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Hi friends, I am from Hyderabad and narrating my sexual experience with a housewife who was also staying in Hyderabad. She was actually m...

Satisfying A Friend’s Need

Hi friends, I am from Hyderabad and narrating my sexual experience with a housewife who was also staying in Hyderabad. She was actually married but her husband is in the USA on some office assignment. Both her parents and her husband’s parents are from Hyderabad only. So she was spending some days in her parents’ home and some days in her hubby’s parents home. They did not have a child yet. She was missing her husband very much.

Meanwhile she came into chatting with me and we became so close. I observed that the hot housewife and her body are starving for real sex. I told her that I can help her in this regard and requested for one time at least. I promised her that it will be kept a pure secret. After a long persuasion, convincing and assurance of secrecy, she accepted it for a one time and she told to come on a Monday being a working day when her parents leave for office.

I took a leave on that day and went to their home around 12 noon. I reached their home and greeted her. She was so beautiful than in the photos which she sent to me. I said the same to her. She smiled a bit but she was little tensed. I said to her not to be tensed and we will have a beautiful time. She was actually wearing a top and jeans. We sat in the sofa and I took her hand and kissed on fingers. She let her hand be like that and closed her eyes. Her hands were actually in full white color and I was not able to stop myself I kissed her fingers to till her elbow. She kept her eyes closed. I slowly told her that we should move to the bedroom. She was actually nervous and not opening her eyes. I told to be a little free and make herself relaxed. After few minutes she opened her eyes and we went to her bedroom.

As soon as we entered the bedroom, I kissed her passionately and my young married friend was responding positively. We kissed so passionately for more than 5 minutes I was getting a huge erection which she observed. I took her in front of the dressing table and I came behind to her. I showed herself in the mirror to her and told “What a beauty you have my dear. It seems like all the Milky Way has turned into you and came down here. Your every part is looking like a brightening star and I am not able to tell which part has more brightness”. I also want to see the brightness hiding behind these clothes”. She blushed a little bit and closed her eyes. I slowly lifted her top over her head and opened her bra hook which was behind. Now she was topless. I slowly put my hands on her breast from behind from below her armpits and pressing them. She started moaning a little bit. I was pressing continuously and her moaning sounds were increasing. She also put her hands on my hands and pressing more to have great sensations.

Meanwhile my penis got fully erected and I was rubbing it on her ass cheeks from behind. We had it for some time that.

After few minutes I came to her front side and put her right nipple in my mouth and biting it slowly. She was moaning like anything. I was circling her tit and putting saliva on it and licking it once again. She was pressing my head to her breast more. With my other hand, I was also pressing and pinching her other tit and breast. She must be on cloud nine with my pinching and pressing of boobs. After some time I repeated the same with another breast. After few minutes, I came down a little bit and kissed on her navel. It was in milky white color like paneer slices arranged. I kissed it so passionately, in fact, I rained the kissed on her belly. I did not miss any inch from belly to her chin. I almost licked the whole place from belly button to her chin. After few minutes I came little down and kissed her pussy over her jeans. I could sense the wetness of her pussy over the jeans itself. I started opening her zip and brought down her jeans. She was in her red panty with a flower on it. It was all wet and soaking. I kissed there with so passion and bit it over the panty. She made a big aaaaah sound. Then I started pulling down her panty with my both hands at either side. Within few seconds she was completely naked in front of me. She was like a nude goddess in front of me.

For a moment I thought that I should not close my eyes even for a fraction of a second. Her beauty might disappear from in front of me. I filled all her naked beauty in my eyes. For a moment I thought that a full moon’s moonlight has come in her body and came all the way down to earth into my lap and palms.” Her beautiful cunt appeared in was in front of me. It was very beautiful like betel leafs folded. It was so soft, smooth and oozing with honey. A sweet fragrance was also coming out of it which was intoxicating me.”

I was just falling short of words and I just widened her legs and put my mouth in her cunt and moving my tongue right from her ass cheeks to the clit. I kissed her cunt and bit those delicate pussy lips smoothly. My every bite was giving her a great sensation. I was moving my tongue continuously front and back with small bites often. She closed her eyes and yelling aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah sounds and I was yelling “Oh my love, what a beautiful pussy it is. What a great taste it has. It is like a melting sweet paan in my mouth. It is so tasty and I really feeling that I was waiting for this moment only all through my life.” With my words, she was feeling hot and She was absolutely dancing with my tongue moments and pressing her pussy to my head and mouth. It was raining juices from her and I was absorbing all her juices without wasting even a small drop of it.

I felt like every drop was so precious and absorbing it into my body. I also had few bites with my teeth on her clit by which her entire body was shivering completely and she was making big sounds for my bites due to pain and pleasure. She was telling me “Oh my dear, you are crazy. You are making me dry completely. You are sucking all the water from my body. You are making me die and alive every moment. You are making my whole body to beg for your love bites. You are showing me the heavens and every part of my body seems to be becoming pussy lips to gain that heaven of pain and pleasure. I am not able to control my self. Just do it and never stop it. You are making me really to crave for it like a slut and I really would not be shy to have it again and again.”

We continued it for another half an hour and suddenly she was pulling my head towards her cunt and kept it like that for few minutes. Her whole body became stable and stiff. I knew she was experiencing her orgasm. I was also stable till she completely had her orgasm. After 5 minutes she came to normalcy and thanked me a lot. She said that She never had this kind of heart-stopping orgasm. Few tears rolled out from her eyes. I really held them too in my palms and said these happy tears are also so precious to me.

We felt like tired a little bit and had a break for the real fun of fucking.

What happened after that I will tell in my next submission. Till then have a break…