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Once, I and my friends were talking about girlfriends and how and why we broke off with them. The topic came to me and I was a bit embarr...

My Best Friend Changed To Best Fuck Friend

Once, I and my friends were talking about girlfriends and how and why we broke off with them. The topic came to me and I was a bit embarrassed in front of all of my friends and gave them some lame excuse to get out of the room. My best friend Pooja came after me and asked what the matter was. I was reluctantly staying with her on the steps while she came and sat down close to me. I broke into tears saying that my girlfriend was harsh to me and that’s why I had to breakup with her. She was feeling awkward at that time and put her arms around my shoulders and comforting me.

Her other hand was on my thighs for the very first time and I felt a very slight tingle in my undies. She was very close to me and I was laying my head on her shoulders. I then slowly turned to her cheeks and then I found her sweet lips. I wanted to kiss them so badly. But I didn’t think for a moment that she was my best friend and what she would think of it. I slowly and slowly came up to her lips but she didn’t mind it. It was like she wanted me to kiss her. For the very first time, I kissed a girl. Her lips were very soft and I could feel a boner in my pants. We were kissing for like 20 seconds when we realized what happened. And then we broke off and then we were in complete silence till one of our friends came and asked us to come join them again.

We used to talk about what happened that night a lot through WhatsApp. I felt so guilty but she said that I needed it and that’s the role of her as she’s my best friend. We then texted, as usual, sometimes getting a bit high and talking about porn and stuff too. Life was good. I never thought I would kiss her again but it was all going to be wrong.

We sneak out from our hostels a couple of times to a favourite spot we have close by. Completely isolated and we would go after dark. We talk about how our day was and end up kissing each other for longer times and deeper with a lot of tongue and passion. My hands go up to her breasts but she never pulls out my hands. I never properly saw her beautiful body in the dark but always imagined it my dreams. Her beautiful smile, how she makes me feel as a best friend and also the fact that she gives me whatever I want whenever I want.

Once we took part in an event off station. While travelling in the bus we trapped a corner seat and were snuggling in comfortably. We were kissing deeply as it was dark, and also I managed to find my way into her bra. She made way for it and while I was massaging her breasts, we were having the best make out time on a bus. As it was far away from our hostels we were given rooms to stay, for my luck her room was empty. I immediately asked whether I can stay with her for the night and she said yes. After the event, we went into the room, kept our bags. I was soo turned on that I immediately went up to her and started kissing her.

I pushed her against the wall and grabbed her ass and kissed her all the time. I wanted to strip her and watch that passionate body. I slowly took off her tshirt and watched her with her bra on. That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen my life! I couldn’t resist but grab those breasts, massage them and make her horny for me. She couldn’t resist me either and made me go to the bed. We lied on the bed where I unhook her bra from behind. She took off my t-shirt and I managed to take off both our pants off.

There she lied. The sex goddess! Those boobs were perfect for me for which I fell instantly and still to this day I adore them and would die to suck and lick them. She was smiling and asked me to come near. I could feel my dick protruding through my underwear. I slowly took her hand and placed it on top of my dick thinking she will take it away, but she didn’t! She loved the size of it and started to massage it slowly. Mind you this is the first time a girl is feeling my thing. I couldn’t stay calm and started licking her boobs insanely. Those hard nipples were begging me to bite them but I was abit afraid that it might hurt her. She grabbed my hair and started to move it around her boobs all the while stroking my dick. She took off my undy and had her way with my cock. I never felt pleasure this way! That moment is still in my heart like a stone carving. That was the first time I saw her fully nude and also the first time I showed my body to a girl. I could smell her pussy getting wet for me and her turning on me like crazy. On that small single bed, we had plenty of room for the both of us having the best of the seductive times.

The fact that we were best friends made us do things to each other without any embarrassment. After all having embarrassments during sex is never a thing. We were onto each other so madly that an hour went by just kissing. Finally, I gathered up my strength to ask her if she can give me a blowjob. She was reluctant and I didn’t force her either. She liked it and continued jerking off my dick. I found my fingers inside her pussy and fingered it vigorously. She was moaning loudly in my ears and that made me hornier.

I slowly started to insert my dick into her pussy. She didn’t want to but I kept on trying. She wanted to divert my attention on her pussy and started to lick my nipples and also my lips. I was madly in love with her boobs and just kept on pressing them and massaging them. We were going on like this for hours and I seriously wanted to cum on her pretty boobs. I asked her whether I can cum on her and she nodded satisfied. I got on top of her, started to massage her boob with my left hand and jerking off with my right. That is still my favourite position to cum on her. I was reaching my climax and she said yes yes I want it all! It was the biggest load I cummed anywhere anytime and I told her that too. She was happy for that session and kept hugging me throughout the night. I was satisfied to be inside her arms, for it felt homely.