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Hey guys!  I know I’m quite a bit late to bring the next installment of my series but trust me it was because of a reason which you will ...

Exploiting Innocent Neighbour And Her Mother Part – 3

Hey guys!  I know I’m quite a bit late to bring the next installment of my series but trust me it was because of a reason which you will find soon. For all those who haven’t read the previous parts of this story, no worries guys, you may read it now. So here’s the story.

As you already know that I was really taken aback by what Khushi said to me. Her words got impregnated onto my heart and I was in a complex state of pleasure and denial of what Khushi just said to me. My hands got numb, my arms felt heavy and spine could no longer carry the burden of my mistakes. I was laying on the floor and for the first time in my life I was weeping, which later on turned into a huge cry. My complete body was frozen, everything around me was so slow yet so smooth. My mind had stopped working or had it gone to some different dimension, never mind it was all surreal. What I could have not given that day to change those 4 hours of my life. That was the longest day and the longest night of my life.

Next day while I was taking a shower, those thoughts were constantly buzzing in my mind. Deep down somewhere I knew that yesterday I enjoyed a lot but how? At the cost of someone’s trust? Someone’s happiness? How can I be so inhuman? So selfish? So pathetic? That’s why I decided to apologize to Khushi for my deeds or at least I could just tell her to pardon me for once and I won’t show her my face again. Then I quickly came out from the shower, dressed up and headed towards my terrace in order to see her.

“What the fuck? What happened? Why is she not there? I wonder if I’m late but its the right time. She ought to be there. I mean she regularly does come to her terrace for drying her hairs after bathing or simply to see me but why has she not came yet?” I was self musing. I decided to wait for her, therefore I stood there for two hours but she didn’t came. For once a thought of going to her house did came into my mind but it soon fade away when I realized they won’t allow me to let in. Finally I thought of giving Khushi some time alone for self healing process so I waited for long 24 hours to take some action. Next day also I went on terrace but she didn’t came nor she came the next day. I was so often moving out of my house, frequently standing outside just to get a glimpse of her but all my efforts were in vain.

A day after, Diwali vacations got over and school reopened. I finally saw her for the first time after that incident and she was looking extremely beautiful, a complete goddess in her white serine uniform. I noticed her innocent eyes, shiny tangles of hair, dry lips and her eternal soft voice. She never looked so beautiful before or I haven’t noticed her with such enthusiasm before. Anyways, whatever it is but I got new hope that day. I decided to meet her outside her school building as soon as her school gets over.

I stood there with my bike, waiting for her to come out. And there she was, the purest soul of this earth, carrying her heavy bag. She moved out of the building and straight away headed towards her van, completely ignoring me. This thing soon became a daily routine. I regularly waited for her outside her school in this hope that she will finally talk with me or at least abuse me or tell me to go away but nothing as such happened and soon one and a half months passed away. Then one fine day, she did notice me and started walking towards me, her walk being the longest walk of the hour. My heart beats were increasing with her advancing steps towards me.
Khushi: why?

Me: what? What do you mean?
Khushi: why are you doing this? You got what you wanted then why are you doing this?
Me: I just want to say sorr…..

Khushi: thanks a lot Mr. Kabir Agrawal for your concerns but it’s not needed. So you may leave now and don’t follow me from now on.

Me: listen I know I am no one to say this to you but please forgive me. Please forgive me for once and I won’t show you my face ever again. ( I’ve finally said it)

Khushi: hold on you jerk there ain’t a small fraction of chance that I am going to forgive you and yeah for your “I never show you my face again crap” I don’t think you are so important in my life that I care that you will or you won’t so just leave, just fucking get out of my way.

Me: if I’m not that important to you then why the hell are you so upset with me? Why the hell do you hate me so much?

Khushi: I don’t believe this. I don’t think I am answerable to you.

Saying this she left. Again my world got frozen. My heart stopped beating, my eyes stopped searching for her and I stopped looking for her from now on. 10 days passed quickly and I was still there standing with bare hands, hoping for things to turn and guess what they did turned but how? You will get your answers right now.

January 24th, 2018,
2:15 pm,
You have a new message.
Check your inbox.
I opened up my inbox and saw a message, it was from Khushi’s number. “Please come to my house right now”, it read.
I was surprised, shocked, happy, confused all at the same time but anyways I decided to go. I told my mum that I was going to a friend’s place and went to Khushi’s house.
In the next moment, I was sitting on her couch and she was sitting right in front of me. She was wearing a black top with tight faded blue jeans. In other words, she was looking damn pretty.

Me: so?

Khushi: no need to say anything. I thought a lot about it and I have decided that you really deserve a chance. So for your record, I am forgiving you.

Me: what? Really? I thought that you won’t, in this life, you won’t ever forgive me. Thanks, thanks to a lot, Khushi.

Khushi: oh stop that! How can I not forgive you? After all, you tried so much. It’s okay!

Me: (I felt something suspicious is going on in her mind so I said) what is going on Khushi? Do you wish to say something else?

Khushi: no it’s just that I loved you very much, I loved you more than anything else in my life and when you did that to me, I got really very hurt.

She started crying, there was love in her eyes but her pain was overshadowing it. I kept my hands on her shoulder and told her to stop crying.

Me: please don’t cry Khushi, please stop crying, I can’t see you like this. You know I also felt my love towards you after I lost you.

Khushi: seriously? You’re not lying na Kabir?

Me: I swear on my love.

Then she looked into my eyes and slowly bring her head near me. Her lips met with mine, her hairs played with mine and she gave me the most passionate kiss of my life. It was very intense, it was as if she wanted to prove something. She soon took hold of my breath and was in complete possession over me. Her tongue doing so much inside with my tongue while her hands firmly holding my head. For one second I lost all my breath and I was literally pleading her to stop, stop right there. Anyways, I somehow managed her to stop and we were breathing like hell. Then after few seconds of heavy breathing, she pulled my shirt off with her tight grip. I got hurt but she didn’t stop there, she started kissing me wildly all over my neck and on my chest, even biting my neck ruthlessly.

Then, she pushed me back onto the couch and unzipped my pants. She quickly took it off along with my underwear and started throbbing my cock badly. My cock had become rock steady till then and she was pulling, biting and playing with my cock. Then she without wasting a single minute removed her jeans and her top. She asked me to lie flat on the couch and she removed her panty too. Then she jumped onto me and put a condom on my dick. I wonder that all this was preplanned.

Then she threw herself at me and her pussy over my dick. She harshly inserted my dick into her hole and strangely I was feeling the pain. I said “Khushi please stop this, I want to make love but this is…” and in her reply, she said, “We are making love, aren’t we Kabir?”. Then she started the in and out movement of hers meanwhile resting her hands on my shoulders. Then she removed her bra and positioned her breasts near my face and told me to lick her nipples everytime she brings her boobs near me. She mixed this thing with her movement and which each throbbing she brought her boobs near my face. She slowly increased her movement speed and started giving me faster and deeper strokes.

Pain was obvious on her face and thus on mine but she didn’t slow down, instead, she started ramming harder and harsher. I don’t know what was going in her head but she went really wild that time. After few minutes, I came and stepped down from the couch. She removed the condom and started licking all my cum. Soon she started sucking my dick with her complete force and trust me it was hurting very badly. I asked her to stop but she didn’t, instead, she put her hands over my mouth to shut me up. Soon my dick became erect once again so she told me that she wants to try anal now as she has regretted that last time she refused to do it.

She took hold of my dick and positioned it towards her ass hole. Then she asked me to enter it. I tried but it was paining like hell. She was also in great pain but she insisted in to continue the work. I asked for some cream but she denied it. I said “Please don’t do this to yourself. You will not be able to bear so much pain and I won’t be able to see you in such pain.” to this, she replied, “Oh you can Kabir, don’t you want me now baby?”
I knew she won’t stop unless she gets what she wants. So I somehow managed to put my dick into her hole and soon I succeeded in entering her hole too. “Common now Kabir, fuck me, fuck me real hard baby”, Khushi said. I unwillingly fucked her until I came out again and then I quickly moved out my dick. I could clearly see some blood in her hole walls and my dick was also paining like hell. I could barely speak something. Then, something extremely strange happened there, I saw her mom standing right in front of us.

Me: aunty it’s not that what you think. You see I love Khushi…

Khushi: shut the fuck up! You son of a bitch. I don’t love you. I just did the same thing which you did with me that day. I played with your emotions to fuck you and make you feel like a sex object which I just used to satisfy my ego and lust. Now fucking leave and never show me your face again, you freak!

Me: so what just happened between us meant nothing? What was it? The revenge sex?

Khushi: yeah you can think like that if you want to. Now leave.

These words broke my heart. I was completely torn so was she. I’m sure you want to know what happened next. For that, you will need to wait for the next part.
To be continued………