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The star of this story is Priya. She’s the angel with whom I got to fulfill all my nasty desires. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that she ...

Got Dominated By Priya

The star of this story is Priya. She’s the angel with whom I got to fulfill all my nasty desires. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that she fulfilled her twisted desires with a willing partner in crime like me. I already mentioned my interest in being dominated. I absolutely adore femdom and spend my spare time watching femdom porn or ass worship videos. I was particularly fascinated by the idea of licking and sucking a girl’s ass and taking her to the ninth heaven.

Enough about me.

Let me tell you how I met Priya. I was staying in a 2BHK flat since the past one year with two guys. The spacious room was occupied by the two others and I occupied the tiny room. Eventually, one got married and had to move out and the other one got a job in a different city. I wasn’t really anxious about finding new flatmates but just wanted to make sure that the new ones gelled well with me.

As was the norm I asked around and put ads up online. One of my friends who’s into real estate suggested if I was open to taking two girls as roommates. I wasn’t averse to the idea. The girls worked in a local media house and were quite open-minded. My only concern was if the flat owner or association would raise any objections. I discussed the idea and they told me that they’re willing to accept the proposal provided the girls had no problem.

They also wanted to meet them. The meeting went without a hitch and with some carefully planned words and assurances I was now hosting to two lovely girls.
Even then it never crossed my mind that I’d have sex with them. They were like any other flatmates to me.

Priya was a year older than me at 27 and her friend Sini was my age at 26. Both were fair. Priya was around 5 feet and Sini was taller at 6 and quite slim. Among the two Priya had ample bosom and smoked a lot.

Of the two I felt an instant connection to Priya. I will reveal why later. Of the plentiful years that I spent as a bachelor I’d refined my cooking skills to a degree where I could cook up almost anything. Both girls weren’t splendid cooks but knew the basics which made my work easier. Life was going good. We became really good friends and it got to a point where they weren’t apprehensive about their periods around me. We had fun, talked and they shared tidbits about their office and guys they hit on.

Even at this juncture sex never crossed my mind and it would have remained so if Priya hadn’t taken the initiative. Most mornings Priya accompanied me when prepping breakfast. It started with hardly noticeable nuanced touches. Other times she rubbed her boobs against my back and if I turned, act as nothing had happened.

One day she came home early and I happened to be there. She went to her room and probably later to the bathroom. There’s one bathroom in the big room and one common bathroom which I generally use. The door was unlocked and I went thinking nobody was inside only to find Priya on the commode. I apologized and quickly made my exit.
Various thoughts kept me awake all night. Why did she use my bathroom? Why didn’t she lock the door? If she wants it why isn’t she open about it? Why all the play? I waited for an opportunity when she’d be alone in the bathroom and finding one I made my move.

I opened the door to find a bathing Priya inside, ample 36D boobs all wet and inviting. Her skin had a rich tone and looked perfectly smooth. There wasn’t a hint of hair on her body and that wonderful supple ass of hers— I would’ve fucked her right there. But she had other plans for me.

Seeing her naked and remembering her advances, I took off my trousers to reveal my rock hard member standing in full attention to her assets. She gave me an amused look and continued bathing. I stayed there like an idiot for a while, hoping that she’d make her move, do something but she didn’t budge.
I excused myself and went to my room. A little later, Priya entered my room, fully dressed, her long hair still wet from her bath and looking ravishing as ever. I still wasn’t able to take my mind off what I’d seen earlier. She sat by me and said, “I see you’re interested in screwing me.”

I nodded.

She: “But I am a different kind of gal. I like being dominated and I love dominating males.”

“I was testing to see what kind of control you had.”

I felt like a dream had come true. She wanted to dominate me. And judging by what she did she seemed a pro.

My senses came back to me when she uttered the golden words, “Would you be my slave?

I whispered yes. She said that we’d have to wait the weekend for Sini to go to her native place and then she’d own me for the two days.
We talked for hours. I told her about my likings viz ass licking, tit sucking, and pussy worship. I also loved to be pissed on. She told me that she’s a no-nonsense domina who stuck by her rules and punished any and all insolence or disobedience.
I’d have to do whatever she asked me to and there was no backing out. I gleefully accepted her conditions, equally excited and terrified at the prospects that awaited me.

It was Wednesday and the weekend was 48 hours away. 48 more hours for me to live my dream and worship my queen.
As I awaited my fate, she went shopping. The instruments of my torture and her pleasure lay in a brown paper bag that I wasn’t allowed to peep into.

The rules were simple.

For the two days, I’d be her slave obeying her bid.
My dick wouldn’t be mine. I would have no right to touch it without her permission
I cannot spread her ass crack without her explicitly saying so.
I was to shit when she asked me to shit, pee when she allowed me to and eat what she gave me.

We agreed that when the day came I would arrive and knock the door like a pizza delivery boy. I was dressed as one and rang the bell at 10 am. As agreed she caught me staring at her boobs and decided to punish me.
She was dressed in a black negligee and g-string. Anybody would’ve stared.

I undressed as quickly as possible and was on my knees awaiting orders.
She: “So you like my boobs huh?”
Me: “Yes mistress.”
She: “Want to suck on them?”
Me: “Yes mistress.”
One tight hard slap.
She: “You think you deserve my boobs. You don’t deserve my feet you filthy dog. I have to teach you a few lessons so that start respecting women.”

Saying so she offered me her legs which I started to lick.
After some time, she asked to me remove her g-string with my mouth. My failing faltering attempts landed me another slap which left me red-cheeked.
I eventually succeeded and saw her ass in their full glory. If it was any other day I would have jumped right on that piece of cake and eaten it. But I had to control myself.
With the glorious vision before me I forgot that I had placed my queen’s g-string on the floor. Another slap. For my insolence, I was made to sniff that which I gladly did. She took it from my hands and placed it around my head like a garland.

She: “Now you look like a proper ass.”
Place your nose on my crack and sniff it.
I did as I was told.
She: “Do you like it?”
Me: “Yes mistress.”
She: “Now lick my ass. Up and down you go. Lick lick lick. Aren’t you a lucky little bitch to be munching on my sweet ass?”
Me: “Yes mistress.”

After several minutes of licking in upright position, she asked me to bury my face inside her ass and move my face up and down. That turned my face really hot. This went for many more minutes after she asked me to stop and called me to her bedroom. I walked around all fours like a pet dog following his owner.
She removed her negligee and lay spreadeagled on the bed and ordered me to waste no time but start licking again. I did so. It seemed she was enjoying it a lot. She keep pressing and rubbing her naked breasts and moaning in pleasure. I licked as hard as I could. I wanted to lick her ass cheeks too and when I did that she scolded me and warned me to stay working at one place.

After an hour or so she got up and asked me to lay on my back. She wanted to facesit me. She placed her hot warm ass over my mouth and I tried to lick it. She would move her ass several inches up and make me clamor to reach her ass. I was only allowed to reach out with my tongue.
She buried her ass into my face several times during which I wasn’t able to breathe.
Another hour or so went this way and then she asked me to follow to the bathroom and sit inside the bathtub where she started pissing on me. I felt the hot warm golden liquid all over my body and enjoyed it while it lasted. I was to stay in the bathtub and she would come at intervals to piss on me. Sometimes she would stand and aim directly at my face or my erect pole. Whenever her piss touched my pole, it started growing bigger which made her laugh and say, “Your penis likes my piss.”

Every time she’d pissed I had to clean up her pussy.
After several hours she asked me to clean up my body and the bathtub and join her in the bedroom. While cleaning up she came to the bathroom, picked a bar of soap and moved it to and fro in my mouth. After that she started fingering my asshole. I was on all fours when rubbing the tub clean and was never fingered there before.
She: “Do you like it bitch?”
Me: Yes mistress.
I washed myself and came back where she asked me to worship her bald pussy.
It was already wet with all the ass and pussy licking that I had done previously. This went for hours. I suck up everything. Eventually, she asked me to stop. We were too tired to cook, microwaved the pizza and ate it and went to sleep. Even though I had my own room, I was to sleep on the floor. She asked to me wake her up at 6 am with an asslick. She went to sleep with a white t-shirt but her bottom was naked. I stole a glance or two when she wasn’t looking. I could never have enough of her ass.
I set an alarm and woke up at 5:45 am- a Sunday morning. Knowing that she was asleep I tried spreading her ass cheeks to get better access to her hole and lick it deeper.

She woke up and wasn’t too happy with what I did. You disobeyed my direct orders. Now I will teach you what it means to disobey me. She took me to the bathroom where I watched her shit. When she was done, she asked me to lick her clean. I wasn’t into scat but had agreed to do whatever she asked me to. To add insult to injury, I realized that a simple up and down licking wouldn’t satisfy her. She caught my hair and bobbed my head to and fro and made me stick my tongue out to reach the inside of her hole.
Precisely what I was trying in the morning.

The strange thing is I enjoyed it a lot. Once I was done she gave me some time to carry on my morning ablutions and clean up. Once I came back out she asked me to stand on all fours and started slapping my ass. This went on for a while and when she stopped my bottom was red and aching. After that, she gave me a morning coffee. She sat on a chair and was masturbating her pussy with a ripe open banana which became my breakfast. She asked me to come closer and turn around. When I did so, she fit my ass with an anal plug.

She went to the sofa and sat on her hind legs which opened up her ass and I started licking her again. I kept going on and on and was happy to find direct access to the hole. She asked me to stop after sometime, went to the fridge and picked a cream cake from it. She placed the cake atop the table and sat on it. She resumed the position on the sofa. I could see that her ass was lined with cake and cream and she signaled to me. I understood what she wanted and immediately got to work. I licked her clean. She repeated her action over and over and I licked until nothing was left.
She removed the anal plug and ordered me to bathe and when I came back asked me to lie down on the bed. She applied talcum powder over my ass and penis and genital area and diapered me up like a child. I went with the flow not knowing what next was in store for me.

She undressed and revealed her big boobs. Now you will suck on me like an infant. I happily obliged. In that space, she ran her hands over my diaper and caught my hardness and rubbed it slowly. As she rubbed my excitement was evident in my sucking vigor.
This went on for a while. I kept sucking her left boob followed by the right one and she kept rubbing me. The frustration that had welled up inside me since the past few days exploded in the diaper. It was late in the afternoon when that happened. As Sini was to arrive shortly, she decided to end the session. I removed the diaper, cleaned up and went to my room.

When Sini came back, she had no fucking clue as to what we had done. As for me I was reliving every single moment and playing it over and over in my head. The next story will include details on how I dominated Priya on another weekend.