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  This is going to be a long story. If you are looking for a quickie, this is not that. “Get me that blouse”, asked Chandini my b...

Varun And Sapna


This is going to be a long story. If you are looking for a quickie, this is not that.

“Get me that blouse”, asked Chandini my best friend and roomie while I sat on her bed. Chandini and I had been friends since my bachelor’s degree. We had joined college together and since then we’ve been together and became besties in no time. She knew everything about me. But there are very few exceptions. But this story is not about us.

“So cutie, you are friends with benefits then huh?”
“No..not at all”, I said very quickly. Chandini know me when I’m puzzled. She gave a quizzical look.
“Why? Is he not hot?”

“You can say that he’s hot”,
“Then what is it you’re hiding”
“I’m not hiding anything”, I said trying to conceal my attraction for Varun.
“Did you two had intimate moments?”
“What? NO. It is not that way.”

“You know you are a bad liar?”
I didn’t look at her. But I said, “Seriously yaar. We’re best friends”
“You know what. You either should marry or get intimate or both.”
“Now you’re out of your mind.”

“You can’t hide your feelings for long. Do you want my suggestion?”
“No, but you’ll give anyway.”

“To say straight you need a fuck. Fuck him. If it feels good, marry him or else you both can be back to being friends. What will you lose in screwing him?”

“Are you crazy? I will not fuck my best friend.” Even the thought of us fucking made me tense.

“You are twenty eight Sapna. You can blabber all that you want. You can lie to me. But don’t lie to yourself. Your love for him is obvious. The glow in your face when you talk about him tells everything. Don’t loose your best chance. ”

I watched silently as Chandini packed her bag and purse. She gave a hug to me and started to leave.

As she went to the door, she turned back and wished, “Have fun you two alone.”

As her footsteps echoed far from me, her words recapped in my mind. Varun and I had been best friends since I knew. We met in play school. The first time we met when my lunch box fell from my hands and I started crying. Varun who sat next to me offered me a share of his lunch. As I ate from his box, we gradually smiled. That moment itself we knew we were meant to be best friends. Ever since then we have practically been together. We talked and shared. We had seen each other almost naked too. We talked about sex so deep enough to freak out any Indian mind. He knew my boy friends and I knew his girlfriends and all the stories. Many of my friends even flirted and practically used to fall on talking to him. But we had our reserves. We had been friends. None of these distanced us. We went to separate colleges in different towns. But used to meet each other whenever we get free weekend or time. After my post-graduation, I moved to Bangalore for job and he is doing his PhD in Chennai.

Few months I had a breakup with my boyfriend. I loved him so much but that bastard cheated me for my colleague. Varun doesn’t know this yet. It is Puja time and he got a week holiday. Even I got a one week leave, moreover Chandini isn’t going to be there. So we decided to meet up.

Varun arrived a few hours later. I could actually feel the relief of seeing him; it was like lying in your own bed after a long, hard trip. We sat down and I ordered pizza. I grabbed soft drinks form the refrigerator and we started to catch up about everything. I realized how much I truly missed him.

Tears accumulated at my eyes. Varun was staring at me, shock and worry written on his face, in his eyes. I never cried. And he didn’t know what to do, seeing me on the edge of tears. Varun finally moved, sat down, and then pulled me into his arms. He didn’t say anything, just held me there until I calmed down. Not in an intimate way, in the same way any friend would hold you when you were having a break down. He wiped the tears from my eyes
“What happened Sapna?”

Varun knew me well enough not to ask if I wanted to tell him, he knew that I would. And I did. I told him about Rahul. About everything and how I found out he was fucking another girl on the side. We just sat there in silence for a little, enjoying the feel of each other in the same room.



“Can I ask you?”
“when did you need permission to ask?”

“Why didn’t we dated each other?” I looked at him but he wouldn’t meet my eyes, how was I supposed to answer that?

“But maybe that’s just it, maybe we know each other too well.”

The doorbell rang and we both jumped a little.

“It’s just the pizza,” I said quietly, “I’ll get everything, turn on the TV.”

When I came back, that’s when our legs touched. I could see it in his eyes, he felt something too. I leaned over to grab the remote and when I looked up, Varun was looking down my shirt. Our eyes met and he turned bright red, then pretended like he was watching TV. I wasn’t even wearing a provocative shirt. I leaned forward to grab some food, and a piece of my dark hair fell in my eyes. I pushed it behind my ear and sat back.

“Sapna, you do realize you are beautiful, right?” I looked at him and wondered what was going on, my stomach started to whirr a little.

“I’ll get a glass of water, do you want one?” I said, completely avoiding the comment, he nodded. I stood up and walked into kitchen area. I went to go open the fridge, but before I did I stopped and pressed my head against the cold door. I felt heated. I reached up and grabbed two glasses, shutting the door.

But two hands wrapped around my waist. I barely kept from squeaking, and dropped the glass. It hit the floor and rolled under the fridge. I felt Varun’s body pressing against mine from behind, feeling the heat and also the gentleness in his touch. I felt butterflies in my stomach. He put his face in the corner of my neck and breathed his hot breath, his lips brushing me there. I let out an uncontrollable gasp and my back arched into him as a shiver ran down my body. Never before I felt something so intense from just touching. I turned around swiftly and he kept his arms around me, our noses barely touching.

“Varun…” I gasped, and it was obvious I was having trouble taking my breathing. He looked at me, and I looked at his lips, trying to resist the urge to attack them. If we were going to stop this, it had to be now.

“Sapna. Just give me one kiss. Just give me one. If it really feels so wrong then we will stop. One kiss Sapna. Just one.” His breathing was deep and rough.

“You and I…. we both know this is not going to be one kiss,” Then he kissed me. It was gentle at first, and his lips sent heat into my body and I immediately felt the wetness between my legs deepen. My pussy literally hurt when he kissed me, a feeling I had never felt. “Holy shit.” I said when we pulled away, my lips tingling.

“Varun. I think we should stop.” But he pulled me to his lips ferociously. I grabbed his back. The bulge in his pants touched my crotch. We opened our mouths and our tongues started to dance. I bit the bottom of his lip and sucked it up as I started to lift myself up. He knew exactly what I was doing and lifted me to the kitchen counter. His bulge was literally pressing into my crotch as I spread my legs and wrapped them around him. We kissed, never letting our lips part. We started to grind into each other; his bulge pushing into my groin was too much. I felt like my wetness was going to seep through my pants and my pussy was burning, already begging for his cock.

We were so passionate that the glass that was on the counter rolled off and broke which I didn’t even notice. His lips went to my neck again and I let out a moan, like smoke escaping a vent. I shivered again, and had no idea my neck was such a sensitive spot. His hands grabbed either side of my shirt and tried to unbutton it, but he was shaking. It wasn’t working, but he kept kissing down towards my breasts.

I pushed him away slightly and ripped through exploding off my shirt buttons. He kissed me again, pushing the rest of my shirt down my shoulders and off my body. He unhooked my bra expertly and yanked it away, kissing me as he cupped one of my breasts. The nipples hardened and perked up like they never had. He leaned down and licked one then suckled them. I threw back my head and moaned.

“Not wrong at all. I want you inside me so badly right now,” I said as my pussy was contracting with each feed of my breast. Varun didn’t respond but groaned in response and I could literally see his bulge get bigger. “Bedroom.” I said through a moan, putting my hands in his hair.

“What?” He asked, coming up to kiss me again.

“Bedroom!” I said, pointing. He grabbed me and lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. H carried me, stumbled across the room, kissing the whole way. He dropped me on the bed, pounding his bulge into my crotch. He sat up and lifted his shirt off. I stopped him from coming all the way down and ran my hands down his incredible packs.

I unbuttoned his pants. He laid me down, pushing himself between my legs and when our chests touched and my nipples rubbed against him it made me want to cum right there immediately. He unbuttoned my shorts and ripped my underwear. His hand touched my wet mound and I let out a yelp which I never made before in my life. He stuck a finger in my hot tunnel, and it slipped in so easily with wetness. He leaned down and kissed me and then kissed down my body over my nipples and to my pelvis. I wreathed under him.

He licked me and tasted it. He pumped his finger in and out while licking my clit. I could already feel myself about to explode.

“Fuck Varun. I’m about to cumm.” He just moaned in response and continued. He looked up, his finger now rubbing my clit; I was writhing, trying to prevent myself from exploding. ” No! Stop Varun. I want to come with you inside me.” He looked at me and nodded. I grabbed his pants and unbuttoned them, yanking them off, and then the boxers. His cock came out and I gasped, it was at least eight inches, and when I grabbed it with my hand it grew and hardened until nine. I started to pump my hand around the shaft, and my pussy ached with the thought of it inside of me. I leaned down and licked it from his balls until I’d licked the pre-cum off the top.

He moaned, “Stop it Sapna, I’m going to cum.” He leaned into me and kissed me, and I stopped, but I kept my hand on his monstrous cock, not wanting to let go. He looked around. “Do you have a Condom baby?” He asked. “I’m on the pill. Come inside me.” He rubbed his shaft along my slit, somehow making it impossibly wetter, “but…. how will it fit?” He looked where I was pointing, at the intense size of his dick.

“It will fit. Do you want to know how?” I nodded and watched as he positioned the head of his cock at my opening. I spread my legs wide, and bent my knees slightly. “We were made for each other and it will fit perfectly there.” I wanted to laugh, or cry. what he said was perfect. Then he pushed his dick into me. I cried out in pleasure as my pussy enveloped his cock, stretching as it filled me impressively. And he was right; his dick literally hit the end of my hole just as his balls hit my ass. He smiled at me, leaned down and kissed me, and I kissed him hard back. “Rough or soft?” He asked me. I only needed to smile at him for him to know what I wanted. And I wanted it SO bad.

He pulled nearly all the way out my flower and then he dove back into me and started to pump in out. And I started to feel the orgasm returning. His dick rubbed against my g-spot and I cried out, he knew he’d touched it. He started ramming into me harder. Faster and harder. He was moaning and I was practically screaming.

“Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck, yes yes yes. Come on fuck me, fuck me so hard! Fuck me COME ON! Harder! Please. YES! YES! YES! YESSSSSSS!” I could feel it building, and I could feel his dick start to tremble.

” FUCK! Fuck Sapna! Fuck I’m going to come.” He slowed down, his balls and dick ready to explode. And he pulled in and out very slowly, slow enough that I could feel his dick twitching. That was all I needed. It built up and I held it just on the edge, and I came giving me the most intense pleasure. As that was happening Varun was pumping into me harder again fucking me like a machine. His dick exploded just as I went over the edge and we came together. I felt our juices rolling down my vagina inside me and it made my orgasm continue, I realized I was clutching myself to his back, my nails digging in. I literally sank to the bed, spasms rippling through me and causing my whole body to shake. We kissed and he stayed there, inside me, semi-hard.

I clutched him to me, and we kissed, our breathing calming down as our orgasms subsided. I hadn’t felt anything like what I’d just experienced before. He looked into my eyes and I felt his cock harden slightly inside of me, causing my pussy to contract around it. I giggled, and he silenced it with a kiss. He slid out and laid next to me so we were tangled together.
Sapna lay face down and naked on the bed, feeling Varun’s fingers tracing lazily along her spine, curving over the globes of her rather plump bottom and skating gently back to the nape of her neck. This was the first time she had been able to feel so relaxed and uninhibited with her new boyfriend, and that was because, for the first time since she had returned home from university in the summer, her parents were away for the night and there was no fear of them being interrupted. I was a passionate lover by nature.

I rolled over and pulled him down to kiss me, one hand going around his neck to entangle in his hair and the other reaching for his cock. His hand transferred to my full breast, teasing my nipple between finger and thumb, while I gripped his cock and ran my thumb over its head. I want him inside me again, deep inside my pussy.

“Hmmm, that feels good Sapna.” He breathed the words into my ear as my fingers ran along his shaft, making me smile.

“Wait. It’ll be even better.” I reassured him. His hand gripped my breast harder, squeezing my nipple into a peak. I kissed him again mashing together our lips with his tongue exploring my mouth and fencing with my mouth. I could feel my pussy opening like a flower, becoming wet again and ready to take him in. I reached out with a leg, hooking his leg and drawing it between my legs and clamping it tight and rubbing myself against him.

“Do you feel nice now?” I asked, breathing the words as I slid back and forth on his thigh, my hand still wrapped around his cock.

“Ohhh…God, yes.” He told pushing his thigh more firmly between my thighs.

“Do you want to fuck me again Varun?” I asked though it was I who wanted to get fucked desperately.

“Always Sapna. Always”
“Do it then.” I told him, squirming free and rolling onto my back. I could wait no longer and pulled him on top of me parting my legs.

“Come on, Varun. Fuck me. Put it in me and fuck me hard.” Her vulgarity encouraged him into action, guiding himself into my pussy.

“Hmmm, it feels good.” I repeated his words back to him as he slid all the way inside me. “I love having you inside me.”

“Mmm.” Varun grunted as he began to thrust slowly and forcefully.

“Tell me Varun! Are you going to make me cum?”

“Yes, I’m going to fuck you until you cum.”

Varun was beginning to thrust harder and faster. I locked my legs around his back, holding him to me but unable to release him as the signs of my orgasm began to build deep within my pelvis.

“Fuck me harder Varun. Fuck hard. Come on, harder. Make me cum.”

He redoubled his efforts, raising my bottom from the bed. He too could feel his climax building, his balls filling and tightening in preparation. He thrust harder, gasping at his own efforts as he dived in and out of my wet pussy.

“Ohhh… God, yes. Don’t stop Varun.” My fingers made claws and bit into his back, the sudden pain strangely adding to the pleasure of both of us. He plunged into me. I didn’t have long to wait. He drew back and groaned, and I knew what was happening even. His cock slammed back into me, gushing with the first of several long shoots of his semen, pushing deep finally triggering my own peak. My nails raked his back and I pushed myself up at him, trying to take him deeper even as I cried out in the wonderful pleasure of my climax.

“Yes, yes. I’m cumming.” I shouted into his ear, as more cum flooded into me. I clung to him as our orgasms rolled on until I was left shivering and sweating with Varun collapsed panting on me, both spent. I had waited for a day like this and now that day had arrived and I wanted as much as I could get. He slipped with his cock shrinking and lied on his back. I felt empty, my pussy pulsing as if trying to grip his missing cock. Oh God, how much I wanted him in my tunnel, wanted to feel his cock up inside again. Varun urgently wanted fucking at least once more. I stumbled around, intending to take him in mouth and put life back into it.
“Not yet Sapna. Turn around.”
“How do you want to fuck me Varun?”

“How do you want me to be?”

“On your hands and knees.”

“You’re like to do me doggy style?” I gasped. I exposed myself on hands and knees as Varun positioned behind me between my legs.
He reached over, sliding his fingers finding my wet slit. I felt Varun hesitating for a bit as if it’s too much.
“Do whatever you want Varun.”

He momentarily played at my entrance with two fingers and slid his first two fingers into my passage. I sighed with pleasure and held tightly onto him. He carried on flexing and bending them inside me. I dug my fingers into his shoulder. It felt as if he was making walking movements inside, the fingertips rubbing at passage walls. I am not ready to cum again yet, but he started bringing me again that way. He bent forward and took a nipple into his mouth, nibbling at it with lip shielded teeth. I put my arms around his back, gripping tightly and pressing him down onto the mound of my breast. It felt nice having both my breast and pussy played with at the same time. All I needed now was to be touched at my clit.

“Rub my clit, Varun.” It was more of a demand than a request. He shuffled around a little, using the thumb to stimulate my clit, while sliding the two fingers back inside with the other fingers sliding between ass cheeks and along my crack. I moaned satisfied, bending my legs to accommodate the erotic sensation of his fingertips sliding back and forth over my anus as he fingered my vagina. His finger bent slightly as it passed my anus, trying to enter. I was shocked by my positive reaction for that and what he was about to do. Nobody had ever touched my ass intentionally. Nothing entered there. His brief touch sent my heartbeat ascending. I rejected his advancements smilingly.

But his finger slid slowly up and over my anus this time forced my hole open and withdrew it again. I gasped.

“No don’t, Varun. ”

He rubbed at my clit, simultaneously moving the fingers that pushed into my vagina, the combination making me forget about Varun’s invading into my bottom. I relaxed and let him carry on. I kept one of my hands on his back and the other on the top of his head, feeding on my breast. He is sucking my breast, raising my breast into a peak before releasing it and letting it bounce back. I enjoyed the feeling. Another climax before he was ready to fuck me again is in progress. He made a slight movement and I suddenly realised that his fingertip was resting against anus once again, as if awaiting permission.

“Don’t, Varun.”
He was still pushing them slowly in and out of my hole at the same time as he flexed them, the combination of sensations firing up her escalating orgasm. Instinctively I began to move with him, pushing up softly against his fingers thrusting into my tunnel and the stroking of his thumb on clit. I smiled, knowing that I would climax soon.

“Finger my cunt and you’ll make me cum again.” He lowered his mouth to my nipple again, nibbling and tugging at it.

“Oh my god, yes..yess….that’s it… don’t stop!” I urged him pushing back harder, matching his thrusts with counter thrusts. I pulled his mouth harder onto my breast. I began pushing up even more forcefully, encouraging him to plunge into my vagina deeper and faster and to rub my clit harder. He pinched my nipple between his teeth and pushed into me with rapid fingers, pulling them right back and then slamming them hard deep into her. I was on the edge of climax ready to explode. Then I felt the tip of his finger press against anal hole as he thrust the other two into my pussy.

“Oh god, Varun.” He pulled away again, and I widened my knees ready for his thrust to give him greater access, unthinkingly giving my consent to his invade. This time, when he thrust back, his third finger pushed into backside going deep into my rear passage to explore my anal hole.

“Oh god, Varun, no!” My words made a lie by the response of my body. He continued to finger all three of his fingers probed and thrust into my two passages together, moving back and forth. It felt so good. I closed her eyes and what he is doing is such a fucking turn on.

“Oh fuck! Ram it up me hard. I’m cumming, really cumming.”

He rammed his fingers into both holes and the volcano erupted.

“Yyeeeesss!” With that cry through clenched teeth I climaxed his head still pressed firmly into the soft flesh of my boob. I twitched and bounced on the bed, my pelvis reacting partly to the wonderful sensations racing through my nervous system, and partly to the mad thrusts of Varun’s fingers inside me. Waves of pleasure passed through me. I wrapped my arms harder around his head and he bit my nipple escalating my arousal and I crushed his face even harder. It was the strongest orgasm I could ever remember. It seemed to go on forever. I laid shaking with powerful aftershocks, my body covered in sweat and my muscles aching and Varun’s fingers lying motionless inside.

For a few minutes, we kissed deeply, he playing with my breast, kneading it, molding it and gently teasing nipples. His cock sprung free between my legs, then I pushed myself onto him, taking his length into my hole. I was moving against him slowly, lifting and lowering my pelvis just a little to make his cock slide within. He laid still, just enjoying the sensations from my pussy. For a few minutes we moved together as our aroused gasps and wet noises were the only sounds in the room.

“Get on knees and hands Sapna.” Not wanting to lose the feeling of his cock inside me, I climbed off and knelt down with my raised ass and soaking pussy. He moved into place sliding the tip of his cock down my crack. I stiffened as the head of his cock paused momentarily at my back door. Somewhere inside I wanted it though I was reluctant outside. As if he understood me he pushed himself forward, feeling my back hole begin to open in acceptance.

“No, stop. Varun don’t. Not there.” He ignored my pleas.

“Oh my god, Varun.” I no longer protested as he gripped my hips and pressed his cock inside. His slippery cock overcame the resistance of my back hole and was inside.
“Be careful, Varun. You can go all the way in, but please be gentle.” I gave my consent. He thrust slowly and hesitantly into my soft arse until she felt his stomach pressed against my cheeks.

“Fuck me Varun, cum in my ass.” He tightened his hand’s hips, as he began to thrust, I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my ass. His first few strokes were slow and cautious, but as his arousal took over he began to speed up, thrusting now hard and deep.

“God, Varun, that’s so niceeeeeeee. Come on, do it harder, rammmm it in me. Shove it right up my ass.” He groaned wordlessly in reply, his thrusts beginning to lose their pace as he got nearer to cumming. I spread my lags a little wider to take him as deep as I could. “Do it, Varun, fill my ass. Fill me up.” Varun groaned and thrust himself deep, his cock twitching as his semen raced along his cock to flood into my rectum. I had never felt anything so marvelous and so sexy. I orgasmed instantly as my orgasm slowly subsided and finally ceased. I knelt there before him, trembling and aching. He slid out and laid next to me so we were tangled together.
“I feel empty without you inside.”
“Sapna…” I kissed him, without a tongue, just to taste the salt of his sweat on his lips.

“I never knew that I can feel this way,” I whispered to him, and I could tell he knew what I meant.

“I love you Sapna. Not just fucking you. I love you truly. Your mere image makes my cock grow hard.” I looked at him and kissed him, knowing exactly what he was trying to say because I felt it too.

“I love you too Varun” I am sure he knew it too. We laid there for some time, just in each other’s arms, the one part of our relationship we’d never gotten.

“I think I’ll better clean the mess we made in the kitchen,” I whispered after a long time. I stood up and started to walk out the door, but I heard the bed creak behind me. Varun grabbed me and whirled me into his arms, our groin’s touching and both of us immediately becoming aroused again.

“I’m not leaving you so easily,” He said, growling low into my ear, “I have full week, and we are going to make up for twenty-four years of not fucking each other in every way,” I responded with a passionate kiss, and then a shiver and moan went through me as his cock slipped into my almost dripping pussy. We were at the perfect height where he could properly fuck me standing up. He pushed me backward into the small living area. In one sweep he knocked the pizza we never ate and everything else off and laid me on the cold glass table. The feeling of freezing cold glass against my hot body as he started to pump into me is so steamy and soft-core. I could feel my body responding to his, rocking my hips onto him. Suddenly he pulled out and I groaned, the loss of his cock was horrible. But he tossed me over, lifting me by my stomach and kneeling me facing the couch, he kneeled behind. And this time when he entered me I screamed out, his dick sliding somehow even deeper, his balls hitting my clit.

I grabbed a hold of the top of the couch with both hands, and Varun started to thrust, draw out, then thrust his dick into me again at a nonviable speed. It was so hard that the couch pulled away from the wall and started to turn and toss forward. I was shouting out uncontrollably as his balls slapped my clit and his dick was at the perfect angle to rub me the right way. I came unexpectedly, biting the pillow on the couch and screaming into it. Varun stopped pumping as he felt my pussy contracting over his cock, sucking it. He moaned as my juices dripped down his dick, and I could feel him trying not to cum. He pumped very slowly as I relieved my orgasm, practically salivating on the couch, my body sending spasms up to my mouth. I pulled off of him and turned, pushing him onto the carpet. It rolled underneath him, so he pushed it out of the way. I got up and on my knees I held myself over his cock, placing the head right at my hole. As I lowered myself down he moaned.

“Ohh…Oh…! Varun, your cock is so fucking big.” I groaned as I sat all the way until I was on his stomach. He smiled and I started to ride him. I rocked back and forth and up and down, changing my tempo from fast to slow. I sucked in my pussy every few seconds so that it grabbed his cock and sucked.

“Sapna your cunt is so elegantly tight,” he said as he closed his eyes in ecstasy. I felt his cock contract and he arched his back, exploding his seed into me. He moaned loudly and I leaned down and kissed him as his dick softened. I started to suck it in again, taking him over the edge for a few seconds more. As he slid out I laid my head on his chest and stayed between his legs. We were both breathing heavily, and I could smell our juices and our sweat in the air as it mingled. A soft luster of wetness covered my entire body from being fucked out of my head. Varun pushed me onto my back and supported himself on his hands looking down at me.

He touched my flat stomach with the palm of one of his hands and slid it up to my face and said, “Sapna Iyengar. I have been your best friend for all these years. You are the most beautiful and loving woman I’ve seen in my life. I’ll never leave you alone and wish we fuck each other like this forever.”I felt like crying again, out of pure joy.

“Varun Kamal, you are my best friend, I know you are very expressive. All I need from you are the magical words ILU. Our relationship and the way we feel now cannot be articulated.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a passionate kiss and with that, he slipped into me. Varun kept his word, and for the next seven days we ate, slept, and fucked. At every moment, on every surface, and in every each way… literally. We didn’t even realize it was the seventh day when Chandni got back. Varun was fucking me against the wall, slamming me into it with force, and I had one leg wrapped around his waist. I was screaming into his mouth when she opened the door. She dropped her bags and stood there amazed at what she saw. Varun kept going, barely noticing anything had happened at all, but I pushed him off and grabbed the blanket on the floor nearby.

I took the blanket and wrapped us in it so that we could save some dignity. Chandni was laughing at our condition. I could tell she got a glimpse of the size of his cock because her cheeks were red and she had to look away. There would be a lot to talk about once he was gone.

“Looks like you took my advice Sapna…” she said, laughing. Varun looked at me but I just shook my head as no. Chandni took a look around, at the couch in the middle of the room, the carpet pulled up, a broken glass, the TV turned around, and everything scattered on the floor. “What the hell did you do to the flat? Have you guys been doing at it all the week? Whatever, you couple just keep going, don’t mind me. I’ll be in my room.” Varun and I looked at each other, our eyes widening. She turned the corner into her room. Varun looked at my face, my eyes filled with embarrassment. He laughed and pushed me back, against the wall and started exactly where we’d left off. It has been five years that beautiful thing happened. Now our love grew so much that it increased our numbers.