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Hello everyone. I am back with another indian sex story. This is a true incident that happened with me in jammu two months ago. All the u...

Lustful Aunty

Hello everyone. I am back with another indian sex story. This is a true incident that happened with me in jammu two months ago. All the unsatisfied ladies (especially from Jammu), who want secret and pleasurable sex can contact me at I guarantee you a secret, safe and pleasurable sex. Now coming to the story.

In the mid of November 2017, one fine evening, I was going for a routine walk in Gandhinagar, Jammu. I was walking in the park and there were few people as well. As I finished a couple of rounds, I saw a lady walking. She was wearing a track suit. I did not pay much attention towards her. I kept on walking and once I took a break, I sat on a bench and was listening to music. The lady also took a break after a while and sat on another bench opposite to me. This time I looked at her and we exchanged a smile and after few minutes I left.

Next day I saw her again at the same time and that day while taking the break, we exchanged a smile and hello to each other. We introduced ourselves and I came to know that she’s working in Punjab National Bank. Her name was Priya (name changed) and she was living nearby. We talked about certain things and both of us left. Next day I didn’t go to park for a walk as I was busy with watching a movie. Then came Sunday and when I reached the park she was sitting on the bench and called me. She asked me that why I wasn’t there last evening. I said the reason and we started walking. At the time of departure we exchanged numbers and thus our texts started. I came to know that her husband is working in Delhi and she is 36 years old. Without kids. In few days we got closer to each other. One day she invited me for lunch. She was alone at home her mother had gone to Delhi.

As I reached her place, I rang the bell and there she came. She was looking damn sexy. I entered the house and we sat on the sofa.

Let me first describe her. She was fair, she had a lovely figure. Her boobs were 38 and she had a flat tummy. She had a round bubble but. She had pink lips. Her lower lip was a bit bigger and she had a mole on left side of her neck. Coming back to the story.

Once we sat she brought coffee and we were talking. After a while she brought lunch and it was quite delicious. After lunch we sat on sofa and were talking on general topics. It started raining heavily and I was feeling cold. She switched on the AC and brought a blanket. We both kept the blanket on our legs and were normally talking. After few minutes our feet touched. I took it for granted. But within few minutes she came a bit closer to me. I was feeling the heat of her body. I got erection. Her shoulder touched mine and she fell asleep. After few minutes she kept her arm around me. Her boobs were touching my right arm and my stomach. I kept my hand on her back and she held me tightly. I too lost control and I hugged her. We started smooching and we were biting each other’s lips. I looked into her eyes and they were very lusty.

I kissed her neck. She moaned. She pressed her nails on my back. Then I kissed her shoulder, then I kissed her arms and she whispered into my ear “ let’s go to the bedroom”. I lifted her in my army and took her to the bedroom. She lied on her back. She opened her t-shirt. I kissed her ribs. I licked them. Then I kissed her navel. I sucked that. She opened my shirt. And started kissing my chest. She was licking my nipples. She came on top of me. She licked my stomach, neck chin and she was biting my neck. Then I rolled her upside down and I licked her back. She was wearing a bra and lower. I kissed her waist. She was moaning. I opened her lower with my teeth. Now she was in green bra and matching panty. Then I licked her thighs and entire legs. She was wet. Her panty was all wet.

Then I placed my mouth on her panty and she shouted in pleasure. I opened her panty with my teeth. It was a pink, clean and wet pussy. I played with it with my fingers. She was moaning loudly. I fingered her pussy. Then I placed my lips on her pussy and licked it. I sucked her pussy. And then tongue fucked her pussy. She was pressing my head deeper and deeper between her legs and After few minutes she shouted and moaned and shivered. She cummed too much. She was relieved.

Then she said it’s my turn now. She came on my top and opened my jeans with her teeth. She opened my boxer and she started rubbing my hard dick. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it. After few minutes I came on her top and opened her bra. I placed my dick between her boobs and fucked them. Then she was begging me to fuck her. I opened her legs and placed my dick on her pussy and rubbed it there. She was begging me to fuck her. I pushed the head of my dick inside and she was moaning with pleasure. It was a lovely pussy. I felt so much pleasure. I pushed my whole dick inside her wet pussy and started pumping her. I lifted her legs in air and fucked her. I was pressing her boobs simultaneously. Then she came on me and sat on my dick. She was jumping on my dick. I held her boobs in my hand and sucked them. I fondled them. I was biting her nipples. Then I again came on her top and fucked her for 10 minuets and we both came simultaneously. She looked satisfied. It was the best sex I ever had. I fucked her in the bathroom and Later I applied chocolate to her boobs and pussy. But that I will share in next story.