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I wanted to go to Mumbai from Pune. So I booked my seat in as some guy named Abhijeet was going to Mumbai. He picked up me ...

Message, Massage, and Sex

I wanted to go to Mumbai from Pune. So I booked my seat in as some guy named Abhijeet was going to Mumbai. He picked up me from my home and then we went to pick a lady. We waited outside her home for twenty minutes. She entered into the car by apologizing. I was initially furious as she made us to wait for her but after seeing her, my anger has been vaporised by her hotness and beauty like a sun melting a fog. The anger has gone away from my mind completely.

She was fair skin, healthily lean, with more than moderate boobs and with a very lengthy hair. Her hair touched her thighs when she was sitting in the car. She was wearing a tight blue jeans and black colour tops. It seemed like she wasn’t having any baby fat around her stomach. Her smile was intoxicating and I loved it. Our car was filled with her strong perfume. Her hairs were let loose and they were wavy in the end. I liked it. Abhijeet started to ride and we picked one more guy. Initially I was sitting in the co-driver seat and then I switched to the back seat. Nikita and I started to talk about the purpose of our trip to Mumbai.

I came to know that she got married four years ago and according to my calculations, she is around 27 years, a year younger than me. She has a kid of three years old and her husband is into construction sector. She is working in a company. I told her about myself. Then there was nothing to talk about. So I turned back and looked at the road. Occasionally, I looked at her side and stared at her. She noticed it and asked me about it.

“I am sorry. I was amazed by the length of your hair. Your hair is so lengthy and shiny. I should say it’s beautiful, like you. It suits you very well.”

She smiled and thanked me. Then I asked her how she maintains such a lengthy hair as nowadays no one keeps hairs beyond shoulders. She started to explain the things she do to maintain her hair. She said that she likes her hair very much that from school she was maintaining it properly. She kept going on about the other maintenance things but I lost myself at that point. All I was thinking was that me smelling her shiny black hair and holding it in my hands while I fuck her pussy in doggie. I was daydreaming when she suddenly asked something to me. I started to blink and rolled my eyes from left to right. She laughed at my expression and said I am cute. Abhijeet was noticing all these things and he smiled too. He chipped in occasionally but mainly he left the talking portion to me in our ride. We reached Mumbai and dropped her at her home. We exchanged our phone numbers.

We started to chat in Whatsapp. I regularly sent compliments to her dp as she looked gorgeous in each photo and she changed it very often. I was jealous of her husband as that lucky bastard got the opportunity to fuck that body and play with her hair. She changes her dp very often and sometimes I got a feeling that she is doing it because of me. We chat mostly in the day time and she goes to bed around 11. I masturbated many times by imagining about fucking her. Her daughter’s birthday came up. I asked her about what she was wearing on that day like Saree or something else? She sent me lots of pictures of her in blue single piece dress that ran up to an inch below her knees. The tight dress perfectly engulfed her boobs and at the same time it accentuated her boobs to look big. She looked absolutely beautiful and hot in that dress. Some selfies also she sent and I got to see her cleavage in those photos.

I told her, “You look fiery hot like a dragon fire. Whose birthday was it? Is it yours or your daughter’s?”

She sent laughing emojis. Then she went offline. She came to online around 10.30 after the birthday party was over. We chatted about the events that happened in the party and it went on till 11.30. I noticed the time and asked her, “We are chatting well past your bed time. You must be tired and sleepy.”

“I am tired but not sleepy. I don’t get sleep when I am tired,” she replied.

“Why so?”

“I don’t know. I can’t sleep when my legs are paining.”

“You know what; you need massage now to get sleep.”

“Yeah, I need massage but who is gonna give me massage? My hubby slept an hour ago. He is snoring now.”

“I can give you a massage.” I typed it and sent to her without any hesitation. I didn’t get reply from her immediately. I got nervous as I don’t want her to block me. I liked talking with her and I like seeing her pictures.

She replied, “Acha! You want me to do massage? Ok, do it. Actually I need a good massage. Are you any good?”

This is the moment I wanted. I was waiting for this moment all along. I don’t want to lose it by rushing in. I replied, “Yeah, kinda. I have done it to my ex gf and she told me that she really enjoyed it. So I am kinda good even though I had no idea back then what I was doing?”

She sent laughing emojis again and asked me to start it. I asked her what she was wearing. She sent me a selfie of her in night dress. It was full gown purple night dress with noodle strap around her shoulders and her pink bra strap also visible. The dress perfectly covered her boobs and her empty neck with just straps around her shoulders made it look sexy. I wanted to kiss her neck. I asked her to lie on the bed against her stomach with her head tilted to the side.

She sent me, “I am lying on the bed now.”

Our chat went on like this.

“You close your eyes and relax your body. I am standing sideways on the floor near to your shoulder. I am applying almond oil on your shoulder. All your stresses get accumulate there. I am sliding my oil-soaked fingertips over your skin. I am circling over your lower neck with my palms. Slowly circling and moving my palms towards your shoulder. Oh ho…”

“What happened? You are doing it great. I am already relaxed.”

“I am unable to do massage smoothly because of the straps on your shoulders. I should remove them.”

“You naughty boy! I am not removing them. You do massage with them or no massage.”

I sent a disappointed emoji and continued the chat. “I am sliding my hands to your right shoulder and circling over your skin with a gentle touch. I keep circling near your shoulder but this time with more force. I am doing the same things to your left shoulder now. I am massaging your lower spine. My fingers are sliding over your skin in a circular motion with minimal force from the base of your pine to the lower neck. You are so relaxed and let out a moan.”

“Yes dear. I am so relaxed now. I feel like that you are here and giving me this massage. It’s so real.”

“I am running down my hands in same slow circular motion from the back of your neck to the spine. My hands are now near your thighs.” I intentionally skipped telling her about not touching her ass.

“Oh, you went directly to thighs? Lol,” came the reply.

I ignored it and continued the chat. “I am squeezing your sexy fair thigh. Now I am squeezing the other thigh. My hands are inside your gown and going up. They are going up against your streamline body. Ohhho… they were disturbed by a thin cloth.”

“Don’t keep anything. Remove it,” came the reply. I didn’t expect this but I wanted this reply from her. Now I know that she is into this. She wants what I want from her now. I typed, “My fingers are grabbing your panty and lowering it to your thighs. Then I removed it completely from your body. I am unhooking your pink bra and removed it too. Now you are not wearing anything inside.”

“Actually I am not wearing anything inside now. I am just wearing my night gown.”

This excited me a lot and my dick erected almost to its full length. I texted her, “Oh baby! You got me excited. I am near my fullest.”

She said, “I wanna see it.”

I sent her the picture of my erected dick trying to come out of my underwear. She sent me a selfie in her night dress without her bra. I could clearly see her boobs and erected nipples in the photo. Her boobs are so big now and it made me go crazy now. I want to squeeze those boobies and suck those nipples. I was typing what I am gonna do next when a text from her came. “My hubby woke up from his sleep. We will continue this tomorrow.”

“I want to continue it in person. Let’s meet at my friend’s place.”

Immediately reply came from her, “Ok.”

The next day I went to Mumbai from Pune on my bike to her flat after 10’o clock. Her husband has gone to the office and her kid to play school. She opened the door wearing same nightdress with a red colour bra. She looked at me from top to bottom and gave me a smile. I have gone inside and she closed the door. I pulled her closer to me and pressed my lips against hers passionately. I wanted her so badly and kissed her lips for very long time. While kissing I ran my hands all over her body. I slipped my hands into her gown and ran all over her back. She put her hand around my head and combed my hairs with her fingers when we kissed. We tasted each other’s lips, tongue, and nose. Then she took me to her guest bedroom and she has arranged everything I need to do massage to her.

She asked me to remove my t-shirt and jeans. I stood there in my underwear. She came closer to me. We kissed again and this time her hands caressed my dick. She caressed it slowly. With a smile on her lips, she laid down on the bed against her stomach with her head tilted to the side. I removed her gown and then removed her bra and panty. She hasn’t turned around to show me her boobs but I saw her side milky boobs crushed against her own body weight. I started to apply warm almond oil on her naked skin. I started from the base of her neck and circled towards her shoulders slowly but firmly. She let out moans occasionally. Now I run down my hands from her neck to her spine firmly. She closed her eyes and enjoying the massage.

I concentrated on her back, circling over her skin firmly. Then I moved down to her ass cheeks. I slide my fingers over her ass cheeks. I squeezed them hard, very hard. She let out a he moan and told me that she likes it. Her round ass is now wet, shiny and looking sexy. I spanked them hard. I didn’t touch her pussy intentionally. I wanted to tease her. I massaged her thighs. I caressed my fingers over her back of knees, ankles, and toes. I started to move up from her toes to her ass cheeks. I squeezed her ass cheeks again very hard. I moved down my fingers and rubbed her clitoris. She let out a huge moan and lifted her head to see me. I smiled and she smiled back at me. Then she rested her on the side and closed her eyes. I rubbed her clitoris slowly in circular motion. Her moaning grew louder and it excited me. I bent down to lick her vagina opening while rubbing her clitoris. She was in heaven as I can say that from her moaning and her legs moved here and there.

Her pussy was wet now. I moved my body closer to her head and bent down to lick her earlobes with my tongue. She absolutely loved it and this must have tickled her. She let out a laugh and opened her eyes to look at me. She turned around and shown me her big milky boobs. My semi erected dick gave a jerk inside my underwear and she noticed it.

“You like my juicy boobies. Don’t you? They are all yours. Take them,” she said.

I don’t need her permission to taste her boobs though. I immediately squeezed her left boob hard. She liked it. I bent down to suck her right boob while squeezing her left boob. I sucked her nipple hard. Her nipples are erected. I licked her nipple and the big brown area around her nipple. I sucked her left boob while crushing her right boob with my hand. I pinched her nipples. I kept playing with her boobs. I slapped my cheeks with her boobs which she liked it. I buried my face in between her boobs and licked them.

She said, “Fuck my boobs.” I stood up and went closer to her face. She lowered my underwear and held my dick in her hand. She started to suck my dick slowly. She is an expert in giving blowjob and sucked my cock like its lollypop in the hands of a kid. I loved it. I stopped her sucking as I wanted to fuck her boobs. I jumped on the bed and on top of her. Her body was in between my legs. She grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. I put my dick in between her boobs looking like a mountain. My dick slide in and out between those boob mountains like a ship passing through a canal. I fucked her boobs harder and faster. After few thrusts between her boobs, I stopped.

I asked her to turn around and stand in doggie position. She jumped to her feet and stood like a dog immediately. I kissed on her neck and started to kiss from her neck to spine. While kissing on her ass cheeks, I grabbed her boobs which were hanging like mangoes in the tree. I squeezed them hard while kissing her ass cheeks. I spanked her ass cheeks and she let out a moan. I took out a condom from my bag and worn it over my erected dick. I let her hairs lose and grabbed them. I inserted my dick into her wet pussy. It went in smoothly as her is wet. I rode her pussy like she is a horse with reins by holding her hairs. I fucked her pussy harder. My dick went into her pussy and came out. I loved being inside her pussy. It felt great. I thrust my hips harder and fucked her faster and harder. I spanked her ass with my other hand.

I was nearing climax and fucked her harder. I cummed but I didn’t stop fucking her. I kept fucking her till my cum oozed out from my condom and slide down on to her thighs. My dick became flaccid and stopped fucking her. She turned around and came closer to me. We kissed passionately. I left the home immediately as it was the time for her kid to come home from school. I came back to her home in the afternoon after her kid slept. We had one more hot steamy sex.