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My Very Nice Niece By: A. W. Chohan The bedroom door creaked open slowly. Julie, my teen niece stood there in her dress. Her white co...

My Very Nice Niece

My Very Nice Niece

By: A. W. Chohan

The bedroom door creaked open slowly. Julie, my teen niece stood there in her dress. Her white cotton blouse, normally fastened meticulously to the neck, was now open showing the uplift of her lively breasts which had grown adequately since I had last seen her to a nice tight stretch across her chest. Her short grey skirt was cut well above her knee showing a nice spread of long teenage leg.

‘I am sure you would like some coffee, uncle.’ She said smiling with the tray in her hands. ‘Well thanks baby. That’s very nice of you. Put it down here.’ I said pointing to the night stand. She bent down to lower the tray showing more of her silky soft boobs. I tried not to look, but not too hard and she sat on the bed beside me. She has been growing being an exceptionally great looking woman.

You were late to arrive last night, rather very late, wasn’t it? She exclaimed. Yes I was. Are you not supposed to be at school today baby’. I answered briefly. I have couple days off before exams and thought you might help me if you please. She said. Of course I’ll help you and she jumped up before my sentence was complete. Her skirt flew up as she danced out of the room showing me a brief burst of her bottom cheeks in white cotton panties. I hardly contained a groan. She surely was a lovely, lively teenager and my body was reacting to her lusty youthful physical beauty. A few minutes later she came back with a few text books and a note pad and jumped onto the bed. OK, so what are we studying? I asked sitting up straight in the bed. I was glad I wore shorts in bed while sleeping unlike when I am at my home alone and always sleep naked. I mean what subject you needed help with.

Science for sure and mom can’t help me either.
Oh, And where are your parents [my elder brother and his wife] by the way?
They both left early morning for a meeting; they are so active in town affairs and may not come back till quite late in the afternoon.
What portion of your science curriculum you need help with? I saw a funny look on her face when I asked the question. She looked down; a bit blushed and mumbled ‘Biology…. I mean Human Biology, Reproduction and stuff.
‘Fine’ I said. We can work the book or you can just ask me what you need to know.
‘Can I ask questions?’ She perked.

‘Yes and I’ll give you the best answer I can, I promise.’ She took a deep breath, pulled a book and it opened at a page with the drawings of a penis with testes on one page and a vagina with womb and ovaries on the other. The text below detailed how the sperm was ‘introduced’ into the vagina fertilizing the egg, becoming a baby. Pointing to the word ‘introduced’ she said ‘I don’t understand, HOW’ it happens or how is it done? I tussled a little and even blushed. Here was a very sexy young girl sitting next to me on my bed, oblivious of her fresh young breasts peeking out of her blouse and asking me to explain the process of fucking. I gathered my thoughts and spoke, ‘Well Juel, it’s like this. The man’s penis becomes much bigger in size and harder compared to its normal size. Then he puts it inside the woman’s vagina where the sperm gets transferred and the egg is fertilized.’

‘So it gets hard and simply goes in and the sperm falls out…and that’s it?’ She said.
‘Well it is far more involved rather complex than that. I answered; the man and the woman make it hard first and then they work together to make the sperm come out and go into her.’
‘How, I did not understand?’
‘Sometimes it just gets hard, Thinking of going inside the woman and sometimes it needs to be touched, maneuvered and worked to make it hard.’ She didn’t know that my cock was rebel rousing right now at the thought of her so sexy and nubile young body talking of privates and semen transfer.
It must hurt when it swells up, I suppose, she asked.
No, not at all but quite the contrary, it feels very good. For a moment there was a silence and then she said in a faint voice that she wanted to know what it looked like.
You mean a penis, a hard penis, you want to see? I clarified.
And in an even meager voice she said ‘Yes. Can you show me your penis growing big and getting hard?’

‘No Julie babe, I don’t know if I….’
‘But it’s for the purpose of my studies!’ She sounded frustrated. Her eyes blazed a teen confusion, curiosity and anger. ‘Everyone talks about it at school, all the boys make jokes about it, and the books just show nothing but these stupid diagrams. I just want to see for real and understand better!’ Why not yours; uncle please?
‘But I’m your uncle. It is not right for me to show you my penis! What if your parents found out?’

How will they find out, nobody is telling them! I just want to see, that’s all. Please uncle, please!!!
‘Oh Juel, I said, but I could feel my persistence was much weaker. ‘Well, then, just a look.’ I thought; I was just going to show this beautiful girl my hard cock and nothing else would happen.
‘Oh uncle, you are great. She smiled that special smile to make my resistance evaporate some more. I didn’t really know what to do so I just pulled the covers and there it was my semi-erect cock in my shorts. ‘It’s in here.’ I said as she kept staring at my huge and still growing bulge. I put my hand in the shorts and pulled my cock out, grabbing at the mid shaft, for her looks.
‘So big!’ she said and giggled.

‘Well it gets even bigger and harder before it is ready to go inside a woman.’ I answered.
‘Wow! Make it bigger then!’ she was excited. Now she was staring and leaning forward causing enough of the encouragement for my already horrendous muscle to grow on its free will. Open buttons of her blouse was revealing the white cotton bra wrapping the delicious pear shaped small breasts and her ample cute and very tempting cleavage. I don’t know why my hand gently lifted and stroked my cock which rapidly grew to an even bigger and harder stage standing at attention like a proud army soldier; such was the effect of her young body. Once fully hard and grown I took my hand away and showed her the result: my colossal 10 pounder proud cock standing up straight on its larger pedestal of balls, hard and long. I heard myself say ‘What do you think?’ Shit, why I said that; I don’t know.
‘It’s remarkable! Uncle, can I touch it? And a very good uncle I am, but even more like a man thinking with his cock head and not my head, I said ‘Of course, go ahead; please do.’
‘I am scared,’ she said lovingly brushing it with her soft fingers. ‘Doesn’t it hurt when such horrid mass goes inside a woman’s body? I mean does woman feels hurt, does man feel hurt’?
‘No Julie, Both the man and the woman produce a kind of slippery fluid that lubricates it as they play, touch and caress or kiss their bodies before it is put inside the woman. They linger until then and or sometimes even can use oil or other kind of lubricant gels. It is so pleasing and blissful fun to put it in and to take it in’. ‘It won’t bite’ I said. ‘Come and sit closer here.’ Fuck man, once again I don’t know why I said the last few words; maybe I am a very good person at heart!

She sat close beside me unable to take her eyes off my brutally huge cock. I lifted her unresisting hand towards my cock and laid it gently palm down on the stiff back of my cock while sitting up in the bed a little more making the beast to spring straight up as the cozy warmth of her hand made me even harder.
‘Ooh! It’s warm and soft and smooth and hard and beautiful all at the same time!’ She defined my cock.
‘Thank you kiddo’, I said whispering. ‘Yes it is’.

How big is it uncle, she asked me so innocently.
About 9 1/2 inches at full mast… Shit why did I answer so exactly and she did notice saying; oh seems you have measured it more than once which made me blush.

Where does the sperm come out from? She asked and I showed her the cock hole while she giggled nervously. Even the lubricating fluid comes out here, I explained and I even explained a little about the matching sized balls and them working as the storage unit of man seed.

‘Can you make it do it?’ She said sheepishly.
‘Yes if you help. You can um… help a bit… if you like…’ I’m sure that was my cock talking and not her loving uncle. He’d never had said that to his dear niece, never.
‘You show me, how’? She said readily.

‘Just squeeze it gently and move your hand up and down at the same time. Kind of soft but firmer… yes like that, I suddenly felt my body flying in air as she started stroking my wand; that’s good, baby, that is very good. My cock was in heaven and thinking brain in full retreat, a vague whisper somewhere in the background actually complemented her for doing so nice but I did not even listen to it. Julie’s eyes were big as saucers and fixed on my cock as she gently kept stroking it, so I had all the pleasure to notice her breath being faster and her nipples dance and poke through the thin fabric of her blouse as her hand and arms moved up and down with a certain pace on my length. I am sure she was getting turned on as well and shifted to get in a better position when her skirt moved up exposing the little white “V” of her panties nestling tight at the junction of her legs. For the first time I thought of her teen pussy. I wondered what it looked like, tightly shut or lips puffed a bit and the slit split open a little; was it clean shaved or just trimmed; may be heavy growing jungle. She squeezed and rubbed her thighs together unconsciously and then relaxed them. She was obviously getting excited too!
‘Is that what you spoke about uncle?’ she asked looking at the large clear drop of pre-cum that had magically appeared at the top hole of my cock.
‘Yes.’ I hardly could say. You better stop now.’
‘Why? She sounded upset.

‘It’s a bit too much already baby. If you don’t stop things might get a bit carried away and you’ll witness way more than you should’. I know I said half heartedly.

‘Oh!’ she shouted and stopped moving her hand but did not let go my twitching, pulsing cock lose. I must have ended it all but did not being distracted by her tight little breasts in my face, by the smooth contour of white fabric stretched across her pubic mound and by her bright wide smile focused on my dangerous man tool.
‘Can you show me how the sperm comes out and what it looks like? I wanna see, learn and know. This is never told in the books. ‘I should have said ‘no’ but it had been a few weeks since the last fucking I had done and my dick was positively being stubborn, selfish and rude in thoughts. ‘Ohhhhh Julie. You must make sure your parents never find out. I did not do what an uncle should have or would have done but what my pussy crazed cock wanted and a pussy hungry man will do.

‘They won’t’. She said in a conspiratorial tone and suddenly increased the tempo and force of her hand on my meaty beam going up and down, faster and faster. She was jerking me perfectly while smiling to my wood and concentrating as I got excited more and more with each neno second. I do not remember when and how I slipped my shorts lower exposing my mound of beefy testis. As her hands moved with a pace on my steel shaft, her solid tits lifted up and fell down in synchronized moves. She was breathing hap hazard and shallow and constantly snuggling her legs tightly closer to her body. Seeing her legs squeeze and open I placed my hand on her waist without thinking and pulled her much closer. She also burrowed a little closer and my hand could easily slide around and stroke the side of her breast. Losing all control, I was touching up my own niece; I was fondling her soft breast, feeling her tiny nipple grow in my fingers. She seemed not to notice as she concentrated on stroking my cock or she had lost all her resistance as well. Her face was a picture of complete concentration and excitement. Her legs squeezed rhythmically together as she became sexually excited more and more breathing shallow.

‘The rounded things hanging below have gone funny looking and squeezed very tight.’ I heard her say.

‘Yes,’ Oummmm FU**FU**FU, I grunted ‘ I am very close to burst my load’. ‘Yes Baby I.. but I didn’t finish the sentence. The feeling that had started when my balls tightened as they readied to squirt their creamy load, overwhelmed me and my sperm rich slush shot out of my cock in four or five extremely heavy spurts all over her hand and blouse before the power behind the gun faded considerably and the rest oozed.

‘Wow’ she said and continued to rub me furiously. My cream got looking like a paste on my shaft and her hands but she kept rubbing it nonstop. My body was twisting with euphoria and excessive elation and I could hardly grunt, ‘Arggggh! Slow down Kiddo, slow down. Too much sensation is killing me.’ My big cock was very hot, extremely sensitive and shivering quivering with orgasmic current waves sent from the balls up to the cock hole. She slowed down and I opened my eyes to see her big bright smile.
‘Damn, you did nice job and very effectively also’ I said, pointing to gobs of my ball’s juice dripping and dangling down the front of her blouse.

‘I am glad I made you do that’. I made all that come out. That’s awesome. She said with big smile.
‘Yes Juel, it was awesome. Thank you. I said, but your dress is all messed up, remember to…’ She was not even listening what I wanted to suggest. I think I could have never imagined what she shall do next and I am sure after she had got the utter confidence by handling my cock, it was fine. If I had made my uncle shoot his cum load with my hand job, I might have done the same. She just pulled her blouse off and chucked it to the floor in one swift move and with no break in motion she stood on the floor and rapidly removed her skirt as well. Now only her white cotton bra was covering her tits and those young sexy nipples. I could see small nipples were now ample swollen and visible through the fabric. Her tiny little waist just made me thinking far beyond nasty berserk in my mind. I don’t know why I thought that with my length and my powerful thrusts, I could easily hurt if not break her back bone if I did not fuck her carefully. The curve of her hips rounding out so perfectly could not absorb the shock of all my mighty and fervent plowing, plunging into her pussy. My mind was far ahead of my once again stiffening weapon as I noticed my one hand crawl onto her totally naked pussy slit covered in very thin fabric of panties only. She sighed much louder and jumped back onto the bed which brought me back to my senses.

Oh, I am sorry that I got a bit carried away.’ I said.
‘I am glad I have excited you that much’. She said abruptly.
Well yes you sure did kiddo. I had started polishing my coming alive staff with both hands, I realized.
‘I enjoyed it too.’ Her face was almost covered with fallen hair. It made me tickle and I liked it, She said… please continue, tickle me more please uncle!!!!!!! ‘That feels great. I didn’t want to upset or scare you, I said explaining the situation. It always goes like that when two adults are this close, excited and playing. It’s perfectly natural. The excitement, the ‘sexy’ feeling, makes it easier for the partners. I patted her arm and in response she put her hand on mine squeezing it hard; I think a message of all understanding deep inside her. She tried to overcome her shyness and in that small voice of hers said ‘I liked it. I want you to do it again.’ and lifted my hand to her breast. Oh damn! Julie, my sexy niece wanted me to play with her little tits and I wanted too. I wanted to strip off her bra and suck her nipples, run my hand between her legs and rip her panties feeling her young warm cunt and… Fuck, it’s all right even if she is my niece. No harm in it. She got a pussy which needs filled with the manly cock meat of mine, No harm in it, none at all.

I turned her face to me and pulled her even closer for easy approach. She was sitting with one leg on the bed displaying her pubic mound and a little strip of white cotton covering her vagina making my hard dick come back to life larger and quicker. Her perked up little breasts tightly packed her bra and needing to be kneaded and squeezed. I cupped them both in my large hands, gently gripped in my palms before my fingers found her nipples and rolled, tweaked and pulled them a little. She gasped and grabbed my hands, but then relaxed. I kept massaging her there with firmer and circular motions gently pinching; even lip biting her nipples with each circle on her silky pink areola.
‘Do you like it baby?’ My naughty nasty side was now in full mood to fuck her and needed to know if she was also getting ready with my advances. She nodded, her eyes closed and a very sensual, secret smile pasted on her face. Her very young firm tits felt superb in my hands and she was positively enjoying it. Without a second thought I slipped her bra straps from her shoulders and exposed her mesmerizing, perfect size breasts. God, my lord! They were firm but smooth, putty like but dense and inviting but innocent. Her nipples were a bit small sitting on large pink areola. She was responding with shivers, sighs and gasps as I smoothed and wrinkled them flicking the delicate nipples with each pass. Her bra had fallen off her soon as she unhooked it herself.

‘Julie baby do you like it’? I wanted to be sure and asked.
‘Hhhoouunngh’, she was overwhelmed with ecstasy and only moaned loudly while her body arched under me rubbing with my burning sex crazed man junk.

You have the nicest breasts I have ever seen, truly beautiful.’ I complimented her and she didn’t answer but flashed a smiled and moaned much louder rocking her hips and rubbing her pussy on the bed and her leg against mine. Christ! That was so arousing. I just let go of her one titty globe and took her hand, placing it between her legs. This time she groaned even louder and immediately began rubbing her cunt button with fingers in small circles. She was totally shameless and far gone from shyness. Her pussy clit was so swollen red and enlarged that she could not hide it even if she wanted to. She had lost all the shame and a complete slutty woman had taken over her body. The sweet scent of her arousal was filling the air as she rubbed her clit out in open for my eye candy pleasure. My cock was fully grown again needing attention but I knew she was not ready to hold it as yet because her own hormones had gone rampant in her body. Her thrusting against the mattress was becoming more rugged and rougher and her breath also had gone shallow. Even her nipples in my fingers were grown harder and tits were feeling much harder in my palm; all signs of reaching orgasms soon hopefully. Suddenly she gasped as her climax came with a harsh series of big thrusts against an imaginary cock in her and then she twisted onto my broad chest trapping the gigantic erection between her perfect teen tits. I groped my sweet baby niece stroking her back. My expanding other hand felt the bed totally wet with her cunt juice flowing out of her cunt, still.

‘That was amazing; Julie, you are such a sexy young woman. I complimented her for a great pussy performance in orgasm.
‘I’m sorry uncle, if you…… She was kind of unsure in her voice and I interrupted her.

‘No baby, really I understand and it’s all right. It’s fine. In fact it was wonderful and I feel privileged you shared your sexiness with me. It’s an honor to be so trusted to watch your acrobatic pussy in orgasmic heat and pull.’ She smiled at me and I knew then that everything was all right between us. We stayed calm in each other’s arms as she enjoyed her climax fade slowly and even I could feel the intense heat arising from her body and especially from her pussy. Coming to herself she raised her head and spoke; Uncle, remember you said something to the effect that the man and the woman have to ‘work together’ to make it happen, .. inside?’
I honestly was startled and only could say, ‘Yes…?’

‘How do they do that uncle?’ She was totally blunt and upfront. May be Innocent as well, I thought.
‘Well you noticed how bliss, heavenly pleasure happened with your own hand, now imagine how it would be if a man’s penis was enclosed inside the vagina and then exciting it inside out, deeper and beyond ever possible with fingers and Zillion times more satisfying, but only if the woman really wants it as well.
‘Why she would not want to?’ Now that was my innocent niece of course wanting to learn.

‘Oh baby! Sex is fantastic, but it also gets complicated and huge emotional burden if it’s not handled correctly by both participants. It is truly heavenly when both cohorts really care for, respect and trust each other.’

She looked deep and steady in my eyes and then quickly dropping her head down, whispered ‘I trust you, uncle and respect you as well and I know you care for me.’
How could I have missed or not accepted the invitation? This was a pussy talking to a cock.
‘Juel, babe, once again are you sure what you’re saying? Are you sure you want to….?’ She nodded in true earnest and desire written all over her face.
‘I want to know all about it; learn about it and practice it with you. I don’t have any doubts at all’.
‘You have just paid me the greatest compliment anybody possibly could, but please think it over. I’m your uncle and although you are consenting for it with your free will, it’s a very adult decision; we have to be more than sure of no one finding it out. You couldn’t tell anyone … ever.’

‘Nobody ever will find out, plus I am consenting aged adult now. Why are you worried? About a minute ago, you said it was an honor for you that I trusted you. Why don’t you trust me?’

‘Sweet Babe, you are an incredible young beautiful woman. You are warm and very sexy and worthy to be trusted and made to enjoy the ultimate in sex and be enjoyed too. I have to make sure that you understand that it cannot be reversed and there will be no regrets afterwards ever if we did all that should be done.’
‘I understand it, I know it and I still want it and I want you to do it. I won’t be sorry, end of discussion’. And by the way from this moment on I am going to call you Gary, and not the uncle anymore for all our sexy episodes ever to follow from here on.

‘Oh Julie, you definitely sound very wise and scholarly and I am proud of you babes. I want you. How could I not? I just had to make sure.’ I also muttered the final verdict as she looked at me with a mixture of relief and joy. ‘Oh Juel!’ I pulled her even closer to my torso while we both gasped together. I felt her teen breasts firm against my chest and girly smell shooting up my nostrils. She relaxed under my long strokes on her naked back and shoulders. ‘It’s going to be all right.’ I whispered. ‘I care for you, I will not deny your wish at all because I want you as much as you want me and it is true.’ I remember vividly of kissing her right then, not the spotless peck on the cheek from an uncle, but the kiss of a lover named Gary, a deep kiss with my tongue playing across her lips to which she reciprocated instinctively with her open mouth and returned my passion 100-folds, thrusting herself to me and pushing her body at me. We stayed lip locked a while until I eased her away looking into her eyes. She was smiling and now I gave her kisses gently on her cheeks, eyes and forehead making her aware of this intimacy.

After a while I realized that she did not know what next and as her trainer I had to lead her all the way. Without wasting a moment my hands slipped directly to her very well rounded ass buns and she totally gave me her body stretching herself over my manly chest. I slipped her thin panties off her legs one by one and she helped by wiggling herself out of it. Now she was totally naked with part of her breast soft crushing my flag staff and sperm filled balls. My shorts was down below close to the ankles but still not kicked off my body and she took the clue by helping me with her extended hands. WOW, uncle and niece totally naked, uncle’s dick hard as a steel sword and niece’s pussy wet and warm ready to house it. All my hesitations were gone because I had a clear message from her of no dithering and I was not going to miss this chance to take the cherry of this young virgin pussy for defloration. I had fallen on my back and pushed up to sit up straight when I noticed, she wrapped her arms around her very attractive boobs. Gripping her wrists I gently lifted her arms away to look and enjoy the superb shape of those pears. Surprisingly she did not resist and I freely ran my fingers all over her assets praising them to the fullest.
‘Baby, you must know just how pretty, how supple and sexy you are! You are a beautiful youngster blessed with this body to be proud of. Your hair look grandiose, lips are so sweet and sexy, you are very understanding and cooperative and comprehend all so well. Your breasts are just the right size and firm to perfection, your waist and lovely belly is so correctly little to make any man die for it; it is so attractive. Your legs are long, thin and smooth and I just cannot wait to lean close between them doing appropriate justice to the treasure chest hidden in the middle. My hands were now roaming and kneading her ass globes a bit more rough, and I am falling in love with your cute little ass, it is so sexy. I can swear I would have not said it if I was in my senses but she laughed not even feeling any smuttiness in the statement and I also laughed along loud.

That immediately reminded me of not even having had a peek at that lovely pussy we were to fuck and décor soon. Helping her upper body arch backwards was my idea to bring her teen unfucked cunt to my eye level for the most ideal view but her proudly erect nipples caught my eyes begging for kisses and hard sucking. Damn, it was difficult to continue but I opted to go for the pussy and slowly helped bending her torso backwards. O’ Lord of Lords; who would be luckier than I, snow white tiny pussy lips, puckered tight as a vice but definitely making sure to proudly part at the top just enough to let the HUGE pussy knob to peer out of the slit. I felt her tense up when my hands moved and my fingers feather brushed against her mound, making circles and lightly stroking her clit. Now was the time to involve her fully, teaching her, training her to be a useful and ready partner for days to come. I made her stand on her knees in front of me, pulling her close enough to let her nipples stroke my lips. I sucked them urgently, kissing the tits meat all around enjoying the deep guttural moaning of her in return and quickly attended to sweet lips hanging close to mine. We kissed; to remember forever, it was so deep and full of promise. This time the kid’s tongue did all the work to pry through into my mouth for the ultimate joy of wet adult ecstatic kissing.

My cock was hard, standing erect in my groin, pressed against the bed. I eased a bit gently turning her slightly while my hands massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. As I kissed her my one hand moved lower until it found the clit. She tensed as my hand moved to stroke and circle her mound. She jumped a little as my fingers brushed the tiny but a bit puffy pussy lips and pressed lightly against her clit. There was NO hair so she must have shaved. Now my other hand slipped down and I was delighted to find she had the softest mound meat, so fine it was hardly there. Further down between her legs she was all smooth and hairless. My hand stroked her pussy lips and she started rubbing back against it, pushing hard as I poked her with my finger ends. A little pressure and my finger popped inside her lips to find wetness in anticipation. She groaned as I started to treat her pussy and kiss her nipple, her petal soft lips and back for more boobs and nipple sucking. Because of her slight body angle, her cute outer thighs and bottom was lightly massaging my cock as we moved in an increasingly passionate hug. My fingers constantly moved faster over her clit gently dipping into her well lubricated little cunt. She wriggled and wreathed sexually as I moved from clit to cunt with pressure and rapidity. Suddenly she went rigid in an arch and cried out with her orgasm exploding within her pussy. Her pussy was right in front of my eyes going crazy in bizarre stretches and squeezes for a while and then she collapsed moaning into my arms. I gently laid her down on the bed and engulfed her into my arms, kissing her while whispering and reassuring things as she relaxed.

She didn’t rest much to recover from her orgasm at all before stretching her body, giving me a huge smile. Her stretched out hand in one motion reached and held my dutifully hard thick cock and said ‘Thank you’ and quickly started to stroke it like she did before. ‘Is that fine Gary?’ She had a flare in her tone and a cheek to cheek smile as she said it. I for sure wanted her to call me uncle instead of Gary, there will be so many Gary’s fucking so many Julie’s and with all the lust and erotic feelings between us two, Gary fucking Julie would not convey the true spirit as well as an uncle fucking a niece could and plus it sounds much thrilling also. But once again being a personality of a non confronting nature and a good righteous person over all, I did not say anything and instead pondered and focused on the fucking we were going to indulge in soon.

‘Perfect baby, but let me show you how to make it even better.’ I said, lifting her a bit, I made her straddle on my lower legs. She could not stop laughing as she saw my cobra cock rise up in front of her. I had the perfect view of her naked boobs bouncing and her small hand moving up and down on my monster cock. I could also see still dripping wet gelatinous drops from her pussy soaking the sheet. The outline of her cunt lips was dancing for me with the move of her tiny waist. The scenery made me even hornier and I asked her to concentrate on my painfully stiff cock and also cradle my balls sac and rub, twist, pull and play with it. I could clearly see, her small hand with teen fingers was unable to spread all the way around and grip my swollen thickness fully. The scene was so arousing to watch her service my sex pole so enthusiastically and struggling to keep a control over it. I was obviously getting excited and my dick was enjoying too. She felt my cock suddenly tremendous in her palm and in a continued move my balls started dancing up and down as well. The huge jerk produced its perk and Julie giggled seeing a much larger bead of my pre cum appear out of the cock hole. I am sure, she was not aware but she did the perfect thing by moving her hand up, curling my foreskin at the top and containing the big amount within the folds of my foreskin instead of letting it crawl down the shaft length. Are you going to spray again Gary, she asked me while her grip on my flag pole stayed solid.

No baby, only supplying you with the lubricating pre cum told you about earlier. It will make your job little more fun and easy by letting your hand glide all the way up and down the full length of the shaft but if you want to try there are some more uses of it too.
I wanna try, I wanna try. Julie became very excited but kept the pre cum safely held between the folds of my foreskin.
Ok kiddo, the best you can do with it to put your mouth over the tip and I purposely stopped right there to see her response to my suggestion. I be honest; she was not all thrilled but was not even dejected by the idea and asked me if it was safe and fine for her to take it in her mouth and I assured her it was “the thing” to do and slowly helped her to bring her head down to my cock knob until her lips met my foreskin folds and shhhhrrruu! I heard a long slurp. Lightly salty but not repulsive at all, she defined. Her face expressions did not look very positive to me as she pushed the precum down her throat.
It is so nice and sexy act in the scheme of things called cock sucking. I assured her.

Oh, yes! I have heard of cock sucking in the school. All the boys and girls talk about it. I am glad you explained it to me and let me do it too. She rapidly returned back to continue work on my cock with her hands.

No love, you have not done sucking yet, I said. What you did is an act within the fun scheme of cock sucking. Ok then teach me cock sucking, she was being very enthusiastic almost ordering me and I knew it was the time to teach her everything in all details.
Julie baby, you are the best and your attitude and enthusiasm to learn is also really commendable while your zeal to practice is also very laudable. She was smiling and appreciating the compliments flowing out of my mouth and my cock was getting ever nasty in my lap listening to our discussion that she was going to initiate the sucking soon. Now I took the teen girl by her both legs and flipped her over my torso and next moment she was flat on her back with the pillow near the headboard right under her neck and her body completely relaxed under me while I was on my knees with my each knee close to her ear, my low hung balls just an inch or two above her lips and straight stretched solid base of my sex dong almost touching her nose tip and extending all the way beyond the start of her silky hairline. She was slowly spreading her fingers over my length guessing, I am sure about the damage it could inflict in her cunt.
‘Open up, take your tongue out baby and swipe lick my “what you called them, rounded things”, men call them balls’, I told her and she obeyed. Mmmmm it had been a long while since such a young mouth was on my dick and balls. The lust was running high and I don’t know why but I urgently propped a pillow behind her head as she sat up a little to service my cock. The cocksucker bitch I was seeing was some cock hungry nymph under me and not my own little niece; who was there for her selfish desire of a cock in her every hole or opening. I suddenly felt a change in my all caring, loving ‘uncle nature’. I felt like a trainer, instructor, drill sergeant all rolled into one supposed to teach her, train her and even punish her for what she was doing and making me do.

Open up big, this time my tone and tenor was much different, even my large hand was man handling her jaw and pressing hard on both cheeks to make her open that mouth for my thick cock to fuck it. I did not want to overwhelm her or spoil the moment but was not going to be a loving uncle no more and she was behaving responding happily to my insults. Seeing her with an open fucking mouth, tongue spilled long out, I held my serpent as close to its hard swollen base and slapped her cheeks, even the wet tongue dangling like a huffing bitch. Couple larger drops of my precum had crawled out during the process and slapping, spanking it on her face had luscious beads spread all over her face, mouth and eyes. I instructed her to draw a happy medium between the amount of precum to be swallowed and some savored and kept on the tongue not only for the enjoyment of creamy thick musky taste and flavor but also to be used to polish my staff and make it glistening slick making it slide and glide far more conveniently and easily in her mouth and throat. Julie was being very supportive in all the activity. I had massaged and drained out some more lube out of my cock onto her tongue and now she had taken total control of my extremely rigid burning red cock. She was trying to set a pace of motion on my dong with her mouth, lips and tongue. Her hands helping to jerk and stroke my deep diver, I was holding on to the head post of the bed and had risen a bit on my knees, giving me the edge to flung my hips front and back lunging jabbing at least half of my cock into her warm and wet mouth with swinging balls hitting her below her chin with each long stroke.

Try keeping your hands off the staff baby, I told her in no uncertain pitch. Let me show you how to take a proper mouth fucking and suck the cock as well. With that I held her hands down and now bending over her gave me an extra edge of power and I plowed in. Suck it in as it comes IN baby; I told her seeing a bit uneasy. I think she was startled, not expecting me to ask her that.
You wouldn’t shoot in my mouth, will you, Uncle Gary? Please not in my mouth, just shoot on my breasts again,” she begged.
No, Julie, you are going to have to take my cock in your mouth and suck me until I cum and I expect you to swallow it too. Can you be a good girl and do that, Julie?

I’ll do it if I must, Gary. I only hope it is safe thing to do. I’ll suck your penis real good and shall try to swallow it when you shoot. Her voice was trembling and there sure was some concern in her mind but I could not let her run now like this. My hands stroked her face, wiping her sweat wet hair from her face and also drying cheeks. Then I traced my fingers over her lips, slowly sliding inside her mouth, her lips parted, not stopping me, knowing it would be fruitless. Once again I stroked my cock and held it up to her face, jumping as it felt her hot breath on it. The look on her face was priceless, the look of disgust at the task she must perform. Open your mouth; Jule babes open it real wide. Make an “O” with your lips and I will feed your hot, little mouth my cock. She opened her mouth, wider, seeing such big cock only inches from her lips. Slowly I eased my hips forward making the head of the cock sliding along her lips. She could feel the wetness lingering on her lips, her tongue touching it, tasting the salty fluid. It was thick, sticking onto her tongue.
Now run your tongue over it like a good girl.

I moaned in pleasure feeling her hot, rough tongue move over the head of my cock, small drops of cum coaxed from the tip. Oh, yes, such a hot mouth you have baby! Keep doing that and tighten your lips around it then gently suck in, as your tongue licks a lollypop. You can do that, can’t you, Julie. Lick my lollypop. She could not move her head as I held it down; her mouth was a receptacle for my enlarged penis and so could not speak but went working on my cock with a zeal and fervor. My orgasm was building again but not rampant and only pushing out huge amount of precum in anticipation. She gagged at the first taste of my more slick and thick percum, crawling slowly up the plumbing from the low hanging balls; the salty taste awful, refusing to go down, lingering in her mouth. It continued to leak into her mouth, her tongue seemingly dragging it out, unable to prevent it from dripping into her mouth. She saw me lift up my balls and rub them on her chin, my cock pushing farther into her mouth, her tongue now around the underside of my penis, licking and lapping at the hot flesh.
Suck, Julie, pull it into your mouth. OOOH, yes, Julie. Are you sure you haven’t sucked a cock before. You’re damn good at this for a virgin. I said loud and pushed more of my stiff cock into her mouth, banging against the back, making her gag. For a moment I thought not to deep throat fuck her now and leave out this activity for next time. I wanted her to learn how to suck the cock first. She felt the penis sliding in and out of her mouth, her tongue running up and down my tall penis feeling the ridges and bumps on it, the veins shooting out from the sides of the rim on the head. Her tongue found the hole at the end, the tip of her tongue running back and forth over it, tasting the salty fluid leaking out. She sucked in, feeling the heavy penis slide farther into her mouth, my hips urging it forward. She gagged and choked when it pushed too far.

Uncle Gary I had never felt such pleasure before. She had called me Uncle Gary twice with a tone I feel was asking for mercy as my merciless hands continued to squeeze her tits and nipples making her mouth suck me harder, hoping to make me cum and stop abusing her flesh. She was drawing my cock more and more in her mouth, the slurping sound increasing as my cock kept thrusting solid in and out of her tightly stretched lips, her mouth pursed to suck in the hard cock. Not wanting to cum yet, I pulled my cock from her mouth and fed both balls in her mouth, her cheeks got puffed, filled with cum swollen balls. Her tongue lashed out on the meat near my ass hole at the end of ball sack, sucking the heavily laden sack in deeper. The urge to cum was getting to point of no return because her mouth was just too good. Unable to edge any longer and prevent the most evident, I pushed my cock back into her mouth, her lips wrapping tightly around it, sucking the hard cock farther into her hot mouth and her tongue spilled out like a bitch in heat lapping my balls trying to cool them a bit.

I’m going to cum, Julie. Don’t forget to swallow all of it. If you don’t, I will pull your nipples off your boobs brutally until I get hard again. Then you will suck my cock again until you learn as told.

“MMMGGgggg,” the only verbal acknowledgment she could make and kept sucking my cock with complete devotion as she could. She knew, she had to make me cum and swallow it all even after the cannon shoot was over. Her breasts were hurting so badly and my fingers were still inflicting the pain. Next moment with my deepest groan, she felt my groin push in deeper and then felt my fucking tool shudder, my hips pushing forward, my cock banging against the back of her throat, making her gag. I only pulled out a little; making the bulbous head sitting on her tongue, shaking as the first load of cum shot up from my balls. “GGRRGGLLEee,” the hot cum jumping into the confines of her virgin mouth, filling it rapidly with the salty, thick fluid which she swallowed once but soon the slush cum was choking her again as it slid slowly down her gullet into her stomach. She was afraid she would throw up.

OUHH mmm!! It felt like she was sucking the Cum from right out of my balls, her mouth doing such nice and wonderful things to my cock. I shot my entire load hearing her gag and choke with the amount shot to the back of her throat. Her tongue continued to lash back at my cock, as she attempted to swallow rapidly. Continuous jolting and shuddering of my cock spewed ropey load of cum onto her tongue over 7-8 times, filling her cum hungry mouth. She did choke and she did gag, but she still continued to suck, my fingers still on her boobs coaxing her to perform as best as she could to make me happy shooter and stop badgering her breasts. Once again she was not letting my beef baton loose and still wanking and licking it. My solid steel mallet was also gone in deep joy frenzy and did not lose much of its width, length or strength and was looking excited as well. She had total focus and devotion to my fucking machine and somehow I also adored extended greedy pleasure unlike the usual extreme sensitivity and heated euphoria felt after each shoot out. I saw her smiling face and thankful eyes feeling proud of her achievement.

Yes, Julie baby; that was perfect as Fuck!! You really made me Cum with ultimate force and power, I managed to say between growls and groans finally taking over me. I have once again blasted the juice out of my balls like a teen ager.
Oouunnggghhhh! FUCK, mmmmmmmmmmm Fuck! I was feeling a special twitch in my balls feeling her tickling tongue on my balls and hands slow milking my leaky hose and then I had to stop her hands that were being unbearable.

Oh fuck Julie; I said aloud, that was amazing! You’re so good at it!
She giggled and chirped back, you said, Fuck word Gary! That is naughty. White liquid was dripping from her lips as well as her hands.

Sometimes Fuck is the only word that says, conveys and describes the true sense and emotions baby, I gave the best explanation I could and she looked at me eagerly saying ‘OK, what’s next’. What was next was so obvious me burying my face between her legs and licking her cunt and clit until she screamed for mercy. Not that I was that buoyant or a bully, I gently played some with her body letting her laid down but only moved her arms above the head and slipped down her teen body. Taking a comfortable position between her legs, I opened her legs and fondled her inner thighs. She sighed arching her body with pleasure and opened her legs wider further welcoming my touch. Slowly my caressing hand worked its way up between her legs as close to but not touching her pussy, but then moving away, teasing and provoking her sex. Next go around my long fingers made a light brushing touch across her smooth cunt lips mound followed by a rubbing stroke across her clit and cunt lips. Julie had started breathing shallow; grabbed a tight hold of the bed sheet under her head and arched her back in response. God! She was so fucking sexy and willing, I could surely say. My finger now caressed her pussy button more firmly, pushing lips a little way into her vagina. While she looked wide eyed I moved almost kneeling between her wide open thighs and lowered my head towards her fuck box.

A little visible drop of her clear fluid had appeared between her legs, the aroma of her arousal was making my cock twitch and begin to grow hard once again. Slow, very slow, real slow my lips touched her tasty cunt meat stamping her with my lust and excitement. She rewarded me with a gasp and a little jump of pleasure with her teen boobs bouncing and nipples waving in wild circles. She was wide eyed and watching each of my move. I knew the time had come so I placed both of my palms under her most luscious ass buns raising her mid body close to my face and looked up seeing her close the wide eyes with a push up try to shove her cute little cunt to my lusty gaze if nothing else.
It was my turn to gasp and sigh at her so petite and beautiful fuck spot! Her perfect shaped naked lips had enclosed a small pink slit. Her clit was quite prominent and considerably large; her vagina was darker red within the depths of the pink. She was wet, almost soaked and it flowed down over her anus hole. Not being able to resist any longer, I lowered my lips again to kiss her cunt lips just as if they were her facial lips. She curled up, groaned and like a bolt of electricity clamped her legs around my neck, even her hands flew to my head holding me motionless. An electric current flowed into my hands. I felt heavy shock waves rush pulsate through my fully-erect yard of beefy cock shaft. With no words spoken I could not contain myself any longer. My right hand moved to cup her vagina while the left 2 fingers found the magical treasure at the top of the mound. Julie’s pussy was warmer and softer than her breasts. My hands were playing with pussy and her pussy button for a bit and then she let go my head and calmly fell back giving me full control of her love canal.

I started massaging the pussy mound gently, noticing this little girl pussy was full enough to fill my hand. I kept one hand cupped to her boob and other cupped to her pussy rapidly rotating and giving each young tit and nip an equal playtime but her pussy was getting double playtime. My hand on her pussy grew more insistent, squeezing, and tugging, and pulling the tender young pussy flesh and my fingers were tweaking, yanking her clit and vaginal opening. The puffed pussy lips and the pussy glory hole was making me fully senseless with her such complete ripeness of pubic maturity. Her pussy was soft, warm, wet, squishy and ready for my eating frenzy. I heard Julie take a deep breath drenched with excitement. Letting go her pussy, I moistened my two fingers and reached again for her pussy and the clit. Now I was prying her, probing her, flicking her, teasing her and widening her to a new and heightened erection. Julie squirmed and wriggled in my hands while my finger moved in lazy circles inside her warm cunt cavity moaning and arching her back pushing her fuck hole to envelope my lubed aggressively exploring fingers hitting an obstruction at hilt. Smiling and being sure of having hit the tender membrane of Julie’s pussy seal, I realized her painful writhing and backed off a bit and quickly laid my lips on this unfucked virgin treasure available to me for my sexy self. With both of my hands resting on her belly and making sure she stayed totally still, I buried my face in the silky soft curls of virgin pussy meat, feeling its warmth and freshness all over me. My long snake like tongue was darting into her depths and nooks arousing her sex, being evident from her constant howling like a bitch in heat and shivering in desire for more of pussy awakening.
Are you alright baby, I asked being concerned that my finger nail might have scratched her meaty wallet causing her pain. You want me to stop?

Oh, my sweet niece answered hastily No! Oh, Uncle Gary please don’t stop now. I like it. Oh, I love it! Please don’t stop!
My mind was racing now, I knew it was now or never time and the only few minutes I could keep her away was to go get the fresh condom pack I always carried in my travel bag. My well engorged cock was really getting hurt stretched beyond limits. Ok baby, let me take the rubbers from my bag and we are going to do it NOW for sure, I said, easing her legs further apart and for once more I took her swollen bud of a clitoris between my lips sucking it gently and running my tongue around it in circles. She cried aloud and opened her legs further and pulled me into her. Oh Gary, you are killing me. I also licked and sucked with varying speed and firmness as she began to respond, pushing her cunt up towards me equally hard and resolute. Deeper I penetrated her tight little cunt with my tongue her hips matched my invading tongue thrusts making me plunge my tongue as deep inside her as I could.

She had almost entered the orgasmic cascade and was looking quite close to climax so I again took her clit, flicked it and sucked it as she began to shake and quiver like a fish out of water. Her legs went rigid as wood and suddenly clamped around the back of my neck forcing my face ever deeper contact with her cunt. Holding her hips I rode the merry go around with her as the natural reproductive force washed over her and she fucked my tongue like it was a cock waiting to impregnate her. Her violent thrusts continued until with couple of huge thrusts, which almost broke my neck she screamed ‘Fuck…..! Fuck…..! Fuck….!’ at the top of her voice, then subsided with a sigh as if all her passion had drained away in that instant. Breathing hard, deep and fast she kept whispering quietly ‘Fuck, oh fuck, it was incredible, amazing, and awesome. Oh……. fuck!’ And finally she calmed down and giggled while looking at me with a gaze. ‘Gary, you made me say fuck!’
I smiled at her. ‘Like I said Julie, there’s times when only ‘fuck’ will do.’
Now without wasting a neno second, I rushed and pulled the condom box out of my travel bag and jumped back onto the bed where Julie was spread naked as a new born baby and a teen pussy ready for me to be fucked by my womb broom. I covered my weapon and moved between her legs with my cock pressing firmly against her wet vagina. She squirmed against me and my crotch crusher felt her delicious wetness and the tight entrance to her virgin cunt. The tip pushed gently against her entrance and my cock further expanded to a rigid baton at the thought of penetrating her. I was stuck in her like a steel chisel ready to split her in halves in one go.
‘Fuck me Uncle, Gary please fuck me now……’ What could I do? I eased the tip of my cock into her tightness. She tensed and then relaxed as about half of my mushroom slid into her. She was so wet and ready there was no resistance. The smooth walls of her cunt held me in an erotic embrace as if they were made for me, my cock and this moment. I moved in a little more feeling no challenge or defiance from unfucked, virgin like just born young teen pussy. Sensing that my pussy wrecker could inflict serious damage if I let it prowl in hard facing no force to stop it taking over the territory ahead of it, I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her young teenage cunt. Never had I ever used more self-control in my life in a fucking session. Julie cried in her painful moan in heat and frustration with her hands on the back of my thighs pulling me in.

‘Oh uncle, I mean Gary! Please………’ Disappointment showed in her voice. I could ram IN, I could jam IN, I could rip her really but was double minded and did not want to inflict pain or injury but she was at her peak in erotic heat needing me inside her flaming cunt. Totally unbeknown to her, although she was trying hard to make me cleave and tear her pussy, she was giving me that special sexy smile I have known so well. The smile that says, I want you to fuck me or I will fuck your brains out. Julie was in my arms acting and behaving so brave, showing no fear in pulling closer to me and rub her little cunt against my brutally hard cock. Her hand held my cock stroking it and pulling it towards her, urging me to penetrate her again. For the last time Julie, are you sure you really want this? You know you’ll no longer be a virgin anymore. I asked her in no uncertain words. For an answer she pulled me on top of her as she opened her legs wider than before and kissed me hungrily.

Yes I know it, I know I am giving up my virginity and I want to. I want you to…., she muttered in my ear.

Tell me Julie, say it loud. Tell me what you want me to? I was getting with the flow of thoughts.

I want you to fuck me Gary, fuck me…. now, please. She was panting with excitement; her hands suddenly pulled my cock towards her virgin cunt while trying to grope my balls with the other. I was ready, hell with all hesitation; I thought and with the ultimate temptation lowered my hip aligning my one eyed dragon to plunge straight into her depth. I knew her virgin vagina was tight, but she was very wet and ready to be penetrated by my big cock. I took a few moments to look at her laying there, the secret smile, her arms pulling me in, her naked breasts thrust up and waiting to receive me in her. Her legs parted, eager for my bone ranger and her delicious little cunt open and moist with the aura of her arousal impregnating the air with desire. God! She was so perfect for a fucking from my cock. I lowered my body onto hers and my cock found her opening at the first try. She moaned and pushed up to meet the tip of my fire hose as it slid gently into her meat flaps. I didn’t have to ask if she wanted it since her legs were wrapped round my thighs and she was already pushing against me, moving the tip of my cock within her tight cunt, stimulating herself and me with her agile movements. I gently pushed forward making an inch or so more of my cock slither into her. This locked my big cock knob into her vault and I looked at her smiling eyes and made the announcement; my darling Juel, brace yourself, I am going to go all the way in.

I saw her bite the bottom lip and nodded as in yes. My mind was racing, I had lost all control and only remember looking one last time at my engorged cock enter her pussy hole. It was no entry, it was shoving in, no it was no simple shoving in; I had gathered all my body strength, all my muscle power and all my will power and gone in like a zillion horse power locomotive moving in into her poor little virgin pussy. My cock head touched her tender hymen and broke it into minuscule, useless pieces. My rock hard fucking shaft was buried miles in inches deep never even known before of its existence. It had honestly been long since I fucked a virgin and I swear feeling a gush of blood from her cunt which I just broke the original seal of, causing a pain of unbelievable severity. In split second Julie was doused in sweat and after only a very loud and deep shrieking cry, she was all limp and pale in my groin. Though it was not my first defloration and I knew what and how but she was the youngest ever making me uneasy for I might have inflicted some irreversible damage in her with my cruel pussy ferret and the thought suddenly froze me inside her soggy box. I could feel the gash on my flag pole inside her beefy flaps and even the lively movement of her innards on my hard staff trying to get adjusted. Julie’s breathing was insignificant and extremely slow but she was breathing alright. The scalding heat and movement inside her pussy oven was too far in high gears. Her cock trap was wrapping itself tighter on my wand with the magic happening fast and furious.
I suddenly felt some crawling on my low hung set of balls that quickly reminded me that Julie’s poor baby pussy was bleeding and yes a glance down on the point where we two were joined and gelling, showed a deep crimson colored welding mark all around. O’ my God! I had really fucked my niece and broken her cherry almost causing an axe like wound on her petite little cunt. A sense of pride and smugness was felt in my spine and right then I draped myself over her trying to kiss the fucked beauty under me. The shifting of weight pushed last half an inch of my tree stump into the already stuffed Grandest Canyon I had ever had the honor and privilege to fuck and adore.

Gary fuck me now please; I heard as my ear came close to her lips and I don’t know if I was shocked more than the joy running faster in my sexy gun. Julie grabbed and crossed her arms around my neck and we were lip locked in the most erotic sensual kiss ever I would remember. Her eyes were partially open and rolled back with only the white visible and mush of blood wires speaking of her arousal was all clearly visible to savor and enjoy. The invitation declared a cock emergency in my body and once again summoning all the strength in my thighs and hip, I reverse wrenched her pussy which caused a shooting pain in Julie’s all bloody canoe but my experience was my guide and I could not be a derelict, all knowing about the best medicine for such deep and so cruel pain. With about half of my length pulled back I WHAMMED back in with full gusto causing some more damage to the pink fortress but for sure this time Julie did not produce the growl of agony or grunt but her response was very understandable. Now she not only wanted to get fucked but even arched a little in an attempt to raise and offer her pink taco laced with deep red blood sauce to my beef baton for mutual pleasure. We know what kind of reaction this scene produces in men and I was there in the scene and surely do not have to say much. It took me far less but we not only established the speed and force of thrusts with the harmonized range of motion, we also set the coherent and coordinated fucking rhythm. My tall bamboo was crashing and bursting through her vaginal veil but Julie was not screaming at all but making only pleasure sounds exciting me to fuck her with more intent and aim. Although on her back, her movement was limited but she understood the gist and now was bucking, thrusting and coaxing all she possibly could to take my cock, balls deep with each jolt.

Suddenly Julie’s pussy muscles contracted and squeezed like a vice grip. They grabbed my cock shaft and pulled it in deeper. At the same time, her hips bucked up violently thrusting upward and mine forward. Now she produced a scream to remember her life time but neither did her hips stop pushing up nor did I. Slowly I eased my cock into her, massaging and savoring the feeling of her tightness as it went into rapid relaxing and contracting exercise crushing and trying to mince my cock shaft while my jewels rubbed her pussy lips. She tensed, squeaked as the thickest part of my cock made her pussy look like a hippo’s yawn and then with a sudden release of tension she whimpered and her sighs turned to moans as we moved together, each movement still forceful and deep in and out of her wet and slippery passage. With her each stronger and stronger contraction my cock felt delightful resistance and rotating drill like motion inside her. Automatically she clamped her legs and lifted her hips to make my cock reach even deeper in her hot and naughty tunnel. Her orgasm was almost subsiding but not before performing the trick on my crotch vomiting gizmo. I started grinding my balls even harder now feeling them tight and jam at my sweet niece’s fucking hole. That renewed a rapid little see-saw motion in and out. I knew she was doing her best to build my orgasmic force to soar high and mighty.

With one last moan of joy and satisfaction she made some hap hazard circular moves on my deep digging shaft in her meaty vault and that made me feel the spasm of my orgasm pushing me over the edge. My boner became much more longer, stiffer, thicker and pushed crushed her trembling crashing pussy walls to crash and crumble down to nothing against the ALMIGHTY clout of my cock. With Julie screaming and her nails clawed in my back, I erupted like a volcano squirting, spewing my baby making seed. If my weapon was not under cover, there was no way that any deepest, farthest, known or unknown nook in Julie’s cunt would not get soaked with my personal brewed nectar. With her writhing and I growling I must have unleashed gallons of liquid fire into the condom. After years and years I spilled like a teen ager for a teen ager. Wave after wave of pleasure spasms ran in her young cunt with my cock encased inside it until I knew it was an absolute must for me to pull out of her to avoid spilling my seed in her and impregnating her. In spite of her resistance I lifted her legs over my waist and grabbing the still tightly gripping condom to my thick cock base I slowly eased out of her hollow pussy.

The blood had spilled out of her now fucked up cunt on the bed sheet and it was the only possible choice and so I cleaned myself well before pulling my baby niece into my heaving chest. We didn’t say anything, we didn’t need to. Julie felt like becoming a woman she wanted to be and I felt being a young and close confidant to this teen fucking girl more than anyone ever……… and that’s the truth, the whole truth.

The End till it repeats itself somewhere over and over again…