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It was 7 AM on a December Sunday morning, when I was deprived of my sleep by my mother. ‘Mithu, wake up. Gauri aunty is in the hospital...

My Suvarna Adventure

It was 7 AM on a December Sunday morning, when I was deprived of my sleep by my mother.

‘Mithu, wake up. Gauri aunty is in the hospital. She’s in a critical condition’

I woke up immediately. Gauri aunty was my Grandmother’s sister in law. She was about 60 years of age and was one of the kindest people I knew.

I got ready in a hurry and took the bus to the hospital. My mother and the rest would follow in my uncle’s car, but I didn’t want to wait. It may not be worth mentioning, but I now lived in my mother’s family house with 8 others.

By the time I reached the hospital, I knew I’d made a mistake by taking the bus, as our car was already parked in front of the hospital. All along the bus ride, I was thinking of all the memories I had with my hot and lovely Gauri aunty, the laughs, the little rolls of currency notes she stuck in my pocket on my every visit and the food she treated me with.
Walking to the reception, I saw a familiar face at the reception. It was Nandana, my old classmate. She was as beautiful as she used to be. I smiled at her and she identified me. Neither of us had time for pleasantries and I enquired about Gauri aunty. Her words came as a huge sigh of relief as she told me that she had been moved from the ICU to a room. ‘Room No. 24″, she said.

Waving at her, I climbed the stairs to the room. On the way, in the stairs I saw Suvarna Chechi, one of Gauri aunty’s 3 daughters. She was 28 years old and unmarried and stayed with her parents, pursuing a PhD in Engineering Materials after MTech in NIT Calicut.
‘Where are you going, Chechi?’, I asked even though it was evident from the flask she was holding.

‘To get some tea, to the canteen’, she said.
I offered to do it for her, but she refused it kindly, as sweetly as she could.

I walked to the room, now thinking about her. She had her marriage fixed for the last August but was cancelled a week before wedding because her fiance allegedly was still in another relationship. Asshole had decided to get married, putting 2 girls’ lives at stake.

On reaching the room, I saw the room was overcrowded. I managed to see her and to see that she was fine and sitting up made be smile. She started asking me how I was, the sweetheart she was, while herself being in hospital bed.

Slowly, the crowd left and the room was left with her, her husband, Suvarna Chechi, her other daughter Sheena, 31, who was married now for 5 years, my mother, grandmother and me.

They started talking about things women talk about, and I sat bored in the corner eating fruits and staring at my phone.

It seemed Suvarna Chechi was bored too, and she joined my company in eating fruits. Talking to her was always a pleasure. She was extremely smart and open minded, as well as witty to the core. She was one of the most beautiful people I knew, to the heart and appearance. We started talking about college and stuff, and as always time passed twice as fast.
She mentioned that she had an exam the next day and had some revision to do, but probably wouldn’t be able to, given she would have to stay at the hospital.

Eventually, it was 4 PM, and I was getting ready to leave and I had promised to go for a movie with my friends. While asking my mother to leave, she said, ‘Mithu. Do something. Dhananjai uncle (Gauri aunty’s husband) and Sheena chechi will be staying over here. Suvarna Chechi has an exam tomorrow and she has to study. But she’ll be alone in her home. It’s vacation for you anyway. You stay at their home today and give her company’.

‘But, I promised to go for the movie. Suvarna chechi could stay in our home.’, I said.

My mother interrupted, ‘Her books are at her home. It’d be difficult to carry all her books to our home. You’ll stay there today’.
I accepted reluctantly and left the hospital with Suvarna Chechi. She patted my back and said, ‘You go to the movie if you want. I can manage. I won’t tell anyone’. Her kindness melted my heart. I smiled and kept all my plans for another day.
We took the bus to her home.

In the bus, we sat in the same seat. She was a beauty and I saw many people staring at her. How she’d never been in a relationship, I wondered. She was dressed in a salmon churidar and leggings which showed off her figure almost accurately. I noticed a guy staring at her cleavage which was slightly visible through her medium cut neckline, which I signalled to her. She immediately covered it with her duppatta. We talked about the sorry state of our people who had crossed all levels of perversion to be super creepy.

Getting down at her stop, we bought some snacks from the neighborhood shop and walked towards her home. I was very familiar to the surroundings and in no time, I was sitting in the couch and listening to music on my phone while she went to take a bath. She was back in about 5 minutes, dressed in fresh clothes, blue leggings and a similar colored salwar, with a medium neck cut. She smelled great as she made both of us tea and brought it to the living room. We sat on the couch sipping a cup of tea and munching good day biscuits. We talked for a bit and then, she left to the terrace to which she had shifted her studying, which had become difficult downstairs since the birth of Sheena chechi’s son.

I was alone downstairs and after spending an hour listening to music and random browsing, I started walking about the house and sent to Suvarna’s room. As she was studying upstairs, I lied down in her bed for some time. I thought how sad she must have felt when her wedding was called off. In the middle of my thoughts somewhere, I slipped into my sleep.

I was awaken by Suvarna Chechi at about 8 PM. She asked me to have dinner. When I rose from the bed, I saw that I had a i and I asked her to go. She smiled and left. I felt awkward, since her smile made me think she’d noticed the boner. After the boner disappeared, I moved to the dinner table where she was already seated. She had prepared chappathi and vegetable curry and we started eating. It tasted great and I remarked, ‘Wow, your future husband is really lucky’. I saw her face fade and I immediately regretted what I said. She said, ‘I don’t want to be married’.

I was shocked and said, ‘What? You’re just 28 and still beautiful. You can’t just give up because one guy was an ass’.

She gestured to drop the conversation and started talking about her exam. She said she had completed her revisions and was about to give a quick read. But I wasn’t paying attention. Unknowingly, my attention had strayed off to her feet, which was the prettiest I’d ever seen. Her toes were neatly kept and nails had pink polish. Her perfect arched feet had captured my heart.

‘Mithu, are you okay?’, she asked after seeing my lack of attention. ‘Yeah’, I said. I moved my feet a bit and tried to touch my feet with hers. In a moment of bliss where my feet touched her’s that felt like heaven, I withdrew my feet with sheer guilt. She had finished her food and I had too. She took my plates and washed them along with her’s.

She went upstairs to the terrace and I was left alone once again. After 10 minutes of roaming around, I went upstairs to the terrace. I saw that the time was 9.10 by then.

In the terrace, I saw Suvarna Chechi asleep, leaning on the chair and legs folded into an uncomfortable position. I understood she must have fallen asleep out of exhaustion.

I shook her a bit by her shoulders and she suddenly woke up. She realised she’d slept off and thanked me for waking her up.
‘You’ll sleep here alone. You come downstairs and study in your room. It’s warmer there. I’ll keep you company’,I said. She obliged and we carried her books together to her room. She sat on the bed and started studying. I was sitting on a chair and started scrolling on my phone. I was checking on her from time to time and saw that she had shifted to a different position. She was lying down on her stomach with her legs raised and showing off her ample bosoms.

That was probably the first time I noticed how hot she was. Her face was pretty and fair with stands of hair falling on her face which made her seem even more beautiful. She had big breasts and a beautifully shaped butt which made her an ideal woman. I was falling in love with her with every look. But I shrugged from all these thoughts and went to the kitchen to make some tea. I made two glasses of tea. I went to her room to see her in the same position. I felt like touching her butt in the pretense of calling her, but chose not to. I tickled her on her uncovered portion of the neck, to which she responded with a cute face. She sat upright with some difficulty and started sipping her tea. I asked about the difficulty and she said her legs hurt.

‘You had kept your legs in weird pose while sleeping. That’s why. Should I apply something for you?’, I asked rather innocently, but I guess my love for her feet inspired it. She rejected out of formality, but then yielded to my offer. I occupied the bed on her front and started a conversation with her, while slowly massaging her feet. Oh, the feels. Her legs were soft as silk.

As always, our conversations steered from movies to health to politics and we lost the track of time.

Our conversations had breached all formality and had reached topics as her cancelled wedding. By this time, I’d started feeling a little horny. Taking advantage of our lost inhibitions, I raised her pants to a little above her knees. I enjoyed the feel of her body against my hand and I already had a boner.

She described what had led to the cancellation of her wedding and it was almost what I’d already heard.

‘Did you do it?’, I asked, taking all my courage.
‘What? No. Why would you ask something like that?’, she seemed angry and red.

‘I didn’t doubt you. I was just asking since he was an asshole’, I said, trying to console her.

‘We barely even talked. I don’t think I want to be married anymore.’, she said suddenly.

‘Luckily, I caught him before our wedding. What if next time I get married and find out he’s an asshole after that? I’m educated. I can look after myself’, she said.
‘Yes, if that’s the point of marriage’, I said though I knew I was answering to a rhetoric.
‘What else? Kids? There are already too many people in this world. I could even adopt a kid.’
‘Yeah, that too.’, I said.
She seemed to have got my drift and asked, ‘You’re not talking about sex, are you?’.

‘No, even if it was wouldn’t be a problem for someone like you.’, I said.
She had a doubtful expression on her face.
I clarified, ‘As in you’re a beautiful woman. You wouldn’t have difficulty to find someone to hook up with. Men would throw themselves at you’.

She smiled but withdrew her legs whose massage was being enjoyed more by me than her. She suddenly looked at the clock and exclaimed, ‘It’s 11’O clock already. You may go to bed. I’ll do a little more revision’. With this, she started focusing on her books and I was left jobless. I was sure I’d pissed her off.
I went and lied down on a double bed, which was used by Sheena chechi when she stayed over with her husband. I lied there and thought about how foolish I was when I said such things to her.
But in 5 minutes, all I had in mind was the feel of her soft legs and a hint of her thighs I managed to touch. I started playing with my penis thinking about her. I was stroking my penis when suddenly I felt a weight on the other side of the bed. I thought about turning to the other side, but before that, I felt an arm around me. I felt soft breasts pressed against my back and a soft whisper on my ears. ‘Would you throw yourselves at me as well?’.

I turned around and kissed hard on her lips, not letting her say another word. She caught my penis with her arm and started stroking it.

I moved slowly towards her neck. While I was kissing on her neck, she seemed to moan a bit. She looked in a hurry as she removed my t shirt and started licking my nipples. 28 years of her abstinence had made her hungry for sex. I removed her top to find that she was wearing nothing underneath. Her breasts were bigger than anything I’d seen in porn. I started planting light kisses on her nipples. I switched on the light to have a better view of her breasts.
They were a thing of beauty. Her perfectly shaped breasts with brownish nipples looked as though it was sculpted by God himself. I licked her deep navel and she gave out a loud moan. I removed her pants and then her panties, with which she was completely naked.
The sight of her naked body gave chills down to my spine.

She wouldn’t lie idle either. She removed my pants and took my penis in her mouth. She sucked it with so much skill that I started doubting her. I started moaning and felt guilty of not being able to pleasure her the same way. She fondled with my balls for a bit, and started blowing again. I was moaning like a sheep and then she let go.

I moved to her vagina and saw that every bit of it was clean shaved. It smelled like fruit. I started licking it with so much passion that I was determined to give her more pleasure than she gave me. I inserted my tongue as deep as possible and started twisting it all around. ‘Aah, stop Mithu. Aah. Aaah..’, she cried. I didn’t. I fondled her clitoris and went deeper till she released all her juices. My mouth was filled with her cum and I kissed her lips. We licked each other’s tongues and bit our lips. While kissing, I pressed her breasts felt her soft bosoms. Then I started sucking her breasts, while she caressed my penis and started stroking it. After some time, I took her legs and held them apart, opening up her vagina. I kissed on her vagina and on her thighs, which I adored.

‘Fuck me, Mithu!!’, she screamed.
With great care, I placed my penis into her vagina, knowing she was a virgin. She thought I was too, but too bad she doesn’t know about Shilpa miss.

I penetrated softly into her vagina, when she gave out a soft, yet loud scream. I was scared, but was confident.

I kissed her on the lips and holding her legs up, started moving my hips to and fro, as softly as I could. My penis was stained with blood and I knew her hymen was broken. The bedsheet turned red, but Suvarna had started giving out moans of pleasure. I started moving a little harder and faster and her moans turned even louder. I had no intentions of finishing so early, so I pulled out and made her position herself in doggy style. I went to her back and smelled her butt. I kissed her ample ass and inserted my penis into her vagina and started giving gentle strokes each followed by moans of her husky voice. I pressed her ass with my hands and teased it with light slaps, turning it red.

She was moaning for every thrust my penis made into her vagina. I decided to go a notch higher and started to push harder. I pushed so hard by mistake that she screamed, loud enough to be heard outside the house. We were afraid of someone finding out, but slipped out of it.

Her moans had hit an ultimate level when she started to cum. Her cum had stained the bed sheet too bad.

‘Midhu, cum inside me’, she said.
I laid her on her back and lifted her thighs opening her vagina wide and open. I licked it for a bit and then placed my penis back in. I pushed it slowly inside and out and she started going fits.
I finally hit my orgasm and started to cum.

I quickly pulled out my penis and cummed on her navel. I was so tired that I fell on her. We slept off in the same position with me on top of her.

At about 6 in the morning, I woke up to find her asleep.

I sat beside her and admired her beauty. Her perfect breasts with her light brown nipples were still erect and standing up. Her navel still had stains of my cum and her bed sheet was bloody and wet from the secretive and hot session we had.
I decided to wake her up with pleasure and I put my penis into her vagina and started pushing slowly. She moaned in her sleep and suddenly woke up to see me. She smiled but pushed me off.
‘I’ve to go for my exam. Will have to clean up before that.’, she said.
We woke up and took a bath together in the shower. We cleaned each other. Meanwhile, she even gave me a blowjob.

After taking bath, she took the bedsheet and set it on fire.
As she left for her exam, she pecked a kiss on my lips and asked, ‘We’ll see again, won’t we?’.