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Hi I am Swathi. 28 years old . With good assets 36-34-38. I’m a fat and short girl about 5’2″. I am horny most of the time. And love to r...

Love For Public Sex

Hi I am Swathi. 28 years old . With good assets 36-34-38. I’m a fat and short girl about 5’2″. I am horny most of the time. And love to read public sex stories. This s a real story which happened during my college days. hope you will b cumming at the end. :P

I and my boyfriend were travelling in a AC bus to Madurai from our college. So we got into the bus and we were chatting. As soon as the lights were off I was sleepy and turned to the window side. My bf woke me up as he was not sleeping. We chatted for sometime and as I was really too sleepy I made him lie on my chest. We never had any physical relationship before that. He did not keep his head on my chest instead laid on my left boob. My heart started pounding fast. But I did not respond. He started moving his head over my boobs. I woke him up and asked him what he was doing. He replied nothing
I then covered up both of us and sat still. He then touched my boobs and said it’s soft. I just smiled. And made him lie on my boobs. He was now lying on my left boob and his right hand was on my tummy. He started moving his hands over my tummy . I was restless and did not know what to do as it was happening in a bus.

He then moved his hand slowly to the base of my right boob. And touched it with one finger and looked up at me. I smiled at him. He kept his entire palm on my left boob and said ‘my hand is not enough to hold this’. I smiled. Then we smooched for the first time. It was awesome because it was happening in a place where anybody can see us. Then I kept a hand on his hand which was on my boob an pressed it. He understood and squeezed my boobs like anything. I loved it. My nipples became hard and were now visible through my dress. He was circling my nipples over my clothes with his index and thumb. This was happening for about an hour. And suddenly the lights were on for the washroom break. A guy sitting next to us saw his hand on my boob.

Again the lights were off after the break. My bf laid over my boobs and started circling my nipples with his tongue. And made it wet. The wet spot was visible well. He started biting my nipples and made t hard again. The guy next to us was watching us. I enjoyed it. We smooched. The guy became restless and put his hand on the blanket. I was able to see some movement near his groin. Batne he was giving himself a hand job.

My bf took my hand and kept it in his pants. It was too hot and wet. I was paying and rubbing him over his jeans. He was really hard. It was morning and the sun was up. So we had to stop. Before I was about to get down I hugged him such that his lips were on my boobs. He sucked t once again and made it wet. I had to get down in my stop with wet patcher over my nipples on both sides. I saw a man staring at it. I just had to go.

After this experience, I always wanted to see his dick at least once. But did not get the chance. Once we went to a lonely place in our college just to chat for a while. There we found a room which was under construction. He couldn’t control and started smooching me. After 15mins I found his hand on my boobs. He was kneading my boobs like anything and was biting my lips. After around another 15 mins he started grinding his groin into my pussy. I was shocked and stood still. He put his hands under my chudi dhar top and started feeling my tummy. My pussy was getting wet. He then moved his hand further upwards and touched my boobs in just my bra. It was the first time he was doing this. He squeezed my boobs under my top and was licking my nipples over my top. It was full of his saliva. He was too high and started biting my nipples. I put my hand inside my top and pushed his hand away. He was embarrassed. I then unhooked my bra and took my hands off and stood in front of me. He did not know what happened. He put his head down. I looked at him and said it’s ok and smooched him.

Then I took his hands and kept t on my boobs over my dress. He couldn’t find any difference as the bra was still over my boobs. Then I I took his hand inside my top and kept t over my bra covered boobs . He still did not realize that I had unhooked my bra. I went to his ears and asked him if he wanted something exciting. He nodded . I licked his ear and took his hand and kept t under my bra. He was so shocked. he pinched my boobs hard and made me shout. He held my nipples with his thumb and index finger and pulled it out as much as he could. He was so excited that he started squeezing me hard and he was crushing my boobs. It was a bit painful.

I pushed him off and asked him if he wanted to see them.
He was too excited as he has never seen any woman naked. But he always watches porn. He said he loves to see t. I asked him to go ahead. He was stunned and was looking at me with wide eyes. And asked me how. I asked him to lift my top n see. He slowly lifted it. He was stunned at the sight of my 36 C sized boobs. He stood in front of me with his mouth open.And said they are too big. I asked him if he wants them. He pushed me to a wall and started eating them. He was sucking my nipples and covered himself with my top. I have never experienced such pleasure. It was awesome.!!! I held his head tight with my hands and took off my top covering his head. He was shy and covered himself again. I then pulled it out. his eyes were closed and were sucking like a kid. It gave me so much pleasure. I was rubbing his cock over his Jean. It was so hard that his bulge was so obvious. He removed his zip when we heard someone walking to the room. So we had to correct our clothes and leave.
We were left unsatisfied. My panty was fully wet and he told me that he was relieved only after masturbating 4 times that night.
Will continue in my next story

Hope you liked the story.
Hope your hand is on your hard dick.