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Hello everyone, This is Andy,from Mumbai.I’m happily married,working as a system engineer in a leading MNC. The story I’m penning is my ...

Fun With Manager At Goa

Hello everyone,
This is Andy,from Mumbai.I’m happily married,working as a system engineer in a leading MNC. The story I’m penning is my own story happened a few days back when I went on a company visit with my junior colleague to Delhi.
The heroine of the story is Neha(name changed),a white toned,married woman in my office.She’s 31,staying with family in Delhi.

Coming to the story,I was asked to go Delhi for a project meeting as clients got certain queries on our project.As it is indeed a short period,I had left my wifey at Mumbai.
Client’s project was headed by a gorgeous curvy women Neha.She’s so sweet and indeed she got right curves and flesh at right places.

In fact, the discussion lasted for almost 3 hours and meeting went well and I was quite confident that project will be approved for my company.

I told Neha,I’ll be staying till tomorrow for any clarifications, if required for their firm, as I require a pause from my busy schedule and I asked my colleague he can leave as almost everything was done.

On the evening,she had called me to reach their office the next day morning as their higher up’s asked her some clarifications.
I told she can send her company car to the JW Mariott Hotel at Aerocity to pick me up as I got no idea about Delhi city.She told that she’s staying in Dwaraka and if she can pick me up in her car.I said it’s okay!!

As a male tendency,I prepared well,dressed aptly and waiting for the beauty to arrive.She called me and I get into her car.
I forgot to describe her she’s 31 with 34-36-38 measurements.I guess it’s a C curve twins(later proved to be correct),flat belly and pear-shaped ass!!At the instance,I was dumbstruck after seeing her in Denims and V cut top!!I said howdy gorgeous?and she was shocked and told I’m well handsome and here starts the journey.

So I took the lead and started discussing the professional matters.

By that time,we reached her office and the entire day we had another series of discussions and its decided that we’re given the opportunity to execute the project.

On the return I asked her to drop me at Hotel.I thanked her for all the help and this time the drive’s romantic!!Things took a different turn as she was also impressed by my way of talking and approaching!We started discussing personal matters and she told she’ll be free that day as their hubby gone abroad on office work.I thought of taking a chance and asked her to come to the hotel so that I can give her a treat

I noticed she’s blushing and said she’ll be there by evening!!I winked and I told I’ll be waiting for you!

I had prepared well for the meet and thought of surprising her with a bouquet of red roses with chocolates.She in turn surprised me with red colour shimmer off the shoulders..After seeing the beauty in this my jaw was dropped for a second and I presented her bouquet and led her to the bar area.
We were discussing our personal issues with some kinky jokes.
As the other days being weekend days,I asked what are her plans as she was alone
N- Neha

N:thanks andy for the drinks and some memorable moments which you had planned for me

M:my pleasure Neha.It’s the first project of our firm with your firm.Let me cherish those memories!
N: what are your plans for tomorrow?
M: I’m absolutely free tomorrow.

N:can we go drive for tomorrow ?
M:I can take you,if you’re interested!
We immediately decided to go Goa as its really lovely during winter times!!
We made arrangements.we shared the expenses and told she’ll do flight tickets and rest of the surprises lies with me for two days.
So we took a flight from IGI Airport to Goa and we started conversing in the flights.

N-what you do for fun andy?
M-I love water sports, hiking, I recently joined one adult site where I can have some dirty chats too!!
M-what you do for fun?
N-I love nature,hiking.I’m not into water sports kinda activity as I’m scared of it.
N-apart from these how’s your sex life?

M-its almost 3 months since we last met.So,the cock is searching for his friend and winked at her.What about you?
N-same with me hun.I’m searching for right cock since last 6 months and winked at me.
We shared some adultery jokes in the journey and we reached Goa.

I had booked a resort near to the sea. She understood my ‘plan’.
No sooner we reached the resort and we checked in to our room.It got a private pool and mini bar.
I closed the door and she hugged me so tightly and whispered ‘I’m all yours’!!

I asked we will relax first in the swimming pool and then we can have some fun.
She said okay.She changed her dress to two piece.Believe me she got 34-36-38 measurements.Really awesome to see her in two pieces.

She noticed my dick is trying bulge from boxers and winked at me.I offered my hand and led her to pool.She smooched me and I reciprocated the same.We started walking in to the pool like that.I offered my tongue and she reciprocated with her saliva.Our tongues fighting like a tug of war.

After a brief time,I removed her bikini and she removed my boxer.I started fingering her pussy.Whilst she is stroking my shaved cock.I offered my lips for which she immediately galloped in mouth.I told how about blowjob?

She started choking my cock with her mouth while I’m standing in water.She was amazed at the size of my dick.Its 7′ long and 2′ thick.She started licking the shaft and then on balls.Cleaned the shaft with her saliva.I hold her head with my hands and started throbbing my dick deep inside her throat.She started screaming so do I.With each scream,the dick was becoming thick.It went for almost 15 minutes.As I’m about to cum,she told she want to drink juices.

She offered me to taste her ‘apple juices’!!I asked her to sit on the swimming pool floor so that I can bite her.I started licking her pussy.Its really awesome to smell the pussy which was shaved.I fingered the pussy deep and she told do it with class.Im nibbling her pussy and my tongue went deep inside the pussy.Now,I’m twirling it inside and it’s so awesome she started screaming in pleasure ooooooohhhhh yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!Ooooooohhhhh yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh.I asked her I wan to do fisting!!She amazed and said I’m yours all the day!

I started slowly pushing my fingers inside her pussy and taking out all the stored juices.She’s screaming like hell is falling on her pussy!!I offered those juices to her which she galloped.She told me she’s interested in 69!I took her to room in my hands!Her ass is so soft I can feel that!

I had taken her on to bed.What position you want in 69?
You on top?

Or me on top of you?She had chosen the former. She got on me and was eating my dick like banana and I am eating her pussy like a rabbit.I slapped her ass and asked to grind it on my face so that all the pussy can be licked.She followed my instruction.It made both of us so horny.
I asked her are you a cowgirl?

She asked how do you know?

Curvy girls are normally cowgirls and winked at her!
She had dick on her back and started riding it as she is riding a horse.I hold her hips tightly and she is dancing on my cock!!She changed the position and turned towards me!Now she’s sitting idle and I am banging her at back squeezing her boobs.She’s screaming so loudly ohhh yeaaaahh.Come on fuck that ass baby.I am all yours today.Let me squirt.Bang bang bang me..

I changed my position I’m pounding her with my fat cock.Her legs on my shoulders.She is screaming ohhhh yeaaahh.Come on hun.Omg.I also joined my voice with her.Yes baby.I’m banging you.. Oooohhhh yeaahhh..

She told this was really awesome and asked fuck at ass in doggy.I liked that.She laid down on bed with her ass towards me!!I hold her hair and I’m punishing that ass with my dick.Throbbing it in and out ..Come on baby go fast fast fast.Omg oh yeah.Now I asked to shake her ass in my dick.I’m standing and she is pounding my cock.

She told me that she’s about to cum so am I.I asked her to taste my juices while I taste her juices again!!I had ejected ejaculate on her tits and breast and the remaining she galloped.We were in ecstasy as our eyes are closing in great satisfaction.
Later part of the days we had visited various beaches in South Goa.That night we had fucked once again after sipping wine in the room in all the possible positions and in the morning I asked her to try Inverted V position..(Readers know very well about this.Its woman head on ground and thighs around man and man pounds women from top).Its a very interesting position.