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Hi guys, This is a real sexstory happened to me in 2015 in Bangalore. This lady is about 32 years working as a care taker/baby sitter/...

Sex With A Matured Maid

Hi guys,
This is a real sexstory happened to me in 2015 in Bangalore.

This lady is about 32 years working as a care taker/baby sitter/maid.

Every day in the morning I used to go for an hour of walking/jogging in our area. I noticed her holding a baby, moving around our area. Her name is Malini, she is about 5 ft 1 inch, good weight to height ratio. Her statistics are 32b-28-32. The most attractive feature about her is her cute smile. She is fair and very fit due to her regular handwork of 10 hrs a day. She does not look like a maid.

She is attractive but definitely not a bombshell. Initially, I did not have any intentions on her. I know the parents of the baby she babysits. I used to interact occasionally with the parents of the baby, one day when I was walking this maid told me that she saw me at my friend’s house construction site about 4 years back. Those construction workers and this maid were from the same place. Now and then I used to talk a few minutes.

In October 2015, all of my family members went out of town due to kids vacation. One of my tenants vacated the house and I was looking for a maid to clean the house, since I am the only one staying alone most of the female maids don’t want to come for cleaning unless you know them well.

Next day I asked her if she can come today for cleaning my house, she said yes and I asked her to come at 1 pm. She came sharp at 1 pm, the vacant portion is on 3 floors, we were climbing the stairs I just asked her to do you work for bachelors, she said no with a Smile on her face.

I told her I am all alone in my house, showed her the place where she has to do all cleaning, mopping and wiping. She told I can do the work for rs 300 and would take about 60 min, I said fine and left the house to bring lunch for both.

On return, I asked her are you not scared, since just we two are here and none from my home is here. She said its fine.

I was feeling horny as I was without sex for a week. She was cleaning a window, on the pretext of showing something, I tested her by touching and placing my elbow on her left boob for a few seconds. She did not say anything but she was a little nervous.

After a few minutes I told her let’s have lunch and then you can finish the remaining work and leave. We sat on the floor facing each other while eating she said I don’t eat curd due to my illness (cold, fever). I immediately held her hand to check if she is really not well, she is having a light fever. I gave her some medicines and ask her to take rest for some time.

I brought a thermometer which has to be kept in the armpit to measure temperature. I asked her to measure herself, she said I don’t know you please do it.

She slightly adjusted the jacket on her arm, I placed it in her armpit. Fever is not high. I was observing her face feelings, she was calm.

I told her the reading is not correct, will have to do it again and asked to remove the pallu on her chest. She removed it with shyness. I felt confident that she is fine with me and not rejecting me. I took thermometer reading once again and assured her that since you took the medicines you are fine. She thanked me.

I touched her boobs over her jacket she closed her eyes. I told her that you have a great smile and look attractive. I removed her blouse, she was a little sweat due to work. Her medium sized 32 b melons are so nice. Even after 15 years of marriage and 3 kids they
Are still very firm and attractive. Her nipples are erect. She started breathing heavily with lots of lust in her eyes.

I slowly started touching her nipples, areola, boobs. She closed her eyes and let out a slight aaahhh ussssssssss moan. I fondled her breasts and kissed her for 10 minutes, I told her to go to next room. She asked what if some one comes. I told her no one will come, locked the main door and went inside the room and locked that door too. I hugged her tightly started kissing on her lips cheeks boobs, waist. Her waist is so slim and sexy, hard to find in many married women. She lied down on the granite floor. Her medium sized thighs are firm. I lifted her saree. She felt shy and adjusted her saree to cover her pussy. I started smooching her lips, pressed her boobs. I lifted her saree and put my fingers in her love hole. It is very clean shaved, wet and dripping.

I put a condom and inserted my dick into her pussy, she gave a loud moan. I started jerking slowly, she started making low usssss ahhhhaaaa sounds. I started fucking her fast she increased her moaning. I asked to change position she said please do like this and do slowly in this position only. I fucked her for 10 more minutes and filled the rubber with cum. I asked her how did I do, she said you did very well.

She told me that she is very happy for taking care of her fever/cold and told me that “It never happened to her like this before”. She told me that the moment I told her I want to put a thermometer in armpit she felt that he is interested in her and fuck her.

She took 30 minutes to complete the pending cleaning and told she would leave now. I paid her 300 and pulled her into the room one more time. I completely undressed her, started pressing her boobs, smooching. This time she is not that wet. She said finish it quickly else the babysitter owner will yell at her.

I put a condom and inserted into her love hole. She lifted her legs up I fucked her fast this time. She started moaning heavily, fucked her 15 minutes, she left. Before leaving I told her that I am all alone in the home, please come for the next 3 days same for cleaning my own portion, she smiled said ok and left.

Next day she came at same 1 pm, I already brought lunch from outside. Today she is freer and talking a little more freely. She said we will have sex first and then eat. She undressed me and started sucking my dick, I undressed her and asked her to fuck me with a woman on top position. She removed her dress placed a condom on my dick. She kept my pen drive in her pussy and started riding on top. I was lying down and enjoying her thrusts. She is very energetic and doing it really fast. After 5 mins she is a bit tired and asked me to fuck her in doggy position. I hold her both boobs in my hand, slowly inserted it into her love hole. I asked for anal sex, she denied stating that she did not have and don’t want it. I did not force her.

Started fucking her slowly and then increased the speed she was moaning very heavily, enjoying fully. I cummed in 10 minutes. Post lunch, we slept hugging each other, after 1 hr we got up. She lied down with her head on my lap. She told that her husband fucks her daily and told that he will keep on pressing her boobs while fucking and also lifts her a bit up to see the dick going inside the pussy. We laid next to each other, she started kissing and hugging me and told that she likes kisses and hugs much more than sex.

Next day she came again at the same time, that day I was stressed a lot due to work and told her that I am not in the mood. She said I will bring you in mood and make you happy, you are my lover. We laid next to each other, she completely undressed me and herself. She hugged me tightly and started kissing all over the body, I felt happy but still not aroused. She took massage oil I bought for back pain started massaging me all over my body. She started with my back, neck, shoulders legs toes did it like a professional for good 30 minutes. Then she took bath for me, now I am completely relaxed. I started getting erections, we both wiped with a towel and came straight to bed.
This time I asked her to sit on my thighs. She spread her thighs wide, her pussy is touching my dick. Her boobs are pressed against my chest. I inserted my dick into her pussy and hugged her very tightly. She slowly started moving I started making sounds aaaaaaaaahhhhh. I started smooching and pressing her boobs, we fucked in that position for 10 minutes then switched to the missionary position. Continued fucking her 10 more min before I cum.

We had sex for 3 days for 12 times. She used to give me very good blowjobs when she is in her periods. After a month she told me that she has to leave to her native place to take care of her kids and her mother. I gave her a gold ring for her love.

She is a maid with very less education and small boobs but she knows very well how to make a man feel like a real man, make him happy and show him heaven in bed. I adored her maturity.