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After starting our secret affair, me and Jyoti aunty were very excited to try new things and always would try to excite each other by d...

Jyoti Aunty Part – 2

After starting our secret affair, me and Jyoti aunty were very excited to try new things and always would try to excite each other by doing some mischievous acts. Her hubby was cool as he thought I was giving his wife company in his absence so that she would keep calm when he returns home. Actually, it was because she used to share everything with me and by the time he comes she would’ve got exhausted by our actions that she wouldn’t talk much with him. He introduced me to his entire family and they all appreciated my efforts for their family.

One her hubby called me and said he’s going on official duty to Shivamogga so asked me to keep Jyoti aunty’s company. I was very happy and assured him that I would take care of aunty very well (Actually I did take good care of her). As soon as he left Jyoti came to my home and asked permission from my mom to allow me to sleep at their house every night till her hubby comes. Mom agreed so that evening I finished all my works and knocked her door by 7 pm.
As soon as she opened the door I jumped on her and started kissing her lips. She stopped me and said- ” wait a while tiger, we’ve got a whole week to enjoy. today I want to teach you some new things and essentials”

I closed the door and followed her hugging her from back telling- “Come on Jyoti, you can teach me after we fuck. I’m very horny for you”.

She just smiled and went to the kitchen and told me that she has brought condoms of varying kinds and I should try them on every time we fuck from on till her husband comes. She wanted to experience it because she cant keep them when he comes or I cant take them back to my home. I agreed immediately so we had food and we made son sleep in the bedroom and we came to the hall. Their hall was pretty big so even after keeping sofa and chairs and a diwan cot they had huge space left so they had put a large double bed cot in the hall. It was amazing as we can have fun and watch tv and eat at the same place without feeling congested as in rooms.
After she made her son sleep she came to hall wearing just her bra and petticoat with moods honeymoon condom pack.

I had never seen condoms in my life so I was excited and curious at the same time. I quickly removed all my clothes in hurry and sat naked with my dick hanging out. It was already semi-hard but seeing her like that it started growing and became hard. She just smiled and sat next to me and explained me about condoms and why we should use them etc. If you guys now they give a tiny book inside with all positions to experiment. We both read together and while doing it I put my hands on her shoulder and inside her bra and she was stroking my dick softly. It was such a romantic setup.
After choosing to start with the ultra thin condom for the day we had a tight smooch and she made me stand up in front of her. By this time there was no shyness in me so I stood with my dick facing her face. She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it smoothly. She increased pace as she felt that dick was becoming hard as a rock. I was about to cum and she asked me to do it on her breasts. I unloaded my cum which I was holding in. She cleaned herself and my dick and again started stroking and blowing it. It took some time to get hard again but she was the boss. She took the condom and placed on my dick and put it softly. Trust me when I say this- There is nothing sexier than a woman putting a condom on your dick. You get high immediately and only those who’ve experienced know the feeling.

She told me that she needs no foreplay today near her pussy but wants to have a long fucking session with me. Condom again makes the effect last for a long time so I lifted her to the bed in the hall and lifted her petticoat to see that she had no underwear. I placed my hard dick on her pussy lips and started teasing her. She shouted-” Fuck me you fucker. Don’t play with my pussy. I want your dick inside right now”.

I started fucking her softly and increased the pace. I pounded her so hard that for some time as it was night time and no other sounds were heard in the hall, It was our fucking sound that was echoing from all corners and walls. It was like thup thup thup thup where my dick was reaching her inner pussy and ramming her. Now we switched positions and then I fucked her in doggy position and side position. We were fucking for almost an hour thanks to the condom and her who had sucked me off by blowing me before fucking. Whenever I saw her face making sexy expressions and looking at me, I used to bang her hard and she used to scream. It was one of the longest fucking sessions I’ve enjoyed in my life. Then I ejaculated and she did twice in the hour.

We were so exhausted that we didn’t even get up from that bed. She slept in my arms with her petticoat lifted to her waist and condom I removed and threw on the floor.
In the morning when I got up she was still sleeping. I cleaned myself and went to check on her kid who was still asleep. Then I came to the hall to find that she was laying there with her butt hanging out so I started kissing and biting her ass. She got up and grabbed me and kissed me. She said – ” That was one of the best fucking sessions of my life, thank you”

Me- “Thank you for letting me fuck you”

We kissed and I got up and came back to my home. Will tell about my other experiences with her in upcoming stories.