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In 2009, I started working in HCL, Noida. I was more into drugs rather than doing office work which led to my transfer from one section t...

When Piyadasi Fucked His Office Colleague

In 2009, I started working in HCL, Noida. I was more into drugs rather than doing office work which led to my transfer from one section to another. One opportune day, I met Neha. She was a dusky beautiful girl(34-30-36, 5’4). She used to smoke weed with me. I told her about my habit of organizing friendly disco parties. Neha and I decided to go out for night out. I met her in sub-urbs of Delhi to reach Ashoka hotel, Chanakyapuri. The manager told us that F-bar was closed that night. She advised me to go some other place.

After a while, we both sat in my car and bought some liquor. She rolled a joint and started smoking. She got high and started touching me. I was busy driving car and she kept on coming closer. She grabbed me and started smooching me. Her touch was very sensuous. I got mesmerized and lost control of my car. We stopped near Dhaula Kuan and decided to find some hotel room. It was a cold night. We drove for around 30 minutes and reached a place near Manesar toll tax. This place was acquainted with her. She used to come here with her ex-boyfriend. We got the room and the place was safe enough.

I relaxed a bit while smoking weed. Neha was eager for intercourse but I hardly knew her intentions. Neha snatched my joint, threw herself over me and became furious. She asked me whether I wanted to fuck her. I smiled and directed her to dance and undress. She danced like a mermaid and started undressing. She removed her pull over and her boobs were pushing out of her t-shirt. Neha teased me by not removing her top. She soon took off her jeans.

I also started dancing with her. Her boobs were round, soft and bursting out of her top. I removed her top and bra. She started touching my dick. She removed my clothes slowly and asked me to lie down on the bed. She started kissing my chest and slowly moved down towards my dick. She kissed my dick and started sucking it. She took no time to swallow it completely. I was looking at the way she was caressing my body and giving me pleasure. Neha then started playing with my dick and her boobs. She tried to fuck her boobs with my dick for a while and I was getting into the mood too.

After a while, I removed her panties and kissed her whole body and licked her boobs as well as pussy. As she was wet, I decided to fuck her pussy. Her pussy was clean and i could feel the fluid flow. We both rolled around the bed and she came over me. She manhandled my dick and gripped it with her pussy. She started moving her pussy slowly. Her pussy swallowed my dick completely. My hands were on her back and her hands were on my chest. She gradually started jumping on my dick quickly. After a while she rolled over and sucked my dick. I was in heavens and now I wanted to fuck her ass hole. To my utter surprise, she invited me to fuck ass in doggy position. When i pushed my dick in her ass hole she screamed “do it man, fuck me tonight. OHH god, I am in heaven”.

Soon, she got exhausted and decided to relax. Although I wanted to have more sex she had a lot of pain in her ass. So I caressed her ass and made her relax. It was her first-time sex in ass hole. She slept and I kept awake that night. I tried to understand the whole situation and how we ended up in bed. I realized that she wanted a sex partner as well as a boyfriend. I also got this feeling that she loved me but that was secondary.
I did take a drop of LSD and smoked weed afterward. We had a good 1-hour sex that night and next morning we both went to the workplace. That day we were posted for work in different sections. I was working alone in the basement. I called for Neha and she responded favourably. After a while, she came to my workstation. I locked the archives room from inside and started kissing her. She was full of energy. My horny colleague jumped on me like a lion jumps on a deer.

We undressed each other and this she lay on a table and I stood in front of her. I could easily fuck her in standing position. I pushed my dick into her pussy swiftly. My one hand was on her boobs and other in her ass. We fucked quickly and got dressed again. After talking for a while, she invited me for an ass fuck. I got excited and removed her jeans and panties. She started sucking my dick and soon I got an erection. I turned her around started hitting her bumps. I quickly pulled my dick out and started to fuck her ass. Today she was enjoying more and her pain was less. We enjoyed the sex party a lot and tonight we both were satisfied with our sex game. It was a beautiful experience with Neha and later that night we went to our workstations.

After a few days, we went to the disco and got drunk. We traveled to a secluded place in my car. Neha started sucking my dick and I was busy driving. She was a good sucker. Her sucking speed was very fast and I was enjoying my driving. Then I stopped my car and undressed her. I sucked her huge boobs. Milk was about to sprout from them. She wanted to get fucked and I was also fully charged. We moved out of the car and I started fucking her. We both loved each other to the fullest and in morning we went to our respective houses.

I fucked Neha two more times. I will upload those sessions later.