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I am Roshni back again with a new part to my previous story. I think many had enjoyed reading my story. By the way thank you for overwhel...

Introduction To World Of Adulthood Part-3

I am Roshni back again with a new part to my previous story. I think many had enjoyed reading my story. By the way thank you for overwhelming response to my stories. Some found it interesting and horny and some found it boring. But most of the guys are keenly waiting for the next part..

Some Guys crossed limits while sending feedback. Don’t do it again.

(You can read my previous stories)

I am Roshni from Delhi. You can read my other parts of my story. Without wasting time coming back to next part of the story. After losing virginity to Abi, I felt good but exhausted. In fact we all were. It was around 3 am in the morning.
Anjali came near me and laid next to me in the bed.
Anjali: How was your day?

Me: Thank you babe, for everything. I love you.
Anjali: I love you too. I hope you enjoyed the night.
Me: Yeah, after all you made me lose my virginity to your boyfriend.

Anjali: Not my boyfriends. They are now our boyfriends.
We all 4 slept together naked in the same room.
In the morning when I work up, I saw everyone was sleeping. So I thought of making tea for everyone before waking them up. I went to kitchen and started preparing tea. I was thinking about the night and suddenly I felt a hand touching my back. I turned back and saw Himan standing behind me naked (I was naked too). His tool was semi erect. He hold my face and started kissing me. I also started responding to his kiss. While kissing my hands reached near his tool. While kissing, I gave him a stroke. He was shocked and in pain as I pulled the skin deep down.

Himan: Seems like you like my tool.
Me: I have already tasted Abi’s tool. Now I want to take your tool in me.
Himan: I wanted to take your virginity but before than Anjali occupied me.
Me: It’s ok. Now I am all yours.

After another round of kissing, he started fucking my mouth for some time. And licked my pussy. After all these, he carried me and made me sit on the kitchen slab and stood between my legs. He placed his dick and gave a full jerk. I was in pain. I moaned loud.

Himan: It’s a revenge. You pulled my skin hard and I gave you a full jerk.

I was in pain so could not respond him properly. He started moving his tool in and out slowly. So I was relaxed and started enjoying with him. After 10-12 min of fucking, I saw Abi coming out of bed room. I was scared but was enjoying session with Himan. Abi followed my moans and reached the kitchen and saw both fucking.

By watching us fucking, his dick started growing. He started kissing me. I was kissing Abi and Himan was fucking my pussy. After some time,
Himan: I am about to cum.

Me: don’t shoot inside bastard like Abi.

Himan pulled out his dick and released all his cum on my face and mouth. I tasted some. It was salty. But yuck. Abi was not done yet. He wanted to fuck me too. After giving him a blowjob, Abi inserted his dick into my pussy. By that time both the boys were in action. Himan was licking my nipples and twisted his tongue over my nipples which was making my pussy even wetter. I was making loud moans due to too much of excitement. Both were changing positions and both were fucking me alternatively. After 30 min of intense fuck session, both the boys stood in front of me and started masturbating. Then both released their cum on my face. I swallowed all the liquid with pleasure.

We all 3 came to check Anjali. She was still sleeping naked. I had an idea for her.

I got ice cubes from the freeze and asked Himan and Abi to be around her.. I opened her pussy lips and inserted 2 ice cubes inside her pussy. She almost jumped out of shivering. Himan and Abi caught her hands, and she was still thinking what is making her pussy wet.
Anjali: bitch, what did you put in my pussy?

Me: you bitch, shut up. This is wake up treatment. I showed her ice cubes and inserted 1 more inside her pussy further. Himan started kissing her lips and Abi started playing with her boobs. I was licking her pussy. All these activities made her horny and started enjoying with us.

After 10-15 min of foreplay, Anjali came on top of Abi and placed her pussy on his dick. She started riding Abi’s dick. Her boobs were jumping up and down. After 5 min of fucking, Himan positioned himself behind Anjali. I was thinking about his actions. He inserted his dick inside Anjali’s ass. Anjali shouted in pain because of an awkward position. She adjusted herself and started riding both dicks together (one in the ass and one in pussy). I was shocked by her actions. The entire room was filled with her moans. I came near her and started kissing her to reduce her noise.

Now I decided to sit on Abi’s face while kissing Anjali. Abi started licking my pussy and sucking it hard. He started to enter his tongue in my pussy. It was altogether a different feeling. He inserted his tongue in my pussy and rotating his tongue inside. It was an awesome feeling for me. I was sucking Anjali’s lips and my tongue was inside her mouth and we were exchanging our saliva.

By this time, Abi released all his cum inside Anjali. It was not new for Anjali to take Abi/Himan cum inside. After intense mouth fuck by Abi, I released my loads on his face. He tasted all with a smile.

We 4 shared some together moments after this. Sometimes I spent lone moments either with Abi/Himan.
This is the last part of this series. Have fun.
This is my journey to the world my adulthoodness.