rounded hips and now a true sample of my obsession was in front of me. I sure could not keep my eyes away envisioning Jameela Bhabi’s pussy in her front. For me the craze of larger butt on a woman actually makes me visualize how it would help to fuck her without shoving a pillow under her making her cunt to stick out towards my dick.
Mera khayal hai koi bhi in fantasies ya desires ko lekar paida nahi hota balkeh yeh tamam learned experience ka result hota hai aur mujhay bhi yeh aurat ki moti, big gaand ka nasha aisay he laga hai. Mein ous neighboring aunty ko hamesha yaad rakhoun ga jo mohallay kay kids ko boys ki age mein step in kernay kay foran baad kisi nah kisi bahanay se ounki sexual zaroorat ki mukammal zammahdar thi. Ousko khoob ilm tha keh which boys were wise and will not tittle-tattle when outside but they also had no iota of shame, shyness or hesitation in them about sex or shedding off their clothes and show their genitals; so she would train them as she saw fit and the rumor was that she would get naked and get fucked by these non dithering boys in the groups of 3, 4 or even more depending on the convenience of situation. I was not as lucky because I never showed an interest to be naked with other boys and only sought to be naked with the aunty alone.

Shafqat aunty kay buht sahtmand, gol matol mummay aur thal thal kerti acres tak phaili gaand par gosht ki layers budding fucker boys ko khrab kernay ka saman tha. Agarcheh whispering buht kam thi lekin yeh khabar thi keh Shafqat aunty ko maloum tha keh kaun gaand chodai ka shoqeen hai aur group sex mein wohi boys aatay thay jo aunty ki choot chodai ke ilawa aunty ko gaand mein bhi chodtay thay. Aur kuch boys’ aapas mein aik dousray ko bhi chodtay thay. Mujhay buht sahi tarah yaad hai keh jab hum nangay thay Shafqat aunty nay 2—3 dafa meray haath apni gosht ki dukan (gaand cheeks) par rakhay magar mein ne jald ouski gaand kay buns ki bajai ouskay mammoun kay gosht ko pasand kiya. I loved to play with her tits much more and she noticed this too even telling me that I was not showing the deserving interest in her huge gaand rumps. She tried to convince me to take interest in the ass considering it as a sexual part. What do you think, nature se koi ghalti ho gai hai jo keh gaand ko bhi ousi jagah banaya gaya hai jahan sex kay dousray parts ko banaya gaya hai. Agar gaand ko isi jagah par rakhna bhi must tha aur iski chodaai kerna bhi lazmi nahi thi toh kaya iski shakal shape ko aisa nahi banaya ja sakta tah keh Lund is mein kisi soorst bhi nah jaa sakay yaani iski shape ya design yaqeenan aisa ho sakta tha jisko dekh ker without a doubt pata chal jata keh is mein Lun nahi dala ja sakta ya is mein Lun nahi dala jana chahye. Baat buht sahi thi, nature ya qudrat se koi kaam ghalt honay ka tasawar bhi nahi kiya ja sakta magar phir bhi even with logic mujh mein gaand marnay ka shoq paida nahi ho saka. Anyhow she found out that I was not interested in her ass globes and much more honestly I was not interested in fucking her ass. Slowly when we, I mean aunty Shafqat and I were comfy with each other’s naked bodies and after teaching me playing with her naked body, hugging, kissing, licking sucking of each other’s genitals; she was almost to train me to fuck her in her pussy when I learnt the benefit of larger and meaty ass affording the benefit of not shoving an extra pillow under the hips to raise and lift the fucking hole a bit upwards for easier, rather blunt fucking of the pleasing pussy.

Later in life when fucking different pussies and more often than not needing the pillow or a cushion to tuck under those hips to raise the pussy, I became more and more aware of the hips, the fun uses of bubbles, round globes as sex partners. And then Jameela Bhabi turned and walked to the dinette with coffee mugs and settled across from me. My wandering mind came back as I saw her tits semi naked peeping through the silky gown. As she sat down, I hurriedly tucked my erection stirring in my shorts and before I could be at ease and hardly reached for the coffee cup, undoubtedly I heard, have you ever had anal sex? She asked me. Completely shocked, I put the coffee cup down. Yeh kaisa sawal hai that you want to know about anal sex from me?

She scratched at something stuck to the table top and said; I just—I am only curious. In college I had a friend and we, em….kind of meeting like some may define dating, for a few months and voh hamesha kehta tha keh he wouldn’t do it because it wasn’t something that turned straight guys on. I was just wondering keh kaya yeh sach hai. I positively knew, class mein aisi girls thein jo anal sex prefer kerti thein because they wanted sex but could not be blatant about being pregnant. I want to know your opinion on this issue and for this reason. Memories of Shafqat aunt’s huge ass floated slowly through my mind and I shrugged saying, No, Some straight men enjoy it very much; to the best of my knowledge.

Do you? She asked very abruptly and openly. I giggled, but was sure the smile on my lips gave away the unspoken answer. I am not going to answer that; I said with authority.

Nahi nahi, Jameela bhabi ne kaha, Ejaz bhai mujhay aapki private life ya secret fantasies pata kernay ka shoq nahi hai, mein apni sex life ke liye aapki madad chahti houn. Sachi baat yeh hai keh college days mein meri class ki buht si girls sex kerti thein aur sex ki baatein bhi karti thein aur aik normal insaan honay ki wajah se mein yeh sab bardasht nahi ker saki aur phir mein bhi majboor ho gai yaani pregnant honay wali sex mein ne nahi ki lekin Anal ka maza ya shoq is hud tak ho gaya keh ab buht tangi ho rahi hai.
As she was speaking, she stood up and came towards me, purposely rubbed and wiggled her splendid ass in my face apparently she tried to fix the chair near me and sat in it. For a split second I found myself wondering how a man could resist and not want to fuck that tight little ass. Bhabi’s ass was higher, fuller though not as spread like Shafqat aunty but had uncanny similarity in the curves, the fullness of their globes. Right then Jameela bhabi kay mummay meri eye level per thay aur mujhay aunty ke motay mummoun ki yaad dila rahay thay. My palms were itching badly and I knew if I did not control myself the situation could turn pretty ugly soon.

You okay? Bhabi asked… Fine, I almost croaked, aware of the pulsing of my cock just for looking at her. I shifted tugging at the shorts in an attempt to both relieve some pressure and hide my obvious erection…. You’re not Fine, Jameela insisted, with concern in her voice. Tell me kaya problem hai. Nothing, I repeated but before I could comprehend she was pressing her hips into me trying to sit in my lap and ….Oh! She said in surprise as my erection pressed into her. I still could not dare fall for her & murmured loud,,, “Sorry”, pushing her aside and tried to move out of the kitchen but no success. Bhabi had grabbed my shorts such that with my swift motion although I was free to be out of kitchen but my shorts were pulled from behind and she had a loud chuckle looking at my bare ass cheeks. Not able to decide whether to stay in the kitchen and not worry about being naked with Jameela Bhabi or pull up my shorts and move out of her home, I was hypnotized and froze for a moment until I heard bhabi, bataya nahi aapne Ejaz bhai, have you enjoyed anal sex and without hesitating for a split second, she continued the sentence; will you do it with me.

I could not stand any longer with my hard on ready to tear off my shorts and jump out of the fabric prison and I knew I have to turn around and face her instead of showing her my back. The outline of the solid meat dong was so obvious that nothing could be done but I tried and pulled the nearby chair and sat in a flash turning my face to her. She was still looking at me waiting for my answer. WHAT! I raised my voice a bit feeling embarrassed and also cornered but aware not to make the moods switch off and lose the obvious chance for a thrill packed sex session. Jameela bhabi ne shayad meri tone mein koi change mehsoos nahi ki and laughed as she kept looking at me for the answer. Sitting so abruptly in the chair, as a matter of fact had a very hurting situation happen. The fabric of my shorts got pulled to many different sides and now I was sitting with my full weight on it and it was squeezing, squishing my manhood in odd ways and hurting the very rigid hard on I was supporting and the balls were aching; they were so crushed under my thighs. Meray paas aur koi choice nahi thi keh mein esko somehow adjust kerta aur phir vohi huwa and I pulled my hands into my crotch, hearing a very audible demand echo in the kitchen, why don’t you take it off, if it is that uncomfortable and she giggled loud, very loud giving those orders.

What the fuck, I thought as I stood up and knowing full well that I shall not be able to face bhabi with a straight face ever again, undid the buttons and let the shorts fall down to my ankles and in one motion pulled the underwear too allowing the monstrous swollen and elongated cock to swing out free. There was a disconnect of a split second when she saw me naked in front of her and took her eyes away as she pulled her gown down showing the most beautiful tits I had ever seen and then she looked at me standing totally naked in the lower half of my body. My brutally ripped solid cock was pulsing and moving with its free will and the bumps looking blood filled veins were making it look even more frightful standing throbbing on its large beautiful balls. Jameela bhabi also noticed the odd shape of my fucking pole which looked like a butt plug; very thick right below the titanic cockhead and the colossal thickness continued till about 2 inches before the point where it disappeared into my body, a brisk but not an overly or rapid reduction, visible and giving a sense of fear to the game players. I knew, like most other women who took this fucking rod in them, this cock she would like, the big, the thick especially the kind that would stretch that beautiful pussy to limits and beyond. I could even see it in my mind’s eye, Jameela’s pussy spread out for all the world to see, filled to overflowing with my thick, hard cock. Ah! Fuck, the thought drove me so deep into the notion of fucking her that I didn’t hear her come near me and kneel into my groin until I felt her hot mouth around my cock head.

The feel of her warm wet mouth against my cock made me jump. It was so wrong, but it felt very good as she wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft and gave a long lick to my stiff cock with her tongue all the way to the piss hole making the large precum drop shift onto her shivering lips. Purposely I spread my legs wider so she could get more of me in her hand to stroke it in a slow steady rhythm to polish my pole with her saliva. Ahhhhhhh !! Man did she know what to and how to, her technique and skills on my balls was superb without saying that her talent and dexterity to please the cock was any less. I wrapped my hands around her head applying supple pressure and guiding her mouth to take my throbbing cock for sucking in between her hands sliding over my length and making it stiffen more and also exude more of the lubing juice. It felt so good. With my eyes closed and hips circling making schlepping sounds as her lips moved on my growing thicker and longer dong, I thought I would be perfectly happy if she would let me cum in her hands and lips, mouth and throat enveloped close. Ooouuhh, fucking juices had started to boil in my balls as I focused on skull fucking bhabi ever so brutally but I did not want to cum yet and quickly like telepathy message delivered to her, Jameela let go my cock from the custody of her hands and mouth. Oh my God! It looked soaked fabulously immaculate and shining spotless staff of meat standing erect as the extension of my body. Jameela signaled and led the way to the bedroom jahan voh dheeray se bed per gir gai aur saath he aik swift move se apnay badan ko clothing se azad ker diya.

She was flat on her back. Her pussy was just as beautiful as I had imagined and surely covered in soft, clean shaven as of recently skin, the unique smell of moisture coming from her pussy lips. This site was same like I had witnessed enough but still loved the way Jameela had splayed her legs for me to be the eye candy. Meray paas koi dousri choice nahi thi isliye mein jaldi se apnay knees per aa gaya and buried my face between her legs, kissing gently the sensitive skin at the top of meaty thighs before turning attention to her pussy. She cried out as the tip of my tongue rubbed on the tiny but very visible bud of her clit. Damn, she tasted so sweet in there. I buried my tongue deep in her cunt, grabbing her thighs to hold her still as she jerked at the touch. I wanted to taste every niche of her depth by pushing the tongue as deep into her twat pussy as I possibly could. I wanted to make her juices stir and flow like the water from a faucet compelling her writhe against me, twisting her hips to make me rub my nose against her clit and shove my tongue deeper inside her pussy cave.

Pllllleeeeeeease, she almost cried out. I am ooooooooh, ousnay bed per say apni hips ko ooper outhaya jis se ouski buht geeli choot meray face per chipak gaee aur meray dono hathoun ko ouski gaand kay globes kay neechay slide kerna zaroori ho gaya takeh ousko lutf aur saroor kay in lamhaat mein sooth kiya ja sakay. She turned a bit looking at my bull neck, bulky shoulders and by turning towards me slightly more she took another good look at my fully packed toolbox with heavy tool and a great pair of huge balls. Mera pakka irada ousko chodnay ka tha magar ousnay jo gaand marnay wali baat chalaai thi abhi ouska koi faisla nahi huwa tha yaani mujhay nahi pata tha keh voh apni phuddi meray face ki tarah meray Lorhay par wrap kernay ke liye razi hogi ya nahi magar aisa lagta tha keh meray Lorhay ko nah sirf pakka aur mukammal yaqeen tha tabhi toh isqadar sakhti aur shan se tayyar ho chuka tha aur iski drooling bhi zor shor se jari thi.
Theek tha, Meray Lun ki soch sahi thi, aisay moqay bar bar nahi miltay aur mil jaaein toh sochoun mein time waste nahi kerna chahye. So ab mein ne khoob dil laga kar bhabi ki choot ko chumna, chatna shuru ker diya. Geeli geeli phuddi ko licking kartay waqt aisa ehsaas ho raha tha jaisay mein ne doodh wali plate mein mounh maar diya ho. Jameela bhabi ki phuddi bhi buht josh mein thi aur ajeeb si awazein paida ho rahi thein. Phuddi ki tamam sharm khatam ho chuki thi, poshida khwahishat badan kay konay konay se laisdaar pani ki shakal mein phuddi ka rukh kar rahi thein, goya ke choot mein sailaab ka manzar tha. Phuddi aik surkh gulab se bhi zayada laal ho chuki thi. Ouskay motay soojay huwe lips par zuban phernay se Bhabi ki halat deedni ho rahi thi. Voh bar bar legs ko outha leti thi aur ooper ko jhatka marti thi. Choot ka pura dahana tight ho jata tha, ouskay haathoun ka pressure meray puray face ko ouski phuddi kay andar tak karnay ki koshish kerta tha. Aik lamhay ke liye meri zuban bahar nikalti toh bhabi shiddat e jazbaat se apni phuddi ko ooper tak kar deti thi aur maray hair bhi ouski muthi mein aa jatay aur mera head ouski choot mein dhans jata tha. Mazay ki intensity ko sehna bhabi ke liye almost naamumkin ho raha tha. Ouski yeh kashmakash he is lamhay ka husan tha, ouski chmakti choot par ouskay face se zayada blushing thi. Madham siskiyaan, neck ki walhana idhar oudhar outhak patak, voh toh is dunya ka hissa he nahi lag rahi thi. Aisa lagta tha keh jaisay hawa mein latki hui swimming ker rahi ho. Mein ne phuddi ko chatna khtam ker diya tha is liye ousnay foran meri terf daikha. Dono terf se buht payar bhari smiles ka exchange hua, voh buht zayada mazay mein gharq thi. Pleeeeez continue little more, she could only say in extreme low tone.

Bhabi kay lovable chehray ki khushi deedni thi lekin mein ouskay mazay kay tasalsul ko break nahi kerna chahta tha is liye phir phuddi chatna shuru kerdi. Ab tak toh ouski choot ka DANA bhi sooj chuka tha aur mein ousay choos bhi raha tha aur saath mein lips say bite bhi ker deta tha. In a short while her moans became louder and deeper literally rising from the depths inside her. Sensations ki shiddat mein ousnay apni waist ko itna ooper kiya keh aik arch si bun gai and then in an attempt to straighten her back she did not move her upper body, instead pushed the lower body towards me. Is tarah kernay say ouski choot maray mounh mein chali gai lekin iskay bawajoud bhabi nay meray hair ko muthi mein liya aur apni phuddi meray face per buri tarah chipka di. Yaani idhar say bhi pressure aur udhar say bhi pressure. Agar ouska bas chalta toh voh meray puray badan ko apni choot mein le jati. Jameela bhabi ki choot meray lips per thar thar kaanp rahi thi, mein nay bhi ousay lick, suck kernay ki bajaai phuddi par apnay lips ka khoob pressure dala.

Is kay sath he Bhabi ki cheikh nikli aur she pushed my face and lips slightly away from her sizzling choot. Ouski phuddi ki contractions aur relaxations ki severity ouskay deep orgasm ka pata de rahi thi aur itni sensitive ho gai thi keh voh ous par koi touch bardasht nahi kar sakti thi. Mein outh kar beth gaya aur ouski choot ko mazay masti mein idhar oudhar acrobatic moves kertay dekhnay laga. Jameela bhabi ki eyes tight shut thein, ouska apni phuddi par kisi qisam ka qabu nahi raha tha jo aik mudhosh shrabi ki tarah charoun terf jhoom rahi thi aur mein ouskay andar kay geelay gulabi guday ko thirktay dekh ker enjoy ker raha tha. Wow!! Bhabi Jameela es waqt surely best of the best orgasm mein apnay aap se bahar ho rahi thi.

After a minute or so, she became a bit normal. Ouska pura face aur choot kay itraaf ka area paseenay mein fully bheeg gaya tha and then our eyes met. Voh khushi kay maray phoolay nahi sama rahi thi, ouskay face say pata chal raha tha keh voh normal act kernay ki koshish ker rahi hai magar abhi tak apni phuddi se phootnay wali feelings ko shakast nahi de paa rahi thi. Abhi tak face bhi blushed tha, choot bhi puri tarah red thi aur laal doray bhri eyes gulabi lips se kaheen zayada muskra rahi thein. Mein ne lapak kar, lips, tongue sucking ka amal shuru ker diya. Soon there was a complete coordination, kabhi mein ouski zuban ko choosta kabhi voh meri zuban ko, kabhi mein apnay dono lips se ouskay lips ko lick kerta aur suck kerta kabhi voh isi harkat ko repeat kerti aur phir aik lambi passionate kiss kay baad voh meray hair ko sehlatay huway uneven breath mein boli… kaya socha hai?

Meray Lorhay ne Zordaar jhatka liya jaisay mujhay sotay se jagaya ho, voh bhi samajh gaya tha keh bhabhi ne kaya kaha hai. Voh chahti thi keh ousko bataya jaaye keh mein ne ousko gaand mein chodnay ke mutallaq kaya faisla kiya hai. Voh… mein soch raha tha keh tum ulti lait jaao, mein ne himmat kertay huwe kaha, mein tumhari gaand ki lotion se maalish kerta houn and I shall also rub and abrade there with my man tool. Nahi, Ejaz bhai yeh kaya keh rahay ho, yeh aapka Lorha, Gaand ke liye tabahi ka saman hai yaani a Weapon of Ass Destruction, mujhay toh eski shape dekh ker he puri tasalli ho gai hai. Aap meri maanein, front ka he sochein, back mein esko lenay se toh buht demolition ka dar hai aur too much pain, takleef….

Mein ne ouski baat kaat di; bhabi mera aisa koi irada nahi keh tumko takleef doun, mein chahta houn keh tumhari gaand aur ous ke ird gird massage ker doun aur is tarah sex game playing se tumhari tasalli bhi ho jai gi; phir tum jo kaho gi voh karein gai. Ab voh bister par ulti lait gaie, mein nay uskay soft, motay aur bahir ko niklay huwe shining meaty rump butts ko dekha. Itni chmakdaar aur kafi gori rangat, aisa lagta tha keh jaisay recently kisi ne ouski gaand ki golayoun ko qalai kiya hai aur bilkul wasay chamka diya hai jaisay bartan qalai keh baad hotay hein. Mein ouskay chootron ko halka dabanay laga. Youn lagta tha keh ous waqt 2 aisay balloon meri property thi jin mein hawa little bit kum thi magar voh phir bhi semi hard thay. I was squatted such on her legs that without much struggle my hands were kneading, squeezing and molding her meaty rump. Chounkeh bhabi ne recently orgasm enjoy kiya tha is liye voh is waqt siskarian nahi le rahi thi instead intehai itmnan se laiti gaand par meri muahabbat ka dilfraib izhar enjoy kar rahi thi. After a while ouskay badan mein harkat hui ouskay dono haath ooper ko outhay and got busy to find something under the pillow. Soon she pushed a tube of KY lotion on her back.

Ab mein nay decent amount of lotion laga kar ouski gaand ki gol matol mounds ka massage shuru kar diya aur ungli se ouski gaand ki mori kay gird bhi circle banata raha. Jab gaand slick maalish se chamaknay lagi toh apnay Lorhay par bhi lotion lagaya aur ab Lorhay ko ouskay globes par rub kernay laga. Gaand ki phaankoun ke darmayan Lun phernay say voh bhi gaand outha hila kar halka halka response dainay lagi. Ab mein nay apnay Lorhay ko crack kay parallel rakh kar ouskay bubble mein daal diya. Yaani Lorhay ki length gaand kay crack mein dafan ho gai sirf mota gaand phar Topa bahar ouski hip bone se zara neechay nazar aa raha tha. Jameela bhabi ki soft groans chalu ho gaie thein aur mein ounko samajh raha tha, aur iskay liye voh apni gaand ko youn hila rahi thi keh meray Lorhay ka mushroom shaped topa kabhi kabhi ouskay sorakh per phans kar nikal jata tha magar voh zuban mera lund gaand mein lene se inkaar ker chuki thi. Mujhay maaloum nahi keh kayoun lekin mera mood ho raha tha keh isko gaand mein choda jaaye. Ab chounkeh Bhabi ki position theek nahi thi yaani ya toh voh puri tarah bitch ki tarah knees aur shoulders per position leti ya phir seedhi seedhi missionary halat mein taangoun ko phaila kar ooper kiya hota toh mein Lorha ouski gaand mein aar paar kernay ki koshish bhi kerta lekin jis tarah voh apni belly per flat leti hui thi Lorhay ka ouski gaand mein dakhool mumkin nahi tha chunancheh hum donoun ki halki halki movements se gaand aur Lorhay ka teasing scene jari raha. Lorhay ka knob shaped head kabhi meat ki acrage mein disappear ho jata kabhi bahar nikal aata. Gaand ki buht soothing heat sardiyoun ki nikalti dhoop ki tarah Lorhay per takor kerti mehsoos honay lagi thi jis se erection apnay arooj ko pohonch gaie thi aur chodaai kernay ka buht dil ker raha tha.

Aik toh bhabi ki thal thal kerti moti gaand ka gosht, dousray meray hathoun mein KY se massage ki wajah se gosht mein sumandar ki tarah outhti hui waves jesa dilfreb rippling effect paida ho raha tha jisko dekh ker mein pagal aur mera Lorha faulad ki tarah sakht ho gaya tha. Mein ne kaha hai na keh I don’t know why but I was surely contemplating to fuck her in her ass and the scenery before my eyes was too much of an intimidation and instigation.

Mein ne jhuk ker ouski gaand ki crack line ke bilkul ooper bosa diya aur waheen ouski gaand mein buht dheemi awaz se kaha, I hope I don’t hurt you much. Honestly ab mujhe ouski gaand marnay ke ilawa aur koi baat soojh nahi rahi thi. Although I spoke directly into her gaand, it must have been wired directly with her ears as she made her rump jump up and down like in a consensual “yes” or at least I conceived it so and was all set to fuck her in the ass hole…….. Ouff meri toba lekin Lorhay mein khushi ka toofan barpa ho gaya aur stiff steel like honay ke bawajood Lun ka dance dekhnay laaiq tha aur ouskay asar se Tattay bhi jhoomnay lagay thay. Mein yaqeen se nahi keh sakta keh mera Lun pehli dafa gaand marnay ka lutf milnay per itna khush tha ya phir sohni gaand ki glorious look ne Lun par koi jadu ker diya tha magar ouski khushi aur naach ous cobray jaisa tha jo apna phun outhaaye jhoom raha hota hai aur kisi bhi lamhay hamlah kerne ko tayyar hota hai.
Ab mera khayal yahi tha keh Jameela bhabi gaand marwanay ke liye mutfiq hai kayounkeh mein ne apni ungliyoun se lotion ouski gaand ke andar bhi laga diya tha aur is doraan ous nay koi resistance show nahi ki thi. Kaisi badqismiti thi keh mein ne kabhi Londebaazi ki koi film bhi nahi dekhi thi aur mujhay koi ilm nahi tha keh gaand mein chodnay ke liye phuddi mein chodnay se mukhtalif koi tayyari ya foreplay kiya jata hai ya nahi. Kher apni soch ke mutabiq Bhabi ko gaandu kerneke liye first and foremost mujhay ouski position tabdeel kerne ki zaroorat thi. Aunty Shafqat training denay ke doran tamam bachoun ke samnay kisi bitch ki tarah apnay knees aur elbows per position lekar apni nangi gaand ounkkay samnay hilaya kerti thi aur ounko is se khelnay ke liye kaha kerti thi es liye mujhay itna he ilm tha keh gaand ki love making ke liye yeh position lazim thi ya phir on the back flat with legs raised up and back, all the way back exposing the gaand hole.

Jaldi se KY Jelly wala haath ouski gaand mein laga diya and then slowly pushing both hands under her belly, I raised her middle body which surely pushed her ass up and out. OOoouunngghh!! Fuckkkk!! Aunty Shafqat ka pura scene ban gaya. Baqi sab toh same tha, aik mori thi jis mein Lund daal kay…… Lorhay ka zabardast phoola huwa Topa khoobsurat golaayoun ko dono terf se grip kertay huway gaand kay tight sorakh ki seedh mein kiya aur aik continued motion mein thighs, back aur hips ki frontal movement ke saath wahan pressur dala.

Suddnely Jameela bhabi ki hips ne jump kiya, ouski zordaar cheikh bhi nikli, elbows ki bajaai voh yak lakht shoulders per gir gai aur ouski gardan bhi aik side ko ho gai. Mein dekh sakta tha ouski eyes tight shut thein, ouskay lips bhi bhinchay huwe thay aur face par shadeed dard ka taasur tha. Please nahi karo, Bhabi ke neck muscles were bulging clearly visible but a very weak voice came out. Ajeeb si baat thi, jab mein bhabi ki phuddi marna chah raha tha voh mujh se apni gaand merwana chah rahi thi aur ab jab mera mood gaand ka chaska lene ko ker raha tha ousne inkar kerna shuru ker dia tha aur chahti thi keh sirf ouski choot chodaai ki jaai, magar meray Lorhay ko gaand chodnay ki masti charhi hui thi. Yeh program itni jaldi change honaywala nahi tha. Mein ne ouskay inkar ki parwah nahi ki aur aik dafa phir Lorhay ka angle theek kertay huwe gaand ke sorakh par apna topa push kiya.

Jameela bhabi ne dobarah jump kiya aur mera Lorha aik dafa phir nashanay par se hut gaya aur saath he ousnay shor macha diya keh mein ouski gaand ko muaff ker doun. Ejaz bhai kafi dair se kisi ne nahi li isliye ab aadat nahi rahi, pleeeeeeease buht dard !!!!!! Lekin mein ne outni dair mein phir se nashana le lia aur yeh bhi yaqeen ker liya keh voh Lorhay kay samnay se hil nah sakay. Dono haathoun se is dafa hips ki bajaai ouski waist ko qabu kiya aur puri taqat se aik dhakka mara. Lun bhi KY lagnay se chikna tha, gaand ka sphincter bhi chikna tha, so vohi huwa jo hona tha. Lorhay ke dabaao ne ouski gaand ka mounh khol diya magar sirf itna keh mushkil se pura head andar gaya tha. Gaand kay lips elastic ring ki tarah pull ho rahay thay aur yeh pull saaf nazar aa rahi thi. Ab Jameela Bhahi ne aasmaan outha liya tha. Bar bar lun ko gaand se bahar nikalnay ka keh rahi thi aur koshish bhi ker rahi thi keh kisi tarah meri grift ouski kamar par dheeli ho jaai aur voh azad ho sakay. Voh kafi struggle ker rahi thi lekin mein ne mehsoos kiya keh ouski mehnat oulta kaam dikha rahi thi kayounkeh joun joun voh gaand ko wiggle kertay huwe zor laga rahi thi ouski takleef mein azafa ho raha tha……mein ne bhi wahan dabaao jari rakha aur phir suddenly aik zordaar awwaz nikli; SSSCHHHHUUUUUURPPPPPPPP aur meray Lun ka pura head ouski gaand mein outar gaya aur helmet ki gaand phar motaai ke forun neechay ouski gaand ka dahana close ho gaya. Ouski gaand ka ring mujhay apni thickness par ghera dalay saaf nazar aa raha tha.

Yeh dekh kar bhabi ki gaand ki takleef ka buht ehsaas huwa lekin zindagi mein pehli dafa kisi gaand ki chodai kerneki thrill aur excitement ne mujhay mesmerize ker diya tha aur mein buht fakhar mehsoos ker raha tha. Ouski gaand ka mounh ab thorha khul chuka tha aur mein chahta tha keh ouski gaand ko meray Motay Monster Lorhay ki aadat ho jaai takeh na sirf voh isko jhel sakay balkeh voh eski zaroorat mehsoos karay aur college ke dinoun ki tarah gaand merwana chalu karay. Mein zor zor se ouski payari gaand ko masalne laga lekin buht subtly apni hips ka pressure bhi jari rakha aur. Mujhay pata chal raha tha keh little by little, inch by inch mera Lun ouski gaand mein slide ker raha tha aur voh kafi shor macha ker duhaai de rahi thi. Jald kaam mukammal huwa aur garmi ke sabab paseenay mein shraboor meray tattay hamaray darmyaan crush ho gaye. Jameela Bhabi ko bhi ehsaas ho gaya keh ouski gaand ko shakast ho gaie hai aur mera Lorha ouski tamam resistance ko beat kertay huway, ouski tamam security ko breach ker chuka tha aur ouski gaand ki ultimate depth mein outar gaya tha. Aik toh gaand ki musalsal chudai nah honay ki wajah, dousray meray Dahush shaped motay lambay lorhay ka is tarah andar chlay jana; mein bhabi ki aah o pukar aur continous takleef aamez groaning ko samajh sakta tha magar aunty Shafqat ne buht dafa sabaq yaad kerwaya tha keh chodtay waqt dard chahay kitna zayada ho, Lorha bahar nikalnay se maqsad hasil nahi hota. Lorha andar chala jaai toh sirf aik he amal mufeed hota hai keh ab andar he rahay takeh iskay ird gird ka gosht ouski mojoudgi ko feel karay aur jald az jald ousko qabool kerle. Esi lesson aur knowledge ki wajah se mein ne munasab pressure jari rakha takeh Jameela ki gaand ka yeh ehsaas jald baidaar ho keh yeh steel hard gosht aur khoon ka bana huwa huge piston ab ouska muqaddar tha aur esko bardasht kiye baghair koi aur charah nahi tha.

Jameela, aaj mein oun khush naseeboun ke group mein shamil ho gaya houn jinhoun ne pehli dafa tumhari gaand mari thi. Mein ne dheere se apnay badan ko ouskay badan par spread kertay huway ouskay kaan mein kaha aur buht payar se ouski neck par chumyaan bhi lein. Voh lagataar moaning ker rahi thi kayounkeh yaqeenan ouski gaand mein itni zayada jo dahshat gardi hui thi voh really buht dard aur takleef ka saman thi. She did not say a word but her hands moved slightly and her finger tips touched my face patting there in appreciation which confirmed that she was happy if not enjoying the balls deep 7+ inches of sex wedged in her through that ass hole. Mein ne ouski aur apni enjoyment ka socha aur slowly, very slowly pulled about half of my length out of her tight ass gripping like a vice and she yelled aloud in pain when her inner sheathing got pulled out wrapped on my huge sized thick fucking pole. I hurriedly shoved it back into her and she growled even louder as her ass ring clutched to the cruel cock shaft very close to my groin where my meat disappeared in my body and she pushed herself onto my body impaling her gaand intensely while she shivered and quivered in pain.

Voh shayad mujhay gaand mein ghassay bazi se rokna chah rahi thi. Ouski gaand ke defeated but still mazboot muscles ne nah sirf meray Lorhay ko puri tarah grip kar liya tha balkeh ouski tunnel Lun ko andar rakhnay ke liye puri taqat se suck bhi ker rahi thi. Gaand ki in moves se Lorhay mein baghawat ka rujhan tezi se paida ho raha tha aur mein esko control nahi ker pa raha tha. Har guzarte pal ke saath mera Lun sensitive ho raha tha. Mein ne aao dekha nah taao, suddenly apnay knees ko outha kar apnay feet per aa gaya aur youn ab mein Jameela Bhabi ki Gaand ko completely dominate kar raha tha. Gaand ki esqadar challenging moves meray Lorhay se bardasht nahi ho rahi thein aur voh gaand ko eski saza dena chah rah tha. Suddenly mein ne cruelly Bhabi ke head ko bed mein push ker diya aur es se pahlay keh voh es attack ko samajhti ya sah paati, meri thigh power ne apna josh dikhaya. Gaand ki grip suddenly zero ho gai, Lorha bahar nikla, tattay zor se jhoolay aur phir ghhroooph; gaand totally gaandu ho gaie. Brutal ghassa complete huwa aur Jameela ki oouufffff, oooouuuuuiiiiiii, hhaaaaaaiiii completely rook gaie. Aik lamhay ko khayal aaya keh shayad she was hurt magar es waqt mera Lun buht zayada perceptive aur thin skinned mehsooos ho raha tha. Meri selfishness ne mujhay fully qabu kiya huwa tha aur mujhay Jameela Bhabi ki gaand mein Lorha andar bahar kerneke ilawa kisi aur baat ki bhi hosh ya soojh boojh nahi thi.

Mein ne ghassay marne shuru ker diye. Dil chah raha tha keh sahi animalistic hard fucking karoun lekin abhi 5 minute bhi nahi guzray houn gai keh mujhay laga keh mera climax honay ko hai aur mein ab isko control nahi ker sakta tha. Jameela ki ouuuiiii, aaaaaaah itni loud thi keh inspite of all the doors and walls, her painful ass fucking cries could be heard out on the street. Mein ne puri taqat se Lorha bhabi ki gaand mein push kiya aur saath he meri pichkariyaan chalnay lagein. Being too much horny, I must have pumped no less than a gallon of my personal brew into her ass. Manee nikane se Lorhay mein jo mazeed sakhti aur motaai aayee ousne toh Jameela ki jaan nikal di. Normally 7, 7 ½ inch lamba Lun kum se kum 9–10 inches lamba ho gaya tha, motaai jo pehlay se bhabi ki gaand ko takleef ki new definition ka pata de rahi thi, ab is motaai ne dugna ho kar gaand ke saaray bandhan chaak ker diye thay. With each throbbing, horrendously huge cock further expanded and blasted my ball’s juice into her, she howled even louder. Aisa lagta tha keh ouski gaand ko zibah ker diya gaya ho aur voh dard bardasht nah kar paa rahi ho. Meri halat ous se koi buht different nahi thi. Shahwat ke bilkul naye arooj ne meray badan kay aik aik inch ko crush ker diya tha. Agar zayada nahi toh at least for next few minutes we both were knocked out of ourselves. Sirf itna yaad hai keh bhabhi bitch wali position se apni side ki terf slide ker gaie thi, hum dono Lorhay aur gaand ka joint qaaim rakhay bed per gir gaye aur meri arms ne ousko nicely close hug ker liya tha. Ouskay still marble like hard boobs ke ooper oubhray huwe burning nipples meri oungliyoun mein thay aur mein oun se khel raha tha.

It did not take long aur hum ne aik dousray ko arms mein smait liya. Mein ouski chamkilee eyes mein dekh raha tha, lagta tha voh koi baat kerna chah rahi hai. Mein buht payar se ousko kiss kiya, ouskay lips ko chusa. Ousne halki si siski li aur halki awaz mein boli, kaho maza aaya? Maza aisa aaya keh explain nahi kiya ja sakta, Jameela; mein ne kaha, magar tumhari gaand itni tight aur isqadar uptight thi keh mera Lorha esko sahi tarah handle nahi ker saka aur buht jaldi farigh ho gaya.

Voh hans kar boli, is mein gaand ka qasoor toh nahi keh tight thi, haan agar dheeli aur naa jaaiz khuli hoti phir sharm ki baat thi. Kaam ki baat yeh hai keh maza aaya hai, dheere dheere experience ho jaai ga toh es lutf ki asaliyat ka pata chlay ga . Ouski baat se mai buht excited ho gaya, matlab saaf zahir tha, ousne mujhe experience ki baat se yeh keh diya tha keh ab yeh bar bar hone wala tha. Mein ne zor se japhi dal kar ousay apnay seenay se chimta liya aur walhana chumna shuru ker diya. Ousne aik khas angle se apni legs ko khola aur kisi scissors ki tarah meri hips per lapait diya aur mein ne ouski geeli phuddi ki heat ko apni shaved pubic bone aur lorhay par mehsoos kiya. Lorhay aur choot mein paigham rasaani shuru ho gaie aur hum dono bhi masti mein jhoomnay lagay. Dunya aur dunya mein honay walay kisi fact ki koi importance nahi reh gaie thi. Forehead se nipples tak dono payar ki geeli geeli kissing, licking se puri tarah bheeg gaye. Voh meray hard pecks aur aroused nipples ko buht zayada enjoy kerne lagi aur mein ne bhee position tabdeel kerke ouske boobs ko nashana bana liya. Nah koi bandash thi nah koi sharm jhijhak; yaani mukammal baigherti aur total lust ka rule tha. Kab hum dono 69 position mein aaye, kab mein ne apna pura erect lund ouskay supard kiya, kab ouski choot ko apni property samajh kar ousko puri tarah qabu mein liya; koi baat yaad nahi. Kabhi mein ooper hota aur nah sirf ouskay mounh aur throat ko apni full length se chodta aur ousko ouksata keh voh meray lorhay ko suck karay aur tattoun se bhi lutf andoz ho, ounko bhi lick, suck karay ya kabhi voh meray ooper aa jati aur apni munya si phuddi ko puri tarah meray mounh mein ghusa deti. Mein ne abhi tak relatively matured phuddiyoun ko choda tha jin mein se a few ko phuddi kehna phuddi ki toheen thi; ounko sirf phudda kaha jana darust tha lekin jo jawan phuddiyan bhi meray lorhay ki zad mein aaein, oun mein se koi bhi itni nazak si ya nokhez nahi thi. Mein ouski choot ko puri tarah apnay mounh mein suck kerke apnay lips ko zor se tight shut ker laita aur apni zuban se ouski gulab ke phool jaisi dono pankharhyoun ko open kerta aur jahan tak meri zoban maar ker sakti thi mein andar ja kar slime aur guday ka maza leta. Phir geeli phuddi ko mounh se nikal kar ouske lips ko alag kerta aur apni fingers se andar bahar tamam jagah ko stretch kerke ouski chumyaan leta.

Mein ne uski choot ko khub pyar kiya bahut dair tak usko chata jis se ousko kisi baat ki hosh nahi rahi aur voh lagbhag pagal si ho gaie. Ouski choot ke lips ka size jitna mukhtsar tha ouska clitoris ous hasab se koi 10 times large tha aur meray bar bar suck aur tease kerne se kisi school aged bachay ki lulli ke topay ki tarah red, erect aur garm ho chuka tha. Voh khud bhi puri tarah se garam ho chuki thi aur continous moaning ke saath apni phuddi ko idhar oudhar dance kerwa rahi thi, yaani ouska apnay damagh par control khatam ho gaya tha aur ab voh aik machine thi jisko choot mein Lorhay ki zaroorat ke ilawa kisi aur baat ka ilm ya parwah nahi reh gaie thi. Baisharm, baihaya phuddi zillat ki tahoun mein gir chuki thi. Mein soch sakta tha aur mujhay ehsaas tha keh mein apnay bhai ke hissay ki choot ko chodnewala tha magar mein yeh sirf naiki ke jazbay ko nibhanay ke liye kernay wala tha keh ghar ki izzat kisi tarah bach sakay. Mein yeh naiki aik sawab ka kaam samajh ker kernewala tha vernah voh toh yaqeenan hamaray gharanay ki izzat aur waqar ko galiyoun mein zaleel kerwa deti. Yeh khayal aatay hie mein ne khudko proud feel kiya aur mera lun bhi naiki ka hissadaar honay ka soch ker khushi se masti mein jhoomnay laga. Ab bhabi Jameela ki choot chodaai ka waqt aan pouncha tha.

Soon as I was taking position between her legs, guiding the swollen head of my steel rod into her tight willing pussy, she spread her legs wider than I thought possible inviting my cock to take the cache between her thighs. Her pussy button was erect and visibly hurting for love. Mujhay ehsaas huwa keh ouski opening buht narrow thi kayounkeh buht ehtyaat se sahi muqam aur sahi angle per pressure denay ke bawajood mera Lorha phisal ker side per ho gaya tha. I pulled out and stroked a bit until a larger dab of pre cum oozed out of my cock hole, jisko mein ne Lorhay ke topay ke saath dheere dheere Bhabi ki choot ki slit mein spread ker diya.

Jameela Bhabi mujhay apni gaand de chuki thi aur ab mein ouski phuddi marnewala tha lekin pata nahi kayoun mujhay ous se nafrat si mehsoos ho rahi thi. Jaisa mein ne kaha, mera khayal tha ouski shadi mujh se hona thi lekin ab voh meray hissay ki phuddi nahi thi aur meri nah hone ke bawajoud voh meray Lorhay ke neechay thi, mujhay voh shafqat aunty jaisi aik kanjar aurat nazar aa rahi thi jiska maqsad sirf apni choot mein jawan Lorhay lena tha. Sochoun mein pareshan mein ne ouski choot ki nanhni si opening ka nashana liya aur apni puri jismani taqat ko istamaal kerke jis wahshat se ouski phuddi mein ghassa mara tha ouski masal milna mumkin nahi thi. Although she was in missionary position, her total body jerked and her head made some convulsive moves. Mera dhayan huwa aur mein ne dekha, no less tha half of my over 7 inches fucking pole was inserted into her chute. Phir suddenly ouska head started whipping side ways like she was in intense pain. Mujhay aunty ka diya huwa lesson yaad aaya aur next moment toh room mein duhaai mach gai. Mein ne aik aur nadir shahi ghassa maar diya tha impaling full 7+ inches length into her love chute. Gripping her left thigh, I raised it high seperating her pussy lips that squeezed tight around my thickness and pressed my groin forward sliding even deeeeeeeeepppperr. Jameela was shouting as if she had gotten out of her mind and definitely not for the pain or hurt but the intense deep pleasure as well. My torso lowered and both of my hands settled on the pair of boobs, looking so pretty and young; quickly chased by my greedy lips, tongue and mouth, all getting busy to enjoy the ripped hard young meat and nipples on the top. In a very natural response my hips got pulled back which brought the cock out from her sizzling cunt not before feeling her pussy shiver, squeeze in an attempt to keep my sex wand in her. Sensing the urgency of her wet warm hole, I pressed the thick moist cock back into her slit and rubbed my shaved clean pubic zone against her creating high voltage of pleasure waves acknowledged by our mutual happy moaning.

Ahhhhhhh Bhabi, tum…… aur ousne meri baat kaat di aur apni legs bhi wide open kerke meri back ke ooper cross ker dein to facilitate and accommodate the action better and still deeper. Jounhi mera male organ ouski phuddi ki mound par press huwa ouski halki si “OooUuuuIii” nikal gai aur voh kaanp ker ooper ko ouchhli jis se mera Lorha ouski pulpy choot ki mound ke aur andar dhans gaya. Lagta tha keh phuddi ke andar ka nazuk pink flesh meray Lorhay ne kisi saw ki tarah kaat dala tha. Ouuhh Fuck baby, you sure have a tight pussy there; I complimented her fuck hole, it is so cooperative and obedient. She humped a bit louder for my ears as I plunged and pulled back a bit in frenzy. MMMMM it hurts so nice, please don’t stop; she muttered in a gasping voice laced in pain and pleasure. Ouski choot ab ghassebazi ke forced onslaught ko enjoy kerte huwe spread hoti ja rahi thi. Mera Lorha bhi enjoyment ki dunya mein dubkiyaan laga raha tha aur Jameela ki siskiyoun ki koi parwah nahi kar raha tha, fucking her little bit deeper and stronger with each thrust. Meri fingers ab hamaray nangay badan ke darmayaan ouski phuddi ke button ko wipe, rub, squeeze, tweek, tease ker rahi thein. She cried out, her back arching, her body attempting to jerk as my cock pressed into her hot quivering pussy. She squirmed and thrashed frantically before giving a cry of pain, excitement and surrender as she felt her fucked up pussy filled into previously unknown depths within her vagina with my manly meat. I was fucking her snatch using short adamant thrusts but definitely attempting to go deeper each time. An orgasmic high was written all over her body as she fought the pain of lust and envy stretching her each muscle, nerve and vein; making me to pump fuck her even more vigorously and that did it.

With a fury she gripped the bed sheet and her body started convulsing. Ouski phuddi itni shiddat se meray Lorhay ke ird gird musalsal squeeze aur relax hui keh meray Lorhay ko saans lena mushkil ho gaya. Meine itni jawan choot ko orgasm se pagal hotay kafi arsa baad mehsoos kiya tha aur agar mein khatray ko on time realize nah kerta aur struggle ke baad choot ko khali nah kerta toh yaqeenan mera toapkhana shooting shuru ker deta. Mein ne apnay climax ko avoid kerneke liye Jameela ki phuddi toh khali kerdi thi magar aisa kerne se phuddi par jo guzri voh aik puri kahani hai. Anyhow Bhabi had a tremendous orgasm which passed ultimately leaving her breathing hard and fighting for more and more oxygen but her body of course settled again into the affairs of the moment. Believe it or not, she held my tent pole even stroking it for a few and then wedged her cunt hole right onto it feeling my balls pressing hard on the silky smooth pussy lips. Ohhhhhhh maather chod, mein control he nahi ker saka aur phuddi ka apnay Lorhay par yeh zulm mushkil se bardasht kiya. Choot geelay slippery flood se fully loaded thi magar mujhay phir bhi aisa laga keh friction ki intiha ho gai thi aur meray Lorhay ki khaal kahinch di gaie thi. Yeh ehsaas takleef deh bhi tha aur saroor o masti ki unknown depths ka milestone bhi. Hum abhi tak missionary position mein thay. Lorhay ka last millimeter bhi phuddi mein janay ki wajah se Jameela kisi zombie ki tarah wide open eyes se space ko ghoor rahi thi, ouski choot toh khuli thi magar ouska mounh bhi bilkul anjanay mein khula huwa tha jo es baat ka sabot tha keh mera mota lumba lun ousay lutf de raha tha. Ouuf kaya scene tha, dilchasp nazarah, lun phuddi ka milaap a natural and maximum fun time. I held her thigh again, forcing it up and back, my hand caressed the soft skin while my thighs pile drove my cock deep into her body. She jerked helplessly! Her mind was shaking and spinning, her body was feeble against this pleasing misery. Although I did not know the size of my younger brother but still was almost sure she’d never felt this deep heat between her legs with my cockhead bludgeoning into the very end of her pussy! I could even feel her pussy lips clinging tightly around my shaft. She was willingly impaled on my long, thick male organ and clutched tightly to my piston; her arms gripping my shoulders with her legs around my waist.

I took one last nip at her clit before pushing up. Lifting her hips, I pushed her further back on the bed and simultaneously slid my fucking cock deep inside of her. She felt it hitting home and cried out again, thrusting her hips up, grinding herself hard against my pubic bone. Now it was my turn to groan even louder, I thought I may lose control so with closed eyes I slowly started counting backwards from one hundred by threes; 100, 97, 94, 91, 88 to keep me from hiting the orgasm again. Jameela continued to writhe beneath me like a fish out of water, breaking my concentration but I did get control of myself allowing me to start my move once again, slowly at first. Bhabi sighed with pleasure and her hands moved over my ass pulling me tighter against her pussy hole and moved with me, grinding her opening against me every time I made a deep cock thrust in her. “So good”, “So nice” she groaned over and over as I continued to pump her pussy with a complete physical control of my flag staff. Fucking was brutal enough to make her cry with frustration after being bashed non stop burning her bones and making her teeth sweat with springs of joy and body tensing feeling making her open the eyes and look up at me, her eyes filled with still more need.

“Roll over,” I said quietly but firmly pulling my wand out of her wet warm den. Jameela bit her lip and nodded, quickly flipping onto her stomach as I pulled her hips up and pushed her knees apart with my knees. Moving up behind her I slid my dangerous looking cock inside her pussy once again. She reared back; yelling with ultimate sensations washing over her and pushing so hard against me, making me lose the balance on the mattress. I grabbed the headboard with one hand, her hip with the other and slowly began to move again, the sound of her pleasure pushing me to the edge one more time. Slight adjustment making sure not to lose balance and fall off, I let go the headboard and slid the free hand under her belly finding her erect clit fully exposed and burning hot. A very logistically thought lonnnnnnnnnng, deeeeeeeeep move inside her and rapidly pulling out for a repeat; establishing a paced rhythm and rubbing her clitty was more than she could bear without louder cries of joy and satisfaction. Like a flash she lost it all, breathing shallow, her moans growing louder and louder suddenly rearing baaaack against me, grinding her cunt hard against the base of my cock and bursted into shivers and squirms.

Mein ne ouski chodai ko roak diya takeh voh apnay orgasm ko puri tarah enjoy ker sakay. Ouski legs kaanpti rahein, ouski breathing buht hap hazard ho gai aur choot ke strong muscles meray wahshi Lorhay per es buri tarah tight huway keh mujhay ehsaas huwa keh mein ouski phuddi mein honaywali dhamal ke asar se apnay climax ko hit kerne wala houn lekin phir jald he ouski phuddi ke muscles jo kisi vice ki tarah meray Lorhay ko wrench like tightly grip ker rahay thay suddenly relaxed to near normal and so did her breathing. Lovingly I ran my hands over her ass buns and all sweaty wet back as I listened her breathing go normal. Mera Lorha half se zayada ouski choot se bahar nikla huwa tha agarcheh cockhead abhi phuddi kay lips mein phansa huwa tha. Meray haath bar bar Bhabi ki gaand ki golayoun par ghoumtay huwe ab gaand ke sorakh tak aanay lagay thay. Bhabi bhi buht non chalant andaz mein apni gaand wiggle ker rahi thi aur mujhay exploration ke liye encourage ker rahi thi. Mein ne aik haath ouski belly ke neechay slide kiya aur apni 2 fingers ouskay clitoris per rub kein jahan abhi tak ouska juice seep out ker raha tha. Using this fluid as lube I pushed index finger in her tight asshole making her sigh loud, very loud but stayed still as I twisted my finger digging deeper with even louder moan letting her sphincter muscles relax. Soon it was expanded enough making me insert my second finger in her ass canal. Es ke saath Jameela ka badan reared back aur mera lun ouski geeli phuddi mein chala gaya jahan voh pahlay se phansa huwa tha. Although meri erection buht zayada stiff thi aur phuddi bhi geeli thi magar phir bhi phuddi ki is sudden movement se meri painful cheikh nikal gai. Iskay saath he Gaand ooper ko move hui aur bilkul anjanay mein meri almost puri finger bhabi ki silky gaand mein chali gaie. She turned her head slightly saying, wowaahh! Maza aaaaa gaya, double maza balkeh aur zayada.

I ran my other hand over her hip, down the curve of her spine, Takleef toh nahi hai? Jameela bhabi saroor aur mazay ki voh ecstatic level enjoy ker rahi thi keh inkaar mein sirf head shake ker saki. Meray liye bhi gaand se khelna aur choot ko chodna bilkul naya aur first experience tha so I was rapidly absorbed in it. Bhabi undoubtedly gaand aur choot ki aik saath service ko itna zayada enjoy ker rahi thi keh ab ouskay apnay dono haath neechay back tak slip ker chukay thay aur apni gaand ki crumpled tiny tight mori ko puri tarah expand kerne ki koshish ker rahay thay. Dheeray dheeray khulti gaand kay sorakh ke andar se gulabi gosht meri index finger per wrap ho kar finger ke saath each pull and push se ouuuuuuut, innnnnnnn, ouuuuuuut, innnnnnnnn ho raha tha aur phuddi ka bhi yahi haal tha; yaani with each thrust phuddi ki inside sheathing meray anaconda thick lund ka cover ho gaie thi aur ghassoun ki tezi aur force ke jawab mein andar bahar ho rahi thi. Kaash meri oungli ki jagah dousra bhi lorha hota jo Bhabi ki gaand ko esi bairahmi se chodta jaisay mein ouski……… “Fuck me faster, use your thumb” Jameela ne meri soch ko disturb ker diya aur mein ne kisi robotic fucking machine ki tarah chodna shuru ker diya. Puray 7+ inches se choot ki aur last knuckle tak deep, 2 fingers aur abh thumb ki request se gaand ki animalistic chodaai mein aur tezi aa gaie. Meray zehn mein khayal aaya keh kaheen gaand ka koi nuqsaan nah ho jaai lekin es moment ki surging lust ne isko ignore ker diya tha.

“Are you okay?” I asked her with almost losing my breath.

“Yes,” she whispered. “It feels…so different, so good”.

I began to role my hips and hand too, gently against her so that she could get used to the intense feeling. I changed my thrusting tempo in her pulling myself back just a few inches before sliding gently back inside. She continued to hold her ass cheeks open for me, giving me a delicious view of her stretched anus and invitation for rapid non stop finger fucking her, in there. Honestly I had been fucking her beyond my limits for better than decent length of time until again my balls grew heavy with the urge to shoot and this time closing the eyes, counting backwards was not going to work almost surely. She was so tight, feeling so good around my cock. I wanted to cum, fill her up with every drop of my sperm. I wanted to see my seed flowing from her pussy and swept upto her ass with my fingers, I wanted to smell the heavy musk perfume of our orgasms mixing in the air. l began to fuck faster, unable to keep myself from responding to the physical need, pounding against her, shoving my cock harder and faster into her. The desire not to hurt her disappeared in my growing need to cum and I fucked her cruelly, brutally slammed my cock inside her, over and over and it wasn’t until I heard her cries of pleasure that I realized she was now writhing beneath me again, working herself into another very strong orgasm. She let go of her ass cheeks, her hands moving under her body and had found her well fucked phuddi. I could feel her fingers on my sensitive dick as she jammed them inside her pussy, satisfying herself as I continued to bash fuck her in the same pussy. Her excitement and her choot suddenly gripping, grabbing like a wrench pushed me over the edge with one last hard thrust into her as the familiar sensation of semen rushing out of my cock nearly overwhelmed me. As I squirted, I could feel Jameela’s legs begin to shake again. Her knees gave out and she fell to the bed, taking me with her. She cried out with her orgasm, the vibrations so intense, even I could feel them through the thin membrane that enveloped her cunt on my cannon only intensifying the last few spasms of my orgasm. Meri manee itni zayada aur itni tezi se nikli keh tattoun mein dard mehsoos honay laga. “Wow”I groaned painfully and rolled onto my side, my cock slowly pulling out of her body.

The euphoria of climax lasted for whatever long it did while we only held each other tight as our heartbeats was felt from one to the other until we landed back on the bed. We both thought our expedition was so wrong but still it felt so right and we sat there naked making plans, contemplating, discussing, discarding, and deciding how we shall be able to continue this fuckfest in the near future and on long term bases as well. Needless to say, where there is a will to get the pussy and or ass fucked, there is always a way for the desired cock to reach in and fuck it and so did we. For one last thought; after such hot, aroused sexy game would you go for a fucking shit game of tennis, neither did I.

The End. Thanks for your time………………