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As Priya madam agreed to my condition that I’ll also pour fruit-cream on her and clean up with my lips, I decided to use it to cheat Ramu...

My Sir’s Hot Wife Part – 2

As Priya madam agreed to my condition that I’ll also pour fruit-cream on her and clean up with my lips, I decided to use it to cheat Ramu that I’m kissing madam as was our bet. I told Priya madam I’ll come in a moment and went outside and told Ramu to come around to the bedroom window and observe as I try to kiss Priya madam. Ramu was doubtful and asked me to return at least 2000/- of his 7000/- betting money. He said he will give it if I win the bet. I said I’ll close the window door if he goes back from bet condition now. He agreed with a sigh and went out to come around to Priya madam’s bedroom door.

As I entered inside, I closed the bedroom door from inside. Priya madam was smiling at me casually. She doesn’t know about the bet between me and Ramu. I looked at the window and found Ramu watching us like watching a suspense thriller movie.

As my hands were shivering, I asked Priya madam to lay down for ease. She accepted and lay on the bed in a supine position. I took some fruit cream and applied to her neck. Her skin shivered with the coolness while the cream was just about to run into her cleavage. Without wasting time, I said oh-oh and quickly bent down and licked the cream running into her cleavage and raised my head to look into her eyes and say sorry. Surprising. She turned her head to one side and not looking at me. Ramu, on the other hand, was looking with intense interest. I nonchalantly bent down and licked the rest of the cream holding her shoulders as she was a bit shaking with the touch of my lips and licking of my tongue.

Then came the real problem for me. Her sari end seemed somewhat an obstruction and so I removed it from above her and threw it aside unexpectedly exposing her milky white, flat and tight belly with its cute round deep navel. Strangely she closed her eyes instantly while Ramu widened his eyes! I casually went about dropping the fruit cream everywhere on her lower-, mid- and upper- belly wherever there is place. Then I started licking everywhere. After sometime I saw that most of her belly is cleared of the cream but not the navel. Since Priya madam was shaking her belly, as I was trying to clear her navel I finally got hold of her waist on the sides tightly with my hands. Then I bent down and pursed my lips on the navel border completely and dug up all the fruit cream inside with my tongue and occasional sucking. Priya madam was making slight noises in a low breath taking care I should not hear. They sounded something like aahhhh, ooohhhh, aaahhhh, mmmm. I don’t know why but I enjoyed doing this so didn’t leave it for some 10-15 minutes. Besides Ramu told me that they will no longer think me as a baby, innocent, etc. if I do this.

When I, at last, raised my head, Ramu was salivating on the sides of his mouth. I thought how much he must have liked the fruit cream too. What is strange is Priya madam was holding and wrinkling the bed-sheet tightly and just left it when I raised my head. I checked the bowl and found some fruit cream still remaining. I watched her whole well-shaped body top to bottom to plan where to pour the remaining cream. My eyes stopped on her 36D size boobs, as they are rising and falling while she’s taking deep breaths. I made my mind to finish my bet fast with the last part of the cream pouring on her boobs and licking it. But the sequence of things that happened was beyond my control and I couldn’t believe.

I still didn’t reach for it, when she suddenly opened her eyes with a deep sigh asking if the cream was over and my revenge was satisfied. I said casually that last part is remaining and I want to pour it over her boobs and asked her to open her blouse and bra reminding her that it was bare skin we agreed. Unexpectedly she said, “NO – I’m sorry Kumar, I have some work” and tried to get up. But I didn’t take NO for an answer and with the closeness I’ve I tried to push her back. Priya madam was laughing at me like I’m a joker because she was a yoga gold-medalist, maybe stronger and I didn’t seem like much of a competition in stopping her from getting up. She moved little by little back by dragging herself in the direction of her head and away from me skillfully. I decided I cannot loose and ghastly moved onto her. In the process, my towel came off and I became total naked and she started to laugh loudly mockingly. But the good thing is this is what helped me! She stopped moving for a while and tried to control her laughter and the pain in her stomach as a result of her laugh.

I don’t want to waste this chance. It’s like now or never. I quickly sprang into her lap sitting on top of her and arresting her waist between by thighs. She begged, “please Kumar, please let me go” and was struggling to keep herself up with the support of her toned hands behind her huge ass. By now I realized how laughing was her weakness and started tickling her all over to make her weaker. She was like dying out of laughter and finally gave up requesting me to stop tickling and pour the fruit cream wherever I want on her boobs. I was beside myself with pride and joy at my cleverness. I was now sitting on her and giving instructions like a horse-rider bestriding his horse and giving commands. I told her to remove her blouse and bra and lay back as earlier. Surprisingly she again closed her eyes and removed those garments accordingly and lay back. But because of her backward movement earlier, her head was on the edge of the bed and requested me to get up from her for a moment to adjust herself. I want to allow her but I said “NO” as I don’t want to give her a chance of tricking me and escaping in case. I told her sternly, “this is kind of a punishment for mocking me. You’re yoga gold-medalist and flexible. So bear it. Otherwise, I’ll start my tickling again”. She requested, “NO please don’t tickle again, I’ll lay like this as you say”.

I took the fruit cream and looked at Ramu casually but surprised as he’s sweating and having goosebumps all over his body and holding the window framework tightly and watching us. I turned back to work and poured the remaining cream all over her boobs and kept the bowl aside. As though by coincidence, Priya madam was also holding tightly but unlike Ramu, her hands were holding the bed-sheets beneath her while I was sitting on top of her. Her belly was the best place I ever sat so far, not too soft not too hard but very smooth and flexible. I bent down and started licking the cream off her boobs. Being deep like a valley, there is so much cream accumulated in her cleavage. To make cleaning perfect and easy, I held her tightly by running my arms from under her sides (though hugging was not my real intention) and buried my face in her cleavage to lick and dig out the cream. I didn’t understand the reason but my madam started making sounds, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhh. I didn’t care and just continued till I licked clean every part of the cleavage off the cream. But at this stage I felt a strange happening in my dick. It became very tight on her belly and pierced her navel particularly as I was right on top of her with her waist bound on the sides with my thighs arresting her.

Suddenly my dick had a strange sensation of discharging something instantly and I could feel it leaking into her navel and then her belly as I’m completely naked. She tried to get up or something happened to her as I can feel her raised knee near my toes. I tightened my grip on her saying, “there’s still some cream here” looking at her tits and then at her eyes. She didn’t say anything but was tightly closing her eyes and took a gulp or two. However as I glanced at Ramu, he was looking the same way as earlier without blinking his eyes. Also, Ramu’s left hand was in his pants and doing something there which I didn’t understand. I thought it was none of my business.
I turned to madam’s boobs and started licking and sucking the pinkish brown tits and the surrounding areas and cleaning the fruit cream. This last part of sucking her tits was something I felt very good and I continued doing it for most of the time.

She was like aaaaaaaahhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhh, heyyyyyy, as I was sucking. Suddenly I remembered my childhood and how women breastfeed their babies with their own milk instead of cattle milk. The very thought made me crazy. I thought this is my opportunity to drink milk from such a beautiful woman as Priya madam as I didn’t know at that time that milk doesn’t come to all women who don’t have a baby. I increased my force of sucking and starting pressing her boobs simultaneously. With milk not coming still, I mixed chewing and biting and continued sucking like that. Priya madam left the bed-sheet and wrapped her hands around me trying to cool me while responding with sounds like aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhhh, mmmaaaaaaaaaa, plsssssssssssss, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, ssslowwwly, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, pleassssssssssssssssssss, ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh…. After more than 1 hour of trying I couldn’t get an ounce of milk even but I was totally tired and fell asleep like that.

When I got up at around 8 pm, somewhat after 7 hours, I found myself still hugging her and in the same position with one of her tits still entirely in my mouth. What’s most lovely and surprising was the way she was awake and rubbing and caressing my hair while her boobs are like a soft pillow under my face.

I got up and apologized to madam for being naughty and falling asleep like that. She smiled and said “that’s okay, hope you’re satisfied with having your revenge”, with a wink. I didn’t understand and told her, “I’m sorry. I didn’t really have any revenge. I always like you madam except when you call me innocent boy”. As she got up and draping her sari which I pulled off during the bed scene, she laughed big once again and coming near to me said in my ear, “innocent boy” and quickly ran into the adjacent bathroom and locked the door. My face became red. I shouted from outside, “you’re testing my patience madam. It’s late. I’ll go now but I’ll catch you some other time.”. She laughed loudly. As I wore my dress and leaving her bungalow, I saw Ramu hurriedly adjusting his pants and hiding it from me. It appeared like there is something wet on his pants at the region of his dick. I thought he urinated and laughed thinking he’s the real baby that needs diapers and not me!