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Hello, this is Rahul, as I had mentioned earlier I have always craved for and have had a special attraction for older women. I always loo...

Love Thy Neighbor

Hello, this is Rahul, as I had mentioned earlier I have always craved for and have had a special attraction for older women. I always look forward to coming close to older women. Now about this story, my neighbor is Aunt Sandhya who is in early 40’s. She is married to a senior Army guy and usually away for long periods.

Aunt Sandhya is at least about 15 years older to me; I have always been attracted by her. She is a very beautiful, good looking lady, she is tall, slim and has nice features, maintains her figure. She dresses in branded clothes that accentuate her height and her curves. I especially find her long slender legs and firm curvaceous butts very sexy. Her boobs are not very large, but they are round and firm wide hips. My beautiful neighbour was always friendly towards me. I have a few times touched, brushed against her or touch her arms or hand for a few seconds longer than required. I was quite sure that she too must have noticed my unwarranted attention and brushings. Since she is alone most of the time, with the children in boarding schools, she is alone at home.

At a party hosted by my boss, Sandhya aunty too was there, later I came to know that my boss’s wife was her friend. Sandhya looked very sexy in a black sari and blouse, which was kind of semi-transparent, I could make out her sexy bra. I went and greeted her and moved on, but my eyes were on her, she had been drinking wine, dancing with some men. As the party got over, she was a bit tipsy and asked me to drop her home, an opportunity to have sex with my neighbour, that I was looking for always. I opened the door for her and made her sit comfortably in my car, when we reached her place she urged me to come inside for a drink; I followed her into her place.

Heading to the bar, she took out a bottle of wine, handing me to open the bottle and pour the drink for both of us. She turned on soft music, asked me to dance with her. I was happy; tonight we may have more than just some drinks and dance. As we danced I looked into her eyes, begin to caress the exposed part of her back, that’s in between blouse and sari, Moving in rhythm with her I put my palms on her butt and pulled her close to me, I was sure she felt my, now growing hard-on. Kissing her softly on her cheeks, and then passionately on the lips and mouth. She had soft lips; I enjoyed playing with her tongue.

She, stopped and led me to the sofa, she began to unbutton my shirt, getting the go-ahead I started fondling her breasts and stroking her thighs, her hands were all over me, and she then pulled up her sari a to show fair, smooth legs. I said, “Sandhya Aunty, You are very sexy, I want to make love to you tonight.” She replied, “Rahul, I feel very sexy and horny tonight. Please take me to the bedroom and fuck me hard.”

As we headed to the bedroom, I put my arms around her and kept kissing her. Once we got to the bedroom she took off her sari and blouse, I took off my trousers and my bikini underwear, freeing my erect dick, which was quickly grabbed by her. The sight of her caressing my dick was exciting. We sat on her huge bed, I unhooked her bra and gently cupped and fondled her breasts, I softly pinched her nipples, and then I sucked on her boobs and licked her nipples. She was enjoying the attention and continued stroking my dick.

I then undid the petticoat, she slid it off, and I began caressing her legs and feet. I found my red nail-polished toes very sexy, I have always found this very sexy, so I sucked and licked her feet, and she thoroughly enjoyed my attention. I massaged and lovingly caressed Sandhya’s sexy legs and inner thighs.

I then pulled her lace panties down and was delighted to see her beautiful pussy. I tickled her pussy and outer lips, massaged her pussy and gently inserted a finger inside her slightly wet pussy, and fingered her all over inside her tight pussy, without stopping I sucked her boobs and kissed her on the mouth Sandhya started moaning, as I sucked her nipples and tickled her clit with my finger at the same time.

She was excited and horny, we then turned over to a sixty-nine position and took my dick in her mouth and licked it from top to hilt with her tongue. It was such a nice feeling with her tongue and lips all over my dick. I asked her what she thought of my dick. She answered, “It’s long, hard and very thick.”
I then said, “Yes, Please suck my dick harder.” She started sucking and licking my dick faster and faster. I then licked her pussy and spread her pussy open with my fingers and put my tongue slowly inside her pussy. I licked all over her pussy and when I found her clitoris, I licked it with the tip of my tongue.
I then made her lie on her back, as I climbed on her and continued kissing and caressing her boobs. As I was kissing and sucking her nipples, her Mangalsutra came in the way. I pushed it slightly up; she smiled and asked, “How does it feel to fuck someone else’s wife?” I replied, “Just great. Especially one as sexy and as mature as you.”

I then placed my dick on her pussy, and asked her, “Do you want it inside your pussy.” In reply, she grabbed my dick and placed my dick head at the entrance of her pussy, and I then gently pushed it in slightly. Sandhya was still holding my dick; she then pushed my dick with her finger further inside and around her pussy. I began to fuck her with slow gentle pushes with my dick all the way from the entrance of her pussy to deep inside her.

She closed her eyes in ecstasy, and exclaimed, “Rahul, fuck your aunt hard with your dick.” I then increased the tempo, fucking her fast. She reciprocated by pushing her hips and pussy in the same rhythm. We were both enjoying ourselves. I kept on fucking her. I slowed down a little and then picked up again, slowed down a little and picked up again. She moaned “Yes, that’s the way Rahul, Faster and deeper with your thick dick. I am Cumming, oh yes yes Rahul, I am Cumming.” She screamed and I could feel her pussy lips tighten on my dick and her juices engulfing it.

Oh yes, I have wanted to fuck you like this for so long. You are the sexiest woman I have ever fucked. Sandhya, you are so beautiful and you have such a sexy body.”

She then said, “Yes Rahul, Faster, Fuck me faster, Faster, Yeah deeper all the way.” Sandhya auntie then asked me to suck her boobs as we were fucking. She murmured and panted in satisfaction, “Umm ahh yeah oohh Umm Yeah Yeah that’s the way.” I couldn’t hold any longer and I came inside her.

Just then the phone started ringing. I turned to the side, and she went to pick up the phone. It was her husband. She calmly sat down on the sofa next to the phone, talking to him, what a scene it was, I went and next to her. I put my arms around her and started caressing her boobs and thighs as she was talking intimately with her husband, totally oblivious to the fact that his wife was in the middle of a sexual sojourn. She started stroking my dick, and repositioned slightly to enable me to finger her again, as she was talking.

After she finished the call, she came on my lap facing me and straddled me. I stretched myself slightly lower on the sofa, so that it was easier for her to lower her pussy onto my dick. I then sucked on her boobs as she started jumping on top of me with renewed enthusiasm. Her phone call with her husband must have made her even kinkier, and she became wild with sexual desire for me. I grabbed her buttocks and lifted her up and down on my lap in consonance to her pace. She was enjoying herself very much as my dick went all the way inside her, and she could satisfy herself as she desired. After some time, she lay face down and lifted her butt up and asked me to take her doggy style. I put myself on top of her and inserted my dick into her wet pussy and continued banging her.

I squeezed my hands beneath her and grabbed both her breasts and played with her nipples. We both came almost together after some time. I then reclined to my side and spooned her and again inserted my dick into her from behind and kept embracing her and holding her boobs. It was an awesome feeling to touch her all over. We were both totally satisfied sexually, and we fell asleep sometime after that entwined in each other’s arms.
Thus began our weekly sex marathon, every Saturday either I would be at her place or she would come over to my place. Once while we were in the midst of our lovemaking she asked me if I would like to have a threesome with a friend of hers, hearing this dick became all the harder and I came in torrents inside her. She smiled at me and said, I think I got your answer from your dick, she said she would invite her friend over the next week.