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Ankit was quite surprised after his encounter with his mother. He never thought or even imagined that something like this could happen ev...

From Friend’s Mother To Mother: Part- 2

Ankit was quite surprised after his encounter with his mother. He never thought or even imagined that something like this could happen ever. However, this unimagined thing was heavenly.

He couldn’t get over what happened with him in last few days. First Rubina and then mother. For a boy who is just coming out of his teenage, all these encounters were hard to digest. However, it was not all glorious. He knew that he went too far in case of Rubina. In his emotional turmoil, he thought he Rubina would agree on anything he asks. But it turns out she had some terms to continue this relationship.

Next 2 weeks went like this only. He couldn’t see his mother in eyes, as well as Rubina, was continuously ignoring him. He didn’t get chance to apologize properly. Also, he was not feeling like apologizing. He thought it was Rubin’s fault to not allow him to have his way.

After two days he got news that Akhtar with his father was going out of town for a couple of days. Only Rubina and Akbar’s younger siblings would be at home. He would have been delighted if things were good with him and Rubina. But after all that, he didn’t know how to react to this news as Akhtar was his only friend he hangs out.

Next evening when he went home, his mother told him that Rubina has called, and asked if he could stay at her home? Since both adult male of her family will be out, she is concerned and didn’t want to be at the house alone with two kids.

She told him that he should go to sleep there after having dinner. Ankit was in the confused state the way Rubina has behaved and she is behaving now.

Only Akhtar’s younger siblings were at home and he knows that they are heavy sleepers. Rubina put her finger under his chin and turning his face towards her while he was watching TV in her house.

“We are still friends? Right!” She asked.

“Yes!” He gave a stone cold reply. He turned his face towards TV without giving much look at her.

Rubina showed him the room where she put his bed. She gave him a light hug and a peck on the cheek and left the room immediately.
Ankit thought he ruined it again. If he wasn’t so cold to her, she would have stayed or invited him to her bed.

After 10 minutes, door opener slightly and Rubina entered silently. She has a tray in her hand. She was glowing in Red Salwar and Black Kurta.

“I am sorry for how I behaved,” He said in a soft tone.
She put the tray on the side table and put her hand on his hand. Ankit was sitting on the bed and Rubina was standing in front of her. She ran a finger through his hair. Her neckline was slightly open and he could see a hint of her breasts.
“Why are you doing this,” She asked in a complaining tone.
“Doing what”? He asked as if he doesn’t know anything.
“Do you really want me to tell know what you did?”
“ No! I know” he interrupted.

“Okay! Let’s be cool about that.” She said and tried to touch him between legs.

He stopped her. She tried it again and again but he didn’t allow her to.

At last, she said, “Alright! If you don’t want to do it. Even if you don’t love me, I still love you. And I am going to sleep here only”.

She moved away from the bed to turn off the lights and then came back. Ankit was still sitting on the edge of the bed. She rolled onto her back and threw the cover over her lower half. Ankit lied down after few minutes. She slightly moved towards him. Her soft body was making him.hard. He was lying on his side. Sometimes later he felt her body against him. She pressed her ass against his already hard cock. She realized he was already hard and it spread a smile on her face.

“These men are so easy to please”. Thought ran through her mind.Her ass cheeks clenched his cock as it stuffed between them. She pushed it harder and twirl it. This was uncontrollable for Ankit. After all, he was a young kid with flooding hormones.
Without waiting more he spooned himself behind her ramming his cock more into her ass cheeks. She snuggled closer and positioned her leg in a comfortable manner. His arms reached between her legs and fluttered her pussy. He murmured in her ear in a seductive tone, “Is this the right place, aunty?”
“You know better,” she said while spreading her legs to give him more space to explore.

She backed up to him opening knot of her salwar and sliding it down. She snuggled her ass to him and grabbed his cock to put on the opening of her vagina. He pushed it and here he was again. He entered her and tip of his cock were sliding against the interior wall of her pussy. Here her sweet spot was. His legs slipped between hers and she couldn’t help but spread her legs more.
A soft moan came out of her mouth, “This feels so good after a long time”.

Her moans were so loud and out of control. She was rhyming with every thrust Ankit was making. “Yes! That’s it. Do it do your aunty”.

“Ohh, God!! This feels too good. I missed it too much”. All she has managed to say. “Do it harder Beta”. “Yes!! Yes!! I am gonna cum!!”
He bit at her shoulder lightly. Her screams and gasps were out of control as her body was pulsating with series of orgasms. He co times stroking her with his hard cock and she keeps on moaning loudly until he emptied inside her.

Again, they were lying like friends cuddles together. He was holding her hard and Rubina was clutching herself harder as if starving for touch. He was pushing himself towards her harder and harder.

“ You must have been thinking about it for long?” She asked.
“Yes! From the moment I came to know I have to be with you. I was thinking like how good it would be to love you all night without any time constraint”.
“Is that everything you wanted to do?”
“Yes, but”
“But what?”

“ You know what I wanted”
She smiled and told him, “patience my boy! Sweet and precious things in life are worth waiting. And what you want is really precious”

She bent and kissed him hard. “I can’t see you sad. I would love to do whatever you want from me. There is Vaseline on the table, go grab it. Are you ready for this?”

He was surprised. He never expected that she would get agree for this. He was really horny for this.

She lied on her stomach and he came behind her. He dropped to his knees to have a good look at her ass.

The creamy white round globes were smooth and hairless as baby’s skin. The crevice opening revealing her tight asshole and just above her swollen pussy. The fleshy folds of her juicy pussy peeking out from the gash down. “I think I am going to cum just seeing this,” he said.

Ankit took a handful of her cheeks and squeezed that. He couldn’t believe he was going to be the first to fuck her ass.
He moved his mouth to her opening, and she felt his breath on her legs.

“Umm Ankit. Kiss it. You will be the first one to kiss me there.”
Ankit brought his lip and kissed her there.the flesh was so warm and soft. “Ohh yes. It’s so good” she said.

He took his tongue and licked all along her crevice.

“Ahhhhh! Lick all along the way beta”. The flesh was so warm and soft against his mouth.

“Umm Ankit. Let your tongue all the way inside. This is so good”.
Her ass was right in front of him. He could smell her shower gel. Her smell was intoxicating. He slowly kissed her all the way down and spread her ass cheeks. Running his tongue all the way to her crack, he encircled his tongue on the anus.

Rubina moaned when Ankit inserted his tongue tip into her anal opening and finger in vagina. He finger fucked her until she was wet enough while licking her anus. He pulled out his finger from pussy and inserted into her ass.

“Ahhh! Fuck my ass with that dick of yours. This is what you wanted. Take it.” She shouted.

Ankit lubed his dick and her ass with Vaseline. He is still in dreams and couldn’t believe that this is happening. He spread her ass cheeks and put his dick- head at her opening.

He guided the tip of the cock against her ass and pushed. At first, it got slipped. He spits some of his saliva on dick and pushed again. This time it went inside by an inch.

“Ohhhhh”! She almost cried in pain. “Please slowly. I am still virgin there”.

He pushed another inch slowly and then paused. Again an inch and a pause. Gradually he was almost inside her.
“Uhhh! It is so painful”

“Do you want to stop me?”
“No no fool! Just be gentle”.
“Just be a patient little bit more,” He said while trying to insert rest of it inside.

Suddenly he felt a pushback from her side and all of it was inside her with a loud shout from her mouth. She had painful facial expression and dug her nails into the mattress.

Ankit placed his hand on her ass and pushed little to ensure all of it was inside her. He bent to kiss her neck before he could start burying it deeper and deeper inside her. Meanwhile, he pushed his hand below on her pussy to work on her clit. She was so watery down there. He pushed it deeper and she rotates her ass around her cock.

“Are you alright?”
“Yes!! But this feels so strange”.
“Strange in what way? Does it hurt?”
“Yes, it hurts. Please be gentle”

Ankit was feeling her ass muscles were gripping and the pleasure was heavenly. He pulled her back by the hair and she moved further and turned to look into his eyes. “Fuck mommy’s ass”. She said almost shouting. It sent a thrill in Ankit’s body and he pushed harder this time as if imagining fucking his mom’s ass.

He was going deeper and deeper burying his cock inside her.She was hissing in pleasure and her fingers went to her pussy opening cunt- lips and she arched a finger all along her slit moving to clit and flicking it rapidly. Her hips were jiggling in pleasure.

Rubina was playing with her pussy while he slowly started to fuck her ass. As they both were getting into a rhythm he was going faster and faster making her moaning and shouting furiously. They both were moaning loudly.

Ankit slowed his speed and started a slow in and out movement still holding her head back with hair. He reached around her and took hold of her protruded nipples in his hand. There was no coordination as far as his treatment of her ass and nipples were concerned.

Rubina let out a groan and said, “Do it fast! But it. It’s all yours”.
Ankit shoved his cock as deep as he could hear this. He was pulling each stroke harder than previous one. She was humping back against each of the powerful hard thrusts.

Smiling lustily down at her, his face was flashing with excitement. He ground his cock into her anus and she groaned. He pressed his hands inside of her inner thigh folds, folding her body in half. His body was angled over her, his toes on the lowest step and his muscles were corded with strain. His body was bulging and she clenched his arms fiercely as he began to move, rocking his hips slowly back and forth, squeezing and pushing his cock into her anus. Rubina was gasping and panting smilingly as she was noticing growing lust on his face. Her body was pinned under his and she was bending as per her will. Her pussy was flaming with lust as his dick was going in and out, squeezing and pushing through her ass muscles. She was moaning and moved her finger to clit and whipped it furiously. She moaned and here is another orgasm for her. Her anus tighten grip on his cock, he arched his head back and his buttocks were flexing with all the work he is doing. His hips were grinding back and forth serving her anus.

Suddenly his cock slipped and came out of her anus. He saw Rubina’s ass hole was gaping open. I was looking like a tiny mouth.

He shoved his cock furiously into her ass and she screamed, “Ahhh! You really want to tear me apart!!”

Ankit reached for her clit and he shoved his cock, squeezing her clit between his fingertips. She thrust back hard making his cock to go deeper he didn’t reach before. She screamed waiting for more.

“Yes!! Do it hard”. Rubina was fighting for control. “Harder! Do it fast”. He couldn’t believe she was demanding it more and more.
Rubina’s plump bums were jiggling with every thrust he was making. He rubbed her ass and spanked it slowly as he was picking up the pace.

“Yes! Do it again”
He did it again.
“Ohh Yes! Do it harder”
Powerful thrusts on her anus left her weak but she still hadn’t given up for control.

Ankit reached for his breasts and grabbed it while hammering her asshole. He moved one of his hands to her pussy and inserted a finger inside. She cried out when an orgasm hit her and he rubbed his finger furiously on her clit. She turned towards her and locked his lips in hers.

Rubina’s pussy was dripping and he was still caressing it. He was sticking his finger inside while with thumb flicking her clit.
He repositioned himself to sit directly on top of her ass while his cock was still thrusting into her ass. He pressed his upper body on hers bending down.

He started giving long and powerful thrust. She got to signal that his balls were unable to hold longer his cream and he is about to gush out that.

“Ahhhh!!!” He moaned and started emptying himself inside her.
He gripped her boobs and continue to cum in her ass and fuck that simultaneously. He was filling her with his sperms. He kept drilling her centre of her ass with his cock unloading enormous amount of his cum.

Rubina’s pussy starting gushing out her cum dripping all her thighs and legs as Ankit fingered her long and hard.
“Ahhh!!” She moaned while gasping for air. “I won’t be able to sit properly for long”

They had the best opportunity to spend the whole night reconciling their differences. Without fear of time or being discovered they kept on exploring each other as best they could. She cuddled up to him and started rubbing her body against his.